JoJo Stand Tier List: Stardust Crusaders

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • This is the 1st of 6 videos that are covering every Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Featuring Schroder. Go sub to him. These are by far gonna be the longest videos I've made so I'll try to put them out every few days until I'm done.
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    Stay tuned for more of my stuff! Enjoy the 7-page Muda!
    We're on the road to 50 K and I'm sure we'll pass it before I have time to finish the original video I had planned. I'll make a different special very soon when I'm done with these.
    Music in order of appearance:
    Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2: Sonic Mania
    Route 111: Pokemon ORAS
    Conquest: Fire Emblem Awakening
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  • Schroder
    Schroder 3 months ago +1832

    I am wood. Yell at me.

    • Hgt
      Hgt 5 days ago


    • Im An Asshole
      Im An Asshole 11 days ago


    • A Weeb
      A Weeb 16 days ago

      no I'll chop u down and make a crafting table.

    • Critch
      Critch 17 days ago


    • Nate Little
      Nate Little 28 days ago


  • Георги Лазаров

    can someone explain to me why are there stands from part 4 in part 3 tier list?

  • Draconic Lightning
    Draconic Lightning 2 days ago

    Where was the fool

  • Skelespook
    Skelespook 3 days ago


  • alex od
    alex od 3 days ago

    In the anime did kakyoin ever say that emerald splash was unblockable?

  • Jerry ryans
    Jerry ryans 4 days ago

    pillar men can only be beaten with hamon thoo so by that logic no stand can beat ultimate kars

  • Tallzom
    Tallzom 5 days ago

    the fuckers immediately put star plat at a tier and not s tier
    immediate dislike

  • Hippo Pilot
    Hippo Pilot 5 days ago

    Hanged Man is awesome because you can put it in your own eye and so now you have a stand that’s really hard to see, and is hard to avoid.

  • Hippo Pilot
    Hippo Pilot 5 days ago

    Hierophant Green is a B tier minimum. His tentacles are super useful and if you can ensnare someone, the emerald splash would destroy them.

  • Kurt Bihis
    Kurt Bihis 7 days ago

    Speedwagon is Godtier Stand/ waifu

  • Jack Windrammer
    Jack Windrammer 8 days ago

    You two can take turns funneling a jug of piss as punishment for putting 50 ads on this video

  • Evan Search
    Evan Search 8 days ago

    Plus, as for Pedophile With An Axe’s Stand (I can’t remember its name and I’m lazy) being S-Tier under the criteria of “S-Tier means you can beat Ultimate Kars,” I just want to point out that it reversed Jotaro by like ten years in like two seconds. Kars only got the ability to survive in the sun forty-some-odd years before Part 3, so to beat Ultimate Kars, you just have to land the shadow on Kars for like ten seconds, tops, in order to make him vulnerable to sunlight.

  • owen plays
    owen plays 9 days ago

    wtf anubis could not beatultimate kars

  • Benjamin Detry
    Benjamin Detry 10 days ago

    I'm not sure if I would put Anubis in S tear because from what I understood he doesn't grow exponentially, he just learns to the perfection your movements to a point in which it is impossible to win. But if there are strong fighter that he haven't met Anubis would be just out powered. Also he wouldn't be able to defeat ultimate life form Cars because he directly wouldn't be able to hurt him or dodge him.

  • Humphrey Horsehead
    Humphrey Horsehead 10 days ago

    Anubis cant beat Ultimate Kars

  • Caden Atkinson
    Caden Atkinson 10 days ago

    Death 13 is B tier 100%

  • Ali Khizran
    Ali Khizran 10 days ago

    Where is iggy

  • Stephen Reaves
    Stephen Reaves 11 days ago

    >"Star Platinum, Za Warudo!"
    > star platinum walks up to kars while time is stopped, pulls out kars brain and heart by phasing through his head and chest and head.
    >"Time will move once more..."
    >Kars dies

  • Jouta Kujo
    Jouta Kujo 11 days ago

    You lost me when you put star platinum at a tier

  • Hyunnion
    Hyunnion 11 days ago

    its not a stand but thunder cross split would destroy ultimate kars. S tier

  • BlazingEmber66
    BlazingEmber66 14 days ago

    Hermit Purple is severely underrated. Not only can it see the future, but it also saved multiple people including main characters by grabbing them and pulling them through the air to safety.

  • BlazingEmber66
    BlazingEmber66 14 days ago

    >still pixelated

  • Alec Eisenbeis
    Alec Eisenbeis 14 days ago

    This list is garbage, no joke.

  • BunnyWarlord
    BunnyWarlord 14 days ago

    Schroeder: *GUN*

  • andres rodriguez
    andres rodriguez 14 days ago

    Za fool is amazing stand because the damage that stand takes does not hurt the user

  • Alexander Halpin
    Alexander Halpin 15 days ago

    Anubis couldn't beat kars


    If you added holly's stand you need to add the stand of the guy with a girl face on the back of his head

  • Gavin Daniels
    Gavin Daniels 16 days ago

    the jojo family blood line has the suck

  • Gabriel Mota
    Gabriel Mota 17 days ago

    I think Justice is extremely powerfull because:
    • It has the ability to create a city sized ilusion
    •controls the dead!
    • automaticaly puts the enemy in sudden death mode by existing

  • Hubert Doe
    Hubert Doe 17 days ago

    But Hermit Purple defeated Ultimate Kars...

