I Went To The WORST Rated McDonalds In My Country

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
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Comments • 1 110

  • MiLo ChaelPez
    MiLo ChaelPez 4 hours ago

    I got you with that sub BOOOIIIII. They ain't gonna pass

  • Josh Reeve
    Josh Reeve 9 hours ago

    Iron your garms fam.

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Day ago

    One time I ordered a Chicken Legend and got given a McChicken Sandwich. For a small amount of time I was *fuming* ...... untill they let me keep the McChicken Sandwich and gave me a Chicken Legend free of charge. Reason I was fuming, how the duck do you confuse a Chicken Legend with a McChicken Sandwich when the packaging and everything is totally different? This was at Dunstable.

  • Jacob Brewer
    Jacob Brewer 3 days ago

    That's my local

  • Epic Shark
    Epic Shark 6 days ago

    Legit live 20mins from there and I have never thought that it was that bad

  • Gyzmo the Autismo
    Gyzmo the Autismo 6 days ago

    "it smells of manure"
    That's my town!
    That's not very nice :(

  • Eldridge Ocana
    Eldridge Ocana 7 days ago

    Acting like its that bad just for the views 😂

  • Montiviction P
    Montiviction P 10 days ago

    The most clickbaited intro

  • Lucas Simon Kate Milan Valent

    Worst rated? My McDonald’s don’t even have those touch screen thingies

  • King Tomo720
    King Tomo720 10 days ago +3

    Realistically it likely wasn’t that bad but they have to act over the top of the video.

  • Arxci-
    Arxci- 13 days ago

    The McDonalds I use to work at was horrible. I'm 16 and I was a manager there, just take in how shitty everyone else's work ethic must've been. It took roughly 30minutes per order just because of how unprepared the starting manager was. The job was far too stressful and so frustrating.

  • Chloe Isabella Xx
    Chloe Isabella Xx 15 days ago

    ok but who was the guy who dropped you to the station 👀

  • Marouf Ali
    Marouf Ali 15 days ago

    Even Syria has better fast food restaurants m8

  • gängeri vvv
    gängeri vvv 17 days ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    coming from a small youtuber btw

  • Will brazil fc till i die

    '' I want another milly vid "" LOL the way people say things is funny

  • JhGaming
    JhGaming 17 days ago +1

    U don't have to turn the meat over he's chatting bare shit, it's much easier than chicken

  • Relax and Chill Mood
    Relax and Chill Mood 17 days ago

    they say its bad but its really not

  • jake 10669
    jake 10669 17 days ago

    It’s not a flurry if it’s in a hurry

  • TheCharmingAndTalentedGuy Whoisalsoacompulsiveliar

    This is just eating a regular meal and talking about it.

  • TheManFromSaipan
    TheManFromSaipan 19 days ago

    That Bob guy can go to hell

  • Willow Madness
    Willow Madness 19 days ago

    Hello darkness my old friend

  • Liv The Dude
    Liv The Dude 20 days ago +1

    mate there’s nothing wrong with this maccies, it’s lush 😂

  • Liv The Dude
    Liv The Dude 20 days ago

    You want to speak to the manager? my mum childminds the managers daughter 💀😂 i’m being serious. Her names Alisha Strick

  • smilingforcmb
    smilingforcmb 20 days ago

    fully one of my local mcdonald’s

  • fralyx
    fralyx 20 days ago

    Just when I'm about to search the worst McDonald's in the world I found the news of 1 got killed at the Ohio's McDonalds drive-thru

  • Freddie Driver
    Freddie Driver 21 day ago

    When you post more for some reason ur content gets better

  • stephy 2006
    stephy 2006 22 days ago

    i swear, call does not sound british sometimes

  • mia r a r e Msp
    mia r a r e Msp 22 days ago

    Could you come back to Yeovil come Yeovil town like if you want him to come here again!!!

  • TallAssGiraffe b
    TallAssGiraffe b 24 days ago

    How many of cals viewers r from yeovil coz I've seen bare comments saying it's their local mcdonalds

  • Jeremy Lu
    Jeremy Lu 25 days ago

    Great video

  • harley Walsh
    harley Walsh 25 days ago

    Tobi is fucking hilarious

  • Jordan Duffy 67
    Jordan Duffy 67 26 days ago

    Theo looks like jesse pinkman in the thumbnail

  • Alejandro Flores-rosales

    10:01 is when the video starts

  • Gran Autismo
    Gran Autismo 27 days ago

    One of the last UK your ears to still be making good original content

  • cary bary
    cary bary 28 days ago

    You Should visit east Croydon McDonald’s. It’s a depressing place.

  • Lauren Westwood
    Lauren Westwood 29 days ago

    Dorchester has been one of the best McDonalds ive ever gone too lol

  • MiX Tape
    MiX Tape Month ago +1

    That was the hoodest uk nigga I’ve ever seen, the nigga came out with a Durag brushing his teeth🤣🤣

  • Baguetti Spaghetti
    Baguetti Spaghetti Month ago

    Nah that macdonald’s was banging mate dunno what these reviews are about

  • Calum Naylor
    Calum Naylor Month ago

    McDonald’s food is ass no matter where u get them from🤷‍♂️🤢

  • Axelphim
    Axelphim Month ago

    Where else can you go to see crackhead fighting, someone getting stabbed and rampant pedos doing hand brake turns in a corsa

  • Axelphim
    Axelphim Month ago

    This is my local McDonald’s

  • Athan Wong
    Athan Wong Month ago

    That’s normal if compared to McDonald’s in Hong Kong

  • LH Gaming & Football Skills

    Do going to the best McDonald’s in the uk

  • TurtleMzn077 TurtleMzn077

    Mate I ate there and I had no problems so I think ur lying

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    Its hilarious how it's just been put under new management but still shit 😂😂

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    Yeovil isn't that bad... Compared too Sparkford 😂😂😂😂

  • DippieBrix
    DippieBrix Month ago

    Theos prefer is literally a copy and paste of mine

  • HiNdZy1
    HiNdZy1 Month ago

    Your a shit youtuber should really stop making videos

  • Yaman Chowdhury
    Yaman Chowdhury Month ago +1

    I haven’t seen the video yet but i know for fact the food isn’t that bad

  • Kingzx
    Kingzx Month ago

    lmao this is my local maccies and ive never had problems lul

  • bardistass
    bardistass Month ago

    .... who the fuck goes 2 sausage patties and no egg??
    The fuck is wrong with you Cal?!?

  • CikGamer
    CikGamer Month ago +1

    I’ve been here before and I see no difference. If you want to know why people from Yeovil in the comments say it’s alright then it is probably because they have only been to that McDonald’s

  • Fionnan Hoy
    Fionnan Hoy Month ago

    I love macdonalds I get a rap

  • Dino Duck
    Dino Duck Month ago +1

    Suddenly everyone's from Yeovil

  • Dino Duck
    Dino Duck Month ago

    This is what everyone's talking about at my school because this is really close

  • sus kunt
    sus kunt Month ago

    Mate you can’t grow a beard get rid of those pubes on your face

  • sus kunt
    sus kunt Month ago

    Every MacDonald is the same lol

  • Rhys
    Rhys Month ago

    Does anyone else fill like Mcdonalds now.

  • i love ckgx Beast
    i love ckgx Beast Month ago

    If it was 1 star it would be stop