Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #12


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  • Christopher Appleyard

    Am I imagining it or did they do the worm movie on another episode as well?

  • KingOfTheShill
    KingOfTheShill 2 days ago


  • ChristophInns
    ChristophInns 4 days ago

    Ms Udderley is so cute, how can anyone hate her. Her human though looks like the hitman from No Country For Old Men.

  • Metalgear SolidSnake

    Wow Rich Evans is Jesus crist.. his knowledge is amazing""!!

  • Metalgear SolidSnake

    LEt me guess, Rich Evan is epic in this Wheel of the worst again:)?

  • Connor Fineran
    Connor Fineran 9 days ago

    -Jay Bauman, 2016

  • Weird Video Games
    Weird Video Games 12 days ago

    I don't know what it is about Colin's expressions in this video but he looks like a department store mannequin.

  • thejunksynchronhero
    thejunksynchronhero 14 days ago +1

    Drunk Mike is a national treasure.

  • Sober Noble
    Sober Noble 15 days ago

    I'd give Ms. Udderly the business boys

  • Enclave Remnants
    Enclave Remnants 17 days ago

    "Worm woman, worm woman, worm woman just sitting here."

  • Waguligi
    Waguligi 21 day ago +1

    Every time Rich laughs and it echoes, that's actually the voice of God

  • I am the Walrus
    I am the Walrus 23 days ago

    Doug Anderson has the worst hairline I've ever seen on a human being. No magic in the world can fix that

  • Dradeeus
    Dradeeus 24 days ago

    7:46 Holy shit. Canadians are imaginary.

  • Grey Ghost
    Grey Ghost 26 days ago

    Any time Jim laughs, it's like the joy is literally trying to ESCAPE the furthest reaches of the deadpan realm and then losing that fight horribly, dying off into nothingness. I love every second of it.

  • horrorfanatic78
    horrorfanatic78 27 days ago

    Aw fuck my ass.
    -Rich Evans. 2016

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    Oh no. I had the magic tricks you can do tape. It was bad.

  • The Butter Collector

    I love how trashed Mike is at the beginning.

  • Tobias Shillaker
    Tobias Shillaker Month ago +1

    Duck bucks

  • E.S. Andrews
    E.S. Andrews Month ago

    HOLY FUCK! they switched Jay at the end! How did I never notice that!?!?

  • Voxl Valyx
    Voxl Valyx Month ago

    Doug Anderson's hairline looks like a polygraph.

  • WAMatt
    WAMatt Month ago

    "Your just shakin' a pencil!"

  • Hernard Badloght
    Hernard Badloght Month ago

    i just noticed rich evans repeats what he said that made himself laugh during laughing

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan Month ago

    Mikoslav the Drunk

  • Fecxor Fecxor
    Fecxor Fecxor Month ago

    I think this is hands down the most entertaining Wheel intro in BOTW history.

  • Mindy G
    Mindy G Month ago

    Those deadpan shots are the perfect comedic role for Jim. He's even better at it than Mike!

  • Rawmackaw2018
    Rawmackaw2018 2 months ago

    "Let's talk about fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire safety!"

  • MildGonolini
    MildGonolini 2 months ago

    Does Jim have a sweet Wow signal T-shirt on? Because I want it.

  • Nickolas Belliveau
    Nickolas Belliveau 2 months ago

    when Lazarus comes back from the dead you really put a my twinn doll of him in the tomb, and then sneak the living one in

  • Mr Buinov
    Mr Buinov 2 months ago

    Mike should’ve bleeped over the ‘souls‘ when Rich said child souls

  • Veggie
    Veggie 2 months ago

    29:57 one of the lights on the O goes out

  • Marcelo Colin
    Marcelo Colin 2 months ago

    Holy shit! I saw this episode more than 20 times and just now I noticed that got replaced !!! OMG XD

  • Devan Santiago
    Devan Santiago 2 months ago

    You ever just like zone out of the video when you go to another toab to do something, than come back and their talking about how Rosanne is brainwashing kids to get their heads turned into bugs so that they can stuff their bodies and sell them as My Twin? Really weird.

  • Xavier Kazoo
    Xavier Kazoo 2 months ago

    Seeing Jay and Collin together in this episode just fuels my research that Canada is just an Alternate Reality America that dimensional shifted into our universe

  • Lizard Wizard
    Lizard Wizard 2 months ago

    We got a mytwinn doll for my little sister. It looked nothing like her and she hated it. She was also so scared of it she locked it in a box in the garage for years.

  • Jagarmeister Tharn
    Jagarmeister Tharn 2 months ago

    "How many times did someone get sent the wrong doll?"
    Funny you mention that-- my mom bought one of these damn things and got sent the wrong one, and she had to fight tooth and nail to get a refund.

