GOOSEBUMPS 2 - Official Trailer (HD)

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018
  • Halloween comes to life in a brand-new comedy adventure based on R.L. Stine’s 400-million-selling series of books. Watch the new #Goosebumps2Movie trailer now!
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    Directed by: Ari Sandel
    Written by: Rob Lieber
    Based on the Goosebumps Books
    Written by: R. L. Stine

    Produced by: Deborah Forte, Neal H. Moritz
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Comments • 4 986

  • BJ JR
    BJ JR 5 hours ago +1

    _"Viewer beware, you're in for a scare"_

  • carmen ionela
    carmen ionela 7 hours ago

    Low Budget movie or what?? none from the oringinal actors on this movie... very bad..

  • Ariantia
    Ariantia 12 hours ago

    I watched this today and kept thinking that the girl could have played a young Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time perfectly, she looks just like her

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan Day ago

    Need your junk grabbed?

  • DefiantTelevision

    No Jack Black? No thanks.

  • ريفان العراقي

    جاي من سينمانا لايك 😁

  • mass 420
    mass 420 Day ago


  • XxAtomic646xX
    XxAtomic646xX Day ago

    This is basically a reboot of a 2 yr old
    Movie.... It makes no sense sequel wise. The first one was loads better

  • g sun
    g sun 2 days ago

    this one seems really off from the 1st one
    not feeling it

  • pijo z
    pijo z 2 days ago +2

    Lmao i am watching the movie right now i am scare as heck lol

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 2 days ago

    Still haven’t seen it

  • NathanHeyo
    NathanHeyo 2 days ago

    Goosebumps 3 should be horrorland

  • Amelia Evans
    Amelia Evans 2 days ago

    Yes Madison iseman from jumanji 2. Gorgeous and talented girl! Should be the new Buffy the vampire slayer! Xxxxxx

  • Alta Channel
    Alta Channel 2 days ago +1

    this movie bad without jack black..

  • theycallme slay
    theycallme slay 2 days ago +15

    Am i the only one who loved 1st part more than 2nd

  • Emerson Sanders
    Emerson Sanders 2 days ago

    I love this kind of movie set in a Suburb in America during Halloween 🎃🎃🎃

  • Obsidian
    Obsidian 2 days ago +1

    This movie was terrible

    MR. FUCKBOI 2 days ago

    Invisible boy REVENGE

    DK DIDER 3 days ago

    Miss you "odeya rush"...😍😍😍

  • Nerdy Burd Recaps
    Nerdy Burd Recaps 3 days ago

    this is why you dont mess with Stine's books otherwise slappy and his friends will come out and play bc they might come to life again, OMG rule#1 dont open something locked. or RLS comes back and shuts them again. ive seen it, and boy you gotta wait to the end credits man W0W OMG also i think this sequel was set after stein's first move 🤔
    wait until the end credits. someone makes a surprising cameo. i wont say who, but i knew it LOL

  • sam the man
    sam the man 3 days ago

    I just watched the movie and Jack black in it but he wasn't mentioned in the credit at the end!?

  • UmutKızıltug
    UmutKızıltug 3 days ago +1

    isnt that the one fat kid from it?

  • JADP 1985
    JADP 1985 3 days ago +4

    where is hannah! noooooooo!

  • rye galuz
    rye galuz 3 days ago +3

    looks like jumanji and night at the museum lol

  • Magomi Nakamoto
    Magomi Nakamoto 3 days ago

    where's hanna?

  • KI NG
    KI NG 4 days ago +1


  • kameron Byrd
    kameron Byrd 5 days ago

    Slappy needs to chill!

  • Gacha Addicted
    Gacha Addicted 5 days ago

    Wait i thought invisible boy will be there plus hanna isnt slappy goingbto release all monsters why didnt she get released or is it a other book or maybe the book they oppened where stronger version of them and what happend R.L Stine and Champ And Zach they should be there and how did R.L Stine write the halloween book if there was no preview of them in this new movie

  • this guy is bully realm

    wheres ghost beach?

