I Got "Perfect" Jeans From An App

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
  • I saw these smart leggings and measuring app and I was so intrigued I had to get them - I'm always down for futuristic fashion and these promised to measure me exactly and recommend some perfect jeans for my body type. What do you think? How did the app do?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +8337

    HELLO my bbs!! So sorry for the delay, I've been traveling & sick at the same time, but we're BACK! what did u think of this? would u subject your booty to these future leggings? xoxo, Saf. EDIT: yes the stars are highlighted orange so they are 5 stars, not empty - i checked!

    • Corrin kid Miscellaneous
      Corrin kid Miscellaneous Month ago


    • NesaFashion Channel
      NesaFashion Channel 7 months ago


    • Hélène fluttert
      Hélène fluttert 8 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard you should try the lancome foundation matches machine thing

    • chibiwho
      chibiwho 8 months ago +1

      i would be up for it if they got rid of that wAIST GAP THAT DRIVES ME INSANE

  • Shell A.
    Shell A. 2 days ago

    I'm here or the thumbnail 😂 She look like she had a wedgie, hence, I'm here

  • kyliee c.
    kyliee c. 4 days ago

    Yesterday i bought found my perfect jeans. And they had it in differnt tones of blue, grey and black😩. I am so happy now😍

  • Mudasser Kamal
    Mudasser Kamal 9 days ago

    Zozo suit??

  • vampblckheartofdeath

    It helps that you're fit. I'm considerably not. So I doubt that I'd have any perfectly fit jeans. I don't think I'd be able to fit in those leggings to do the first measurements.

  • Cadence The Capricorn

    7:01 WhY Iz IT so LAwnG???

  • Clara Blunsdon
    Clara Blunsdon 12 days ago

    i love how she just has a human to cat translation app

  • Maddy More
    Maddy More 14 days ago

    “They feel sturdy.” For 125$ they better be!!!

  • Lindsay Christine
    Lindsay Christine 16 days ago

    Just come see me at Nordstrom ! I’m a personal stylist and I’ll find that perfect fit ! Love your show girl ❤️

  • Awesomeness 101
    Awesomeness 101 16 days ago


  • Gia 456
    Gia 456 21 day ago

    at first I thought that the leggings were the clothes

  • Household Documenteries of cats with crafts

    7:01 that's what she said 😏😏

  • Chloe Johnson
    Chloe Johnson 26 days ago

    she’s got perfect “genes”

    i’m sorry i’ll leave now

  • Taniza Hassan
    Taniza Hassan 26 days ago

    The truthm.thexvid.com/video/M6NjKUnfCFc/video.html

  • himitsu.no.rakuen
    himitsu.no.rakuen 28 days ago

    Old navy rockstar’s are supposed to fit short to the ankle. Those used to be my go-to jeans until I found Hot Topic jeans that fit me personally soooo nice.

  • Tammy Finch
    Tammy Finch Month ago

    You gave to pick the stars you want. If it's not great do 2 or 3 stars

  • Erica Tamorria
    Erica Tamorria Month ago

    I like your shirt

  • Andrew Tamorria
    Andrew Tamorria Month ago

    i love your shirt

  • Imagination Lord
    Imagination Lord Month ago

    My internet cut out and it started buffering right as Saf said 'I'm going to be as still as possible' and I genuinely didn't realise it wasn't a joke for 30 seconds...oops

  • Rose Condron
    Rose Condron Month ago +1

    It makes me happy when we get Harry Potter references

  • Olivia Nelson
    Olivia Nelson Month ago

    well it doesn't measure around your thighs, so whats the point...

  • MegaShinyObject
    MegaShinyObject Month ago

    I love your shirt.

  • Love Birds
    Love Birds Month ago +1

    Do i like school 9:33

  • B C
    B C Month ago

    Light blues were the best

  • Loai Hani
    Loai Hani Month ago

    who is here after the zozo video

  • Emma Butcher Art
    Emma Butcher Art Month ago

    And a year later there is zozo... Lol

  • Car0lin3
    Car0lin3 Month ago

    Liked immediately after the Harry Potter reference

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 Month ago

    Wow, you got them all in two weeks? That is some sort of record for you. Most of even your "rush deliveries take months.
    Great vid as usual.

