The Shutdown Shitshow (A Rant)

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • Just in case you forgot government is largely pointless... it turns out we haven't had one for the last two weeks.
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  • Googily Moogily
    Googily Moogily 7 months ago

    I feel like I got dumber watching this...

  • Mad Machanicest
    Mad Machanicest 8 months ago

    The stupid thing about this is the wall will tack the at list 10 yaers to build. So the democrats could just unfunded it again long befor it could ever be comeplete

  • none of your business
    none of your business 8 months ago

    This was john olvier wish he could be lol

  • Sad Toast
    Sad Toast 9 months ago

    Dude looks like the G man... Wake up Mr Freeman

  • Soviet Plays Games
    Soviet Plays Games 9 months ago

    The federal reserve has unchecked power to print as many dollars as it wants. The Feds activity distorts the entire economy, and nobody gives a crap. So respectfully, we should audit the fed.

  • Eric Black
    Eric Black 9 months ago

    We don’t need a wall, we need two; stacked on top of one another.

  • Yuan Tronz
    Yuan Tronz 10 months ago

    Cut all foreign aid, including for Israel until we build the wall.

  • Alan Mcmichael
    Alan Mcmichael 10 months ago

    Schumer is the biggest piece of shit in America

  • Blue Falcons Suck
    Blue Falcons Suck 10 months ago

    Just wait for _Shutdown 2 : Outrage Boogaloo._
    We're going to face popcorn shortages.

  • wPcky
    wPcky 10 months ago

    Government was on for years, I worked for those years. Government shuts down, the hardware store is still open so I can still buy material so I still work. If I wasn't told the government was shut down I wouldn't have noticed. Bunch of useless schmoolies are shooting themselves in the foot reminding everyone how little they matter yet how much money they control.

  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley 10 months ago

    Can i ask you why you and SO many more of you apparently pretend or act like you love videogames and film etc, yet LITERALLY all you do is report and complain about the bad/negative parts of the industries? Why.

  • The Void Looks Pretty
    The Void Looks Pretty 10 months ago

    That line about congress and progress may have been one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 10 months ago

    I must admit Trump is a master of smoke and mirrors! Anybody that believes that this is about The Wall is full of it! They are coming close to indicting him on collusion with Russia! What better way to throw off the scent! What better way to distract people! It's really sad that both sides are playing a game of chicken with other people's lives and livelihoods...

  • Jayden V
    Jayden V 10 months ago

    this guy is so good

  • Cody Bartlett
    Cody Bartlett 10 months ago

    The bitch at the end though... Cry me a fucking river
    BTW love the work you do brotha no homo

  • big ass cheese eater
    big ass cheese eater 10 months ago

    Keep the shutdown til the end of his presidency!

  • Masa
    Masa 10 months ago

    So if Trump does not build a wall he betrays his voters? Is it not just the same for democrats if they let him?

  • wylieecoyote
    wylieecoyote 10 months ago +2

    If we can build the Panama Canal, we can build a wall.

  • OwlRaven13
    OwlRaven13 10 months ago

    The truth hurts like a Razorfist!!!

  • ThoughtExperiments
    ThoughtExperiments 10 months ago

    Shutdown gave me gout.

  • Danny Gray
    Danny Gray 10 months ago +1

    It don't matter who ya vote for, the same bastards in the shadows and in control of the banks actually run the world. Trump is but a puppet, as the next in line will be aswell, red or blue

  • Dillon Reed
    Dillon Reed 10 months ago

    I don't understand a word of what this man says but God Damn do I enjoy his vids.

  • Joe Synak
    Joe Synak 10 months ago

    Razorfist may be a new-age fascist, but his music reviews are too good to hate the guy!

  • Brett Belding
    Brett Belding 10 months ago

    another reason Razor is THE FUCKING MANN! keep up great work Sir

  • Advil Lobotomite
    Advil Lobotomite 10 months ago

    This is The Rageaholic, do you really need to put (A Rant)?

