College Kids React To Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
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    College Kids React To Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film). Watch to see their reactions.
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    College Kids React To Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)
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  • FBE
    FBE  Month ago +1597

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  • 5 GAMERS
    5 GAMERS 28 minutes ago

    She's 🤢

  • Kayla Reese
    Kayla Reese 2 hours ago +4

    the film cost money now D:

  • Jaylynn Johnson
    Jaylynn Johnson 3 hours ago +4

    "Choke her out!! Yes sis!"
    This had be dying lol😂

  • Tayler H
    Tayler H 3 hours ago +5

    The entire soundtrack is my favorite song, not gonna lie

  • Sara Gacha
    Sara Gacha 8 hours ago +26

    Did anyone notice they didn’t play the principal
    I am depression that’s my fav song outta all of them

  • The Arabulis
    The Arabulis 8 hours ago +7

    High school sweethearts is my favorite

  • Leah Chan
    Leah Chan 11 hours ago +21

    My favorite songs from k12
    -the principle
    -drama club
    -lunchbox friends
    -highschool sweethearts
    -fire drill

  • bram casey
    bram casey 13 hours ago +26

    "choke her out!! yes sis!!"

  • Francisco Haro
    Francisco Haro 14 hours ago +3

    In spanish please🙏

  • Khloey m101
    Khloey m101 14 hours ago +20

    NOO they forgot two of my favorite songs lunchbox friends my fave then the principal

  • Solange Rojas
    Solange Rojas 15 hours ago


  • sandrita’s world
    sandrita’s world 15 hours ago +18

    strawberry shortcake and orange juice hit me hard.

  • Carmichael Guillemet
    Carmichael Guillemet 17 hours ago +16

    We gonna ignore the fact she said Lilith my queen and Lilith is a demon4:43
    Need some jesus

  • Coral McStar
    Coral McStar 21 hour ago +17

    I've watched the film before,it's on my playlist music on my profile and you can go watch it
    Edit: Thank you so much for 5 likes in only two hours! Have you watched it?😘

  • LEONARDO 1999 El Que gusta memes


  • jungkook's abs
    jungkook's abs Day ago +4

    omfg finally!!!!

  • StarrySummerz Anime
    StarrySummerz Anime Day ago +20

    We need some Lunchbox Friends

    • Trisha Payton
      Trisha Payton Day ago


    • Hidden Stars
      Hidden Stars Day ago

      StarrySummerz Anime the point of the song was that she didn’t want lunchbox friends?

  • liammm yee
    liammm yee Day ago +48

    “she didn’t put as much effort in her lyrics” he must have not heard them right lmao

  • Digital Error
    Digital Error Day ago +52

    I realized that the “tired blue boy” from pacify her is in the film

  • 最高の人は夢見る

    Voltem a colocar as legendas para todos os idiomas por favor

  • weonly liveonce
    weonly liveonce Day ago +15

    My favorite track isn't here :(
    Nice reactions! Loved the video

  • Chat Mallow
    Chat Mallow 2 days ago +6

    I have some prombleme in school with friends so wathcing pœple react about a moovie that talks about school problems maid me feel a bit better 🙃

  • Chat Mallow
    Chat Mallow 2 days ago +12

    Yes ! K-12 one of my favorite movie !

  • CupcakeGacha
    CupcakeGacha 2 days ago +4

    Bai Kelly Jelly

  • CupcakeGacha
    CupcakeGacha 2 days ago +3

    I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • A e s t h e t i c H u m a n

    The movie was released on my birthday ._.

  • Kenzie Kristmas
    Kenzie Kristmas 2 days ago +10

    High school sweet hearts is my favorite

  • mansi mehta
    mansi mehta 2 days ago +14

    2:45 my pfp ;)

  • ToshiMinaj3011
    ToshiMinaj3011 2 days ago +7

    My faves is basically the whole album. But recess, the nurses office and wheels on the bus stay on repeat.

  • Lukies - Penguinies
    Lukies - Penguinies 2 days ago +32


  • IT
    IT 2 days ago +35

    Why did you skip The Principal, Lunchbox Friends, Detention and Recess? :(

    • BillieGrande Com
      BillieGrande Com 16 hours ago

      @3 evil Queens The Principal*

    • Maxence
      Maxence 20 hours ago

      @3 evil Queens nope t was drama club

    • IT
      IT 21 hour ago

      @3 evil Queens no they didn't.

    • 3 evil Queens
      3 evil Queens Day ago

      IT they did have the principle

  • Kayly Pacheco
    Kayly Pacheco 2 days ago +5


  • Gigi F
    Gigi F 2 days ago +13

    that Andrew guy doesn't know what good lyrics are MELANIES LYRICS ARE FREAKING AMAZING OKAY? PERIODT.