  • BriJBo
    BriJBo Month ago

    Just wear Old Navy Brand "Curvy" style jeans. They should fit wonderfully for those with a bigger than average bum. My pants size there is 6, inseam: 32 inches, hip circumference: 40 inches.

  • Hey Lim
    Hey Lim 2 months ago

    Who else is watching after the zozosuit video?

  • Andrea Castillo
    Andrea Castillo 2 months ago

    Do you guys know where I can buy affordable black jeans that don’t fade too quickly? Maybe $40 or less? I am also a bit “thick”, so spandex-y material would be nice 👍🏻

  • Gina A
    Gina A 2 months ago

    They weren’t 5 stars, they were not rated at all. They were no stars . Zero stars ✨

  • Cassie Kennedy
    Cassie Kennedy 2 months ago

    you say levis to!!!

  • jade Mack
    jade Mack 2 months ago

    Wait.. levis are like $40 in the us??. In Australia you're paying $100- 130.

  • Barbara Haberman
    Barbara Haberman 2 months ago

    The fit gets easier as the spandex content rises. Small differences in measurements get smoothed out in the stretch.

  • Lucy The Jaguar
    Lucy The Jaguar 2 months ago

    My favorit is number 3

  • proud ravenclaw
    proud ravenclaw 2 months ago +4

    Leaving BuzzFeed was the best thing you could have ever done 😘
    Love you saf💜😘

  • nathalie nercedes
    nathalie nercedes 2 months ago

    I agree with her on the app, i was waiting for it to give her something wow

  • Katherine Bruce
    Katherine Bruce 2 months ago

    It would have been fascinating to watch this done on somebody with a non-average body shape, being very short or obese or very long legs. Would the number of 5-star reviews decrease in that instance?

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 2 months ago +1

    Their relationship is so healthy! I love this couple so much! 😍

  • Sarah Mawdsley
    Sarah Mawdsley 2 months ago

    I need that shirt

  • nitisha mishra
    nitisha mishra 2 months ago

    Her and I have exact same body measurements. Height weight and everything

  • Catherine Cote
    Catherine Cote 2 months ago

    Yeah right that many matches? I don't think so....!

  • miat789
    miat789 2 months ago

    Lol so they use the two sizes you tell them to send you a size. Lol 😂

  • Melanie's Rudolf
    Melanie's Rudolf 2 months ago

    Good vid

  • Baumfroschbarbie 23
    Baumfroschbarbie 23 2 months ago

    So I pressed like as soon as you quoted Arthur Weasley. You're a Ravenclaw, your cancer, so you're basically me. I love your videos and you make me very happy 😊 love from germany ❤️

  • aestheticly lost
    aestheticly lost 2 months ago +1


  • aestheticly lost
    aestheticly lost 2 months ago

    i love american eagle high waisted jeans they are soooo comfy and fit perfectly😍

  • Cassie Bloemendaal
    Cassie Bloemendaal 2 months ago

    Hey its Panda Express, how funny

  • 2009LuckyStar
    2009LuckyStar 2 months ago

    Still a good idea for people who don’t know their size in jeans brands they haven’t worn. I usually google reviews to see if the brands run true size or small etc. brands like Zara give a helpful recommendation on their website based on your specifications.

  • Anne - Gabriella Reyes
    Anne - Gabriella Reyes 2 months ago

    *this is the future i signed up for*

  • Anne - Gabriella Reyes
    Anne - Gabriella Reyes 2 months ago

    "yes, thats right folks, an app is about to measure my booty. *this is the future i signed up for*"

  • Anna R
    Anna R 2 months ago

    why cant they just have you measure yourself? seems so much more reasonable

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith 2 months ago

    Tbh you’re like a realistic size and 100000% body goals. I feel like there are so many “fat/thick girl” and “skinny/thin girl” awareness and that’s great but there’s no one who’s really in the middle, meaning size 6-10 girls. I see a lot of 0-4 and 12+ but as a girl who is a size 8 it’s nice to see someone who’s a in between.

