you won't watch this fortnite video lol

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • i'm the most underrated fortnite player in the world (fastest builder and editor and gets so many victory royales)
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  • McCreamy
    McCreamy  Month ago +5228

    im gonna be the best player in the world

  • Dizzy clickz
    Dizzy clickz 6 hours ago

    but i watched it...

  • SleepyScribbles
    SleepyScribbles 19 hours ago

    2.5 millon people: *bet.*

  • ZombieKiller2064 lol
    ZombieKiller2064 lol 20 hours ago

    your victory royales are off by one

  • Dean Hermans
    Dean Hermans 22 hours ago

    1v1 mrfreshasian

  • XiVTiCC
    XiVTiCC Day ago

    I am 100k like

  • JKE TheDany
    JKE TheDany 2 days ago

    Got 'em Got 'em Got 'em Got 'em

  • TC_raidZ
    TC_raidZ 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice that he only had three arena points in the beginning? Also this took him really long to make bc in the beginning mau’s name is just mau but then he changes to ICON mau?

  • ItsCade
    ItsCade 4 days ago +1

    McCreamy: I’m literally sweating.
    Me: No. Ice creams don’t sweat, they MELT 😂

  • Kaelah Sorokin
    Kaelah Sorokin 4 days ago

    That’s why you should take Combats over tactical shotguns 🤦‍♂️

  • Empanaita Chilena
    Empanaita Chilena 4 days ago +2

    You get angry because you can't win 1 day but i get angry because I cant get a win in 1 month

  • axicle
    axicle 4 days ago

    i will watch this video

  • Eric Noriega
    Eric Noriega 4 days ago +1

    Title: you won’t watch this video lol
    Me: so right I won’t

    • Who Am I?
      Who Am I? 4 days ago

      Eric Noriega ill give u a like :p

  • Zayden Toohey
    Zayden Toohey 5 days ago

    He actually got eight wins

  • Mizzles Is Goated
    Mizzles Is Goated 5 days ago +1

    McCreamy + Combat = ❤️🔥

  • RngFalse -
    RngFalse - 6 days ago

    You should do a challenge where you pretend to be the balls in COD that explode but when you hit someone you hop out of the ball

  • iTs Emperor
    iTs Emperor 7 days ago +1

    I wont watch it AHHAHAHAHAHA


  • 2,000 subscribers and no videos challenge

    Your right I won’t watch the video

  • Patrick Maloney
    Patrick Maloney 8 days ago

    😂😂he lost 40 points before he played the last game

  • Unsharpened Doodle
    Unsharpened Doodle 8 days ago

    creamy: you won’t watch this video
    me: *watches it*

    『FENIT』 X GAMER 8 days ago

    *you won't watch this fortnite video*
    2mil views

  • Norroso Fox
    Norroso Fox 8 days ago

    You got 8 Wins in a row you forgot to count one

  • Leo Empire
    Leo Empire 9 days ago


  • Maarsh
    Maarsh 9 days ago

    Bro how did you guess?

  • Keith Parian
    Keith Parian 9 days ago

    i used ur code

  • potato lol
    potato lol 9 days ago

    but i did watch it

  • kaitlynn johnson lll

    you forgot to change it to four wins once you got a dub

  • Sawyer Butcher
    Sawyer Butcher 9 days ago


  • Damir DeRozan
    Damir DeRozan 10 days ago +1


  • Madison Lambert
    Madison Lambert 10 days ago +7

    He has more wins in one video than i do in total

  • MDF Teshaun
    MDF Teshaun 10 days ago

    so i sweat my ass off and you just get 6 wins in a row ? tell me how tf did you get6 wins and i sweat so mufu ass off bruv

  • ZactusCraft
    ZactusCraft 11 days ago

    I watched it

  • Veeti Kärkkäinen
    Veeti Kärkkäinen 11 days ago


  • Mr Fuzzelz
    Mr Fuzzelz 11 days ago

    Yeah i wont

  • Mrdudemr 35975
    Mrdudemr 35975 11 days ago

    Do ur friends ever get mad wen u carry them lol

  • 123doge321evan
    123doge321evan 12 days ago

    did mccreamy qualify for the world cup
    he better of

  • Freddie Pitt
    Freddie Pitt 12 days ago

    I didn’t notice the music threw put the hole video (LOL

  • snoop dogg dank kush
    snoop dogg dank kush 12 days ago

    Rosa skin is the best. One of the rarest and most underrated.

    • soaring passion
      soaring passion 10 days ago

      You mean the ones with the hearths? It's underrated.

  • mani jam
    mani jam 12 days ago

    Mccremy: You won't watch this fortnite video
    Well I'm watching!

  • Koolaid Tendies
    Koolaid Tendies 12 days ago

    Your right I did god dang it

  • v V
    v V 12 days ago

    Hi can you gift me my name is Flygande_Potatis

  • itz StInKy FeEt
    itz StInKy FeEt 12 days ago

    Who remembers xd

  • Smuh YT
    Smuh YT 12 days ago

    Yea yea

  • lowkeyx Emma
    lowkeyx Emma 13 days ago

    i use code creamy 🤪💙

  • heartbreakeryori
    heartbreakeryori 13 days ago

    I’m using code lazar

  • Syco Trashy
    Syco Trashy 13 days ago


  • Andrew luna
    Andrew luna 15 days ago

    You are a god

  • Manny jarbo
    Manny jarbo 15 days ago

    Yo I just started watching this dude and he’s funny no cap

  • Vade_ Drippin
    Vade_ Drippin 15 days ago

    McCreamy is a beast

  • LimboLimny870
    LimboLimny870 15 days ago

    Code creamy :)

  • blue_the_bot yt
    blue_the_bot yt 16 days ago

    Mccreamy you lazarbeam and fresh should play squads

  • micket Jr
    micket Jr 16 days ago

    You inspire me to play on keyboard and mouse and I’m practicing to become like you I’m trying I’m getting better and someday I will be just like you

  • Hr Svelstad
    Hr Svelstad 16 days ago

    ADD TTMX-sile

  • xSadOmq10
    xSadOmq10 16 days ago

    U are right I won’t watch this fortnite video

    Wait if I’m commenting so am I watching or?