  • Cookies & Milk
    Cookies & Milk 2 days ago +24

    I missed watching K-12. :( I reallyyyyyy wanna watch it so it’s sad 😔

    • Ryley Jo
      Ryley Jo 2 hours ago

      Michelle it’s not free on TheXvid anymore

    • Michelle
      Michelle 12 hours ago

      Cookies & Milk it’s literally on TheXvid so yahhh just go and watch it I quess

    • BillieGrande Com
      BillieGrande Com 16 hours ago

      It's Free on Apple Music and Appke music is on Andriod if you don't have an iphone

  • [ K31 ]
    [ K31 ] 2 days ago +28

    We need K-13 (no offence)

    • flmnco
      flmnco Day ago +2

      @[ K31 ]she said it on an interview

    • [ K31 ]
      [ K31 ] 2 days ago

      Taz Siren how u know?

    • Taz Siren
      Taz Siren 2 days ago +3

      Melanie is making 2 more films, 1 of them is a K-12 sequel

  • Hannah Carter
    Hannah Carter 3 days ago +25


  • Humberto Echeverria
    Humberto Echeverria 3 days ago +1

    Jelly hits weird

  • mega milk
    mega milk 3 days ago +63

    They're bums for not playing lunch box friends

  • Stacey Narvaez
    Stacey Narvaez 4 days ago +6

    Applaud.. LOL

    • AriRiviera
      AriRiviera 2 days ago

      Stacey Narvaez and dominance as well 😂

  • Jazzy Mika
    Jazzy Mika 4 days ago +13

    “ slash,slash good bye” I LOVE IT ❤️

  • Zella Mancia
    Zella Mancia 4 days ago +36

    Everyone: “the nurses creeped me out”

    Me: the nurses popped of in Nurses Office

  • Sianna’s_TiredOfLife
    Sianna’s_TiredOfLife 4 days ago +18


  • EssentialCute
    EssentialCute 4 days ago +50

    Where tf is lunchbox friends

  • NØT Łeyła
    NØT Łeyła 5 days ago +23

    I wanna watch the movie now T^T

    • Cubie Cubes
      Cubie Cubes 10 hours ago

      It's free on her youtubee

    • Y0usif Sabri
      Y0usif Sabri 4 days ago

      Melanie did it only for TheXvid music premiere but you can get It on TheXvid for $3.99 or just buy TheXvid music premiere

  • Cesar Rivera
    Cesar Rivera 5 days ago +49

    Where’s My Detention?

    • Amy Amy
      Amy Amy 4 days ago +1

      Cesar Rivera yeah right

  • Teagan Wood
    Teagan Wood 5 days ago +7

    I was so excited for this

  • Emily Kinsley
    Emily Kinsley 5 days ago +17

    My favorite songs are
    Wheels on the bus and Nurses Office

    • – belle
      – belle 3 days ago

      mine are teachers pet and detention

  • Sami Hall
    Sami Hall 5 days ago +4


  • Cheyann Santiago
    Cheyann Santiago 5 days ago +7

    The first song they showed is my absalute favoret song ever

  • Xxx møøn_wølf xxX x
    Xxx møøn_wølf xxX x 6 days ago +39

    my favorite song was
    1-drama club
    2-nurses office
    3-show and tell
    4-class fight

  • Xxx møøn_wølf xxX x
    Xxx møøn_wølf xxX x 6 days ago +11

    Michelle is now meanies twin

  • Lulu and her Gacha Randomness

    George is literally my favorite

  • Eli Ellemon
    Eli Ellemon 6 days ago +21

    With the song todo with eating disorders... people said it was the only one but infact “Empty” by BoyInTheBand and JaidenAnimation

    • Maya Demo
      Maya Demo 6 days ago +2

      Eli Ellemon yessss finally someone saiiiddd iittttttttt

  • Abigail Kastner
    Abigail Kastner 6 days ago +18

    Melanie:*chokes with her hair*


  • Vanisha Cella
    Vanisha Cella 6 days ago +30

    Whereeee is detentionnnnnnnn

  • vi0let 0k
    vi0let 0k 6 days ago +41

    you missed detention and that's my favorite song :(

  • xoxo _sharon
    xoxo _sharon 6 days ago +61

    who else feels so lucky that they watched this for free before they changed it?
    edit: lmaooo this is actually the biggest amount of likes I've ever had. thanks😊

  • Oreo UWU
    Oreo UWU 6 days ago +21

    Only these girls relating 🙄

    • Savage Yoongi
      Savage Yoongi 4 days ago +2

      TBH it's all what we experienced in life at somewhat, especially the dress code part