  • Leslie Gutierrez
    Leslie Gutierrez 2 months ago


  • BookishLish
    BookishLish 2 months ago

    I discovered Levi’s jeans a couple years ago and I buy them religiously now, especially the fit and cut I like. I wore one pair to thigh rippage sadly 😭

  • Skyler Dubay
    Skyler Dubay 2 months ago

    i want tyler to try this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regules Black Lupin
    Regules Black Lupin 2 months ago

    2:14 ASpects

  • Bangtan Sǝʌǝu
    Bangtan Sǝʌǝu 2 months ago

    It’s funny how you randomly have a “human to cat” app on your phone😂
    ( 2:30 )

  • Simply Medieval
    Simply Medieval 2 months ago

    Jeans with stretch in them will stretch out one to two sizes after a couple of days wear (in some cases just a day). They go back in size after washing if you don't use detergent.
    So they should feel "to small" when you buy them. But a lot of people doesn't know that and therefore buys jeans that is to big.
    (Sold jeans for a couple of years, but not anymore)

  • Nicole Moore
    Nicole Moore 3 months ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t say you needed a long in the old navy jeans!

  • Erin
    Erin 3 months ago

    Wow 55 txts on her phone lol

  • Rick Holtz
    Rick Holtz 3 months ago

    Was cost mentioned? I really believed that what that app would do was to calculate the perfect size and cut from the many brands to find your perfect fit. In that respect I found this app to be a complete failure and their "Five Star" rating system to perform more like a pimp for every brand of jeans they reviewed. Not helpful at all considering that you can find many pairs of pants from the brands large assortment of styles that WILL fit but that won't fit WELL.
    I recently lost a lot of weight (mostly gut -going from a 42" waist to a 31" waist SLIM) so buying jeans was a new adventure. What I discovered was that every single pair of jeans and pants from every brand was consistently 2"-3" or larger in the waist. So a pair of sized 31" jeans from J. Crew or Lucky or 7-FAM actually measure 33"-34" at the waist. More expensive brands like Joe's Jeans run even larger. Levi's never fit me no matter what size I am. The other thing was that with so many "skinny/slimmy/tapered/straight" cut variations (options that were never available to me for over 15 years) there were other inconsistencies. The biggest problem was that so many of these brands have such tight legs that I could never get them up over my meaty calves. I could pull them up but they were so tight around the calves I couldn't comfortably wear them. And even then, the waist was too big. Because my size was diminishing so rapidly I was spending a lot of time making returns and tried on a lot of bottoms. Now, I carry a tape measure with me at all times and I know that if the waist measures 33" they'll usually fit but the calves have to measure 16.5" at the least or they won't fit. Most men have smaller calves so I don't fit the standard cut. My advice for everyone is to forget any app when it comes to fit and try on dozens of brands, cuts, fabrics (some have stretch others have none) to find the best fit. You can also measure your favorite jeans (waist, inseam, calf, thigh, rise, etc) and measure every new pair of pant before you buy. This may save a lot of wasted time. It will be a while before the technology can replace the chore of trying on clothes to discover that perfect fit. Great job Saf and Tyler! I'm loving your channel!
    Ever thought of covering a nutrition app that suggests food plans and advice for eating for your "type?"

  • Fluffhead
    Fluffhead 3 months ago

    You've got a quilted...ass-pect to it, you mean?

  • Brianna Newnham
    Brianna Newnham 3 months ago

    Does anyone else realize that she gave her size already so the app just goes by the size she gave

  • Courtney Kozlowski
    Courtney Kozlowski 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else like Safs shirt

  • Zoe With ROI ROI
    Zoe With ROI ROI 3 months ago +2

    1 like = 1 🌻

  • Kayleigh Furia
    Kayleigh Furia 3 months ago

    A quilted ASSpect

  • lynnrobi
    lynnrobi 3 months ago

    I love them all!

  • GetBack JoJo
    GetBack JoJo 3 months ago

    Really glad you reviewed this ...SO NOT worth the money...maybe it’s because you are a fairly regular size...some people (woman particularly) have a difficult time buying jeans...it might be good for someone who is more disproportionate!?

