Mother Orangutan's Reunited With Her Kidnapped Daughter | Orangutan Jungle School


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  4 months ago +233

    How CUTE?!
    Watch the FULL episode on All 4:

    • Jim Satrom
      Jim Satrom 3 days ago

      This is not "CUTE"! This is "LIFE"!!! Please try to get a true perspective of the world!!!

    • mantelmann13
      mantelmann13 22 days ago

      Yeah, so cute to see them in a cage on a cage-floor. That's so cute.

    • shadmehr99
      shadmehr99 Month ago

      This is what F*** Margarine or Nutella has done to Orangutans, because they use huge amount of Palm oil. Shame on whoever who eats Margarine, Nutella, or anything that contains Palm Oil.

    • ViGa '89
      ViGa '89 Month ago

      How come they got a rash?

  • Prem Man
    Prem Man Hour ago

    the thumb downs are baboons roaming the youtube, they are jealous that the orang utan getting more attention then them

  • wakeupscreaming
    wakeupscreaming 2 hours ago

    A rash? Uhhh, i hate things that aren't understood (and completely cured and eradicated) by science yet.
    Also, the title of the video was click bait. She wasn't really "kidnapped".

  • l аm frоm Каzаkstаn

    why orangutans in cage while cats and dogs in freedom

  • Ismael Rio
    Ismael Rio 3 hours ago

    You might say, monkynapping

  • Johnny Torres
    Johnny Torres 7 hours ago

    Got me crying....awww

  • Darth Desec
    Darth Desec 7 hours ago

    Kidnap? Anything for clicks.

  • SniperRose
    SniperRose 7 hours ago +1

    I admit I cried a little 😭

  • BTS_Fan4Life!!
    BTS_Fan4Life!! 9 hours ago

    How beautiful to watch.....a baby and mother reuniting. Clara was ready to have little Clarita back. She even began untwisting the lock, hehe. I teared up, I won’t lie. Ty for treating these two precious orangutans. 💕

  • Asia Dadan
    Asia Dadan 12 hours ago +1

    I cried the whole video....

  • Hanora Brennan
    Hanora Brennan 12 hours ago

    Anyone know anything about the rash, its causes, treatment etc?

  • Angela Grace
    Angela Grace 15 hours ago

    Wow that's a horrible looking rash. I hope they both healed fast. Beautiful lil baby girl

  • Conservative Canada & USA

    Mysterious rash? Staff should wear gloves not just masks!

  • Марина Ширяева

    Как красиво смотреть на маму и малыша, она такая нежная, окуратная, самая лучшая мамочка.

  • jon
    jon 17 hours ago

    this stuff makes me happy sad joyful angry all at the same glad for them both

  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall


  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    Michelle Obama

  • remic79
    remic79 18 hours ago

    How was her daughter kidnapped, she's a monkey😂!!

  • Yo Mom
    Yo Mom 19 hours ago

    People are so cruel but at least we have people like this. Makes me have hope. This was beautiful.

  • Monica Shupe
    Monica Shupe 20 hours ago

    No animals should be caged!!! Pls set her n baby FREE!!

  • hiko seijuro
    hiko seijuro 20 hours ago

    I feel sad for her living in that cage.

  • Katrina Vigue
    Katrina Vigue 20 hours ago

    So sweet

  • M0h4mm3d
    M0h4mm3d 20 hours ago

    Weak western women slut. infidel scum

  • TigerLily
    TigerLily 22 hours ago


  • Naresh Kumar
    Naresh Kumar 22 hours ago

    o maa omaa tujai parnam

  • Dr Antara Das
    Dr Antara Das 23 hours ago


  • carmen berrios
    carmen berrios Day ago

    😰😰😰😰😱😱😱lo que Meda tristeza es verla hay como un presa como si estuviera pagando un delito por Dios b 🙏🙏🏼🙏🙏

  • Kimberley Pex
    Kimberley Pex Day ago

    Dit zijn de slimste apen, ze leven normaalgesproken in regenwouden. Die worden nu gekapt voor oliepalmplantages. Voor o a Europa , om het palmvet
    in te doen , ook bijna alle voedingsmiddelen , omdat het zo goedkoop is .............
    maar deze Oerang Utans hebben binnenkort geen leefplaats meer. 🌴🦜🐲🌳🌿🌴🦜🐲🌳🌿🦜🐲🌳🌴

  • Adilya Himich
    Adilya Himich Day ago

    When I see such things I hate all humankind. Those creatures could live happily in their own world, but now people are everywhere

  • SheRa 2000
    SheRa 2000 Day ago

    Plz gives us an update!!