  • Gruff Stroog
    Gruff Stroog 18 days ago

    Wait so can we politely argue about Emperor vs Sex Pistol and why SP is totally budget Emperor?

  • bogdan dumitru
    bogdan dumitru 19 days ago

    You are idiot star platinum is easy in s

    PURPLE VAP0R 21 day ago

    White album and oasis I wouldn't say is wearable I say it's a suit stand

  • Ben Sharp
    Ben Sharp 22 days ago +1

    The Sun can kill all Vampires and it’s a C 🤔

  • David Franceschi
    David Franceschi 23 days ago

    What happened to evany devil and justice

  • I understand nothing
    I understand nothing 23 days ago

    Id actually put hermit purple in C tier, Yes, when it comes to combat it's not ideal, but the ability to gather information on an opponent, no matter what it is, should *NEVER* be underestimated
    Also I still want Polnareffland to be a thing god damn it!

  • Arturo Jones
    Arturo Jones 25 days ago +1

    17:22 Diamonds are the hardest substance in the world that's why there is a saying about somthing being hard as a diamond. Why do you THINK it's the hardest material in Minecraft dumbass. You think the developers just pulled it from their ass? I'm sorry but that was one of the dumbest things I've heard in my life

  • Austin Filipe
    Austin Filipe 29 days ago

    Alessi’s stand is pretty op, but I don’t think kars would just stand in the shadow long enough for mr pedophile to win

  • Christopher car
    Christopher car 29 days ago

    To improve the quality of the video show us the picture of the stand.

  • Pyroclinical Depression
    Pyroclinical Depression 29 days ago +1

    Anubis is one of the worst arcs of Stardust Crusaders

  • Meezala Mazala
    Meezala Mazala Month ago

    Wtf these rankings are wonk Anubis and the shadow dude can't even come close to Ultimate Kars. Or Jotaro. Probably not even normal Kars

  • Meezala Mazala
    Meezala Mazala Month ago +1

    Wth Anubis does not belong in S wtf. Especially with Jotaros time stop ability. And Anubis doesn't have exponential growth. It just learns from its mistakes and its enemies weaknesses. Anubis claims someone who fought it can't beat it again but Jotaro proved this wrong.

  • Jakub Šinákl
    Jakub Šinákl Month ago

    If you want to be very nitpicky, you could say that Boingo's predictions weren't 100% accurate because he said the bomb would be so powerful it would rip Jotaro in two pieces, which didn't happen even to the fake Jotaro (could be because of Araki not wanting to kill the villains, just beat them up).

  • JoDaIs
    JoDaIs Month ago

    Justice is low key 'S' tier, but I will settle w/ 'A' tier.

  • Jack Player
    Jack Player Month ago

    Diamonds are actually really hard. They are one of the hardest Materials on Earth. It has a 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is the max.

  • Bruno Henrique Paes Medeiros


  • Weebruh
    Weebruh Month ago +1

    Bruh sun c-tier
    *The user can kill himself if he gets to close to its own stand*

  • Ten Letters
    Ten Letters Month ago

    You should make a stand tier list for part 1 and 2

  • Robotic Operating Buddy

    everyone is s tier everyone can beat ultimate kars joseph did it without a stand all these guys could do it too

  • Harbinger of Hentai

    "he ripped a dude into a heads canteen."
    Schroder 2019~

  • Burnt Waffle
    Burnt Waffle Month ago

    Yall remember when kakyoin painted jotaro and managed to voodoo his shit by painting a red stroke through his leg?

  • Crusty
    Crusty Month ago +1

    the other guy talking was kind of a turn off in getting entertainment for this video.

  • Radditz770
    Radditz770 Month ago

    Anubis being S-tier is like.. Can he beat Kars? Even if he grows exponentially, can't Kars just 'evolve' faster than he does? And regardless of Anubis ability to never fall for the same trick twice, he's still just a metal sword, Kars can always break that.
    And sure, he does beat Star Platinum, but that's before Star Platinum is able to stop time.

  • B_mod
    B_mod Month ago

    If Ultimate Kars steel needs to sleep Death 13 can kill him. Easily.

    Think about it - the injuries sustained in the dream world transfer to the real one 1 to 1... And he has absolute control over the dream world. He could atomize people, and they would just... dissapear. And he doesnt even need to fight them, just be near when they are sleeping, like in the next room in the hotel or something.

    Easilty A tier, and thats only because he needs to wait for his enemies to fall asleep.

  • fat loser 69
    fat loser 69 Month ago

    hermit purple technically defeated ultimate kars

  • Rome Robert
    Rome Robert Month ago

    Bro why would you put silver chariot in a I don't know literally whooped his ass

  • Rome Robert
    Rome Robert Month ago

    Why does everyone think that big user has to die for it to work you want carne summon big before he dies so that makes absolutely no sense

  • Reece Herman
    Reece Herman Month ago

    17:20 diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world 😂

  • Adriel Kere
    Adriel Kere Month ago

    Hermit Purple is the only real S-Tier because it actually defeated Ultimate Kars

    *Change my mind*

  • Papa Juanis Muthamakara

    Hermit purple is the only stand that stood a chance against because of Joseph’s hamon