Big Narstie Going ROGUE! | The Big Narstie Show

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Narstie is an unpredictable character at the best of times, here's a compilation of him flying off the handle, going off-piste and shutting down the voice in his ear!
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Comments • 172

  • AntiSocial214TEXAS
    AntiSocial214TEXAS 6 days ago

    Nasty bring this show to America!

  • azorah
    azorah 9 days ago

    I love how nastie dont give a shit about offending channel 4 and the fact channel 4 are cool enough to just laugh

  • Lerub Skars
    Lerub Skars 12 days ago

    UK sometimes hate hard on U.S but All I see is them tryna imitate or play our Black American music!

  • We are vr Virtual Reality

    I rate this guy 💯💯💯

  • Yodahe Adnew
    Yodahe Adnew 16 days ago +1

    13:34 is that unknown t
    It looks like him
    tf he doing backstage

      DAAA TRUTH 6 days ago

      i thought it was only me that saw him

  • Squeet
    Squeet 20 days ago

    Yo what did man Dem say to Rio cuz?

  • Mohammed salala
    Mohammed salala Month ago

    This show is trying to be traditional, but it's just to ignorant for that.

  • Sanj K
    Sanj K Month ago

    This is called keepin it real

  • Hazel Fitz-Andrews
    Hazel Fitz-Andrews Month ago +2

    David schwimmer has no idea what they’re talking about 😂

  • Salim Ahmed
    Salim Ahmed Month ago

    What’s that guys name? The Indian guy in the yellow jacket

  • KapX Kai
    KapX Kai Month ago +1

    They need to do a show with the people in the earpiece

  • johncalderwood1
    johncalderwood1 Month ago

    Ugh Rio Ferdinand always bitches, bitches more than women.....

  • Bradley Wright
    Bradley Wright Month ago


  • klassic Nadsfashion
    klassic Nadsfashion 2 months ago

  • no 1
    no 1 2 months ago

    The sub text here is that black people are racist

  • Janty
    Janty 2 months ago is that Unkown T swear it looks like him

  • Valentino Sutherland
    Valentino Sutherland 2 months ago +14

    Wait what happened at the end😂😂

  • A B
    A B 2 months ago

    0:12 masonic symbol?????

    • Phantomdirt
      Phantomdirt 2 months ago +1

      Waqas Kay No, it’s the Rastafarian symbol. Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Ian Cahigu
    Ian Cahigu 2 months ago +3

    At 8:47 Narstie knew he had to head out

  • David Foley
    David Foley 2 months ago

    Top top show! Always has an edge to it. To funny. Can't stop watching

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 2 months ago

    I don’t like his music but his too funny

  • Life is Sweet
    Life is Sweet 3 months ago +1

    How many times did he keep saying "YEAH"

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47 3 months ago +2

    Billions have been spent on researching the causes of infertility, when Big Narstie knew the solution all along - Guinness and back juice.

  • Marie Muckle
    Marie Muckle 3 months ago

    I just can’t believe this is on TV. It’s bloody hilarious. Pity some people don’t understand how this show works. Everything is so PC it’s killing comedies.

  • Elise Carter
    Elise Carter 3 months ago +4

    I love big narstie but david schwimmer looks sooooooo confused 😂😂😂

  • DankiusWankius
    DankiusWankius 3 months ago +8

    0:17 you can hear a wild jimmy Carr laughing

  • Amarie Anderson
    Amarie Anderson 4 months ago +1

    I feel like mo doesn’t like narstie…at all

    • Steven Walters
      Steven Walters Month ago +1

      your right you can tell how he acts in front of him and the difference when hes on his own show

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 4 months ago +8

    only British and Africa/Caribbean people get BIg NAsty

  • Ty Jay
    Ty Jay 4 months ago +2

    Man said he infiltrated the building and put mandem there

  • flexin on sea turtles
    flexin on sea turtles 4 months ago +2

    They need Karl pilkington on

  • totallydubbedHD
    totallydubbedHD 4 months ago

    The Stephen Fry bit hahahahahha

  • Bilal Tha great
    Bilal Tha great 5 months ago +1

    Narstie too real for tv 📺😂😂😂

  • Alor Dauhpine
    Alor Dauhpine 5 months ago +1

    Are they trying to cancel ?