  • Max Fightmaster
    Max Fightmaster 2 months ago

    Could swear Jay and Colin had a gay-panic moment when they said “Jesus Christ!” in unison. I’m shipping them both, they’d make a cute couple.

  • Idiosyn
    Idiosyn 2 months ago

    Mike, I know you put fucking Pepsi in that MM bottle.

  • ccrstarpanda
    ccrstarpanda 2 months ago

    There is a Comedy Magician 'Doug Anderson' who has a Facebook page...and he wears a cowboy hat in his pictures.

  • Pennywaffer
    Pennywaffer 2 months ago

    "You will help me with my magic video, because I helped you with your hairdressing video and boy do you owe me"

  • alan alan
    alan alan 2 months ago

    Oh my god, an amiga referance in an rlm video, my life os sligjly less empty.

  • unix grief
    unix grief 2 months ago +1

    Flesh Puppies

  • Brendan A. MacWade
    Brendan A. MacWade 2 months ago

    "What would a Vulcan children's show look like?"

  • Colin Halter
    Colin Halter 2 months ago

    S H A K I N ' A P E N C I L

  • Niall murray
    Niall murray 2 months ago


  • Jan von Studnitz
    Jan von Studnitz 2 months ago

    she does look like the devil creature from Legend

  • Andres L
    Andres L 2 months ago

    If the My Twinn video had stayed on untill The Last Jedi the Connie Chung doll would be the Rose Tico doll.

  • Temmie Plays!
    Temmie Plays! 2 months ago

    Practice Practice Pratkiss

  • Rob Myers
    Rob Myers 2 months ago

    Love the Halloween III references. I wish more people knew about that movie.

  • Louis Tamburro
    Louis Tamburro 2 months ago

    Years later, I think Mike got the definition of Service Mark wrong..

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    Shit you guys not, there was an episode of R.L. Stine’s the haunting hour with the same premise has rich said during the my Twinn segment

  • August
    August 3 months ago

    The part where the canadians disappeared and Mike was talking to himself was really well done!

  • Evan Waller
    Evan Waller 3 months ago

    Do you REALLY receive 1000s of VHS tapes every day????

  • Isobutane FM
    Isobutane FM 3 months ago +2

    Rich: fuck my ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • J Truts
      J Truts 2 months ago

      One of my favorite Rich Evans moments.

  • Kyl Roy
    Kyl Roy 3 months ago

    People say Donald Trump had a twin and after he killed him because he wanted to be unique his parents gave him such a puppet to punish him.

  • Rylie Michelle
    Rylie Michelle 3 months ago

    I had a version of those customizable dolls as a kid and I can confirm, my parents were more into it than I was

  • National Sarcastic Society

    Doug Anderson is an actual magician from Oklahoma who looks like the guy on the front of the box. He's supposedly pretty funny and good at magic.
    In short, this magician is a fraud! (Surprising, no?)

  • Logan Anderon
    Logan Anderon 3 months ago

    Awl "D" Best

  • palmieres
    palmieres 3 months ago

    It took me 34 minutes to get Jim's shirt is not unwashed giberish, but rather a homage to the "Wow signal".

  • bruinflight
    bruinflight 3 months ago

    Holy fuck I edited several episodes of Fire Rescue Emergency Response on a Toaster.

  • Dom Pods
    Dom Pods 3 months ago

    I literally had trouble getting through the first 10 minutes of this. I was crying i was laughing so hard

  • Austin Strong
    Austin Strong 3 months ago +1

    And remember the three rules of magic: prackis prackish prac... tice.

  • Travis Randall
    Travis Randall 3 months ago

    shit episode without mike and someone else

  • Kyle Frank
    Kyle Frank 3 months ago

    A discussion about debatably-creepy children's dolls turned into talking about Gary Busey, covered in urine, hiding in someone else's house, with a reconstructed brain made out of peanut butter.
    Welcome to Best of the Worst, everybody!

  • Graham Clayton
    Graham Clayton 3 months ago +1

    Mike swilling Makers Mark bourbon - my wife finished the school term today (she is a teacher) and she had her celebratory Coke and Makers Mark to begin the school holidays!

    • tylerdurden3891
      tylerdurden3891 3 months ago +1

      Workin' on a bottle of Seagram 7 right now myself. Neat, just like Mike's doing, but I leave it in the freezer.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    A Christian rapper raps some fire to save you from the fire

  • Michael Akkerman
    Michael Akkerman 3 months ago

    If I ever found myself in the situation to get Doug Anderson's autograph, I would insist he sing it "Death Scalp"

  • Ducklord The Great
    Ducklord The Great 3 months ago

    Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that Mike started this video far drunker than he usually ends videos

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 3 months ago +1

    I like the 'My Little Narcissist' training dolls,
    what a *wonderful* generation of kids would come outta *that* daily play conditioning! O__O

  • Harry Maxfield
    Harry Maxfield 3 months ago

    For an atheist, Rich sure knows a lot about the Bible.

