JoJo Stand Tier List: Stardust Crusaders

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • This is the 1st of 6 videos that are covering every Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Featuring Schroder. Go sub to him. These are by far gonna be the longest videos I've made so I'll try to put them out every few days until I'm done.
    Schroder's Channel:
    Stay tuned for more of my stuff! Enjoy the 7-page Muda!
    We're on the road to 50 K and I'm sure we'll pass it before I have time to finish the original video I had planned. I'll make a different special very soon when I'm done with these.
    Music in order of appearance:
    Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2: Sonic Mania
    Route 111: Pokemon ORAS
    Conquest: Fire Emblem Awakening
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  • Schroder
    Schroder 5 months ago +2419

    I am wood. Yell at me.

  • Chaotic floral arrangement

    i cant believe you put in charmy green

  • Cruisin
    Cruisin Day ago

    why isn't there a tier list for part 1 and 2?? >:(

  • jeb bryant
    jeb bryant Day ago

    Wheres the tier list for parts 1 and 2?

  • Jill Leal
    Jill Leal Day ago

    i dont want to be a hater but really anubis in s tier. I have to disagree. with out the blade being seen its useless. it cant move on its own. and on 1 on 1 fight with kars... come on lets be real kars intelligence would probably cause him to just destroy the sword. and ultimate life form. anubis is a goner

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 2 days ago

    Where is the fool? I missed it

  • Jonathan Bulgrien
    Jonathan Bulgrien 4 days ago +1

    No cursing, yes big tiddie anime genderbends

  • That’s a Human Person!

    Cum in Da Hoe then Nigerundayo

  • Bradley Vansant
    Bradley Vansant 5 days ago

    Kakyoin blew up an entire clock face, made of metal probably, WHILE HE WAS DYING

  • The Cooler Cheezit034

    Hierophant Green deserved better let's be honest. If anyone is caught in a 20 meter emerald splash they're fucked

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 6 days ago

    You all under estimate my world AND U WILL PAY


  • Crongite
    Crongite 7 days ago

    being someone who lives in a coastal town, it bugs me so incredibly much that Schroder called a dinghy a dinky

  • Smokey Brown
    Smokey Brown 7 days ago

    Lmao these people are just assuming the abilities of every stand without any research.

  • Smokey Brown
    Smokey Brown 7 days ago

    Anubis will loose if jotaro timestopped

  • Panzer Abwehr Kanone
    Panzer Abwehr Kanone 7 days ago +1

    Just curious, why isn't The World in S Tier?

  • The road to Area 51
    The road to Area 51 8 days ago +1

    So where saying that Ultimate Kars can see stands?

  • Jo-Ann P
    Jo-Ann P 8 days ago

    Silver chariot went head to head with star plat

  • Edit.
    Edit. 8 days ago

    Alessi and Arabia fats could destroy ultimate kars depending on whether or not kars would revert to be regular kars.

  • Kasey C.
    Kasey C. 8 days ago

    But with Death 13... Does Kars sleep?

  • hellishman1
    hellishman1 9 days ago

    I would have put Hermit Purple in D because Joseph could use his Hamon with it and Hamon works on all sorts of thing like coke bottles, bubbles etc giving him so utility with it. Plus it also gives Joseph a lot of maneuverability that a lot of stands don't have. It could also be used in a stealthy aspect, just strangle a son of a bitch with it when they ain't looking.
    Also, what about Kaky cutting Jotaro's legs that one time? That *had* to be part of his stand ability.

  • Morgan Dubois
    Morgan Dubois 9 days ago +1

    Okay, while watching this video I had like 8 ad rolls... I get it that you need to make money but it sucked having to stop working to go over to skip an ad every 2 minutes.

  • abd almuhsin
    abd almuhsin 9 days ago

    Star platinum can use the *finger*

    IVAN RODRIGUES 10 days ago

    If I Got A Penny And It Doubled Every Day For 30 Days It Would Be 10,737,418.2 So I’d Take The Billion Dollars

  • Tera Vaul
    Tera Vaul 11 days ago

    what was that final stand they rated from. That chibi Star Platinum

  • Pontiac Vibe
    Pontiac Vibe 11 days ago

    why is iggy in C tier and petshop is above him when iggy beat him in a fight

  • Landon Gibbs
    Landon Gibbs 11 days ago +2

    He said diamond “isn’t really hard”...

    • Kory Fredrick
      Kory Fredrick 6 days ago

      I think what he meant was that diamond is hard, as in resistant to scratching, but also brittle, meaning it can actually be shattered rather easily by impact.
      Or maybe he made a jojoke, idk

    • Shreakisluv
      Shreakisluv 10 days ago

      Yeah because it is UNBREAKABLE

  • Alann Regino
    Alann Regino 11 days ago +1

    That damage with the clock he was dying and he said himself it used the last of his life force

  • AllDay
    AllDay 12 days ago

    speedwagon is easily S

  • malek davis
    malek davis 12 days ago


  • Monkey Nub Gaming
    Monkey Nub Gaming 12 days ago

    hail 2 U didn't have the ability to grant wishes. it had the ability to basically morph the earth into whatever it desires. it was just screwing with polnareff

  • Resi 4 Pro
    Resi 4 Pro 12 days ago

    Her teeth are as strong as diamond, and diamond is unbreakable.