  • BBros
    BBros 5 months ago +1

    4,000th like

  • M Knine
    M Knine 5 months ago

    Dead edit

  • Oscar Jackson
    Oscar Jackson 5 months ago

    Yeah yeah yeah

  • Mathias Borgli
    Mathias Borgli 6 months ago +3

    get jack whitehall

  • muneer24
    muneer24 7 months ago


  • Madmax Fiasco
    Madmax Fiasco 7 months ago

    Winston was right

  • Devine Williams
    Devine Williams 7 months ago +3

    Big nastie you're the best

  • A1 S
    A1 S 7 months ago

    Big narstie is the reason I shit with the door open

  • Always
    Always 7 months ago +1

    this show is like a breath of fresh air

  • Ethan Manners
    Ethan Manners 7 months ago +3

    The end 🤣

  • Mr A
    Mr A 7 months ago +16

    what happened with the last one lol

    • Brzy
      Brzy 12 days ago

      Rio came back pretended he was joking and everyone awkwardly laughed but na man nobody buying that shit he just must have realised he looked the dickhead and tried to recover

  • Cameron Hastie
    Cameron Hastie 7 months ago +1

    Big narstie you g

  • TheSealOfTheRose
    TheSealOfTheRose 7 months ago +1

    I'm generally a chilled out person but the fact that Ed Sheeran can't sit like a normal person really, really bothers me!

  • Sesso Ments
    Sesso Ments 8 months ago

    man said "bust down ear=piece" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • proFRESH
    proFRESH 8 months ago +9

    I never noticed till now how many times he says yeah, Idk if its a UK ting

  • Long DaY#%!
    Long DaY#%! 8 months ago +1

    Allow u fat prick, u done Lordie dirty

  • Omnis Records
    Omnis Records 8 months ago

    This guy is too funny man

  • booben_bike_ boii
    booben_bike_ boii 8 months ago +3

    5:39 that old lady is not happy fam 🤣

  • rolybling
    rolybling 8 months ago

    Lorraine 'no it's fine' LOL

  • Katie Mcgurk
    Katie Mcgurk 8 months ago

    I fucking love this show it’s unreal 🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Chillednfunked
    Chillednfunked 8 months ago +1

    No idea what nasty is saying

  • Erdal Karacar
    Erdal Karacar 8 months ago +2

    SO awkward

  • Alfie Croucher
    Alfie Croucher 8 months ago +2

    I could smell her panini from across the room ahahahahah😂😂

    • C.O
      C.O 4 months ago

      Ooooozing with cheese😂😂

  • Yahya Hassan
    Yahya Hassan 8 months ago +14

    I would acc pay good money to spend a day with big narstie😂

  • Dial Tone
    Dial Tone 8 months ago +2

    Where’s lordie tho narsty??????

  • Mark G
    Mark G 8 months ago +1

    Gassed means drunk, has done for about 20 years

    • s a u u c e d • s u u b l i m i n a l s
      s a u u c e d • s u u b l i m i n a l s 8 months ago

      Mark G it does mean overwhelmed. You act as if one word can’t have multiple meanings🤣

    • LOUi TUBE
      LOUi TUBE 8 months ago

      @Mark G in Liverpool is means drunk in London it means Hyped up

    • Mark G
      Mark G 8 months ago +1

      No it doesn't you absolute tit, it originated in my home town..

    • josh baker
      josh baker 8 months ago +3

      Mark G Gassed doesn't mean drunk it means overwhelmed with a certain feeling, usually used when extremely happy