  • Paul Greening
    Paul Greening 10 months ago

    Education system has turned into an indoctrination system

  • John Abbott
    John Abbott 10 months ago

    Does anyone think that government workers feel bad when a private business goes under because of the regulations, taxes, fines, and fees?

  • Confused Wolf
    Confused Wolf 10 months ago

    it must be an excellent rant!!

  • xCAFOx
    xCAFOx 10 months ago

    @The Rageaholic Hahaha.. I watched your Gillette rant only a short while ago and am posting here after. Diddle my twat if I didn't get a Schick Hydro add as opposed to one from Gillette.

  • j clutter
    j clutter 10 months ago

    Outstanding ....
    I notice the down-vote button doesn't work on dissenting comments, yotube has "their" algorithm against democrats ...

  • cut the check
    cut the check 10 months ago

    Razor kind of raps when he does his rant videos

  • Eric Osborne
    Eric Osborne 10 months ago

    The government is shut down? Does that mean I don't have to pay the taxes (theft) back ?

  • Bret Harper
    Bret Harper 10 months ago

    Yes the shutdown dosent effect much of anything. That’s the point. Trump is a fuckin genus.

  • 3DMaster
    3DMaster 10 months ago

    So who's going to pay those private companies to build those roads?

  • Veronica Garza
    Veronica Garza 10 months ago

    Meanwhile Democratic Socialist Orcasio-Cortes is still being paid while the proletariat are going without. Socialism in action!

  • Crimsonhighlander
    Crimsonhighlander 10 months ago

    Lmao, jesus christ. I might not agree with your messages, but the way you present your arguments is inspired.
    And I don't think I will ever stop laughing at "Their approval rating can double as their fucking shoe size". Holy shit.

  • GeRoids
    GeRoids 10 months ago

    Love your show man, keep up the good work, I'll keep watching!

  • 762 Goat
    762 Goat 10 months ago

    also gov employees will get backpay. i don't even feel bad. contractors however get effed

  • Joshua Fogg
    Joshua Fogg 10 months ago

    The only negative impact that I've had to my bank account this January is because of my job doing Inventory, and thus not being called in.
    Government Shutdown? I feel for the Secret Service and the people that won't be able to go the parks and monuments, but I'm absolutely and completely willing to let it go shutdown for as long as it can. Let's get it to February, people!

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight 10 months ago +2

    Trump's approval will not shift majorly on this until a result happens, I wager you.
    And I also believe he can afford to wait as long as it takes. He's already working from a position that assumes at least in terms of Congress, he's unlikely to get much done even IF they were not already shutdown, and because he still controls the Senate, there is not really any way for the Democrats to circumvent him on the shutdown.
    Pelosi can say whatever shit she wants, Trump is never gonna break to it, hell he's been firing back with both barrels, practically.
    Which is only looking more and more hilarious as every Democrat pawn in the MSM and celebrity scene is seemingly up in arms about the shutdown or his behaviour whereas his base is totally not befuddled, if you voted for Trump, odds are you were expecting something like this to happen eventually.
    And people arguing he should just call a state of emergency to get the wall built are missing the point as to why they wanted Trump to do this through Congress to begin with.
    You want something that at least has a chance of being lasting, or do you want something that has the risk of being gone the moment the head of state changes?
    No, better to negotiate IMO, and make the Democrats an offer they cannot refuse to put them in a bind.
    Because the Democrats are screwed on this, they have a substantial part of their base that wants them to give Trump ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, they don't want a single piece of legislation which has his name on it to pass, they would rather the Democrats sit on their asses all day and just stall out Trump's government than to give him even a single inch of ground.
    But most of the Democratic leadership (whether they publicly admit it or not) know that this is not pragmatic or even in their favour to do so. Trump already has had 2 years of progress on numerous promises his made to show off in 2020, and what set-backs he did face largely came from Never-Trumper holdouts in his own party who may as well have switched to Democrat the moment he became POTUS.
    They cannot do nothing for 2 years, and unfortunately for them, since they lost more in the Senate, they are forced to play ball with Trump if they want to do anything. Which will inevitably come up against the fact that, as I said, a large part of their base doesn't want them to deal with him at all.
    IMO all Trump has to do is say, offer them federal pot legalization and decriminalization, or amnesty for Dreamers, but in exchange he must have full funding for the wall . . . what are the Democrats supposed to say then?
    Trump is willing to give them 2 things he knows their base would approve of, but he will only give it if they give him what he wants.
    I wager you they still wouldn't take the deal. They will have "sold out" in the eyes of the Progressives of the party.

