South Park: The Fractured But Whole: Choose Your Side - Join Freedom Pals | Ubisoft

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
  • Will you join Mysterion and Freedom Pals to face off against Coon And Friends in an epic superhero franchise battle?
    As the New Kid with a super-powered butt, will you have what it takes to unite your allies and save South Park?
    Choose your side!

    Join Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny in the South Park video game and bring peace to South Park!
    "South Park: The Fractured But Whole" will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC - OCTOBER 17! For more info, check out
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Comments • 306

  • Gigi
    Gigi 2 hours ago

    Mysterion's voice is sooo adorable!

  • PrettyPeachy Yates1567
    PrettyPeachy Yates1567 2 months ago

    I will join the freedom pals

  • Star The Star Kirby
    Star The Star Kirby 4 months ago

    I join Freedom Pals

  • Wait. That's a dead meme Vincent

    Yo Mysterion hit me up

  • hh dead channel hh
    hh dead channel hh 8 months ago +1

    I will join mysterion and work together uwu yes

  • sofi
    sofi 9 months ago

    0:08 this is friggin hilarious

  • Kissasheep the Chalk

    oh i get a choice?
    these decisions kinda freak me out who should i join?

  • Aries The Furry
    Aries The Furry Year ago +1


  • cat destroyer
    cat destroyer Year ago +2

    Fuck you cartman im joining freedom pals

  • Kasey Lollie
    Kasey Lollie Year ago +1

    ......can I be with the freedom pals instead please?

  • Deniz Kayalı
    Deniz Kayalı Year ago

    I actually hoped there would be an option. But it was still really cool

  • ScoutTrooper164
    ScoutTrooper164 Year ago

    Trailer: Advertises that you can choose a side.
    Actual Game: Doesn't include that choice.
    Andrew Ryan: A man chooses, a slave obeys.

  • MrGamemaster11111
    MrGamemaster11111 Year ago +1

    Too bad you actually never got a chance to choose a side.

  • Archfd NY
    Archfd NY Year ago

    You can’t join sides it was cut :(

  • Wild bard
    Wild bard Year ago


  • Gantris
    Gantris Year ago +7

    It sucks we can't legitimately choose sides. It would be cool to join DC's side instead of being stuck with the Marvel gang

  • Murfee Ëats Musîc
    Murfee Ëats Musîc Year ago +2

    Wtf..... you never get a choice to choose a side.

  • Pinoy panini
    Pinoy panini Year ago

    Isn’t mysterion suppose to be Kenny?

  • Sugahobism
    Sugahobism Year ago

    How do you join them????

  • angery oreo
    angery oreo Year ago +1

    HA! I *wish* I could join the Freedom Pals! If I could, I would've days ago.

  • Mondo Bronto
    Mondo Bronto Year ago

    The Freedom Pals with Mysterion

  • Admiral Catbeard
    Admiral Catbeard Year ago +10

    Yeah...but you don't get to join freedom pals

  • Wild bard
    Wild bard 2 years ago +20

    Its a shame that you can't actually choose Freedom pals.

    • ScoutTrooper164
      ScoutTrooper164 Year ago

      The Captain Because it's FALSE ADVERTISING! They tell you that you can do something so they can make you hyped up and take your money when in actuality it's not there.

    • Wild bard
      Wild bard Year ago +2

      Shonna Lawton It's like why advertise it if you you won't let people do it?

    • Shonna Lawton
      Shonna Lawton Year ago

      The Captain I know it seemed like you could from the trailer 😢 disappointed

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez 2 years ago

    Where is kenny

  • Hildryn Magnus Morte
    Hildryn Magnus Morte 2 years ago

    Do you get to pick the side?

  • werewolf907
    werewolf907 2 years ago +11

    I'm 100% siding with Kenny

  • tj sidhu
    tj sidhu 2 years ago

    I hope theres some sort of choice ( there was in the Stick of Truth but that one doesn't even matter )

  • Dragon ball fan
    Dragon ball fan 2 years ago

    When I was a kid I saw Kenny get shot to death and I cried. I'm joining Kenny. Sorry Wizard fucking fatass.

  • Vito Vitez
    Vito Vitez 2 years ago

    One question is wonder tweek in the freedom pals?

  • 13Kr4zYAzN13
    13Kr4zYAzN13 2 years ago +2


  • Nathaniel Mooney
    Nathaniel Mooney 2 years ago +2

    Screw you, Cartman! I’m a Freedom Pal!!!

  • Omega 64
    Omega 64 2 years ago

    Fire Emblem Fates

  • Brian Alejandro
    Brian Alejandro 2 years ago


  • Supersonicluke Yeah
    Supersonicluke Yeah 2 years ago

    I don't believe you

  • Brian Alejandro
    Brian Alejandro 2 years ago

    new kid cartman

  • Brian Alejandro
    Brian Alejandro 2 years ago +1

    superheros and new kid

  • Marco Sama
    Marco Sama 2 years ago

    *correction (but whole)

  • TV13OO
    TV13OO 2 years ago


  • Soul of Sif
    Soul of Sif 2 years ago


  • Vito Vitez
    Vito Vitez 2 years ago

    Can someone tell me how i will be able to join the freedom pals?

  • Alden Leano
    Alden Leano 2 years ago

    I'll choose Freedom Pals :)

  • kyle
    kyle 2 years ago

    i'm with freedom pals.

  • UzumakiNaelricyZ
    UzumakiNaelricyZ 2 years ago

    Freedom Pals!!

  • Stan X100
    Stan X100 2 years ago

    Kenny all the way 😎

  • Thomas Bez
    Thomas Bez 2 years ago +1

    this game has got me soooooooo hyped i fucking love south park love the developers

  • Nagatem Joestar
    Nagatem Joestar 2 years ago

    No way I'm crossing cartman, we all know what happens when you piss him off
    I don't want parent chili

  • iPlayingGames
    iPlayingGames 2 years ago +28

    This is going to be fucking awesome, it will be worth to wait! 👌 in Stick of Truth i choose Cartman but this time i think i will choose Kenny! 👥

  • Rafael Silva
    Rafael Silva 2 years ago

    Uhh...merry Christmas, everybody!

  • Trevor Grover
    Trevor Grover 2 years ago

    Will this be on Nintendo Switch? It's being published by Ubisoft.

  • Movieslurge2
    Movieslurge2 2 years ago +4

    The superior team, obviously.

  • Miguel Luna
    Miguel Luna 2 years ago

    What episode are the forest animals from?

    • Miguel Luna
      Miguel Luna 2 years ago

      eren tweak Thanks

    • kyle
      kyle 2 years ago

      Miguel Luna woodland critter christmas !!

  • Bob L-B
    Bob L-B 2 years ago +1

    FUCK! The Woodland Christmas Critters are Back!

  • lil sytiaxxx
    lil sytiaxxx 2 years ago

    I'm Select Professor Chaos

  • Rose Supreme
    Rose Supreme 2 years ago +1

    I like how there's suddenly a random Britsh woman at the end of this trailer.

  • ArchaeoDesigns
    ArchaeoDesigns 2 years ago +1

    Just freakin awesome!!

  • 레카leka
    레카leka 2 years ago +2

    I love mysterion../♡\)
    If I boight the fractured but hole ,I joined freedom pals...
    I want to be mysterion's henchman😄..

  • Zelda Lover
    Zelda Lover 2 years ago


  • BreakingSharingan
    BreakingSharingan 2 years ago

    Fuck everyone Cartman is the way to go fucking jews

  • pancake boy
    pancake boy 2 years ago