Animation Life: FULL MOVIE (Minecraft Animation)

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
  • Enjoy the full nearly one hour cut of the Animation Life trilogy!
    Steve wakes up inside an animation world, and Arbiter sees this in the real world! Together they set out on an adventure between the real world and the animation world. Along the way they battle enemies such as Herobrine, Null, and the Angel of Death, but meet friends such as Alex, the Derp, and a wolf.
    Music was by Epidemic Sound, AfterInfinity, and Kevin MacLeod.
    - Watch animations early!
    - Have your name in the credits!
    - And much more!
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  • Black Plasma Studios
    Black Plasma Studios  9 months ago +3442

    David here, creator of Animation Life! If you like Sci-Fi FPS games, you may enjoy the game I've been working on, Arcadian Rift, which is now available for Wishlist on Steam!

  • Justin Jenkins
    Justin Jenkins 5 months ago +911

    This person's animation skill is unrivaled. Never in my life have I seen an animation so fluent and smooth. Usually when people make animations within video games, the movements are choppy and don't look good. This person made the animations look as if they were part of the game. My hat goes off to you and you get my respect.

    • OTTObot
      OTTObot 2 days ago

      @OTTObot ye I agree;)

    • YalikeJezz
      YalikeJezz 7 days ago

      Dude… if you want other smooth animation channels watch Blue Monkey and Villager News

    • Riri Xx
      Riri Xx 8 days ago

      @Justin Jenkins ناغف؟

  • cryzz0n
    cryzz0n 16 days ago

    This person's animation skill is unrivaled. Never in my life have I seen an animation so fluent and smooth. Usually when people make animations within video games, the movements are choppy and don't look good. This person made the animations look as if they were part of the game. My hat goes off to you and you get my respect.

    ITZALEXXVX 27 days ago +41

    It’s hard to believe this was made 3 years ago. It’s such a good movie

  • FuelledFusion
    FuelledFusion Month ago +20

    i love how instead of using the health potion or golden apple she used the cactus instead which by the way how is she holding it in a pot?

  • •-Jake_gacha-•
    •-Jake_gacha-• Month ago +13

    POV: your looking back to one of the greatest movies from this channel after 3 years

    • justin zhao
      justin zhao 4 days ago

      ngl songs of war was also really good, Ill say these two are equally great

    • gg maio292 joga
      gg maio292 joga 11 days ago

      i 6 years

  • Black Plasma Studios
    Black Plasma Studios  3 years ago +14968

    Hope everyone enjoys this full 50 minute Animation Life movie! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome animations!

  • F&de
    F&de 2 days ago +1

    Please, we NEED a sequel 🥺

  • Gold
    Gold 14 days ago +1

    This is one of the best Minecraft Animations I've ever watched! Thank you so much for this video Black Plasma Studios!

    • Gold
      Gold 14 days ago

      If you like Minecraft and Minecraft Animations, then you should watch this video! It's so cool!

  • BigHitters
    BigHitters 13 days ago

    We love your videos bro! I know i’ve said it before but thanks for inspiring me to start making them myself!! ❤️🔥

  • Z San
    Z San 2 days ago +2

    This whole sequence is so good

  • player Hichem
    player Hichem 2 months ago +26

    This person's animation skill is unrivaled. Never in my life have I seen an animation so fluent and smooth. Usually when people make animations within video games, the movements are choppy and don't look good. This person made the animations look as if they were part of the game. My hat goes off to you and you get my respect.

    • Hien Thuc Pham Thanh
      Hien Thuc Pham Thanh 3 days ago

      The fight scenes were a little bit slow. Has improved a lot though

    • player Hichem
      player Hichem 4 days ago

      @fotem no

    • Maxtoclair
      Maxtoclair Month ago

      They are team

    • Xxdelke Dudesao
      Xxdelke Dudesao 2 months ago

      @fotem You know some people do not have words to respond you know but anyway yea ngl idk why.

    • fotem
      fotem 2 months ago +1

      Why tf u copy pasting top comment

  • Michael
    Michael 15 days ago +1

    I love this animation it’s so good and I couldn’t get enough of it and there are some really good funny parts as well

  • AyanGamerYT
    AyanGamerYT Month ago +1

    Amazing! I was surprised to see that steve was able to control his powers in the end. Keep up the good work!

  • The lone mapper
    The lone mapper 13 days ago +8

    I can't even explain how great this animation was.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 9 days ago

      @lo k Don’t compare between the two; they are both good.

    • lo k
      lo k 13 days ago

      U should watch songs of war then talk yes?

  • Amman Bg
    Amman Bg 3 days ago

    I am glad to see this animation and it's even 3 years old :D

  • Shrek
    Shrek 3 months ago +246

    One of the main reasons why I absolutely love this animation is because of the smooth and clean animation, amazing graphics, good cutscenes, and a lot more which I cannot express in words.

