WORST Transfers Of The Season XI

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
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    Which club has had the biggest disaster in the transfer window?!
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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  Month ago +621

    Andre Gomes appears to have angered a lot of you. Another day, another Patto script.

    • Dylan MUFC
      Dylan MUFC Month ago +1

      Hitc sport is way better I can’t believe I was still subbed to you guys so I had to unsubscribe

    • alex steel
      alex steel Month ago


    • Rhiannon Robinson
      Rhiannon Robinson Month ago +1

      spell Pattttttttttttttttto right, plz

    • Christopher Sargent
      Christopher Sargent Month ago

      Imagine rating transfers before the season has even started.🤣🤣

  • Villekillek
    Villekillek 2 days ago

    Mings has been sick so far

  • bren4evs
    bren4evs 9 days ago

    You can’t compare Perez’s expected goals and shots per match with players who played for Leicester last season. Newcastle were one of the most pragmatic teams in the prem and Leicester are the opposite they attack much more so the attacking players will naturally take more shots etc.

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 11 days ago

    This channel is a joke

  • Mark Kavanagh
    Mark Kavanagh 12 days ago

    A month later and Mings is a England player and his value doubled. Good shout guys

  • Lewis Stubbs
    Lewis Stubbs 13 days ago

    It’s fair to say Football Daily are gonna make a video at the end of the season with players that proved us wrong😂that’s how it’s looking at the moment

  • sean harold
    sean harold 15 days ago

    Well well well , Tyrone Mings is doing very well so far.

  • UniqueStu
    UniqueStu 19 days ago

    This is a harsh list the season has barely kicked off...

  • Southern Misfits
    Southern Misfits 20 days ago +1

    Mings just got his first England call-up 😂😂😂😂 PRATS

  • weds toussaint
    weds toussaint 21 day ago

    Yeah but no one knew about Rodri. Simeone turned him into a world class midfielder. And that’s exactly what he’s going to turn Llorente. Mark my words!

  • Matthew AVFC
    Matthew AVFC 22 days ago

    2:37 football daily has done it again boys

  • Ben Mehaffy
    Ben Mehaffy 22 days ago

    Good call on Mings...

  • FootNow
    FootNow 22 days ago

    Clueless. Have that you frauds. UTV

  • Jack C
    Jack C 22 days ago

    2:38 .......

  • Gustavo Wiggers
    Gustavo Wiggers 22 days ago

    To get some stuff wrong is normal..
    But to make such a shitty list, either you're lazy or just doesn't watch football.

  • Kyx
    Kyx 24 days ago

    LOL you were so wrong about Mings 😏

  • WiLLiamMART 04
    WiLLiamMART 04 26 days ago

    I’m an Arsenal fan so I like pato but sorry mate this is dogshit

  • Zane Rafiq
    Zane Rafiq 29 days ago

    should rename channel to troll daily

  • WE LIKE minecraft
    WE LIKE minecraft 29 days ago

    Hazard for Chelsea scored 15 and assited 15 that’s 30 goal envolments he played like 36 games so 6 games he did nothing that’s the logic of this channel a player can be good and not get goals or assists stats aren’t everything (btw I know they didn’t mention hazard I’m a Chelsea fan so this is a example since I watch basically every game hazard was great in every game but sometimes never got a goal but this channel go purely based on stats)

  • hp fm56
    hp fm56 29 days ago

    12:06 so he’s a teen and you’re slating him that much 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • hp fm56
    hp fm56 29 days ago

    You’re way to harsh one Denis Suarez Jesus

  • hp fm56
    hp fm56 29 days ago

    You’re one of those people who say something controversial to seem edgy and get attention

    • hp fm56
      hp fm56 26 days ago

      Carl Jones and they are also dropping off

    • Carl Jones
      Carl Jones 27 days ago

      look's like it's working lol

  • hp fm56
    hp fm56 29 days ago

    I swear you don’t know your shit

  • Malaysian12 12
    Malaysian12 12 29 days ago

    Dear FD, how about a top 10 videos where you got your predictions wrong. That would be awesome! Btw, I’m a great fan of your channel and work. Keep it up! Fan from Malaysia

  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus Month ago

    Football daily: We chose Paul Lopez because he has only 2 caps for Spain

  • aUK Shellshock
    aUK Shellshock Month ago

    No offense, but whoever made this list should be shot

  • Andreas Ioannides
    Andreas Ioannides Month ago +1

    How are you supposed to know if a signing is good or bad before you've seen them play with their new clubs

  • Teko
    Teko Month ago +1

    HITC sport killed this channel I thought it no longer existed😂😂😂

  • 박철호
    박철호 Month ago

    Gomes is a good signing for Everton!!!!

