Pochettino Sacked! Get Poch In? Man Utd News Now

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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Comments • 1 425

  • Lewis Newman
    Lewis Newman 14 days ago

    Ilove ole but I genuinely want to see potchettino at united

  • Metalgear SolidSnake
    Metalgear SolidSnake 22 days ago

    So now Man United fans are sad they sacked Mourinho....!
    Cry me a..

  • BananzGamingChannel
    BananzGamingChannel 24 days ago

    i like pochettino, but im still Ole in!

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson 24 days ago

    Return of Mr bean unlucky top.ten.ham

  • Kenneth O'Donnell
    Kenneth O'Donnell 24 days ago

    If Liverpool desperately want us not to get Pochetino, then clearly some Solksjaer lovers might be veering off the ole wheel

  • Neil NZ
    Neil NZ 25 days ago

    If Wally cannot spend big in Jan, he's gone. Poch may well be asked to hold on signing. He'll then be given the money.

  • Suwardy Hassem
    Suwardy Hassem 25 days ago

    Poch is not good as he's now so same as Ole. Better close the issue Ole in or Ole out because as long the Glazers at the helm, we only can bla bla bla bla bla. Kick the Glazers out then talk about Ole in Ole out

  • joe gawne
    joe gawne 25 days ago

    I disagree, Levy has a near 900 million pound ground that he needs to pay for. He therefore was not interested in giving Poch huge amounts of money for the transfer market and everyone could see that the Spurs cycle was over. A couple of months ago they played someone with only two changes in players from six, yes, six years ago. That is why Klopp will leave us in 2022, he understands the cycle of football. Ferguson, Paisley, Busby and Shankly were of a different breed in football (a different era). Spurs now have Jose who always needs money to spend, lets see how that goes with Levy.

  • chris sidwell
    chris sidwell 25 days ago

    Why have some people got such a hardon for solskjaer to become director of football? Just shows how clueless a lot of you are 🙄

  • Opening Guy And Stuff
    Opening Guy And Stuff 25 days ago

    Untied buy him

  • Andrew Ang
    Andrew Ang 25 days ago

    Stick with Ole for now. Rmb the last manager we got that supposedly kept an under-performing team in top four, but turns out to be a farce? Moyes took Everton to 4th with seemingly limited budget, but when Martinez took over from Moyes, Everton performed even better! Poch could very well be similar. Yes, Poch is definitely a better manager than Moyes, but we gotta learn from our mistakes. See what Mou can do with Spurs before judging if Poch is really a better manager than Ole! Just my 2 cents.

  • Notorious Nerd
    Notorious Nerd 25 days ago

    Get Poch. Appoint Ole as DOF. Keep Carrick as Assistant.

  • Martin Hasson
    Martin Hasson 25 days ago

    G E T. P O C H E T T I N O ASAP.

  • Martin Hasson
    Martin Hasson 25 days ago

    Bournemouth 1
    Man United. 0
    Go Get Poch!!!!!!
    ( Or it's 1970s Again!!!)

  • Martin Hasson
    Martin Hasson 25 days ago

    Get Poch!
    Get United to Champions League
    Final ( for a change )

  • Kevin Kermany
    Kevin Kermany 25 days ago

    Spurs are where they should be in the league table with the quality that they have, sacking Poch was a bad move.

  • Nathan Heath
    Nathan Heath 25 days ago

    Poch didn't want the Utd job

  • Jordy
    Jordy 25 days ago +2

    poch in! Ole out

  • JT
    JT 25 days ago

    United should ask poch to hold fire he's not in any rush to jump into another job, give ole until Jan if we are still in the same position then ole has to go and bring poch in

  • Ronaldo Stewart
    Ronaldo Stewart 25 days ago

    I would have poch an ole work side by side

  • Ronaldo Stewart
    Ronaldo Stewart 25 days ago

    Bring him to utd a send ole on his way

  • Mark Unwin
    Mark Unwin 25 days ago

    Poch is going Arsenal

  • david sief
    david sief 25 days ago

    Potch in, Deadwoodward OUT.

  • McRuffeoh Thompson
    McRuffeoh Thompson 25 days ago

    If what Mark is saying is true than I better go to sleep for ten years and wakeup after Ole is goon

  • Tommy Dudley
    Tommy Dudley 25 days ago

    What utter rubbish... Spurs have made a dreadful decision. I hope Poch, as an ego a fraction the size of Mourinho's and shows Jose how to restore United to their former glory. Clopp and Guadiola play attacking exciting football and seem to win everything. Jose doesn't even win anymore.

  • Formidab1e
    Formidab1e 25 days ago

    It`s a Joke this video???

  • McRuffeoh Thompson
    McRuffeoh Thompson 25 days ago

    Man United should buy vacation ticket and give it to Poch to take a rest then sing him in January..cus United ain't going nowhere with blind bat

  • Ram kk
    Ram kk 25 days ago

    We tried with the reputable manager wiv great cv's and it did not work. We are sentimental wiv Ollie because there not enough sentiment round anymore. If Ferguson was sacked because of poor results in the first 3 months we wouldn't have all those trophies. We need to make people aware we care for our manager, our players, our fans, our club. Otherwise every one would want to manage, play, support the biggest spender of all Real Madrid.

