The Model Ship - Part 1008

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • This is not a tutorial. It is more of a daily personal diary, or perhaps a vlog, centered around the building of plastic model ships. Don’t be surprised when I unexpectedly, but usually just momentarily, get into something completely unrelated.
    I was big into building models years ago. Apparently I’m trying to bring back “the good old days” by building plastic model ships. In this series I’ve already built Trumpeter’s 1/200 scale battleship Bismarck and a very large model ship case that will hold three ( maybe four) 1/200 scale ships. Now we are building Trumpeter’s 1/200 scale HMS Hood. I now have on hand Trumpeter’s 1/200 scale HMS Rodney, and it is my intent to start on it as soon as the Hood is finished.
    Feel free to learn from my mistakes.

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  • Neil King
    Neil King Month ago

    You could try overpainting the "brass" balls with clear red (I think you have some) to make them more of a copper colour. It may end up too red, but worth a try!

    • Ron Calverley
      Ron Calverley  Month ago

      Hi Neil,
      Re: "but worth a try!"
      Thanks for the suggestion, and yes you're right, I do have clear red. We'll do an experiment on that today. 🤞😁

  • Rusty Graves
    Rusty Graves Month ago +1

    I think that bird is one of the “Spotted Woodpecker” species,either Spotted or Lesser Spotted.

    • Ron Calverley
      Ron Calverley  Month ago

      @Ed Schultze 😧👍

    • Ed Schultze
      Ed Schultze Month ago +1

      And once they find the suet it will go fast - be prepared!

    • Ron Calverley
      Ron Calverley  Month ago

      "Lesser Spotted" ??

  • Kevin Waterman
    Kevin Waterman Month ago

    That white stuff outside looks nice up there.☃️ we are having above normal temps here, 61 degree Fahrenheit for high today, people are still playing golf which is rather strange for December 😎 only 109 more days until Spring😉 see you tomorrow

    • Ron Calverley
      Ron Calverley  Month ago

      "only 109 more days until Spring"
      We''ll make it there, all being well Kevin. 👍

  • Mark Livingstone
    Mark Livingstone Month ago +1

    ‘Just hear someone saying too much paint on your brush’? That is just uncanny 😂

  • Jim E
    Jim E Month ago +1

    "Did I just hear someone say, you have too much paint on your brush?" Your hearing is really good Ron! You're 1,400+ miles away. I'm going to attribute that to your diet.

    Woodpeckers love suet here too. See ya. JimE

  • Tony L
    Tony L Month ago

    Ron, it’s also hard to teach a new dog old tricks! lol

  • Modelkit Stuff
    Modelkit Stuff Month ago

    Your never going to remember the cap trick lol you dont paint often enough. Great update, see you tomorrow

    • Ron Calverley
      Ron Calverley  Month ago

      Re: "you don't paint often enough"
      You've got that right Jason, haha!
      I find that when I do paint (off camera) it's so very relaxing. Therapeutic in a way. Perhaps I'll talk about that today. 😊👍

  • Greg Cain
    Greg Cain Month ago

    Yes Ron, you did hear that when you were painting, it was me!!! LOL. By the way, you put the caps of both colors down wrong. See ya tomorrow.

  • Aussie Frenchman - Hobbytable

    Hi Ron , was that an old push bike in your shed ? Have a great day Ron 😊😊😊😊 see you tomorrow,

    • Ron Calverley
      Ron Calverley  Month ago +1

      No, that's my neighbors bike. Fairly new too. 👍🚲

  • Alison Fort
    Alison Fort Month ago

    What a lovely bird🐥

  • Donald Trabeaux
    Donald Trabeaux Month ago