How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
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    Ok Dukeys, this piece took sooo much work, but it was worth it. In this video I show you how to carve a super realistic Japanese Rhinoceros beetle out of different species of wewd. Let me know what you think of it in the comments and subscribe if you haven't already. Yay! Love you guys.
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    Music: "Eternal youth" by RŮDE
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  • Lawrence 02
    Lawrence 02 Hour ago +1

    *Bro that looks so good, holy damn great job*

  • devil boy alex
    devil boy alex Hour ago

    nice work....effort and everything

  • Ali Babba
    Ali Babba 2 hours ago

    Your the best man I love your channel so much... your my spirit animal

  • in2legos
    in2legos 2 hours ago

    What have you done to Destin?!!

  • Underswap Temmie124
    Underswap Temmie124 7 hours ago

    bobby: byeee!!! *honks horn*
    bobby's daughter: *in distance* OMG MY GODDDD

  • BI K
    BI K 7 hours ago

    So much resin for so small wings? I thought resin was expensive stuff!

  • Jonas Kronståhl
    Jonas Kronståhl 7 hours ago

    This video really "bugged" me (sorry)

  • Patuatar 06
    Patuatar 06 8 hours ago

    Beetles look like little machines wtf

  • Bonzulac
    Bonzulac 8 hours ago

    I think your videos would be even better if you actually jammed the camera into your nostril during the uncomfortable close-ups.

  • krishna
    krishna 9 hours ago

    Omg she was wesring a bt21 sweatshirt

  • Poonam Chauhan
    Poonam Chauhan 11 hours ago

    You are the most creative and funny guy
    IF YOY AGREE give aloke

  • Nathanaël TUMMERS
    Nathanaël TUMMERS 12 hours ago

    can you make a "Lucane cerf-volant" ?

  • MemesFor Days
    MemesFor Days 12 hours ago

    I am a junior entomologist.I love watching your videos especially now.

  • subsounds 4u
    subsounds 4u 12 hours ago

    Excuses me
    The f**k

  • Wolf Blazer
    Wolf Blazer 12 hours ago +1

    Put that on my bed i would move out

  • Jacob Clarke
    Jacob Clarke 13 hours ago

    Call bitconus

  • artistic RIFT
    artistic RIFT 13 hours ago

    I think you should make a spider, like a huntsman or an ogre face spider with eyes that reflect light.

  • XEROX gaming
    XEROX gaming 14 hours ago

    5:20 music?

  • Marc Vincent Klitgaard
    Marc Vincent Klitgaard 14 hours ago

    Press 5 for Bob Ross.

  • Josh Riggs
    Josh Riggs 15 hours ago

    I've seen a few of your vidjahs and I really like the craftsmanship and beauty of your stuff. One question, though. Why the feck are your pupils always so small? I have an idea, but would never want to publicly assume or dime you out.

  • poostiu
    poostiu 16 hours ago

    Dude you rock. You're insane. Are you an android or was you kidnap from aliens🤣. Anyway man try not to surpass DaVinci. Keep surpriseing the world. Lot of Love man

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 16 hours ago

    Beautiful bobby!

  • Benito Valdes
    Benito Valdes 17 hours ago

    This so fing cringe

  • Mister Ious
    Mister Ious 17 hours ago


  • Lea Loo
    Lea Loo 17 hours ago

    watch while high

  • Dread Lord
    Dread Lord 19 hours ago +2

    What is Wewd?

    *Oh for gods sake its wood!