  • Jane Rodr
    Jane Rodr Day ago

    This was sweet though😂

  • Jane Rodr
    Jane Rodr Day ago

    She covers her face not arms both monkeys have a bad rash not 2 bright🤔🤓

  • DeadmanInc336
    DeadmanInc336 Day ago

    Things like this remind me that there is still goodness in the world to balance out how much evil and cruelty there is.

  • basil babe
    basil babe Day ago

    ..awe ..she just wanted her baby😔💞

    • basil babe
      basil babe Day ago

      ..i hate that they have to be caged💔

  • Terri Gram
    Terri Gram Day ago

    How long are they staying in the rock hard cage for huh let's get them comfortable since they reunited 😍

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G Day ago

    Awwwww this is so beautiful 🥰

  • Susan Takhar
    Susan Takhar Day ago

    As I watched this video I cried of joy it's so beautiful to see mom and baby together so gentle thankyou for the beautiful video you guys are so grest

  • Cristy Mcdonough

    I SINCERELY HOPE that rash is NOT as painful as it looks!! HEARTBREAKING!!

  • boing bryan
    boing bryan Day ago

    Without insect animal trees - earth die...
    Without human - everything flourish including earth...

  • melody01238
    melody01238 Day ago

    K so the title is misleading. The baby was not kidnapped the baby was separated to recover from a rash.

  • lim eddie
    lim eddie 2 days ago

    very touching... god bless, allah hu akbar.. :)

  • Cathy Knight
    Cathy Knight 2 days ago

    These creatures have feelings they should be able to live free

  • Southernburrito
    Southernburrito 2 days ago

    How come I can look at that animal & understand Mother in the primal sense of the word defining love, but when I see the average young American teenage mother I think dolly? I see a focal point to avoid excepting the truth of an unknown reality & a tool to receive attention/persuasion with.? I suppose they explain the love of some vs other animals.? Interesting cycle of life, especially since most wild animals don't receive toys, yet they are excelling in some aspects.

  • Guitar Player
    Guitar Player 2 days ago +1

    I wish, instead of all the horrible things the media puts on the news nowadays, that they would, instead, fill their broadcasts with stories like this one, stories of good and love and compassion.

  • Raymond Espedido
    Raymond Espedido 2 days ago

    sweet mother baby video ❤️

  • Everett James
    Everett James 2 days ago

    We, as humans have to do better. Compassion for the innocent in our care is a giant step in the right direction. Great work, I hope this encourages many more to do so aswell.

  • just me
    just me 2 days ago

    Wow seeing Clara caged so tight, not a inspiring video whatsoever.

  • Queen Keda
    Queen Keda 2 days ago


  • Luke Jackson
    Luke Jackson 2 days ago

    I don't know how anyone can look in those eyes and not see a person, a mother.

  • Itamar Erlingr
    Itamar Erlingr 2 days ago

    I think they have herpes

  • sneha bhat
    sneha bhat 2 days ago

    1:18 !!

  • francesco lops
    francesco lops 2 days ago

    but do father always say fek it, he's gonna go with his mom?

  • Jack Aboo
    Jack Aboo 2 days ago

    nice animals
    good ppl

  • Brummie Comedy
    Brummie Comedy 3 days ago

    Looks like Handsworth

    NORA NORTON 3 days ago

    That is the sweetest thing ever! I'm so happy she's with her baby again! ❤

  • Angelica Zapata
    Angelica Zapata 3 days ago

    That was beautiful ❤❤❤

  • Gerbel D. Smeagol
    Gerbel D. Smeagol 3 days ago

    The title is so miss leading.

  • Thomas Sasik
    Thomas Sasik 3 days ago

    Why it look like herpes

  • john english
    john english 3 days ago

    goddamn that's one ugly fucker

  • Ass Wumu
    Ass Wumu 3 days ago

    I have a friend she reminds me of

  • Ember2460 Harrington

    Sickening they keep that beautiful animal in a tiny cage. Put Them in the cage!!!!

