Lenovo IdeaPad S940 | Unboxed & Review | Expensive Lightweight Laptop!

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • The new #IdeaPad S940 is one of our lightest consumer laptops with a premium all metal design. It features noteworthy details such as a contoured glass display and a slim sandblasted aluminum body, all weighing in at just a little over 2 1.2 pounds and
    only 12.2 mm thin. To keep the system near-bezel free, #Lenovo opted for a reversed notch up top to fit the webcam in and still keep slim bezels. The IR camera is appended on top of the bezel which can also serve for easy open. In addition to these, the #S940 is optionally equipped with a vibrant 4K HDR display with Dolby Vision technology and speedy Intel 8th generation processors.
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Comments • 14

  • David Sedgwick
    David Sedgwick 2 months ago

    They should be refreshing this with 10nm processors so more battery life and far better integrated graphics. Should be announced at IFA 2019 in a few days then on sale in october i believe (may be sooner).

  • ying chen
    ying chen 3 months ago

    Hi Can you tell me the dimension of the trackpad? Thanks

  • Rihan's ltd
    Rihan's ltd 4 months ago

    Price plese

  • Rihan's ltd
    Rihan's ltd 4 months ago

    Sir, price plese

  • G.D.
    G.D. 5 months ago

    why is it so cheap over there? here in germany this exact model costs around 2.300€ (2.600$). a 1.000$ more? wtf

  • Stefan Boog
    Stefan Boog 5 months ago

    Very curious about the sound that you mention the laptop made in the beginning. After bringing back 3 Huawei Matebook X Pro's because of coil whine I'm kind stressed about noise

    • BTNHD
      BTNHD  5 months ago +1

      the noise was short and normal when using the machine heavy; for example when rendering a video from Adobe Premiere. It's basically the fan kicking in to keep the machine cool. I only noticed it when i was trying to render out a 4K video, and the noise was there. Once, I stopped using the laptop with 4K files the noise stopped.

  • Ayoe Stackzz
    Ayoe Stackzz 5 months ago +1

    I have enough money to buy the laptop, I’m going to 11th grade next year and need my own, but I’m scared to ask my dad to order it, even tho it’s my own money. Should I go for it

  • Michael Xz
    Michael Xz 5 months ago +2

    a few points though: 1) it's not really expensive I think (compared to other laptops in its class and also this 4k screen is awesome), compared to just any laptops that are much bigger sure it is expensive.. but for a sleek laptop, they all seem to be around this price.. the matebook x pro for example costs about $500 more than last year, about $2000 for the 16gb model 2) for these kind of ultraportables, it is very rare to find one that doesn't have the ram soldered in. So that's not really something to complain about, although of course it sucks - but if you want upgradeable usually you need to go for a better than U cpu laptop (usually 15 inches). For ultraportables, I think the lg gram let you upgrade one of the modules (the other was soldered in) but I don't know if they still let you do that.

    • BTNHD
      BTNHD  5 months ago

      +Michael Xz great points thanks for sharing. πŸ€“

  • Michael Xz
    Michael Xz 5 months ago +2

    good review man - you don't gloss over important things like many others do

  • Steve
    Steve 5 months ago

    I grabbed a Lenovo Ideapad 330s with an 8th gen core i5 , 1tb hdd , 8gb of RAM , and the Intel Optane Module a few months ago. It came with 2 USB 3.0 ports , the thunderbolt port and a regular hdmi plus a slot for an SD card. They want you to buy one of those crazy expensive type-c hubs. If you're looking for one I am very happy with my purchase. I kept Windows because initially there were issues with the firmware on the optane module and running linux. I wound up migrating everything from my desktop to this laptop and then installing xcp-ng to the desktop. With the 'xcp-ng center' app for Windows I can manage all of my VM's from windows without really any hardware intensive overhead. So I am loving that I havee 6 computers on my network all of them have different jobs two are clustered in paralell. When you install xcp-ng they ask you to setup an 'iso library' which can either be local storage or accessed via smb. So I come to you , I watched you setup VM pools in Windows Server, I want to serve virtual (linux) desktops to networked machines to boot from,,, can I do that or do I have to use RDP. I really wanted to use pxe/ipxe/gpxe (one of the pxe's will do) to boot live images over the network and use maybe NFS or a NBD for persistent storage across reboots. I tried to go the route of proxmox and it didn't work out because of firmware , so this is where I am at now, running xcp-ng and managing through xcp-center and the xoa/Xen Orchestra web UI. I am sure you've heard of Lawrence, the enterprise guy on here thats always doing vids on xcp-ng , pfsense ... I cant watch him, do you know about any of the things I asked ?? Thanks in advanced

  • winteR
    winteR 5 months ago

    Thanks for the review! Can you comment a bit more specifically on the trackpad issue you experienced? What settings in Windows 10 did you change to resolve the issue? Also, did you get a chance to run a stress test to see if there is any thermal throttling under load?

  • Bhavin Patel
    Bhavin Patel 5 months ago +5

    Lol it has no usb... what are those ports then?