Toy Story 4 | Teaser Trailer Reaction

  • Published on Nov 13, 2018
  • Meet Ducky (voice of Keegan-Michael Key) and Bunny (voice of Jordan Peele) in this new teaser trailer for Toy Story 4. See the film in theatres June 21, 2019.
    Woody’s journey in “Toy Story 4” includes a visit to a carnival where he meets Ducky and Bunny, two carnival prizes who are eager to be won. But when their plans are rudely interrupted by Woody and his friends, they find themselves on an unexpected adventure with a group of toys who have no idea what it feels like to be tacked to a prize wall.

    “Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who voice Ducky and Bunny, are two of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever seen,” said director Josh Cooley. “Of course, they are effortlessly funny, which would be enough. But they are incredible actors that understand story. Their improvs weren’t just for comedy sake, they were story motivated which elevated Ducky and Bunny and the film to a level I never could have expected.”
    Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.


    U.S. Release Date: June 21, 2019
    Voice Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Estelle Harris, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Jeff Pidgeon, Blake Clark, Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele
    Director: Josh Cooley
    Producers: Jonas Rivera, Mark Nielsen

    Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar
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  • HangCwe11
    HangCwe11 Day ago

    1:23 First, there was the joke that basically implied that this film isn't just for kids. Then, they got THAT close to using the N-word as a sign of endearment.
    And now they tie it ALL up by dropping some major scientific truth bombs on all of our heads.
    All of that knowledge in less than 2 minutes.
    Brilliant. Just brilliant. #toystory4 #pixar

  • Robert Burwell
    Robert Burwell 2 days ago +1

    Ah such garbage. Where’s my childhood... I want it back - RIP 1995 Toy Story. They’re ruining it.

    • CircusKing
      CircusKing Day ago

      Robert Burwell Your Expectations went too high.

  • Maitha Soud
    Maitha Soud 5 days ago


  • Creepz
    Creepz 5 days ago

    To infinity and your mum

  • Viola Smith
    Viola Smith 6 days ago

    Yuki on ah

  • Patch Rodriguez
    Patch Rodriguez 8 days ago +1

    1:08 Woody And Buzz

  • Mr. Magistral Malik
    Mr. Magistral Malik 11 days ago +1


  • Sandi Hoppough
    Sandi Hoppough 23 days ago

    Hey! Up here Rainbow Connection!!! You guys are the best Easter egg makers ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandi Hoppough
    Sandi Hoppough 23 days ago

    Is this the only Pixar trailer that breaks 4th wall?

  • Sandi Hoppough
    Sandi Hoppough 23 days ago

    Pixar made the own yo mama joke

  • Callie Squid Sister
    Callie Squid Sister 26 days ago +2

    Me: *giggles* Bunny, can you pretend to be Buzz Lightyear?
    Bunny: 0:41

  • Fred In My Bed
    Fred In My Bed 27 days ago +2

    Last week at retreat I used a microphone to yell to Infinity and your mom everyone except the teachers laughed whom took away our microphone privelages for all of us an since then I'm considered the savage of the school

  • HypertheFox 2968
    HypertheFox 2968 28 days ago


  • betthebrett
    betthebrett Month ago +1

    *T O I N F I N I T Y A N D Y O U R M O M*

  • Ivis Yap
    Ivis Yap Month ago

    Ducky and Bunny like dream

  • Sakura Minami/ SakuraPlayz

    1:23 Bunny: You can't go to infinity, dummy.
    Me: But you said "to infinity and your mom" tho...

  • Kitten Club
    Kitten Club Month ago +1


    MONDALE D Month ago

    This is the most funniest teaser I have seen so far LOL

  • The Legendary Fox
    The Legendary Fox Month ago

    To "infinity and your mom!"

  • Al Moya
    Al Moya Month ago +1

    you can't go to infinity dumbey.

  • Deathkid Gaming
    Deathkid Gaming Month ago +1

    0:52 To infinity and ur mom

  • Slyk
    Slyk Month ago

    In the subs it says what is it bunny

  • James Forshaw
    James Forshaw Month ago

    To infinity and *YOUR MOM*

  • Arturo Garza
    Arturo Garza Month ago


  • Agnes  Galvez
    Agnes Galvez Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ducky and Bunny movie 🎥 #hilarious

  • Galaxy gacha Bunny
    Galaxy gacha Bunny Month ago

    To inunity and respond.

    Me: what

  • Galaxy gacha Bunny
    Galaxy gacha Bunny Month ago

    This trailer is crazy

  • Sandra Valera
    Sandra Valera Month ago


  • Christopher Ramsey
    Christopher Ramsey Month ago +1

    To infinity...
    Your mom.

  • Utah Malone
    Utah Malone Month ago +2

    Woody- Hey. Hey. Guys you got it all wrong.
    Buzz- It's too infinity and beyond.
    *Ducky and Bunny looked at each other and start laughing*😂 😂

  • Lillian Ward
    Lillian Ward Month ago

    I love that this is essentially a cleaned up version of the Valet Neeson Fanboys sketch.