  • ectheleon11
    ectheleon11 3 months ago

    This will forever be known as the Best of the worst with a movie about kids playing with themselves.

  • Daniel Fitzgerald
    Daniel Fitzgerald 3 months ago

    More than any other Best Of The Worst episode, this video gives off a dark aura which scares me to this very day.

  • William Wassmann
    William Wassmann 4 months ago +3

    He spelled it "Awl" like the tool...because he is a tool.

  • Stephen Porter
    Stephen Porter 4 months ago

    Rich Evans walks like Bigfoot

  • bobdole57
    bobdole57 4 months ago

    Show is always better after you all eat a couple of plates of pot brownies.

  • Luciano Mazzetti
    Luciano Mazzetti 4 months ago

    Fffff uuuu very subtle.

  • Possibly Dell Honne
    Possibly Dell Honne 4 months ago

    the My Twinn thing just reminds me of the horror jrpg Mad Father where the dad goes around sticking needles into kids to turn them into living dolls(tm)

  • Scott Emmett
    Scott Emmett 4 months ago

    Only on this show can a group of people relate Halloween 3 to other crappy videos! LOVE IT!

  • lescovah valich
    lescovah valich 4 months ago

    The magician looks like Russell, Rob Lowe's sidekick in Wayne's World. Or Calvin Hayes from the 1980's band, Johnny Hates Jazz.

  • Willy Beamish
    Willy Beamish 5 months ago

    I enjoy Collin's naïve enthusiasm, Jim just sucks

  • Arthur R
    Arthur R 5 months ago +6

    There's something hilariously surreal about seeing a bunch of beer-guzzling grown men watch a puppet singing for preschoolers

  • cgrant26
    cgrant26 5 months ago

    That laugh! lol Reminds me of Joe Cox from Robocop.

  • Jaime Perez
    Jaime Perez 5 months ago +2

    That Wow! Signal shirt is as cool as it gets 😎

  • Havel the Rock
    Havel the Rock 5 months ago +1

    I'd smash that alphabet lady tbh, she's prob is into some weird shit.

  • mayushii
    mayushii 5 months ago +2

    Damn I had an American Girl Doll that looked like me and I loved it. I wasn’t a creepy kid, I swear!

  • Alana Banana
    Alana Banana 5 months ago

    I wonder how much alcohol these guys have, poor things having to endure this torture for us :(
    Where did Jay go????
    Can you imagine if the kid started saying "mom, why is my doll not growing up?" like even as a child I adored Barbie (and G.I.Joe) but I would have been terrified if I got one of these dolls.

  • analogkid01
    analogkid01 5 months ago

    "The failed magician waves his wand...and in an instant, the laughter's gone..." - Depeche Mode, "More Than a Party"

  • Mehlmo
    Mehlmo 5 months ago

    I wonder if Mike was loaded when does that intro

  • SpaceWalk
    SpaceWalk 5 months ago

    As of May 9 2018 Doug Anderson is still alive. Will the curse of the worst hit him?

  • Absinthe _enigma foxglove

    Fuck bitcoin. I'm going with duckbucks.

  • UpUpBobby
    UpUpBobby 5 months ago +1

    No trick "phortography" was used.
    Practice practice prac.....tice.

    • M Connors
      M Connors 5 months ago

      UpUpBobby Itchy and Scratchy World, where nothing can possibly go wrong.

  • prophetic0311
    prophetic0311 5 months ago

    :How to abduct kids -- hosted by Rich Evans

  • Vladimir Potrosky
    Vladimir Potrosky 5 months ago

    this episode has so much rlm gold. i always lose it at Rich's "you're just shaking a pencil!!!"

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 5 months ago

    You didn't prank call the Twinn number?

  • DirtyFrigginHarry
    DirtyFrigginHarry 5 months ago

    I think I laughed harder at Wil Wheaton in a leather jacket with ATTITUDE harder than anything ever

  • Child Of Bhaal
    Child Of Bhaal 5 months ago +2

    I actually find the cow puppet to be pretty cute looking.

  • Raiden Heaven
    Raiden Heaven 5 months ago

    I saw this video under the TheXvid's "Lifestyle" section.

  • WAMatt
    WAMatt 6 months ago

    how have I never seen this episode?

  • IronBat
    IronBat 6 months ago

    More like Kiki stock footage.

  • Glitch Xero
    Glitch Xero 6 months ago

    Rich Evans cannot tell a joke without laughing at his own joke and repeating the joke over again while he laughs at it.

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 6 months ago

    The puppet lady looks like casino dealer.