  • J L
    J L 9 days ago

    it's like the first one...but worse.

  • Sylvie Harrison
    Sylvie Harrison 12 days ago

    Let me guess: they screwed it up again by not including the Goosebumps theme song.

  • Simon 2016
    Simon 2016 12 days ago

    very nice

    DDU DU DDU DU'S DNA 12 days ago +1

    I hope they make a part 3 with the old cast

  • Elizabeth Vel
    Elizabeth Vel 13 days ago

    This movie sucks. The first one is the best but this...just noooooo!

  • Bunga Citra L
    Bunga Citra L 13 days ago

    Well, but i don't see Jack Black. Where is he?

  • Jadeyyu
    Jadeyyu 15 days ago

    Mkae goosebumps 3 Christmas and goosebumps 4 Snow power

  • artistmelon mew
    artistmelon mew 16 days ago

    IT 2.0

  • Sleepy Time
    Sleepy Time 16 days ago

    No jack black, NO SALE


    I mean there shouldn't be Goosebumps 2 if they just burn the book back then.

  • Shahrzad Akbari
    Shahrzad Akbari 17 days ago

    #goosebumps 2 movie

  • Coyz Anita
    Coyz Anita 19 days ago

    Slappy should be more powerfull...and RL stine should be appear in a begining..but after all this movie was good...

  • Mr Red
    Mr Red 20 days ago

    Hey look its skull trooper

  • ShakerRool
    ShakerRool 24 days ago

    Odio que cambiéis los actores

  • jack dylan wolfhard
    jack dylan wolfhard 24 days ago

    Jeremy ray Taylor

  • Quench Gamer TV
    Quench Gamer TV 25 days ago

    this is so cool i really love this movie

  • Tahmidul Haque
    Tahmidul Haque 26 days ago

    It's November. Where is the movie?

  • Julio the Foolio went to the Poolio

    0:48 Quick Side note - The kid in the blue shirt is Ben from IT 2017...

  • Ryan Toth
    Ryan Toth 26 days ago

    OLD CAST OLD CAST who's with me

  • Ryennn Official
    Ryennn Official 28 days ago

    I need Goosebumps Horrorland hmmm

  • rotoko 2.0
    rotoko 2.0 28 days ago

    this movie made me sleep

  • covert Williams
    covert Williams 28 days ago

    Walter was like the funniest tho

  • Ivonnee Diaz. osorio
    Ivonnee Diaz. osorio 29 days ago

    i love ghoustbumps 😜💎💎

  • Ivonnee Diaz. osorio
    Ivonnee Diaz. osorio 29 days ago +1

    im litterly useing my moms phone but this rocks and im only a 8 year old

  • Samantha's World
    Samantha's World 29 days ago

    My birthdays this Saturday! (November 17th)I’m seeing this movie with my best friend Elliot, right now it’s Wednesday night so my birthdays in 3 days right now! I’ve never seen the first goosebumps movie and I’ve never read the books, I might borrow some at our school library on Tuesday (cause that’s our library day!) but only if I like the movie, but I think I’m really gonna love it! It looks so amazing and scary! Just what I like ;) I asked my mum to book tickets for the afternoon session because it looks so cool how the stories come to life and basically HALLOWEEN comes to life! That’s why I’m sooo interested! My friends really looking forward to see it too :) I’ll give you guys an update to tell u how the movie went after I see it :D

  • Bhupinderbanga Banga

    Ist part this film is better then part2

  • Zahira Salejee
    Zahira Salejee Month ago +1

    Not scary at all

  • Nazyha Mohammed
    Nazyha Mohammed Month ago

    Blaa think this is not real

  • James Bobbin
    James Bobbin Month ago

    Goosebumps 2 better than one

  • Technology And Science by Sujal

    I don't think that the movie will be that good as the old cast was better

    C.P.D BROTHERS Month ago

    This movie is so good you should watch it i am not going to spoil


    Wait, what? What happened to all of the characters from the first movie besides the author? I wanted to see them in this movie as well, c'mon! :(