  • Harper Loves Pandas
    Harper Loves Pandas 3 months ago +1


  • Crystal DragonTheBTSfan

    My birthday is on January 16th so I have 8 days left as a 11 year old

  • Bella Car
    Bella Car 3 months ago

    The background of your phone 😂😂

  • Faith Ketcham
    Faith Ketcham 3 months ago

    I saw her expensive nail polish nails from her vid with simply nailogical their co vid

  • Julie Bank
    Julie Bank 3 months ago

    You've got kind of a quilted ASSpect to it 😂😭

  • Kristian Villatoro
    Kristian Villatoro 3 months ago +1

    the 1st pair and mom Jean's looked good on u

  • Johni Autumn
    Johni Autumn 3 months ago

    This is gonna sound really yeehaw but bootcut jeans look good on literally everyone

  • Jessica Lanigan
    Jessica Lanigan 3 months ago

    So you buy a pair of leggings to use once so you can find your size ? Seems like a waste of money and time. Just shop around until you find one you like ?

  • Fishcakes the Umbrella
    Fishcakes the Umbrella 3 months ago +1

    2:12 "because you've kind of got a quilted ASSpect to it"

  • Jenna
    Jenna 3 months ago


  • Simply nailogical Is awesome

    2:14 get it ass-pect😂😂

  • k pax
    k pax 3 months ago

    You should try Be-Girl jeans from Zulily. I live in them.

  • Maria Stave
    Maria Stave 3 months ago

    Pro tip: longer zippers actually helps reducing camel toe

  • SG_Fitness
    SG_Fitness 3 months ago

    Who else was triggered by all of her notifications

  • PufferPuppyPower
    PufferPuppyPower 3 months ago

    I really wish they counted how many times Tyler and Safiya said “Booty” Or “Bootilicious” or anything with booty 😂

  • Mikaela Oliver
    Mikaela Oliver 3 months ago

    yay a fellow tall girl!

  • Xavier Phoenix
    Xavier Phoenix 3 months ago

    It's refreshing how comfortably open you are on camera. Keep it up!

  • Shawnne I Quick
    Shawnne I Quick 3 months ago

    I think you should've kept the Lucky Brand ones- because I'm totally biased and know how well LB wears in and still holds shape.

  • julie
    julie 3 months ago

    How is it possible that we are the same weight but she's 1 inch taller and she's a 8 and I'm a 12! An inch! Wtf

    • DeepFriedMarshmallow
      DeepFriedMarshmallow 3 months ago

      You may just hold your weight differently. Also - women's sizing in America means nothing, what size you are can vary wildly between brands.

  • KittySkeleTonGamer
    KittySkeleTonGamer 3 months ago

    Kinda late but,
    After reading the package and seeing something on it like " the future of online shopping" and after seeing that the jeans imo are not perfect but more so are your size and fit you, just not those "amazing pair of jeans that are literally to die for amazing on your body"
    But more of jeans that fit you from these places if your shopping online and fit well just not amazballs jeans if that makes sense lol
    All from some pants (maybe a body suit top if the business does well?) and your phone with no guess work.
    AKA "the future of online shopping"

  • I Drew That
    I Drew That 3 months ago

    Now, they gotta make a shirt version of that...

  • Kat X
    Kat X 3 months ago

    Humans aren't real.

  • AceOfSpades Lena
    AceOfSpades Lena 3 months ago

    I got an ad for "the perfect Levi jeans" on this video lol

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short 3 months ago

    I wished the app did all the thing you talked about. I can never find a good jeans. I’m very short and short legged. So never can find jeans to fit.

  • Kaitlynn Comerford
    Kaitlynn Comerford 3 months ago

    Can you see the glitter box !!?

  • Kirra Van.H
    Kirra Van.H 3 months ago

    I think Safiya had to rate the Jean s on the app

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 3 months ago

    I love your bag! 🦇

  • Heather
    Heather 3 months ago


  • Denise [DeniseForLife]
    Denise [DeniseForLife] 3 months ago

    7:33 and pause ur device 🤣

  • Gabriella Jorgensen
    Gabriella Jorgensen 3 months ago

    They all look amazing on you