  • Siege_ Shrek
    Siege_ Shrek 17 days ago

    Take on me

    NEO LEO 18 days ago +1

    Title: you won’t watch this Fortnite video LOL


  • Hashiru Amarasiri
    Hashiru Amarasiri 18 days ago

    why do people hate ure videos?

  • JFS_ Rules
    JFS_ Rules 19 days ago

    Your møther wįlł ñêvęr dïë

    Łīkë àńd śüß tø āčtívåtę

  • S og M H R
    S og M H R 19 days ago

    I need you so i Can be better

  • Illusion
    Illusion 19 days ago +1

    Hey creamy I just want you to know that you when you are slaking Is better that I will ever be

  • Lachlan Hargreaves
    Lachlan Hargreaves 19 days ago

    It has 2.4 million views and he specifically said don’t watch this Fortnite video

  • glen warrack
    glen warrack 19 days ago


  • Isac K. Ånerud
    Isac K. Ånerud 19 days ago

    I have used your code since last summer

  • Taye Cochrane
    Taye Cochrane 19 days ago

    Creamy you my guy and all but please get some better names

  • NathanACE
    NathanACE 20 days ago

    How many times did he say “ got em”

  • jacob types-E3
    jacob types-E3 20 days ago

    Good vid dk if it’s old though

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 20 days ago


  • LoG1cJAKE Evans
    LoG1cJAKE Evans 20 days ago


  • SirvisorGaming Apocalypse

    About Ainsley?

  • Vanoss crew Boi
    Vanoss crew Boi 20 days ago

    At 8:30 his name changes from mccreamy to xd mccreamy

  • BlazingFuryX
    BlazingFuryX 20 days ago

    MCreamy what do you mean you're gonna be the best?
    In my eyes you already are!

  • LosT Khajiit
    LosT Khajiit 20 days ago

    I forgot how to get wins season 6 and 7 I got about 20 wins now I get one win every century

  • GD KeyZ
    GD KeyZ 20 days ago +3

    Me: Reads The Title
    Also Me: Are You Sure About Dat.

  • Mike Gomez
    Mike Gomez 21 day ago +1

    “You won’t watch this video lol”

    2.4 mil people watching

  • MaxGame 201YT
    MaxGame 201YT 21 day ago

    This man.
    I’m a dumb 11 year old that won his 6th
    Game of season 9 in a solo

  • Carlitos210amaya
    Carlitos210amaya 21 day ago

    You got 11 dubs in this vid

  • Lucas D
    Lucas D 21 day ago

    You won’t watch this fortnite video lol

  • Yaa Yeet
    Yaa Yeet 21 day ago +3

    McCreamy:20 bomb......Ez dub
    Me:OMG 3 KILL DUB!!

  • Xanic X
    Xanic X 21 day ago

    u can finaly build

  • İşimiz İşsizlik
    İşimiz İşsizlik 21 day ago

    İ will

  • Rian Eaglesham
    Rian Eaglesham 21 day ago

    guess what mccreamy...

    I watched your video

  • Nolan Chavez
    Nolan Chavez 21 day ago


  • Dr. Ling Lang
    Dr. Ling Lang 21 day ago +1

    *_aight bet_*

  • Reina Venicius
    Reina Venicius 21 day ago

    Are u Australian because my older cousin says this is his channel

  • Deniz Sahin
    Deniz Sahin 21 day ago

    Nice video

  • Gary TheHippopotamus
    Gary TheHippopotamus 21 day ago +2

    “you wont watch this fortnite video”

    plot twist

  • Aiden Roberts
    Aiden Roberts 21 day ago

    lol you said “& for the finale” but it was a game previous to all the others because you had 260 points, when in all the other clips before the “finale” you had 285+... exposed boy

    FD FR4GBOY 21 day ago


  • Hacksmith4life
    Hacksmith4life 21 day ago

    You forgot to add one win.

  • GAMER BOY1635
    GAMER BOY1635 21 day ago

    2 million watched this

  • R1SKY_ Furious
    R1SKY_ Furious 21 day ago

    McCreamy:you won’t watch this fortnite video lol
    2.4M people:hold my beer

  • ZaKTricKzzz ‘
    ZaKTricKzzz ‘ 22 days ago +1

    I don’t watch your videos but I had to watch this one

  • TheEvilVampire RBLX
    TheEvilVampire RBLX 22 days ago


  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 22 days ago

    I bet if u had mats u would have won

  • Ryan Melka
    Ryan Melka 22 days ago

    Creamy: U won’t watch this video

    Me: Observe

  • Emiliano Estrada
    Emiliano Estrada 22 days ago


  • iBad PrInCe
    iBad PrInCe 22 days ago

    McCreamy: I'm gonna be the best in the world.
    Tfue: try me bitch.

  • XcuteanimalgirlX X
    XcuteanimalgirlX X 22 days ago +1

    Your soooooo good🤯🤯🤯

  • Vickter Ramirez
    Vickter Ramirez 22 days ago

    Goes to 260 when he was 300 lol

  • Marijo Marusic
    Marijo Marusic 22 days ago

    You wont watch this video lol
    2.4 million views