Risking Your Life: Compressor Diving for Sea Cucumbers [4K] | Indonesia from Below (S01E05) | SZtv

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
  • Compressor divers in Indonesia risk their life diving for sea cucumbers to trade as traditional Chinese medicine.
    Who’d of thought that a large, slimy slug-like creature that breathes from its bottom would fetch such a high price as a dish on your dinner plate? But that’s exactly what is happening with sea cucumbers. In fact, the price of a dried sea cucumber is so high some fisherman are going to extreme lengths to harvest them.
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  • Daniel Méndez
    Daniel Méndez 3 years ago +2

    This is quite interesting. I'm an anthropologist, and in Mexico there's also this kind of activity, specially in Yucatan, Baja California, Oaxaca and Campeche. I want to ask you something. In the video's description you said that the sea cucumber is trade as a traditional Chinese medicine, and I've been searching for more information about what kind of illness they're used for. I couldn't find anything, so if you can guide me about this issue, it would be great. You've got a new subscriber!

  • Timan Spearo
    Timan Spearo Year ago +2

    Maybe some day come to our beautifull island..😁

  • Adel Cabuso
    Adel Cabuso Year ago

    Come to Palau sea cucumbers are plenty on the

  • zulfikar engineer
    zulfikar engineer 2 years ago

    I love u indonesia

  • Lhen Gonzales
    Lhen Gonzales 2 years ago +1

    this is so sad😕 extreme fishing of this is dangerous because they help make corals...corals where fish leave keep their eggs and babies.. youre not helping those poops will turn into corals one day so sad many didnt know😣 from

  • david

    Dando las ganas de hoi

  • serenity nithan
    serenity nithan Year ago

    There’s a lot in Hawaii to where I live

  • Jocelyn Deliarte
    Jocelyn Deliarte 2 years ago

    Subtitle please

  • Sam G
    Sam G Year ago +2

    Hookah Diving ..Not ... Compressor diving

  • malaika omowale
    malaika omowale 2 years ago

    Shoot no captions for what the man said

  • orlando Tv vlog😁
    orlando Tv vlog😁 2 years ago

    That was my work b4 when i was 10yrs gathring some sea creatures like sea cocomber

  • Anak nias chanel
    Anak nias chanel Year ago +1


  • simmon1996
    simmon1996 Year ago

    Couln't they just wear dive computers and decompress?

  • Ahmed almarzouqi
    Ahmed almarzouqi Year ago

    I am looking for divers to work in Dubai

  • tradisional freedive

    Good luck..

  • MrNosugarcoating
    MrNosugarcoating 3 years ago

    I’m it your shirt on. Too hot for tv.

  • Jawa Dil
    Jawa Dil 3 years ago

    Bat taddik saan jolds