  • Mr.Bacon Hair
    Mr.Bacon Hair Month ago +1


  • Brick Alivesea
    Brick Alivesea Month ago

    Its wierd that their arms are not connected

  • Hunter Gutberlet
    Hunter Gutberlet Month ago

    why aren’t ducky and bunny connected because they were in the movie

  • lol Dragonfru
    lol Dragonfru Month ago +1

    Toy Story 5 confirmed it’s just that Ducky and Bunny think 3 is 4 and 4 is 5

  • Nickyisthe 1
    Nickyisthe 1 Month ago +1

    So you watched the movie and now
    Your rewatching the trailers

  • Gamer 35
    Gamer 35 Month ago

    I am buzz lightyear space ranger

  • Richard Mena
    Richard Mena Month ago

    Me and my mom loves it

  • Niño gaming
    Niño gaming Month ago

    Boi 0:34


  • Luigi 101
    Luigi 101 Month ago


  • SamOuse X
    SamOuse X Month ago +3

    Have you realised they are attached in the movie but in the trailer they are not

  • Neo B. Jover
    Neo B. Jover Month ago +8

    Mild Spoilers:

    This foreshadows the ending

  • KraZe kidw27
    KraZe kidw27 Month ago

    When I am like what? 1:16

  • Coconut boy YT 2
    Coconut boy YT 2 Month ago

    to infinity and your MAMA

  • Dale Whitecross
    Dale Whitecross Month ago

    Toy story’s my JAM

  • Morgan Gilliam
    Morgan Gilliam Month ago

    When ducky says “you are a toy.” He was doing the boi hand LOL 😂

    • Morgan Gilliam
      Morgan Gilliam Month ago

      Ducky like “boi if you don’t sit your Barney the dragon looking self down!” 😂

    • Utah Malone
      Utah Malone Month ago

      Right. 😂

  • Wendy Master of magic

    "To infinity...and your mom!"

  • Paradoxine
    Paradoxine Month ago

    Key and Peele are the best doubles when it comes to roles in movies.

  • nuril anwari
    nuril anwari Month ago

    Bunny and Ducky are awesome

  • Marvil Degayo Aquino
    Marvil Degayo Aquino Month ago +9

    Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele lend their voices to Ducky and Bunny, who proved to be a surprise addition to their resumes.

  • Marvil Degayo Aquino
    Marvil Degayo Aquino Month ago +1

    Ducky and Bunny bring a new level of fun to the Toy Story universe. Their view of the world has been very singular as they go from town to town in the same booth, staring out at the world. They have no moral compass because they've watched kid after kid spend money on a game that's unwinnable by design. Not only are they learning bad things about human nature, they're trapped because of it.

  • Sam Peterson
    Sam Peterson Month ago +1

    Alright so theoretically a view master is a living breathing toy? And he says “give me back my view master” Slavery in the toy world??

  • The0ptimus
    The0ptimus Month ago +5

    "You know nothing about science!" XD this is why Toy Story is perfection.

  • David Endgame 2000
    David Endgame 2000 Month ago

    Who’s here after the movie?!?

  • Mikey’s World
    Mikey’s World Month ago

    0:52 to infinity and ur mom me: no u

  • Cinemaprince
    Cinemaprince Month ago

    PLUSH RUSH!!!!!!

  • LittleDan/\
    LittleDan/\ Month ago +4

    But... in the movie they were sewn together and not separated like in this reaction.

    • stomper1232
      stomper1232 Month ago

      I think they made this before they decided to stitch them together, as a lot of Pixar teasers aren’t consistent with the final movies

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams Month ago

    Toy Story 4 was a good film.

  • SNH Quex
    SNH Quex Month ago


  • Marshan Thomas
    Marshan Thomas Month ago

    this was such a good movie n bunny n ducky was funny lol

  • Badet Tayag
    Badet Tayag Month ago +1

    Thier don't know those bunny and ducky are to how the buzz does

  • Greycri -
    Greycri - Month ago

    To infinity and your mom

  • Jacob PvZ Boi
    Jacob PvZ Boi Month ago

    0:52 why did they let school kids make this trailer

  • raditya rafi
    raditya rafi Month ago +1

    Toy story 4 : The lost toy

  • Scribblenauts and Kirby Fan 225

    You are a I DON'T CARE BEAR

  • The Epic Squirtle
    The Epic Squirtle Month ago

    10/10 Movie best Toy Story EVER!!!

  • Gilang Setyawibawa
    Gilang Setyawibawa Month ago +1


  • Huginn Hjartarson
    Huginn Hjartarson Month ago

    To Infinity And Beyoncé

  • Super Sloth
    Super Sloth Month ago

    When I first saw this trailer I didn't have any volume on so I thought Ducky was a girl

  • Ya Boi Danny
    Ya Boi Danny Month ago +1

    But... Doesn’t Woody already know how big the world is after being captured by Sid, Al, and Lotso? That’s doesn’t make sense...

    • Marcus Cheng
      Marcus Cheng Month ago

      At that time, he's still attached to Andy so it made sense that his mind was closed to the possibility of a toy's life without an owner.

  • Kainoa Fonseca
    Kainoa Fonseca Month ago +3

    To infinity....
    and beyond

  • ken taft
    ken taft Month ago +1

    0:52 To infinity and
    *Y O U R M O M*

    BRANDON Month ago +1

    They’re making another Toy Story movie

  • Crouse House Music
    Crouse House Music Month ago

    Love this!!

  • Evan Mayes
    Evan Mayes Month ago +1

    0:34 When there is a new movie coming.