  • mike ?
    mike ? 25 days ago

    It's sad that your talking about this subject when we already have a manager

  • Caleb Dymek-Neil
    Caleb Dymek-Neil 25 days ago

    pochettino has done nothing wrong no reason for him to be sacked but mourhinio for tottenham tho thats the issue i hope mourhinio gets sacked again dont deseve to be a manager what so ever !

  • 2TenRecords
    2TenRecords 25 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha I cant believe how easy Spurs have made it for you guys to just sign Potch...… Spurs are armatures and you guys would be silly not to bring him in

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green 25 days ago

    Let’s hope Jose comes for matic

  • zerisenay semere
    zerisenay semere 25 days ago

    Stop this question please

  • Eddie Howard
    Eddie Howard 25 days ago

    I don't want poch to go to undertake, keep ole

  • fakes meister
    fakes meister 25 days ago

    Football is not about being sentimental, it’s about when players decide they had enough of a coach and then down tools

  • Bleachguy
    Bleachguy 25 days ago

    i agree that poch needs some r+r i think poch does have a better cv i think ole was given job to early i would of waited till end off season they could of hired ole because poch had more demands im sorta 50/50 between em

  • John Tobin
    John Tobin 25 days ago

    Manchester United and Arsenal and Bayern are surely all looking at Poch , I’d rather have trust in Poch then olly ,Least Poch has passion olly just smiles when we lose ,,Poch is free come on Woodward olly still to stay somewhere in the club

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green 25 days ago

    Potch as manager and ole as the sporting director would be good I think. 2 like minded people in two positions of authority

  • Shaju Khan
    Shaju Khan 25 days ago

    No manager in the world will excite me as long as Ed Woodward and The Glazers are in charge

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense 25 days ago

    As he would love to work with the Iniesta-like Jesse Lingard, I'm told that Poch is interested in working at Man Uniterd.
    In addition, in January, rumour has it that Uniterd will be adding Adebayor, Bentek, Mustafi and Wilshire.
    Thinks are looking up for Uniterd !

  • Michael Dowd
    Michael Dowd 25 days ago

    Ole is a great manager, Please keep him at Utd. Utd are playing amazing football, have wonderful talent on the pitch. Please please do not pick Poch. Ole is the greatest.

  • Red Lavish
    Red Lavish 25 days ago

    You lot are thick what do you expect ole to do with a midfield of Fred mctominay Perriera mata lingard. He’s doing alright, I don’t get it where do you lot expect are team to be because we got the 6th best team in the league and we’re 7th.

  • Oddvar Vatne
    Oddvar Vatne 25 days ago

    This is fucking bullshit. Stand by your manager and stop this nonsens. When i see the coment by our fans i can't belive my eyes.

  • Jashan
    Jashan 25 days ago +1

    Nagelsman >>> pochentino

  • Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters

    Why oh why would Poch wanna go to United? 😆

  • jack Nelson
    jack Nelson 25 days ago

    This fella talks more bullshit than Boris Johnson and Donald Trump put together

  • Pinder Bhambra
    Pinder Bhambra 25 days ago

    Spurs squad available on black Friday, half price sale.

  • Brian McTaggart
    Brian McTaggart 25 days ago

    Absolutely not. Ole is the right man for the job at this moment in time. The last thing United need is another ego coming in and wasting hundreds of millions of pounds on players that are only at United for the money.

  • mehul tejura
    mehul tejura 25 days ago

    But please try and get him, he can save us

  • mehul tejura
    mehul tejura 25 days ago

    I don’t think he would come under the current structure, he would also want a lot of money to spend, wed never have it to give him

  • Kim Torkington
    Kim Torkington 25 days ago

    Haha Pochettino will go abroad sorry Man U

  • Trevor Cross
    Trevor Cross 25 days ago

    it is not a good thing Matic back in training go ahead Ole and play him Matic will get u sacked

  • breach
    breach 25 days ago

    If you leave a club by mutual agreement there can be stipulations, if your sacked your free to do and say whatever you want

  • Kaushik Srivatsa
    Kaushik Srivatsa 25 days ago

    Can we stop this nonsense of getting Poch in and put unnecessary pressure on Ole

  • shal kharwar
    shal kharwar 25 days ago

    Man United don't want loser like Pochitino, we Man United fans happy with great Ole that's the bottom line is got it .

  • ThelastJoke
    ThelastJoke 25 days ago

    Real Stoke ::))

  • EstellaR
    EstellaR 25 days ago +1

    I think Ole is more of a coach than a manager

  • Mista G Yakubu
    Mista G Yakubu 25 days ago +1

    With poch i see united going to UCL finals

  • dimy mwaura
    dimy mwaura 25 days ago

    It’s funny how goldbridge doesn’t have a stand
    One time ole in one time ole out
    Take a side and I shall appreciate.

  • Sid Zaman
    Sid Zaman 25 days ago

    Who made Paul and Chris football experts?? Cmon Mark