Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Movie Monsters Explained | Everything You Need To Know

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Movie Monsters Explained | Everything You Need To Know About The Creatures by Deffinition. I cover Harold, The Big Toe, Jangly Man, Pale Lady, Dream, the Ending and more
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    Harold Explained
    Ok so first up is Harold who has pretty much become the face of the marketing for the movie. Whilst the character looks exetremly close to his characterisation in the original source material there is actually a lot that differs in the on screen depiction. In the literature Harold was created by two cow farmers named Thomas and Alfred who named him after a boy that they hated and they pretty much used him as a punching bag.
    The Big Toe Explained
    Up next is the big toe which is one of my favourite parts of the film. This actually sticks quite close to the source material which centred around a boy yanking on a big toe in his garden and pulling it out of the ground. Little did he know that he’d just pulled the toe off the body that it was attached to and it’s owner begins to stalk him. The boy and his family all eat the toe which is sliced up into three pieces and similar to the film, put into a stew.
    That night when he is asleep the Toe’s owner comes into his room and eats him which happens to the character of Auggie in the film who is dragged out from under his bed and then disappears, never to be seen again.
    The Pale Lady Explained
    From here we go to The Pale Lady. The Pale Lady is an infamous specter that has appeared in ghost stories over the centuries so it makes sense that she would also be part of the Scary Stories Saga. The Pale lady made her debut in the Scary Story titled The Dream in which she, like the woman in the big toe, stalks her prey menacingly.
    In the source material she tries to warn the character Lexi Morgan to flee which is a warning that she heeds but the sheer vision of the creature sticks in her head long after she comes into contact with it. I think the scariest thing about The Pale lady is the fact that she is almost statuesque for the most part but there’s no real escape from her. Her facial expressions don’t display much and she almost comes across as completely oblivious to the sheer terror that she is causing.
    The Jangly Man
    Finally is The Jangly Man, an original creature that was created solely for the film. What’s so brilliant about him is that he perfectly fits the aesthetic of the movie and feels like a completely natural addition to the work. The Jangly Man is able to build himself from body parts and this disjointedness to his appearance makes his appearance seem almost alien.
    The Jangly Man appears this way because he is put in place to torment Ramon who lost his brother in the Vietnam War and the severed limbs that he displays really hit home for the character when he makes his way to the movie. When discussing this design Del Toro said that The Jangly Man was originally meant to have more limbs attached to him to represent body parts returning from the war but this would have added more workload on the special effects which the creators wanted to keep as practical as possible.
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  • Heavy Spoilers
    Heavy Spoilers  3 months ago +198

    So, which monster is your favorite and what did you think of the movie? Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you subscribe to the channel for videos like this throughout the week!

    • ★ShiningStarz★
      ★ShiningStarz★ 14 days ago

      The pale lady for sure...

    • cookie animations
      cookie animations Month ago

      The pale lady and the big toe lady were my favorite. The thought of having a corpse walking through your house to find you is terrifying.

    • Hayden Svan
      Hayden Svan Month ago

      My fav is Harold he is just getting revenge for them hurting him

    • DragL
      DragL Month ago +1

      @Unicron the Chaos bringer 😂

  • Clinton Reid
    Clinton Reid 15 hours ago +1

    I started watching the movie today and stopped. I thought it was shit.

  • Edward richtofen 1st

    The jangly man reminds me of the wendigo anyone else?

  • NJY1976
    NJY1976 Day ago

    0:25 just pointing out the tootsie roll, I love tootsie rolls 😂

  • donna go
    donna go 2 days ago

    i think pale lady

  • The Lautner Family
    The Lautner Family 3 days ago +1

    When I was ten I had the book series but it was in one book and I remember reading all of them especially the big toe

  • zordiak_turbo 1125
    zordiak_turbo 1125 5 days ago

    Actual the jangly man might be the monster from the who you come from?

