VR Sculpting is AMAZING! My first Oculus Medium Character - Sci Fi Queen Bee

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • Sculpting in virtual reality using Oculus Medium and the Oculus Rift S. The character I create in the video is sculpted and textured a 100% in Oculus Medium in VR!
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  • YanSculpts
    YanSculpts  5 months ago +3852

    What kind of VR content would you like to see on the channel?

    • Kalimator
      Kalimator 17 hours ago

      Tutorial on using options in sculpting apps, quick tips how to use them

    • autista comunista 777
      autista comunista 777 Day ago

      Make DIO

    • Theninety
      Theninety 2 days ago

      I wonder if you could create your charactor in VR and use it for VR chat. Thay would be cool.

    • Zatzu Uy
      Zatzu Uy 3 days ago

      Male model please!!!!

    • Sampo Kemppainen
      Sampo Kemppainen 7 days ago

      Have you got a possibility to do AR. Like 3d art studio where you can freely walk around the 3d modeled art model, and manually do a croquis drawing.
      As an artist student, that would be super interesting to see.

  • GamerGalLana J
    GamerGalLana J 57 minutes ago

    Me: Damn this is very impressive 😲

    Also me 10mins later: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! DO SOMETHING WITH HER ASS!!

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross 4 hours ago

    Good, now fk it

  • YungChopz
    YungChopz 5 hours ago

    Wow it’s basically sculpting with clay in vr

  • Andrew Hardy
    Andrew Hardy 7 hours ago

    This will be used for 3D hentai. I'm not complaining though

  • TheFifthOne
    TheFifthOne 8 hours ago

    Dang that outfit hella tight!!

  • Spicy Baguette
    Spicy Baguette 10 hours ago

    This what god does

  • Matheus Alves
    Matheus Alves 11 hours ago

    Dry hentai

  • killwalker 2019
    killwalker 2019 12 hours ago

    1 minute... "hey i could do that"
    2 minutes "hmmmm"
    3 minutes "well poo"
    Great vid. Too advanced for my low brow sketch skills though

  • PkKingSlaya
    PkKingSlaya 12 hours ago

    Aaand print!

  • ThatOneCanadianDude
    ThatOneCanadianDude 13 hours ago

    This was a very satisfying video, your art skills are highly impressive

  • ATOM 03
    ATOM 03 13 hours ago

    My man likes it big 😂

  • Kegan Grimme
    Kegan Grimme 14 hours ago

    How long did it take you to do this? This is absolutely incredible!

  • ツKaBoom YT
    ツKaBoom YT 14 hours ago

    Damn that's


  • GIA
    GIA 16 hours ago

    You scared me when you started talking

  • Lazy Rabbit
    Lazy Rabbit 16 hours ago

    This could be terra from teen titans

  • Ilicia Rodriguez
    Ilicia Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    Personally I wouldn’t want a number on my crotch but other than that this is pretty darn awesome. Making the hair looked particularly fun.

  • Septra Ortis
    Septra Ortis 19 hours ago

    That amount of energy and time. So impressive. I wish I could do that.

  • Eqwan Lott
    Eqwan Lott 21 hour ago

    That's incredible bro you have mad skills keep it up

  • ChaosHoodie Gaming
    ChaosHoodie Gaming 21 hour ago

    So create it and Jack to it me like it.

  • LN20129
    LN20129 21 hour ago

    Représentation d’une femme par un homme : gros seins grosses fesses, mince voire ultra mince, blonde aux yeux et bouche au Botox. La connerie masculine n’a décidément pas changé on dirait.

  • ThreeForths
    ThreeForths 22 hours ago

    This inspired me. Thank you.

  • Gabriela S.
    Gabriela S. Day ago

    Really cool sculpting, but this is soooooooo the stereorypical and standard female hot character in tiny clothing. More creativity next time.

    • Jack park
      Jack park 10 hours ago

      Feminist screeching intensifies

  • VigorousLethargy

    This is basically Z-Brush in VR. Holy fuck, I love it.

  • Gamer Star136
    Gamer Star136 Day ago

    The soot looks like urajas soot just better and different colors

  • Kc Meyers
    Kc Meyers Day ago

    Day 12 of No Nut November got me like

  • J K
    J K Day ago

    More sculpts

  • Frog Guru
    Frog Guru Day ago

    You thought it would be queen bee but it was me dio

  • Jump_Kickasaurus

    So much talent😵I'm so jealous

  • Rahkeem Valentine

    This needs to be a video game character! Who’s with me??

