JoJo Stand Tier List: Stardust Crusaders

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • This is the 1st of 6 videos that are covering every Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Featuring Schroder. Go sub to him. These are by far gonna be the longest videos I've made so I'll try to put them out every few days until I'm done.
    Schroder's Channel:
    Stay tuned for more of my stuff! Enjoy the 7-page Muda!
    We're on the road to 50 K and I'm sure we'll pass it before I have time to finish the original video I had planned. I'll make a different special very soon when I'm done with these.
    Music in order of appearance:
    Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2: Sonic Mania
    Route 111: Pokemon ORAS
    Conquest: Fire Emblem Awakening
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  • Schroder
    Schroder Month ago +1208

    I am wood. Yell at me.

    • Theunknown Goon
      Theunknown Goon 2 days ago


    • TFK_Sp0on
      TFK_Sp0on 4 days ago


    • dieuhung banh
      dieuhung banh 5 days ago


    • Donald Larrimore
      Donald Larrimore 9 days ago

      Schroder: "Star Platinum, A-Tier, it couldn't defeat Ultimate Kars"
      I know Part 4 doesn't relate, but The Hand could defeat Ultimate Kars, making it S-Tier.
      Since, Star Platinum could defeat The Hand, is he now S-Tier or is it just
      Rock Paper Scissors?
      (Janken for my real JoJo fans)

    • death stroke
      death stroke 22 days ago +1

      hey reatard
      i am wood
      stupid >:[

  • CJ Heath
    CJ Heath 2 hours ago

    If you're ranking it on who can beat ultimate Kars, I mean Joseph already beat Kars without a stand, so wouldn't hermit purple just help him beat him again?

  • Guy on the Internet
    Guy on the Internet 5 hours ago

    “Until star platinum gave him the finger”

  • Kakyoin Noriaki
    Kakyoin Noriaki 6 hours ago

    Kakyoin wasn’t aiming to hit Tower of Grey, he backed it in his trap. S+++++++++++ tier.

  • B 'rod
    B 'rod 7 hours ago

    I feel like Charmy Green should be A tier as it has both Star Platinum and Hierophant Green’s abilities. However, we don’t know if it can use [The World] or not. So I suppose it being B tier makes sense in that regard. It would probably be too OP if it had [The World] anyways.

  • Bell
    Bell 11 hours ago

    I really do wish he could link to the photoshop file so we could also make our own tierlist

  • Gaius Julis Caesar
    Gaius Julis Caesar 21 hour ago

    2:41 I thought dio said survivor was the weakest stand

  • Miles Kenney
    Miles Kenney Day ago

    Have u guys watched the show?? Lmaoo

  • Miles Kenney
    Miles Kenney Day ago

    Sheesh you guys are really really bad at this lol

  • Okuma kyoukabe
    Okuma kyoukabe Day ago

    Disagree with alessi. He can turn you back but as soon as ultimate kars realizes this which would be quick he would die

    • Okuma kyoukabe
      Okuma kyoukabe Day ago

      Let me just say this. He would realize because ultimate kars would lose his powers and become kars and then your dead. So the possibility is not really likely that he could beat him unless kars willingly stayed in the shadow

  • Pixiekiller Ein
    Pixiekiller Ein 2 days ago

    TECHNICALLY Hermit Purple is the ONLY stand to canonically defeat ultimate Kars

  • Christo
    Christo 3 days ago

    To be fair, Kakyoin was about to die when he hit the clock tower, so it wouldn't have been very strong.

  • Moralities A Spook
    Moralities A Spook 3 days ago

    Star platinum can defeat ultimate cars. Section 1. Alesia

  • lilredbeam25
    lilredbeam25 3 days ago

    Is it only me that is obsessed with jojo but after I'm done with a part i can't remember have the stands

  • DirtyD4CDeeds
    DirtyD4CDeeds 3 days ago

    Dio says Hermit Purple is weakest stand
    Survivor: well yes, but actually no

  • PeanutCheese
    PeanutCheese 3 days ago

    The shadow stand ez S tier because remember when jotaro got younger? It actually reverses his life pretty much, he didn't have a stand. So hitting Kars with it for a second is enough to undo ultimate life form and make him burn in the sun again

  • im replying to this comment

    Remember that baby in part 4 that had a stand?

