i beat NINJA in fortnite

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
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  • Ninja
    Ninja 4 months ago +34817

    I hope you all know that quote was from lazarbeams PINNED tweet on twitter. I was quoting it.

  • Chi-Chi T.V.
    Chi-Chi T.V. 4 hours ago

    Stop swearing so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brendan Deng
    Brendan Deng 5 hours ago

    Lazarbeam's keyboared: No Damage
    Benjy and savage's keyboards: MASH POTATOES!!!

  • TheLegendary_Bros1
    TheLegendary_Bros1 11 hours ago +1


  • Katili 69
    Katili 69 12 hours ago

    Ninja:You took everything from me.
    LazarBeam:I dont even know who you are.

  • Edwin Dunlop
    Edwin Dunlop 14 hours ago

    2020 anywone

  • Tina Burnett
    Tina Burnett 14 hours ago

    Fu n

  • Raspy_Playz
    Raspy_Playz 16 hours ago

    sick vid

  • prettyboidarwin moldanado

    Use code Lazar

  • Hiattplaz Tv
    Hiattplaz Tv 19 hours ago


  • Aishath Aileen
    Aishath Aileen 19 hours ago

    ninja is better than no offence

  • Hyunjun Ju
    Hyunjun Ju 22 hours ago

    Probably not a Scientist......
    He must not be Famous Like LAZARBEAM!!!

  • Mario The Slendytubbie gamer !

    Ninja is qooq💩

  • Caitlin Lynch
    Caitlin Lynch 23 hours ago

    I am a European switch user and I could beat u in a 1v1

  • Mia Heminsley
    Mia Heminsley Day ago +1

    there're two two rounds!

  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer Day ago

    I do not like you ninja literally

  • Krishav PADALA
    Krishav PADALA Day ago


  • Grim Drake
    Grim Drake Day ago


  • Maria Hrusca
    Maria Hrusca Day ago

    Ninja is combat spam

  • the purest of random

    1:19 wow just wow I remember that video

  • Ghibbles Original

    ninja vs lazar starts at 4:06 ur welcome

  • TheSmasher550
    TheSmasher550 Day ago

    I’m in Europe 😭

  • Jordan Tilbury
    Jordan Tilbury Day ago

    Lazarbeam just tried to meme

  • alexandros lafiatis


  • Maria Moshonas
    Maria Moshonas 2 days ago

    Memes beat sweat

  • Scott O'Brien
    Scott O'Brien 2 days ago

    Lazar beam is the best coz he is true blue

  • Emmie Rose
    Emmie Rose 2 days ago +1


  • Aaryan’s Random
    Aaryan’s Random 2 days ago +1

    “I’ve never heard of ninja”

  • Bob Denn
    Bob Denn 2 days ago

    I love u can I have a shout out

  • Kat Kopec
    Kat Kopec 2 days ago +2

    Wait is “her comes the beam” the same song as here comes the sun from the beatles

  • Michelle Habetz
    Michelle Habetz 2 days ago

    Lazerbeam 1 kill
    Ninja 3
    Tim 13

    Fresh 99999 kills
    Lazerbeam has the most

  • kidfriendlygamer23 \ q_xiaaq

    lazar: tags ninja for 1 damage

    *s t r e a m s n i p e r*

  • Victorine Chaghoury
    Victorine Chaghoury 2 days ago

    You didnt get lasered you got one shot

  • Phantomfox
    Phantomfox 2 days ago

    Ninja is a bot and heres to lazarbeam hes true blue hes a piss pot thru and thru

  • LivingA WeirdLife
    LivingA WeirdLife 2 days ago +2

    *ninja starts winning*
    *insert jojo’s bizarre adventure theme*
    Ninja”This is illegal”

  • ZⴺɌΩ47
    ZⴺɌΩ47 2 days ago

    1:03 on the minimap it says TTV dabbing

  • Steve Buttifant
    Steve Buttifant 3 days ago

    Ninjas better at fortnite
    Lazarbeam is a better youtuber

  • Steve Buttifant
    Steve Buttifant 3 days ago +1

    Isnt lazarbeam thones because he won the fight

  • Gustav Hoff
    Gustav Hoff 3 days ago


  • Sophia Bernardo
    Sophia Bernardo 3 days ago

    When he said lazarbeam was not that famous I was like FUCK YOU BITCH BUT HE ACTUALLY BEAT YOU SO SUCK ON MY .....

  • gagethebamguy 12
    gagethebamguy 12 3 days ago

    Who wants to see a Fresh and Ninja team up

  • Jacob Moran
    Jacob Moran 3 days ago

    Memes memes memes memes

  • Ld Is a stupido
    Ld Is a stupido 3 days ago

    Read more is a lieee
    Read More

  • Robert Tomczyk
    Robert Tomczyk 4 days ago

    me got better pc then you my ping i less then 30

  • hahaha_kimi
    hahaha_kimi 4 days ago

    He's not versusing actors lannan, they're versusing players like you!

  • RyX Zixy
    RyX Zixy 4 days ago

    When Lazarbeam said
    " I'm going dog. "
    I always think of Tfue sayin' Dog Shit.

  • Alec Browntv
    Alec Browntv 4 days ago

    I've never heard of ninja obviously not that famous

  • Naru Okami
    Naru Okami 4 days ago +1

    You're way better than Ninja in my book! :)

  • Ramish Vlog
    Ramish Vlog 4 days ago +1

    4:12 Omg what the hell is that face wtf

  • mattmann8081
    mattmann8081 4 days ago

    Let's say they are beating us by only 2000000000000000000 kils

  • Fluffy Buns
    Fluffy Buns 4 days ago +1

    0:17 you can see joshy and pinky 😂 I just watched there vid against ninja

  • SnipzSkillz_ 54
    SnipzSkillz_ 54 4 days ago

    Can we 1v1 my name on PS4 is GMOZ24104 and I just started keyboard and mouse you will probably clap me if I’m on keyboard. But I recon I’d clap u ez on controller

  • RenegadeRaiderYT
    RenegadeRaiderYT 4 days ago


  • Ani
    Ani 4 days ago

    Ninja exposed.

  • Thomas Pinard
    Thomas Pinard 4 days ago


  • Thomas Pinard
    Thomas Pinard 4 days ago

    Dude Fresh did all the work

  • Eddyisasavage-_-
    Eddyisasavage-_- 4 days ago

    Fresh did most of the work LMAO

  • Tac Yik
    Tac Yik 5 days ago

    Thats only because lannon got fresh

  • R & K Channel
    R & K Channel 5 days ago +1

    He didn’t even say lazarbeam against ninja
    He said Mrfreshasian against ninja

    • Yahel Nagar
      Yahel Nagar 15 hours ago

      He is smoking look at his hand in that exact moment

  • Double Fo
    Double Fo 5 days ago

    Lazarbeam got carried