  • don sebichello
    don sebichello Day ago

    So..if that badass girl had a bit mourrr ThIcCCCccCnEsSssS...well

  • Blue
    Blue Day ago

    Why hasn't there been a program that allows for VR fingers and hands to sculp like a clay figure yet, the technology has been good enough already

  • Kristopher Pickstone

    Cool now sculpt pewdiepie

  • Simplistic
    Simplistic Day ago

    i freaking thought it was pewdiepie💀😂

  • The Key board Warrior

    Wow dude so good 😊

  • Rene Bistak
    Rene Bistak Day ago

    How many subscribers for a shirtless video? Asking for a friend

    • Rene Bistak
      Rene Bistak Day ago

      @YanSculpts alright let me get in this channel promoting gig 😜 thank you for actually replying, keep up the good work!

    • YanSculpts
      YanSculpts  Day ago

      😂 who knows 1 mil xD?

  • Singlish Dude
    Singlish Dude Day ago

    6:26 you scared the sh*t out of me

  • Filter.mp3
    Filter.mp3 Day ago

    *H o w*

  • Mr RaGe
    Mr RaGe Day ago

    Dudes really out here playing god

  • Francisco Quintero

    Kono waifu da

  • Sheikh Sarian
    Sheikh Sarian Day ago

    I clicked this video thinking that this was Felix doing that VR waifu shit again... Dang I was wrong.

  • Spirit_Fae
    Spirit_Fae Day ago +6

    Once you've done it a lot, you should definitely make characters out of fanart!

  • UhSthetic
    UhSthetic Day ago

    Bruh I wonder what he looks like to all the people walking by

    • UhSthetic
      UhSthetic Day ago

      @YanSculpts But it's great! I can't even dream of getting it that proportionate 😂

    • UhSthetic
      UhSthetic Day ago

      @YanSculpts lol

    • YanSculpts
      YanSculpts  Day ago +1

      Minus the footage of the sculpt, i see what u did there

    • YanSculpts
      YanSculpts  Day ago +1

      Similar to what i look like in the video xd

  • Uriel Ferres
    Uriel Ferres Day ago +2

    Dude :
    That's: (DIO'S DAUGHTER)


  • Kiljon
    Kiljon 2 days ago


  • Fabulous Canuck
    Fabulous Canuck 2 days ago

    10/10 would smash

  • _JESSI_ The Wierdo
    _JESSI_ The Wierdo 2 days ago +1

    I CANT be the only one who thought the guy playing was jacksepticeye

    • YanSculpts
      YanSculpts  Day ago

      Ur not, ppl confused me for pewds as well, still no idea why lol

  • Yo Homii
    Yo Homii 2 days ago

    1:35 - 1:38 - 6:27

  • carlo castro
    carlo castro 2 days ago

    6:26 mini heart attack ☠️☠️☠️

  • Anthony Mayoh
    Anthony Mayoh 2 days ago +2

    Watch you work reminds me of the toy fixer/polisher from toy story 2. Amazing work

  • Cristian SP
    Cristian SP 2 days ago

    es bellísimo. jpg

  • Tonu Ahmed
    Tonu Ahmed 2 days ago

    plot twist his body is also CGI made

  • Reveluv Edy
    Reveluv Edy 2 days ago +2


  • coochie eater
    coochie eater 2 days ago +1

    Imagine sculpting a girl of your choice and bring her to life

  • Destiny Francis
    Destiny Francis 2 days ago +25

    Who else was into the Model he was creating. And didn't notice that his shirt was changing. 🤚

    • MayhemsBeast
      MayhemsBeast 21 hour ago +2

      I didnt even notice he was on the side until you mentioned his shirt changing and I replayed the video lol.

    • :Honey_Nut_Cheetos:
      :Honey_Nut_Cheetos: 2 days ago +2

      It wasn't

  • PUVI
    PUVI 2 days ago +3

    2:17 when ur gf is lying about going to gym

  • Just BlakSheep
    Just BlakSheep 2 days ago +1

    I wonder if this is how developers will create characters from now on instead of showing concept art just have the engineer create, present, resculpt, re-present, final render and hand off. That way when developers want to show how they are designed you can just watch with dialog about the character and skip concept art design. Let's go digital so we can get into the future already.

  • GnasheR
    GnasheR 2 days ago

    This wasn’t my proudest wank but I got there

  • Abd A
    Abd A 3 days ago +1

    GOD creating ADAM : WHERE'S MY OCOLUS?

    Ps : Darwin sucks 😎

  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago

    If you add joints and physics would you be able to use in the game vrchat? you could make some money selling vrchat characters really nice job I love your work