  • Rushil Abhinav
    Rushil Abhinav Month ago

    Jesus Christ the person who made this list was definitely on drugs

  • NorfolkCatKickers
    NorfolkCatKickers Month ago

    This Channel is a joke hire someone who knows something about football

  • Vam 13
    Vam 13 Month ago

    Why are you making this before the season even started? You can’t gauge a players performance before the season has even started. Next time just do this list at the end of the season.

  • Eoin_17
    Eoin_17 Month ago

    Mings is a quality player

  • I'mAWolf 70
    I'mAWolf 70 Month ago

    This is the genuinely the worst video you've made. You've just said that there shit because they cost too much. pathetic

  • Jimmy Mann-Mellor
    Jimmy Mann-Mellor Month ago

    How do you know if these signings will suck?

  • Based Evil
    Based Evil Month ago

    11:42 you have a picture of David Davis from Birmingham city while talking about Wesley ?

  • Emil Refsgaard
    Emil Refsgaard Month ago

    cLuB bRyHJH
    Are you serious

    • Emil Refsgaard
      Emil Refsgaard Month ago

      I thought it only were Americans who don’t care about how to pronounce foreign words

  • Focus Shack 16
    Focus Shack 16 Month ago

    Ming’s howwwwwwwww

  • White Rose
    White Rose Month ago

    Mings???😂😂. You're funny you lot

  • Robin
    Robin Month ago

    Mings is class

  • A Desperately Lonely Sir

    I burst out laughing when i saw Andre Gomes and Tyrone Mings😂😂😂. Seriously?

  • Ζαπατιστας

    Every guy 😂😂😂😂 says about Andre Gomes but I think gelson Martins is the worst choice this guy a beast besides he saved them lol

  • Henry Swain
    Henry Swain Month ago

    Guys it’s clearly gomesh

  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales Month ago

    Who ever made this video is stupid

  • David Darrall
    David Darrall Month ago

    Do you guys actually watch football or just read the after game statistics

  • Faisal Alsayed
    Faisal Alsayed Month ago

    Ming’s 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raimundas Sulga
    Raimundas Sulga Month ago

    Sorry but this whole vid is fking trash

  • Bumpinks son
    Bumpinks son Month ago

    Mings doesn't deserve to be on this list

  • Sup I'm sup btw ngl

    Mings played great against Tottenham

  • JarJar Films
    JarJar Films Month ago

    Mings played amazing football with aston villa on loan, bringing him back was a no brainer. He shouldn't be on this list!

  • K9 Gaming
    K9 Gaming Month ago

    Do u see how good mings is at villa?

  • Filip Milicevic
    Filip Milicevic Month ago +1

    Theres not a particularly bad RB signing. Trippier: am I a joke to you?

  • James Cowie
    James Cowie Month ago

    This list is absolute aids hahaha

  • Arif Ali
    Arif Ali Month ago

    Man said ayozo Perez what are yous whites smoking

  • Arif Ali
    Arif Ali Month ago +1

    Ming's is not bad he just got an assist against Tottenham on his pl debut with aston villa so stfu

  • REMZz
    REMZz Month ago

    Unsubscribing ,more awful opinions

  • MC Brodz
    MC Brodz Month ago

    Mings is a great signing he did great against Tottenham

  • Ethan Bradbears
    Ethan Bradbears Month ago

    Lmao Mings put a shift in for Villa against spurs

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo Month ago

    Somebody doesnt like the villa 👀 mings is class, Gomes seemed alright for Everton last year and most of the rest of the players seasons haven't started so how can you even judge? Make this video in may 2020 when theres evidence

  • Jude Taylor
    Jude Taylor Month ago +2