    • pop_user2
      pop_user2 9 days ago

      @AdamRee1940 he can't explain this in words but the creators can express this is none. Just animating

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 9 days ago

      @pop_user2 What is that supposed to mean?

    • k
      k Month ago +1

      @pop_user2 P a t h e t i c

    • Buynkhuu Altnchmg
      Buynkhuu Altnchmg Month ago


    • pop_user2
      pop_user2 Month ago +2

      They expressed this in no words. P a t h e t i c

  • Mister Manuel
    Mister Manuel Month ago +2

    esta chetarda si dudas en verla o no mirala completa te lo recomiendo, le doy 100000000 estrellas

  • Astro27
    Astro27 14 days ago +1

    One thing that is slightly wrong with this is that when Steve is attacked in blender, they could've just deleted the zombies and other Mobs, right?

  • Bananaa YT plaz
    Bananaa YT plaz Month ago

    I just discovered u and I am subscribing!

  • Lasitha Malavisooriya
    Lasitha Malavisooriya 28 days ago

    It made me cry watching this.. This is an amazing animation :D

  • C I G A R E T T E
    C I G A R E T T E 2 months ago +136

    I remember watching this series when it came out, I have always loved it. This deserves more appreciation

    • Tom Northcutt
      Tom Northcutt 11 days ago +1


    • Aurora Khandaker Hossain
      Aurora Khandaker Hossain Month ago +1


    • School at Home
      School at Home Month ago +3

      When I watched this animation, I thought it was new to me...
      Then, I realized I was wrong....
      Because....... I remembered watching this in MY SCHOOL when I was grade 3

    • Theman76
      Theman76 Month ago +2

      @MikaeloPH same bro
      I feel you

    • Zoetita
      Zoetita Month ago +2


  • 👾Tighber_6pack👾

    Be honest
    "You watch one of Black Plasma studio's videos then after that you're wanting to have a part 2"

  • Shiroi Kuro
    Shiroi Kuro Month ago +6

    Essa nostalgia nunca esqueço

  • canadain maple leaf©

    lets be happy he made this. its take so long to this animating stuff

  • NotVeryRusty
    NotVeryRusty 9 days ago +1

    sheeeeeesh nice vid. Had me on the edge of my seat at certain moments so I couldn't unpause lol. Nice job with the animation skills and the suspense. Really worked well!

  • FumeKO1
    FumeKO1 7 months ago +1032

    After 3 years, I finally rewatched this. God, what a masterpiece this is

  • VukiGenie
    VukiGenie 2 days ago +2

    *_No words for this masterpiece_*

    TN_EAGLE_YT Month ago

    The best mc animation ever full of twist 😉 I cannot express using words 🔥🔥🔥

  • Arturo Cantoy jr.
    Arturo Cantoy jr. 6 days ago

    Im watching this again and i forgot how amazing this was

  • Desmond Whyte
    Desmond Whyte Month ago

    I actually loved how they did the animation

  • Freonnn
    Freonnn 6 months ago +303

    This... Just the best animation I've ever seen.And even though it's been 3 years since the publication of this animation, I continue to review it and get high.Thanks to the authors for such a cool animation!!!

  • Aurora Khandaker Hossain

    Me and my cousin were watching this and we both 😭 this is the saddest movie i’ve ever seen.
    ( s a d )

  • Andrew Beck
    Andrew Beck 2 days ago

    i have watched this over and over it never gets old

  • erdmute rita Jung
    erdmute rita Jung Month ago

    The Movie is very nice! I was so impressed with the quality! It is cool!😎🙂

    IT'Z SPIDER GAMING Month ago

    The best animation I have ever seen In my life I seen this video before 3 years I still have tears when I watch this video

  • Ammarphyx
    Ammarphyx 3 years ago +3678

    I have to admit this is the coolest animation I've ever seen with a long duration too ... good work bro and continued success for the animation

    • Bash Amien
      Bash Amien 5 months ago

      yes btw he made a movie that took 7 years to make known as songs of war 2 hour long movie on his channel watch it cause its very nice am not gonna spoil it

    • Chan Phaengdara
      Chan Phaengdara 5 months ago

      @Not Bruhify For Sure isn’t that a opinion

    • Hira Bora
      Hira Bora 6 months ago


    • Mr ninja beast
      Mr ninja beast 6 months ago

      @Monster_boi really you liked my animations?

    • Monster_boi
      Monster_boi 6 months ago

      Big fan

  • Ecrin Su Çiçek
    Ecrin Su Çiçek 17 days ago

    Film güzel ama bazı yerleri karışık karışık yerleri anlatan biri olsa film daha anlaşılır hale gelir. Onun dışında muhteşem bir film

  • Animated Branch
    Animated Branch 11 days ago

    its so hard to focus on the actual story when i am focusing on the awesome animation!!