  • Mike Carson
    Mike Carson 7 days ago


  • preston white
    preston white 11 days ago

    The lady in the red room freaked my kids out 💀😂😅

  • SARiKAiDEN Music
    SARiKAiDEN Music 15 days ago

    I remember loving the book trilogy as a child, but I still haven't seen the movie yet. I would find it funny as hell if a sequel came out called "Scary Stories we Forgot to Tell in the Dark: So we're Telling them during the day"

  • cat gamer567
    cat gamer567 16 days ago

    I love scary stories to tell in the dark

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    Spot red the

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    I had to type up the tittle followed by “fat white lady” lol

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  • Grace Pyburn
    Grace Pyburn 17 days ago

    I think big joe was the scariest as it was more of a jump scare atmosphere the pale lady didn’t really scare me that much

  • Nevaeh Lyttle
    Nevaeh Lyttle 17 days ago

    My favorite scene was definitely the man that did the bridge. That one was really cool and I like how it disassembled and reassembled itself. I kinda thought his facial expressions where funny. I gotta say, he was probably the least scariest. Oh, I also met the owner of the dog in that scene! In general it was really cool and it is definitely one of my favorite horror movies. :D

  • Dragon Da Silva
    Dragon Da Silva 17 days ago

    Should of carried a gun
    Or a shit tone of weapons

  • 23dopekid Dopekid
    23dopekid Dopekid 20 days ago

    The pale lady was creepy

  • Najerah Tomaga
    Najerah Tomaga 21 day ago

    I was terrified with The *Jangly man* ⊙︿⊙ gosh! it freaked me out. though its name still confuses me.ಠ_ಠ

  • Najerah Tomaga
    Najerah Tomaga 21 day ago

    *seriously! I love watching while reading comments*

  • Wesley Valk
    Wesley Valk 25 days ago

    Like the pale man is based on the Japanese Tenome, the pale lady is based on the Japanese Mu-Onna, which also absorbs children into her own flesh. The toe-eating story reminded me of Tailypo, and the creepy guy was based on the chilean Invunche.

  • That_main_girl_riri
    That_main_girl_riri 25 days ago

    Imagine if the pale lady fell on you and smooshes you..... Oww

  • Amara Eve
    Amara Eve 25 days ago

    Jesus the big toe dude spooked me as a kid.

  • Emily memer-this is fine.

    Go into the corners of the red room.
    She only goes straight.

  • Gilberto Tabares
    Gilberto Tabares 28 days ago

    Definitely the Pale Lady. I'd give her a hug if I could avoid getting absorbed.

  • LegendMr Llama
    LegendMr Llama 28 days ago

    Harold is my favorite

  • VastDrell122
    VastDrell122 28 days ago

    I'm scared of the pale lady

  • Chubbys Art
    Chubbys Art Month ago

    I’ve seen the pale lady......I saw her many times actually....

    When I look in the mirror

  • miraculously spongebob

    when Ramon (I think that’s his name) and the main girl held hands it was deeply upsetting for me :,(

  • Austin Wolfe
    Austin Wolfe Month ago

    I loved all of the creatures or monsters in the movie, but I really liked Harold's scene I'm not saying he's my favorite but I like how they took the scene and slowed it down by having Harold not attack at the first given moment and stretching it out to pull you in closer and closer 😱. I FREAKING LOVED IT! 😍

  • Tia Maria
    Tia Maria Month ago

    I watched that film today sooooooooo good

  • Intergalactic Enemy

    You told the harald story way wrong

  • Yung Tay
    Yung Tay Month ago

    Watched this movie today at the movies and omg its awesome but pretty scary

  • ybbor mybbor
    ybbor mybbor Month ago

    i thought his name was me tie doughty walker

  • LimLauPei
    LimLauPei Month ago

    I really like the jangly man because if this was a game it would be great, why? Cuz he is really agike and fkexible, what i like in an enemy.

  • Joseph Kenny
    Joseph Kenny Month ago

    Everybody gangsta
    Until the pale lady absorded Tommy.

  • EmeraldGuardianM
    EmeraldGuardianM Month ago

    I used to read the book all the time in my school library and would end up crying every time I got to the Big Toe story because it scared me way more than the others for some reason

  • Crispyx
    Crispyx Month ago

    I’m 11 does anybody think i should watch this?