  • Lore Heartbound
    Lore Heartbound 19 hours ago +1

    Thought that was an actual dead bug there for a moment before realising what the video was about again. It's 6:34am and I haven't slept in 24 hours... I'm really sorry wewd bug qwq

  • Liam Wisco
    Liam Wisco 19 hours ago

    “now that u seen my wewd” 😏😏

  • GalaxyOfReeses KIng
    GalaxyOfReeses KIng 19 hours ago

    His wife seen his wewd

  • IChotryx D
    IChotryx D 20 hours ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song? About the minute 5:00

  • BloodPhantom 2x7x
    BloodPhantom 2x7x 20 hours ago

    What about a Hercule beetle

  • Dinosaur_Hybrid 17
    Dinosaur_Hybrid 17 21 hour ago

    the wing cover is called an elytra

  • NatashaGuzman
    NatashaGuzman 23 hours ago

    The fact that one of your daughters like BTS is just yesss

  • Cupcakes and stars

    Bobby Duke Arts:

  • Paola Valles
    Paola Valles Day ago

    14:03 " ha Haha Haha.. HUNNY?..."

  • Grimm The Wickerbeast

    11:10 **Sudden Bob Ross intro music**

  • TurdNugget64
    TurdNugget64 Day ago


  • Lizandra Clayres


  • Jake Moeller
    Jake Moeller Day ago

    More beetles....PLEEEEZE! They're awesome. Do you trust me?!

  • Bappinator 0
    Bappinator 0 Day ago

    Who is Dustin?

  • Lazar cat
    Lazar cat Day ago

    I LOVE TI!!!

  • Media Addict
    Media Addict Day ago +5

    Is there a Wewd tshirt if there isnt.... why the heck not what's wrong with you....

  • 6ix9ine IsInJail

    I thought it said weed

  • Mikael Thorén
    Mikael Thorén Day ago

    Very cool. 👍😜

  • Ghostronan65 gaming

    This guy sure loves his wewd

  • chad ADrian
    chad ADrian Day ago

    if you’d sell that how much will is cost?

  • clickntrip
    clickntrip Day ago


  • FLOW 23
    FLOW 23 Day ago +1

    WEWD or WOOD. I don't get it

  • Obvious _Product_Placement

    congrats. it was so realistic that, at first glance, i almost didn't watch this video because i thought it was one of those "nature" videos where people mess with living creatures by hand' and was like "ewww, i dont wanna see that". luckily, i happened to notice your name and realized it was you and had to be art not a real insect. Good job

  • FlamXKills
    FlamXKills Day ago

    I want that

  • Nikhita Pal
    Nikhita Pal Day ago

    I thought the thumbnail said weed instead of wewd

  • Aman Singj
    Aman Singj Day ago

    Make mor like that

  • Aman Singj
    Aman Singj Day ago

    this is very nice ossam 😊😊😊

  • LaserGadgets
    LaserGadgets Day ago

    2:22 I know that look aaaaall too well...

  • Classicme065069
    Classicme065069 Day ago

    My first thought was, What the heck is "Wewd"?

  • Rakairuu ́ー`
    Rakairuu ́ー` Day ago

    Ooooo~ waht does the wewd store shmell liek??

  • Sammi A
    Sammi A Day ago

    “Wing Dings” BeWaRe ThE mAn WhO sPeAkS iN hAnDs

  • Lazarus Art
    Lazarus Art Day ago

    You should do a tarantula next

  • World Negative
    World Negative Day ago

    Lewd I-I-I mean *WEWD*

  • TAZ creations
    TAZ creations Day ago

    I WANT THAT!!!

  • Thomas Gillespie

    Your a great dad i want to be like u when I become a dad

  • ThyKappa
    ThyKappa Day ago

    *W* *E* *W* *D*

  • Andres Salas
    Andres Salas Day ago

    I think you should make a spider out of Wewd

  • Ariel Luzi
    Ariel Luzi Day ago

    Woooow 😱

  • TKD Ace
    TKD Ace Day ago

    Bobby: I am now going to transfer the design
    Me: you mean you're gonna glue it on?

  • Quadra Driva
    Quadra Driva Day ago

    Very Impressive!

  • Tita
    Tita Day ago


  • The hyperactive sloth

    Lol wat was Destin doin

  • BradLee Jones
    BradLee Jones Day ago

    You're no comedian. Had to skip to the end!

  • Madison Heilman
    Madison Heilman Day ago

    what wewd he do without dustin