  • xx_dragon2259
    xx_dragon2259 17 days ago

    This is amazing and will never be unnoticed

  • Kukuca
    Kukuca 52 minutes ago

    This is the Best video ever made on TheXvid! Love it!

  • not obama
    not obama Year ago +54

    In that scene when Steve opens the door and sees the sword laying there you know things are being taken to a whole other level, that scene also goes to show the beautiful simplicity of minecraft

    • Naughty Dred
      Naughty Dred Year ago +2

      Did you understand that bit? Because pretty much from the point he opened the massive door I was lost

  • Hell ŔÀBBİŤ
    Hell ŔÀBBİŤ Month ago

    this was apart of my childhood memories 😭😭😭

    EEEEEEEEEEEE 9 hours ago

    I saw a different minecraft movie that was made by someone else and it reminded me of this and i finally found it!

    DUO PLAYZ Month ago +1

    Nostalgia 💙😁

  • ShadowMe
    ShadowMe 23 hours ago

    This is the best movie I have ever seen, like good job I hope this continues someday

  • Carissa Arquero
    Carissa Arquero 2 months ago +35

    This... Just the best animation I've ever seen.And even though it's been 3 years since the publication of this animation, I continue to review it and get high.Thanks to the authors for such a cool animation!!!

  • Manna Moth
    Manna Moth Month ago +4

    Steve vs. Mobs in a summarized :
    "That escalated quickly"

  • ShadowPlayer Gaming
    ShadowPlayer Gaming 29 days ago


  • MLP Minecraft  Girl!
    MLP Minecraft Girl! 13 days ago

    I love this so much and I am so glad my friend Katinarqt sujusted this to me! Great job, keep up the outstanding work!!!!!

  • Inferior Calamitas

    Even after 2 years I still don’t get the ending, but still, entity 303 gotta be the most funniest here.

  • ROMF_Army
    ROMF_Army 6 months ago +186

    Times fly so fast as we've grown old. When we looked back at this. It's feel like yesterday. David you just made history.

  • Steve Song
    Steve Song 5 days ago

    47:25 The editing is sooooooo great:)

  • YASH
    YASH 7 days ago


  • EPG God Natro
    EPG God Natro Month ago


  • CommandrYT
    CommandrYT 3 days ago

    Epicc!!! This is by far the best Minecraft animation I've ever seen!

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni Month ago +1

    2018:ven esta belleza 2021:ven las vistas XD

  • Pinkcat
    Pinkcat Month ago

    after more than 3-4 years im finnaly seeing this channel again

  • justin zhao
    justin zhao 4 days ago

    This animation is literally my childhood

  • Anna's Maids
    Anna's Maids 12 days ago

    i just love these amazing animations it made me laugh how the noob made a giant fish lol.

  • PixelZnimation
    PixelZnimation 3 years ago +1646

    One, of the greatest trilogy of all time!!

  • axel craft conchi
    axel craft conchi 5 days ago

    Las animaciones son muy buena la calidad y el en peño y el esfuerzo que le das anima Siones que ases esto merece un buen like sige así 👌👌

  • ✨Minato  Kushina ❤️

    I just keep watching this it's just soo good!!!! ❤️

  • usha singh
    usha singh 9 days ago

    Season 2 please 😭

  • Anitha Dhanasekaran
    Anitha Dhanasekaran 16 days ago +1

    This was the best movie ever I would like another one please😄😀

  • xX3_TONY_3Xx
    xX3_TONY_3Xx Year ago +91

    La vuelvo a ver este 2021 y me sigo emocionando como la primera ves que la Vi 😅

    • Zaida Baez
      Zaida Baez 29 days ago +1

      De que estas aplado si es 2022 tonton

      LUCIO PETTER Month ago


    • Camii .
      Camii .  Month ago +1

      Carlos brene@ si xDxD

    • Carlos brene
      Carlos brene Month ago +2

      la vi 2020 2021 ya estamos 2022 y la parte de risa fue el pescado

    • Camii .
      Camii .  4 months ago +1


  • Ciekawy Youtube
    Ciekawy Youtube Month ago +1

    Thanks for the childhood i love this animation so much! So i coming back to watch that again and again and again who is there 2022? :)

  • GBD mano
    GBD mano 13 days ago

    Trop bien le film(:❤

  • Skidz_YT
    Skidz_YT 14 days ago

    OMG just the first 3 minutes of this movie is SO GOOD

  • SkyPortilloYT
    SkyPortilloYT 6 days ago

    I like how entity was so scared when he didn't have his scythe

  • Yes and No Gamer Productions

    This has better writing than some of the stuff Hollywood puts out!