  • Girl Buu
    Girl Buu 10 months ago +2

    I didn't support Trump either. You, me and Metokur and I am willing to bet all for the same reasons. Hearing someone advocate for the execution of Edward Snowden wasn't something that endeared the libertarian minded heart.
    But at this point?
    I can and will vote for him in 2020. If out of anything then out of spite.

  • Thrashochist
    Thrashochist 10 months ago

    Who was Razor's preferred candidate before Trump was the Republican nominee?

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 10 months ago

    The DNC wants open borders.

  • MegaMagicdog
    MegaMagicdog 10 months ago +8

    I work at a local TV station (FOX affiliate) and all we seem to do is run stories about the poor, poor Fed workers. We interviewed a local family whose father is an air traffic controller - claiming that they have to visit the food pantry to get by! Another laid off worker claimed they need to borrow money from a neighbor for groceries - and they only have $45 in the bank! Treat Williams is providing breakfast to TSA workers! Churches are providing necessities to members of the flock!
    Please, make it stop! If you know air traffic controllers, you know they make 6 figure salaries easily! If you can't hold onto back up cash if a layoff ensues, that's on you! Do banks even keep accounts open with less than $500 bucks in them? I don't think so - not without monthly fees! Does anyone really care about the TSA? If anything, I'd be grateful for the lack of manhandling if they got laid off!! These are the same jerks who insisted my mother - a double amputee mind you - to remove her prosthetic legs and the shoes on them before boarding a flight! If anything Trump has shown how little we need the Federal government, beyond military. I'd love to see the welfare rats get pissed - the people's guns are cocked and loaded for scum!

  • Europa
    Europa 10 months ago +1

    Libertarian trash

  • TheCrankyCow
    TheCrankyCow 10 months ago +2

    um razor, Federal government don't pave the roads that's state and local, Feds just run the trust-fund for the interstate.

  • Emily G.
    Emily G. 10 months ago

    Of course I feel bad for the employees that aren't receiving pay, but it's not their fault that they're doing a job that the private sector easily could have done. (I work for a state school and we're getting paid, don't believe the hype).

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 10 months ago +1

    This dude is a fucking gem

  • Gmotion EDC
    Gmotion EDC 10 months ago

    Ha ha 👍👍👍

  • keller blair
    keller blair 10 months ago

    Also I think we may need a metro 2033 review it would be interesting how you view one of the most depressing game series ever made

  • napa modesto
    napa modesto 10 months ago

    Govt shutdown? It wasn't working to begin with lol!

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable 10 months ago

    Oh..........there's a Government shut down? I honestly hadn't noticed, lol.

  • Skeeter McBeater
    Skeeter McBeater 10 months ago

    The wall will save lives & make both America & Mexico great again.

  • Man of Action
    Man of Action 10 months ago


  • All Things Entertaining
    All Things Entertaining 10 months ago

    I'm not a proponent of a border wall, but I'm more then willing to watch the government implode in on itself over one.

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds 10 months ago

    Really early on in the video,you reminded me-AUDIT THE DAMN FED FOR FUCKS SAKE!

  • Pythagoras Theorem
    Pythagoras Theorem 10 months ago

    Keep holding them hostage, Mr. President. We need the wall!

  • johnvannewhouse
    johnvannewhouse 10 months ago

    Love the t-shirt, Rage. My cardinal favorite, foundational character. Word, muthafucker....word.

  • Rkk O'Tilley
    Rkk O'Tilley 10 months ago

    It's a beautiful world for you , for you , for you.....AND me !

  • 2Keen To give a what
    2Keen To give a what 10 months ago

    You should react to AOC speech