  • Randy Conley
    Randy Conley 3 days ago

    I thought ultimate kars didnt age when he became the perfect being so i would think that the pedos stand wouldnt work

  • Tarek Badawi
    Tarek Badawi 3 days ago

    Like these type of videos keep it up:)

  • Captain Wild guy 64
    Captain Wild guy 64 4 days ago

    I think that chariot could defeat ultimate kars as chariot requiem. But of course that would require the requiem arrow which Polnareff didn’t have in part 3 but I don’t know. It could and would happen if chariot requiem and ultimate kars were in the same place.

  • It's Stag
    It's Stag 4 days ago

    Death 13 is S tier

  • robert sammy
    robert sammy 4 days ago

    I don't like the other guy

  • Kid ObitO
    Kid ObitO 4 days ago

    Remember when Kakyoin slashed jotaro’s leg by painting

  • Nerdtroversy
    Nerdtroversy 4 days ago

    The kid is Boingo Oingo is his brother

  • Luka Profesioanlizm
    Luka Profesioanlizm 5 days ago

    I cant say all reasons for putting Star platinum at S.

  • Dubstep Ultra
    Dubstep Ultra 5 days ago

    sure, you can deflect the emerald splash. but can you dodge it?

  • Jake Leslein
    Jake Leslein 5 days ago

    I dont think anubis should be in S tier. Yes it has exponential grow but kars could break the sword before it the point of beating him and if it makes it self intangible kars attack would kill the user. Plus kars can shoot projectiles and fly can be out of Anubis range. Last point i dont see Anubis actually killing kars because lets just say kars does not change his form and has his regular pillar man body he could just heal the damage. For possession kars has to wield the sword first.

  • humble memer
    humble memer 5 days ago

    My personal favorite Stand is Hierophant Green (did I spell that right)

  • BangBangBoog
    BangBangBoog 5 days ago

    wait did you guys forget Iggy's stand?

  • Tapetal Badge
    Tapetal Badge 5 days ago

    Wait didn’t polnareff say his stand could cut between nothing and nothing?

  • Блядь
    Блядь 5 days ago

    i beat shao khan with lui kang yesterday
    as i was kicking i went

    oraoraoraoraoraoraoraora ora

  • LeviathanShark
    LeviathanShark 6 days ago +1

    I kinda think they were wrong for Set, like you have to stand in the shadow for it to work. But Kars can fucking fly, he doesn’t have to touch the shadow so what’s Alessi gonna do?

  • DrawnKing 547
    DrawnKing 547 6 days ago

    I kinda can't agree with anubis being s-tier, mostly because i know it has a very great ability and can exponentially learn all moves you've made but it still needs a wielder, if there isn't one it can't attack. So if it ends up in a place where it can't be retrieved there would be no fight

  • Some guy from F I N L A N D

    So many of these stands you put low like C or under, would be A if their users werent shit. Like death 13, you can trap others in their dreams and kill or dream wipe them.

  • MonkeyNinjaGames
    MonkeyNinjaGames 7 days ago

    So thing about Set and Anubis being in S tier that is absolutely garbage and wrong bc I thought S tier to A tier was based on whether the stand could beat ultimate kars or not Anubis could in no way beat ultimate kars and set’s ability is to de age your enemy ultimate kars is immune to aging and ya know he’s immortal and everlasting so there is no way in hell that either of the two of them could beat ultimate kars

  • Onslot X
    Onslot X 7 days ago +1

    Cream is a great stand and I agree with the placement. Too bad it had a user like Vanilla Ice.

  • FRITZzy
    FRITZzy 7 days ago +1


  • wyatt smithee
    wyatt smithee 8 days ago

    what if sex pistols and emperor teamed up

  • RainbowRecon
    RainbowRecon 8 days ago

    Hermit purple is underrated

  • Angel Flash
    Angel Flash 8 days ago

    That pic of Superfly on the Eiffel Tower fucked me up so bad

  • TrevTastic 25
    TrevTastic 25 9 days ago

    Giornos golden experience is the best stand change my mind

  • TrevTastic 25
    TrevTastic 25 9 days ago +1

    Jotaro with the world I feel like is S tier

  • Coolio P
    Coolio P 9 days ago

    What was up with the picture you showed for Meti not the bad guy

  • Branden  Mester
    Branden Mester 9 days ago

    The 20 meter emerald splash is almost unavoidable, dio only survived because of the world's timestop. I feel like kakyoin should be higher

  • Metalsawsome Mich
    Metalsawsome Mich 9 days ago

    I think ultimate cars could detect and thus defeat cream since he could basically feel the air around him disapearing