  • Valentina Luiza Martello Carra

    Mano do céu os seus vídeos de Minecraft é sensacionais ,é os melhores vídeos que eu já vi na minha vida!!🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Medic student's music pastime

    Damn, this is as good as doctor strange into the multiverse of madness.

  • Ben Meringer
    Ben Meringer Month ago

    Please make season 2 this was awesome

  • Lakisha Lerch
    Lakisha Lerch 21 day ago +1

    Season 2 pls🔥🔥

  • Eboymc
    Eboymc 3 years ago +462

    Love the AL series now I can watch all of them in one video!

  • Ma. Frances Pia Abiertas

    I just watch this like today i have not finished it but
    i'm sure it will be soo good i know it's like 3 years since it was released
    but it never gets old....😄🤗

  • logans life!
    logans life! Month ago

    steve started all of minecraft in 2009 and now he is invincable pretty much.

  • Baylor Fry
    Baylor Fry 17 days ago

    This is the best Minecraft animation I've ever seen

  • siddartha akiri
    siddartha akiri 3 hours ago

    everybody gangsta till alex shows up

  • Willow the Wolf
    Willow the Wolf 11 months ago +505

    U should call the Netflix makers, show hem this AWSOME MOVIE, and make it official. Who agrees?

  • The Cool Busch girl is back

    Epic, Emotional and I LOVE THE ADVENTURE MUSIC AND THE CREATURES❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎧🎧🎧🎧

  • Carina Bruns
    Carina Bruns Month ago

    This is a realy good Animation. I love it

  • angelツ
    angelツ 20 days ago

    7:15 Best part of the film

  • •NeonInnit•
    •NeonInnit• 29 days ago

    That villager helicopter thing was greAt-
    Amazing editing-
    This takes a lot of work and skills-

  • Aryani Lazo Ortiz
    Aryani Lazo Ortiz Year ago +370

    Español/spanish: yo después de ver la peli entera: a valido cada maldito segundo
    English/Inglés: I after seeing the whole movie: i was worth every damn second
    Edit:de nunca tuve mas de 7 likes gracias a todos :'3 uwu ya son 229 :'3

  • meimei
    meimei 24 days ago

    My childhood minecraft 😌😎❤

  • Supreeya Jindaphan
    Supreeya Jindaphan 27 days ago

    I love these videos and my favorite are when the new just Stoops around I know that's not a word I love these videos because of the really amazing fighting scenes they have

  • Leo1.8
    Leo1.8 17 days ago

    Pauvre petit chien😢😭😭😭😭. Belle animation GG à toutes les personne qui on fait l'animation

  • Beume
    Beume 13 days ago

    38:35 The mountains look like the 1.18 caves and cliffs update

  • Mild Cheesecake 69
    Mild Cheesecake 69 Year ago +69

    Why is this movie not in theaters?! It’s good good and filled with action and humor! 10/10
    Edit: I mean 11/10

    • leopard
      leopard Year ago

      @NakubroAZN its 53 mins long

    • 현우진
      현우진 Year ago +2

      I'll be happy if the minecraft movie 2022 is similar to this

    • Mild Cheesecake 69
      Mild Cheesecake 69 Year ago

      李虹枚 how about 1000000/10?

    • 李虹枚
      李虹枚 Year ago

      Mild Cheesecake 69 please it’s 80 out of 10

  • episu
    episu 28 days ago

    bro this animation deserves 100k dollars every minute of it

  • Roblox gamer
    Roblox gamer 17 days ago

    This is ultra masterpiece!

  • Amo a los gatitos💗
    Amo a los gatitos💗 Month ago +2

    Recuerdo cuando me aparecía DEMASIADO el anuncio del video musical de BPS con la canción de TheFatRat "Stronger", desde ese momento empecé a ver estas animaciones y la verdad es que no me arrepiento ❤

  • Guesty 1539
    Guesty 1539 Month ago

    47:21 the funniest part of the movie

  • Tegan-jayne Morris
    Tegan-jayne Morris Year ago +213

    The amount of people who has disliked this masterpiece triggers me

    • zayed pervez
      zayed pervez 6 months ago

      It's like a real film like the ones you usually see like prison break, gvk,kotm,and the addams family and other stuff

    • Herobrine
      Herobrine 9 months ago

      @alljojoplayzminecraft You've got no taste

    • Tajuddin Ahmed
      Tajuddin Ahmed Year ago


    • Tasmim Ahmed
      Tasmim Ahmed Year ago

      i know song of war lover dilikes this video >:c

  • Ирода Ганиева

    The best movie, thank you for this movie

  • miuchuu
    miuchuu 5 days ago

    this is beautiful.

  • Jen Capeña
    Jen Capeña 14 days ago

    I hope there is season 2

  • Arthur
    Arthur Month ago

    ficou incrível