  • EggMations
    EggMations 13 days ago +1

    Wait weren’t they basing if the stand can defeat kars they get S then why is anubis in S??

  • Jack Wells
    Jack Wells 13 days ago

    "she turned into a cup if i remember correctly" SS tier

  • Jotaro Bridge
    Jotaro Bridge 14 days ago +1

    *Bro imagine if he didn’t put star platinum in S tier-*

  • Phantom Slay 5612 KP
    Phantom Slay 5612 KP 14 days ago

    Heirophant may be the most versatile stand out of the crusaders aside from the Fool. How can you only focus on the emerald splash when it has so many other good qualities?

  • Connor Inglis
    Connor Inglis 16 days ago

    Just realized that some of the music is from Fire Emblem Awakening

  • An unknown
    An unknown 17 days ago

    Holly's stand wasn't killing her she just doesn't have a strong enough will to use it

  • Dweeb
    Dweeb 18 days ago

    @20:36 - Do not take the penny. Bad maths

  • AceR4800
    AceR4800 18 days ago

    No way that damn Anubis sword stand is S tier. You think that can beat ultimate Kars ? Same with the one that causes you to grow younger. Baby or not Kars would still be the ultimate life form and it's going to take a couple seconds in that shadow to become a baby not a few milli seconds

  • Eryvac *00
    Eryvac *00 19 days ago

    Deep blue moon doesn't have to be underwater to function. It can work as a typical punch ghost on land, it just works better underwater

    MAX KILLER 21 day ago

    U talk too much after hermit i was thinking ur list will take 4 hours

  • GamingAce
    GamingAce 22 days ago +9

    "Think about the damage he did to the clock tower."
    Ah, yes, a seventeen year old donut literally seconds away from dying should judge his overall strength.

    XONE_PUMP_MANx 22 days ago

    and holly's stand is F because?

  • We Are Venom
    We Are Venom 22 days ago +1

    Superfly can defeat ultimate cars coz he turns into metal for eternity if he leaves

  • An_Annoying_Cat
    An_Annoying_Cat 22 days ago

    The Lovers is just Highway to Hell but better.

  • Arşah Ceylan
    Arşah Ceylan 23 days ago

    alessi is s tier? u mean the guy who beet the shit out of 3 year old stand and kicked his ass by a 7 year old in a non stand punch battle yeah a totally s tier

  • alexEnder2468 // AlexEnder Productions

    I don’t think Anubis could beat ultimate kars
    Change my mind, please I wanna know it would be interesting

  • TD_NinjaPug
    TD_NinjaPug 23 days ago

    Diamonds are hard you poo poo brain

  • TD_NinjaPug
    TD_NinjaPug 23 days ago

    I disagree with wheel of fortune because the car can regenerate, it can climb and dig through anything, it is very sturdy, and it is fast, AND it can do Tom's of damage

  • TD_NinjaPug
    TD_NinjaPug 23 days ago

    Just because it was used once doesnt mean it's bad you poo poo head

  • Onion toaster Sam
    Onion toaster Sam 23 days ago

    If only he would zoom in on the tier list

  • A Guy Who Likes Penguins

    I like dark blue moon

  • the end is near avengers

    hermit purple s tier hermit purple is joseph's stand and joseph beat ultimate kars

  • Bitcoin Miner
    Bitcoin Miner 24 days ago

    Shit list

  • Footnomaly
    Footnomaly 24 days ago

    Hermit purple should be s tier because joseph defeated ultimate kars

  • gyno
    gyno 24 days ago +8

    these are literally the mothers and daughters of the main characters show some respect

    • An_Annoying_Cat
      An_Annoying_Cat 22 days ago

      There are tons of female characters that aren’t related to the main characters

  • Cullum McKenzie
    Cullum McKenzie 24 days ago

    Did this guy say that diamonds aren’t actually hard? Does he think that the hardness of diamond is from Minecraft? Diamonds are a 10 on Mohs scale of relative hardness, it’s one of the hardest minerals known to man.

  • The default5674 4
    The default5674 4 25 days ago

    Hierophant is higher. 20 metre emerald splash would have beaten dio if he didn’t have time stop ability.

  • Arni Geir
    Arni Geir 25 days ago

    I'd say Star Platinum is a low S tier, cause it can't beat Ultimate Kars, but can wreck plenty of other stands that can. Anyone with time fuckery should be S.

  • Gray, Caleb Sebastian Lo

    Ranking every Jojo stando