  • Silly Willy
    Silly Willy 9 days ago

    Woah Magicians Red is easily S tier or high A

  • Damn Dank
    Damn Dank 9 days ago

    Green Star Platinum


  • Donald Larrimore
    Donald Larrimore 9 days ago

    Schroder: "Star Platinum, A-Tier, it couldn't defeat Ultimate Kars"
    I know Part 4 doesn't relate, but The Hand could defeat Ultimate Kars, making it S-Tier.
    Since, Star Platinum could defeat The Hand, is he now S-Tier or is it just
    Rock Paper Scissors?
    (Janken for my real JoJo fans)

  • VORTEX 9
    VORTEX 9 9 days ago

    *Takes Star Platinum*
    *Puts him in A tier*

    Nice viewing this video , but count me out

  • Luis Macher Lim
    Luis Macher Lim 10 days ago

    How dare you, you placed star platinum, one of the strongest stands so far in the series and the strongest stand in stardust crusaders as an A but not an S? tf is wrong with u

  • gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo

    in in episode 12 of part 4 and so far there's no one who could defeat Ultimate Kars.

  • gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo

    Neither Anubis nor zeth would be able to defeat Kars

  • gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo

    where is the tier list for part 1 and 2? >:/

  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez 11 days ago

    Guess I’m watching the next ones haha

  • Biggest Metroid Fan in All Existence

    Where is the tier list for muda barrages

  • Sam Hunt
    Sam Hunt 11 days ago

    Yellow Temperance is barely wearable, it’s slime, not a suit. Also Cream isn’t wearable either, because you don’t wear it, it vores the user, its main form is a normal ghost.

  • Online Novice
    Online Novice 12 days ago

    The ability of hermit purple is to amplify Hamon on top of the BS it does

  • Christian Boruch
    Christian Boruch 12 days ago +2

    Any stand that can deflect the emerald splash is instant SS tier
    Because after all

    No one can just deflect the emerald splash

  • squidn8r
    squidn8r 13 days ago

    Emperor should be A tier tbh

  • Nightmare Akumu
    Nightmare Akumu 13 days ago

    Jotaro just has to say he has the same stand type and he wins thats why jotaro is an S tier

  • mr relic
    mr relic 13 days ago

    hey i was wondering. Shouldn't yellow temperance be an s since it can shape shift and mimic stand abilities like it did with kakyoin and his stand.

  • Bada Bomb
    Bada Bomb 13 days ago +3

    >Went toe to toe with Silver Chariot no problem
    >F tier

  • The Letter 3
    The Letter 3 13 days ago

    Ah yes soap green stand


    “I’ve never seen him use the emerald splash and it worked” “Not true he hit the clock”

  • Mansoor Jones
    Mansoor Jones 14 days ago

    Kars would for sure rip part of his body off if yellow temperance latched on to him

  • Superjoy
    Superjoy 15 days ago +4

    Villager: This diamond sword costs 30 Emeralds...

  • King Quality
    King Quality 15 days ago +2

    what if ben shapiro had osiris

  • DeeperHavoc
    DeeperHavoc 15 days ago

    Thoth is actually more potent than Epitaph. Epitaph only sees 10 seconds ahead and is largely left up to interpretation (Doppio misinterpreted its visions twice throughout the Metallica fight). It's visions aren't changeable on its own either. It's only in combination with King Crimson's time erasure that a person can effectively use Epitaph's power. Lastly, Thoth is controlled by fate, and while completely unchanging, it reality is forced into complying with the prediction such as when Hol Horse was forced to kick a lady by making his leg fly at her. What I'm saying is that Epitaph is a more limited Thoth

  • Nebojsa Vojvodic
    Nebojsa Vojvodic 16 days ago

    star platinum is confirmed by Araki to be the most powerful stand and its A????

  • Cheese31V X
    Cheese31V X 16 days ago

    Havent u forgot that Car stand before the poker game and The stand from that old Lady? uh also that one who could travel between reflective surfaces and hol horse

  • WackySwacky
    WackySwacky 17 days ago

    Anubis can beat Ultimate Kars? What are you smoking? Sethan wouldn't survive a fight against Kars because he would need to keep Kars in his shadow for like 5 straight minutes. He would be dead long before that point. Cream has a good shot of beating Kars, so I agree with that one.

    You guys also should make a Stand Users Tier List.

