Man Utd Move for Gareth Bale? Martial Agenda Must Stop! Man Utd News Now

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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    Man Utd have been linked with a transfer for Gareth Bale in January and is it time the Anthony Martial agenda stopped? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Comments • 555

  • Hrasko Velky
    Hrasko Velky 22 days ago

    Glazers will sell the club,if the fans put lot of pressure on them Mark.I was around them in California and know that they were scare and were thinking of selling the club but than the pressure on them ease!

  • Hrasko Velky
    Hrasko Velky 22 days ago

    I do not trust the board,they will lie and are chip today but out of desperation,they will blow lot of money for players that never fit the club:((( They have no clue about football.

  • Allen Payne
    Allen Payne 23 days ago

    Um gareth bale has a champions league bicycle goal

  • Stourport tropics
    Stourport tropics 23 days ago +1

    Bale all day

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew 23 days ago

    Martial Agenda Must Stop? more like Rashford agenda must stop

  • H.S
    H.S 24 days ago

    English media darling lingard

  • H.S
    H.S 24 days ago

    No to Bayle in Man U
    Martial a bad signing in Man U

  • Chris Lofkin
    Chris Lofkin 24 days ago +1

    Bale a non starter unless he's a last choice. Will he play for the shirt or for himself

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas 24 days ago

    60 mil plus Bale for Pogba the overrated show pony! We should bite their fooking hand off. Bale will probably give us more in 12 months than Pogba has in 3 years

  • prash jad
    prash jad 24 days ago

    No bale.

  • Tommy Edge
    Tommy Edge 24 days ago

    I hope you get bale exactly what you need haha .united is a yard full of spoiled over rated brats fits perfect

  • dean wright
    dean wright 24 days ago

    Mark if we buy anybody they come from another club so this statement that Kane is a spurs player has no relavance at all ,we have to buy from some where!!!!.

  • Terence Hall
    Terence Hall 24 days ago

    Bale gets way too much hate. Each time I've seen him play for Madrid he's absolutely given 100%. Yes, he is 30, yes he has injuries but he is true quality and that is something United is lacking.

  • Hard Truth
    Hard Truth 24 days ago

    With what Gary Neville said, or the way he said it, it’s similar to what you said about the Martial article. It’s to make people form a negative opinion about the Glazers out and more neutral/ positive opinion about the Glazers.
    He referred to the Glazers out as whingers, lied and said protests died down during 2006-2012, implying that protests are only about lack of glory.

  • Paulo Gusmao
    Paulo Gusmao 24 days ago

    Jadon Sancho

  • Hard Truth
    Hard Truth 24 days ago

    How long until Martial to Real or Barca saga starts

  • Hard Truth
    Hard Truth 24 days ago

    Great job with the fund raising and congratulations on an amazing achievement

  • Jezz Bish
    Jezz Bish 24 days ago

    Absolute NO to Bale, fantastic footballer but massive risk and we've already had a huge mistake in Alexis Sanchez, Bale has that written all over him, expensive flop. We need to get Max value for Pogba, max fee, £150 million mark. That allows us to invest in 2-3 quality players who will be part of our future. Add on top our typical £70-80 million net spend on top of sales, and we're looking at a serious amount of money to spend in Jan and the summer window, 4-5 players which is vital for the team.Let's get 2-3 central mids, our holder, our passer, creator, scorer. Get a right winger and get Haaland.

  • Jezz Bish
    Jezz Bish 24 days ago

    Declan Rice is NO longer an option for us. He is a flop waiting to happen, flash in the pan who now is being seen for what he is, a very average holding midfielder. I already rate Harry Winks higher than him just for his passing range.

  • simon phlim
    simon phlim 25 days ago

    Bale is too old and injury prone. Forget him as we have James but get rid of Progba asap

  • Carey Scates
    Carey Scates 25 days ago

    Fair play mark

  • Ade Hall
    Ade Hall 25 days ago

    Bale’s deal would make Sanchez’s deal look like amateur hour. No thanks, unless it’s a swap with Sanchez and we don’t have a wage precedent in our club. So in reality, it’s nonsense.

  • Ekene Okere
    Ekene Okere 25 days ago

    Story planted to justify talking rubbish about martial during match day instead of talking about his football.

  • KSeguun
    KSeguun 25 days ago

    So this is swap deal lol? We send them Pogba and they send us Bale.

  • evil_befall
    evil_befall 25 days ago

    Yeah lets ruin the team even more by getting bale FFS

  • Gary Marshall
    Gary Marshall 25 days ago

    Bring out the Wheelchairs and huge wage box. Will it be a rebuild ? or a heavy plaster ?

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza 25 days ago

    Bale is quality why wouldn't we want him, he still has it all just needs some love, he's hated at Madrid. I would welcome him with open arms and also hes a RW we haven't had one since prime Valencia

  • manu1love
    manu1love 25 days ago

    He’s 30 odd

  • manu1love
    manu1love 25 days ago

    How many fucking times has this raised its head about bail sick of it he’s not coming now he’s to old only a ideot would try and buy him 😡

  • TV Fanatic
    TV Fanatic 25 days ago

    martial is ATROCIOUS.