  • Dave Ridlespriger
    Dave Ridlespriger 3 days ago

    Y'all came from my NUTS not his

  • Queenbee Dat
    Queenbee Dat 3 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful. This touched my soul. ❤️

  • Mike Clinton
    Mike Clinton 3 days ago

    That's beautiful

  • Zehrah Rehman
    Zehrah Rehman 3 days ago

    Confession I'm crying

  • servicarrider
    servicarrider 4 days ago

    It is amazing what love can do to our minds, our bodies. The world can be and is a wonderful times.

  • Dimaz
    Dimaz 4 days ago

    What were those white spots on the baby's body?

  • darkenmarr
    darkenmarr 4 days ago

    Why would you title this "Kidnapped"? The baby was taken by vets to heal it.

  • kylorensdad
    kylorensdad 4 days ago

    im crying

  • Ruth Stieb
    Ruth Stieb 4 days ago

    467 thumbs down? Really, why? This was beautiful

  • dinesh prabhu
    dinesh prabhu 4 days ago

    How can humans be this cruel. People need to stop buying pets. And the government should put up a huge penalty for cruelty against animals.

  • luis soto
    luis soto 4 days ago

    wouldn't it have been crazy if she just ripped the baby's head off as soon as she got it

  • elizabeth rivero
    elizabeth rivero 4 days ago


  • stella maris montejano


  • stew
    stew 4 days ago

    I wish every human was as nice as this.

  • insylem
    insylem 4 days ago

    Orangutans are awesome

  • Да, нет, наверное

    Надеюсь настанет тот день когда животные посадят людей в клетки и будут ходить любоваться нами.

  • BTS is Life
    BTS is Life 4 days ago +1

    This melts my heart

  • Michael Augard
    Michael Augard 5 days ago

    So touching

  • GathKingLeppbertI
    GathKingLeppbertI 5 days ago

    Animals cannot be kidnapped.

  • fr ko
    fr ko 5 days ago

    Hell it might be gross but I'm the one who had all the fun!!!!

  • Anna Serkova
    Anna Serkova 5 days ago

    She is so gentle with her baby. I'm crying.

  • Cinthya Garcia Romero

    Such a sweet moment!

  • Olga Benavides
    Olga Benavides 5 days ago

    What a beautiful blessing from god mother daughter be 2gether h lovely 😢 of happynesses;)

  • w p
    w p 5 days ago

    Ahhh, so sweet , Big Mike and Malia bonding like that !

  • Abdellatif Benbakir
    Abdellatif Benbakir 5 days ago

    😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏from Morroco

  • A P Developments
    A P Developments 6 days ago

    There’s a lot of people I know that should be in cages. Don’t think she deserves to be in a cage. Pisses me off.

  • Eunice Jury
    Eunice Jury 6 days ago

    what is this cage . why is that happening. No more cages.

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams 6 days ago +1

    Why keep the poor animal in a cage? So sad to see that! Dreadful cage!

  • Katmandoo
    Katmandoo 6 days ago

    You need to go live in a cage, and see how your life will change..

  • Meredith Richardson
    Meredith Richardson 6 days ago

    2:29 you can see the relief of the mother.
    But if this mother and baby have been separated for a week, hasn't the mother's milk dried up?

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. 6 days ago +1

    Show that to all bastards who earn money with clearing and looting the rain forrests! But I'm sure they only will laugh sardonic cold...

  • Sema Şaka
    Sema Şaka 6 days ago

    Why is there nothing soft in here cage where she can lay down on

  • Lolo Uro
    Lolo Uro 6 days ago

    Share with your filipino friends... 3.3 avg births per family... japan less than 1!
    Watch "Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation" on TheXvid

  • Scat
    Scat 6 days ago


  • wolfspirits78
    wolfspirits78 6 days ago

    Beautiful, humans need to learn from this

  • Click Baiter
    Click Baiter 6 days ago

    Damn… So there are still people out there that aren't selfish cunts?

  • Zevra Luna
    Zevra Luna 6 days ago

    The cage is likely a temporary thing, either just for that reunion or to prevent the rash from spreading to others

  • John Cook 409
    John Cook 409 6 days ago

    That is one ugly ass orangutan damn beat that thing with an ugly stick big time good Lord