  • H u g o H e p w o r t h

    "Geb is B tier" Could literally be controlled from 4 km away, almost perfect precision, was able to temporarily blind kakyoin and slash avdols neck who was the only one who could even hurt the bloody stand, was able to rip off a human head and compress it into a canteen from 4 km away, knocked off Jotaros hat and would have been even stronger if N'doul wasn't literally blind himself. Bro this thing would destroy ultimate kars

  • Professional Internet Surfer

    Its called Emperor not gun

  • Ian DeNault
    Ian DeNault 17 days ago

    I have to disagree with anubis, it was defeated by star platinum with silver chariot using it.

  • Zucchino
    Zucchino 18 days ago

    What actually if we think about it for a minute dies hermit purple actually beat ultimate Kar if we think about it it actually did so that should be s

  • Hengist CZ
    Hengist CZ 18 days ago

    Silver Chariot A? LoL!!!!!

  • FinicalGaming
    FinicalGaming 18 days ago

    Speedwagon is the best JoHoe

  • jeff 12784
    jeff 12784 18 days ago

    Cream S tier?
    *adds another video to dislike section*

  • Rafał Smułka
    Rafał Smułka 19 days ago

    17:20 "Diamonds aren't really hard but let's just pretend it's minecraft" XDDDD dude diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth

  • Parker Vick
    Parker Vick 19 days ago

    Part 4 was the gayest change my mind

  • Pasquale Farina
    Pasquale Farina 20 days ago


  • andria gamgoneishvili
    andria gamgoneishvili 20 days ago

    golden expirence requim should be sss

  • Luiz Fernando Guedes Mota

    the icons are way to small cant see shit

  • Someone
    Someone 20 days ago

    Empress can beat Ultimate Kars by just continuously growing.

    But since it still sucks dick to stand users, E.

  • Herpy Depth
    Herpy Depth 21 day ago +1

    I disagree with so much on this list, I’m okay with most of the stuff on the other lists but this one in particular really yanks on my ferret

  • Herpy Depth
    Herpy Depth 21 day ago

    I feel like the lovers should be A tier because it does that whole if I were to stub my toe your toe would break off thing that just seems so op

  • Noivern 54
    Noivern 54 21 day ago +1

    I know this is late, but this is my case for High Priestess in A Tier: Put the stand in a city. You lose. Just straight up.

  • Poopman
    Poopman 21 day ago


  • Youssef Mallak
    Youssef Mallak 21 day ago

    Dude ur judging stands based off what they did in the show and what the user does.... The sun is a very strong stand

  • Youssef Mallak
    Youssef Mallak 21 day ago

    Emperor as a stand is better than most a tier stands their is no justification for it to be in b

  • baggyuyu
    baggyuyu 21 day ago

    didnt magicans red defeat silver chariot

  • the grand multi bear

    bro ik that a lot of time jotaro and dio are overestimated although they have to be in s rank.they freaking can make that no one can even touch them for 10 sec and hit their opponents in freely

  • Kool Kyurem25
    Kool Kyurem25 21 day ago +1

    Anubis is not S tier because the stand controls itself and Anubis is really dumb. Strong but dumb. A tier because he lost to a river. Note: River did not have a stand

  • A Simple Dog
    A Simple Dog 22 days ago

    hold up holly's stand is basically a plant version of hermit purple from the little info we know, it should at least be in E tier with hermit

  • Peter Ruskowski
    Peter Ruskowski 22 days ago

    You forgot that hermit purple is just the stand of all hamon users, it represents the strength of a ripple master. Tonpetty had such strong hamon that he knew Zeppeli's entire past and future because he walked into the room.

  • Lich-Chan
    Lich-Chan 22 days ago

    Boingo is easily S tier
    Kars gets launched into space if you drop your keys

  • Lich-Chan
    Lich-Chan 22 days ago

    Hey hey hey imagine if Joseph wasn’t fucking 60 something
    Also he got the stand from mastering gaming meaning you have to consider Harmon when talking about Hermit purple
    Also Jonathan’s stand wasn’t at it’s full power cause his user didn’t know Harmon and if he did would kill himself.

  • Lich-Chan
    Lich-Chan 22 days ago

    Star platinum could beat ultimate Kars at least timestop could also kars isn’t faster than light

  • Jeebus H. Christopher
    Jeebus H. Christopher 22 days ago

    Is that S-Tier for *STAR PLATINUM TIER*

  • Niydfass
    Niydfass 23 days ago

    "F-tier is reserved for stands where the user has to die."

    "Judgement is F because they have to have the enemy make a wish."