  • Prick
    Prick 25 days ago

    Bale or nobody....Ofc NOBODY. he's injury prone and cost too much. I'd only have him for 20M and 100k a week. no Pogba included.

  • Wayne M
    Wayne M 25 days ago

    Bale is a "has been." In Young, Mata, and Matic Utd have enough has beens already

  • 1Spike E
    1Spike E 25 days ago

    Gareth Bale coming United, would just be another Sanchez. What is the last thing Manchester United need? another, overpaid, overrated, fading out football star, coming to the team.

  • Tomica & Trackmaster
    Tomica & Trackmaster 25 days ago

    Sancho is the 8 million man that city sold, he has a bad attitude and is overated

  • Tomica & Trackmaster
    Tomica & Trackmaster 25 days ago

    Ole is a bottom 5 manager at best, he should never have been given the job with his lack of experience

  • Rint
    Rint 25 days ago

    So many adds while watching this... See Bale Wish add every 5-15 mins... Comeone

  • samairey 2003
    samairey 2003 25 days ago

    Our RW options are Andreas Pereira and Jesse Lingard. There are far many better options for RW but if it was last resort I would have to take him

  • Peter Baxter
    Peter Baxter 25 days ago

    Woodward has the final final say because he controls the purse strings.

  • Peter Baxter
    Peter Baxter 25 days ago

    Please, not Bale!

  • Timothy kalondo Ramsey.

    I would rather get giroud. Plus,

    “Love yourself bale”

  • Sand da floor
    Sand da floor 25 days ago

    We might as well change our club name to Old Man United.

  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland 25 days ago

    bale is a joke not good enough for utd we don't want sick notes better players out their

  • franki dent
    franki dent 25 days ago

    How did u only spend 60 when U signed Harry wan bassaka and James ?

  • Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell 25 days ago

    People really think you would take any of that money? All you do is try to help the community bringing all us united fans together and get all the hate for it. Keep head held high pal

  • hkjjb
    hkjjb 25 days ago

    Hell yes to the bale

  • Napoleon Borisparte
    Napoleon Borisparte 25 days ago +2

    blah blah blah blah, videos too long, too boring.

  • Ghally Frank
    Ghally Frank 25 days ago

    Do a swap deal pogba for isco and Gareth bale

  • Danyahla Arayah
    Danyahla Arayah 25 days ago

    F**k bale he had his chance we are not a retirement home!!

  • Kevin Walsh
    Kevin Walsh 25 days ago

    First off calling Gary Neville a business man is a joke lol He’s a footballer, he made a decent amount of money playing the game and he works hard. He said
    "The idea of screaming about the Glazers every ten minutes, saying they are not good owners of Manchester United, doesn't get us anywhere,” he added.
    "I'd love owners that pump every penny back into the club on to the pitch, that didn't take out £20 million a year, or whatever they take out in debt against the club. But I can't do anything about it.”
    He thinks the Glazers are only taking £20 million out of the club every year when it’s more like £100 million per year albeit some of that is indirectly through debt financing that paid for the Glazers shares. If the Glazers only took £20 million out per year we would not be having this discussion lol. Neville was playing football when most of us were in class. He has no credibility as a businessman and none whatsoever as a commentator on the Glasers given that he thinks they are only taking £20 million out of the club each year. If you don’t know, don’t make comments like this to the press making it appear like you know what your talking about! Wow you met the Glazers a few times. Why don’t you take a look at the financials of Man U if you can even figure them out and then come talk. He completely flipped from when he said “the problem goes way higher than Mourinho”.

  • Adam Tompkins
    Adam Tompkins 25 days ago

    It’s the year 2050 and BALE is still being linked with a move to United that won’t happen 😂😂😂😂

  • Jin J
    Jin J 25 days ago +1

    Bale scored 44 goals last season incl his time off for injuries. How many did United score? Need you say more.

  • thethreelions3
    thethreelions3 25 days ago

    Ah the Bale rumours again.. looking forward to Griezmann, Vidal, Peresic, Sandro and Koulibaly, wouldnt put it past them speculating on signing Strootman, Veloso or bringing Schneider out of retirement 😅

  • Eve Lim
    Eve Lim 25 days ago

    Question is...would Bale want a transfer to United?

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali 25 days ago

    Bruno Fernandez & Axel Witsel would be fantastic solution for United

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali 25 days ago

    Mark u never been talking about Bruno Fernandez ,U should start to make plan or agenda to bring Bruno Fernandez in January come on mark

  • nel 9
    nel 9 25 days ago

    💰 ? But Bale would still do it for 2 seasons in prem easy.............oh and he's good unlike what we've got !

  • Artifical music
    Artifical music 25 days ago +1

    I’m ole in. But he needs to think about what squad he puts out and what subs he makes and what signings he’s going to push to Woodward because if he doesn’t make the right decisions he could end up like that past 3 managers.

  • 90 Football
    90 Football 25 days ago

    I don't think Fernandes to United is over, as we were clearly interested, another manager or even Ole might want him

  • Aayush Bohara
    Aayush Bohara 25 days ago


  • Jam on toast
    Jam on toast 25 days ago

    bale on loan is no brainer but think it might go down badly with fans given hes turned us down many times prior, regardless hes a good player to have if you want to get back into top 4, depth is sometimes just as important as having a player at his prime