  • Fabiola Aguirre
    Fabiola Aguirre Month ago

    i want to watch goosebumps 2 is cool movies

  • Caleb Petersen
    Caleb Petersen Month ago

    at first when that kid from it named ben came on, the setting reminded me of it

  • Yandere
    Yandere Month ago

    I used to read the books as a child. so excited

  • a person
    a person Month ago

    This movie is rubbish, the ending is rubbish,

  • Tea
    Tea Month ago

    i prefer with the goosebumbs 2 cast bc theyre more og but whateva

  • 78 GUI
    78 GUI Month ago

    this movie looks blah(-_-)

  • ImaStupid667
    ImaStupid667 Month ago

    Is the rated PG or PG-13? I prefer PG-13

  • Anil kamal
    Anil kamal Month ago

    I miss odey rush😢

  • VSAV - Books And More

    This is showing today in Philippines

  • Sunde Ahlgren
    Sunde Ahlgren Month ago

    It’s my dude from it

  • Ashlyann Delgado Lopez

    Books. Movie. Movie. 2009. 2015 and 2019 2019????????????????

  • Kayla Leave
    Kayla Leave Month ago

    I prefer the 90s goosebumps sorry

  • carlos fernandez de cordova

    I don´t know why, but that blonde girl reminded me of Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time (red leather jacket, dyed hair, and a white stripped shirt) @ 1:25

  • KILLER 651D
    KILLER 651D Month ago

    No jack black no fun

  • Seth Villanueva
    Seth Villanueva Month ago

    i am just wondering if where the last woman, and the 2 man go?i hope you have part 3 of goosebumps.

  • The Aussie Bloke
    The Aussie Bloke Month ago

    Well this movie is going to be a flop compared to the first...

  • Lane Norton
    Lane Norton Month ago

    This is wired

  • ꧁Tżüýû ꧂࿐

    i watch this movie on google anf type movie123

  • krizlid98
    krizlid98 Month ago

    The fat kid looks like jimmy from hells kitchen s1 lol.

  • Dark Shark V
    Dark Shark V Month ago

    first it looked fake combination of goosebumps and IT but no it is real

  • Seth Villanueva
    Seth Villanueva Month ago

    R.L. Stines are quite not famous for the past few years.bit now,i watch all the movies they make just like the haunted house.its by season but it`s amazing stories if you watched.

  • tira tirah
    tira tirah Month ago

    Should be watch Gnome alone. On netflix.

  • seanFJ tayas
    seanFJ tayas Month ago

    this trailer is so scary

  • nilesh pratap
    nilesh pratap Month ago

    full movei free me kub upload karoge bhai

  • jsaul zsan delgado
    jsaul zsan delgado Month ago

    Slappy go back inside the book

  • Ryan Chili flakes
    Ryan Chili flakes Month ago

    Who's here after watching it

  • Replay Button Dealer

    I hated this movie

  • mickel kim caringal

    Monster house??? Nuuhh its goosebumps

  • R.S. G
    R.S. G Month ago

    Fucjing shittwst film. The idiot director didnt even carry it on from the last film. Give this 1/10

  • Sittiphong Sittisak

    Why i don't feel fun.

  • Aidil Ridzuan
    Aidil Ridzuan Month ago

    The ending tho....

  • # Dragon
    # Dragon Month ago

    Is this 18+ ?

  • mec myra
    mec myra Month ago

    somebody rate this movie.

  • LucidArtt_
    LucidArtt_ Month ago

    The old cast needs to come back. I was left with a cliff hanger at the first movie..

  • Isaac Mai
    Isaac Mai Month ago

    This don’t look as good as the first one

  • games and facts lol

    When does the movie come its November not october

  • Apracity
    Apracity Month ago

    I just finished watching the first goosebump on netflix and i hop on google to check out the cast and i see they just released a second movie. Although there isnt hannah, she is so cute wtf

  • Vainglory VG
    Vainglory VG Month ago +6

    Lol ://// Where my Odeya Rush.... I need her for this movie :///// 😭😭