  • Nachine TM
    Nachine TM Month ago

    Mmm mmm, Pale Lady lookin' thicc

  • Emlyn Chaos
    Emlyn Chaos Month ago

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  • exseed 77
    exseed 77 Month ago +1

    The pale lady looks like one of the passengers from little nightmares

  • Sniffs
    Sniffs Month ago

    I saw the trailer for the movie, and I almost dragged my parents into the theater for it.

  • im shook
    im shook Month ago +1

    the pale lady is me walking to the fridge in the middle of the night.

    • Davante 07
      Davante 07 Month ago

      The pale lady's face reminds wme of a person who gets shouted at when they get shouted at their face is like OK

  • BesiegeBuilds
    BesiegeBuilds Month ago

    actually the jangly man is based off the scary stories "Me Tie Dough-Ty Walker" and you should check it out.

  • MegaGaming
    MegaGaming Month ago +1

    I swear the monster in the thumbnail moved its head

  • Stationery Elixir
    Stationery Elixir Month ago

    oMg the red spot is soooooo disturbing to me

  • L.D.C Films
    L.D.C Films Month ago

    cowards. i have scary stories to tell in the dark *_treasury_*

  • IAmWhatICreate1999
    IAmWhatICreate1999 Month ago

    My sister watched the and we both read the book when we were kids. She said the gangly man in the movie is a mix of the monsters in “what do you come for” and “me ti doti Walker” . And from watching the sence, that actually makes sense. They combined to stories to be inclusive and not take so much time in the movie.

  • Helena Veiga
    Helena Veiga Month ago

    Pale lady was best girl, change my mind

  • trash man
    trash man Month ago +1

    The scene with the pale lady was probably one of the scariest scenes in a horror movie I've seen for a long, long time. I actually remember skipping her story in the book because just her appearance scared me so much as a child.
    The scene is just so cool in the sense that it allows the audience to feel the dread as she creeps up on her victim as he desperately tries to escape all by yourself. They don't rely on shitty jump scares or gore. They just let you watch as she closes in on Chuck and eventually absorbs him. It was absolute perfection.

  • Slav Boy
    Slav Boy Month ago

    I listened to the audio book it was mostly not scary

  • morgan lawrence
    morgan lawrence Month ago

    I mean I wouldn't call the Jangly man entirely original for the movie :T he does appear in a reference to the Dough Ty Walker story, which is about an old man agreeing to stay in a haunted house as long as he can have his dog with him, but he hears a voice calling "Me Tie Dough-Ty Walker" and the dog responding "Lynchee kinchy colly molly dingo dingo" before a severed head falls through the chimney and yells "Me Tie Dough-Ty Walker!" I mean yeah the design isn't from the story but that's how it comes in and the whole body coming in from the chimney thing

  • Harbrought coffee
    Harbrought coffee Month ago

    My volume was up and his British voice scared me half to death

  • Brady Mckiddy
    Brady Mckiddy Month ago

    Harold the Scarecrow, doesn't deserve to be beaten like that ;(

  • Starry - P
    Starry - P Month ago

    Oh yikes

  • TheyTookMyBrain
    TheyTookMyBrain Month ago

    I kind of Wish the film Covered two Stories from the Books "Bloody Fingers" and My Favorite "the little Black Dog". I think they could've done better with the "Me Tie Dough-ty Walker" especially Since the dog and the dead man sang to each other in the story... Kind of a let down

  • brissa bell
    brissa bell Month ago

    I was watching it and when that fat women came on my friend yelled “holy shit it’s me”

  • Francisco Contreras

    Yesterday I got the book at school and when he showed up the pic of harold that pic it ON MY BOOK

  • Yume Gachagamer
    Yume Gachagamer Month ago

    Bro me and my friend watched this movie. And at first, I don't even know what to expect from this horror movie because I never heard of it. And after I watched it, IT WAS SO GOOD! I wonder what happend with the other 2 that's still missing :/ will there be a sequel? Cuz if there is, thank goodness. I wonder if the boy Harold killed(?) can come back again since.. He's literally turned into the scare crow.. And that scene was the most horrifying for me

  • Pablo A.F.
    Pablo A.F. Month ago

    The pale lady didnt rlly scare me that much all she ended up doing was absorbing someone xd