Tattoo Roulette w/ 5 Seconds of Summer

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • James welcomes Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael of 5 Seconds of Summer for a game of tattoo roulette. After each band member and James select a closed box, each must reveal what's in their box -- four are labeled "safe" and one is labeled "tattoo." The loser, or winner depending on how you look at it, is immediately getting some fresh ink.
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Comments • 3 992

  • Poopoo Caacaa
    Poopoo Caacaa 21 hour ago +1

    James Corden: I am a father of 3
    My single mom: Gets depressed

  • Mara Fae
    Mara Fae 22 hours ago

    imagine having a matching tattoo with harry styles lmao

  • ninja blender
    ninja blender Day ago

    Is it still too early to say that Harry has a matching tattoo with the guy who fucked his sister?

  • superjillybear
    superjillybear Day ago

    mood is michael hyperventilating in the corner

  • Caligirl13
    Caligirl13 Day ago

    Luke is so hot I canttt even😩😩

  • allysa zheria
    allysa zheria 2 days ago


  • mello yello
    mello yello 2 days ago

    It’s legit the same as 1D the end person is scared like Niall and the second last person got it

  • Mary Serrao
    Mary Serrao 2 days ago

    are we just gonna ignore how when calum went up he said “i paid the sound guy 50$ i already know which one it’s in.” 😂

  • JadeAlexia
    JadeAlexia 2 days ago

    i haven’t watched it yet but my money is on ashton or luke

  • sabie
    sabie 2 days ago

    they’re so tall lmao

  • Luli Sissy
    Luli Sissy 3 days ago

    Who are they? Are they good? First time I hear about them 😮

  • Jessica Sparrow
    Jessica Sparrow 3 days ago

    this is the best thing I have ever watched I can't stop laughing

  • SUDE
    SUDE 3 days ago

    ashton kuşum aydına benziyo

  • Sanne V
    Sanne V 4 days ago

    Anyone noticed it's Always the second from right who gets the tattoo? Like, it's not exiting at all

  • whatever tutorials
    whatever tutorials 4 days ago +2


  • D Prichard
    D Prichard 4 days ago +1

    This reminds me so much of 1D Aston was in the same place as harry, got the same tattoo as Harry, the person next to him freaked out just like Niall, James yells and it's funny af, and Aston dated Harry's sis. Lmao I miss 1D

  • Talei Karavaki
    Talei Karavaki 5 days ago +1

    Lesson: Never ask the audience to choose for you.😩🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Mercedes Cáceres
    Mercedes Cáceres 5 days ago

    El mismo lugar que Harry (la caja)

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 5 days ago +1

    These are so funny

  • llaceyy xo
    llaceyy xo 6 days ago +1

    6:16 im really feeling mikeys pain right now

  • Eliana Lara
    Eliana Lara 7 days ago

    Like harry 😂💔


    Dear Guests.
    It's a TRAP

  • Sandra Mätlik
    Sandra Mätlik 7 days ago

    I feel like this is rigged..... Because the person who got the tattoo has been standing in the exact same spot both times they have played this game (5SOS [Ashton] and 1D [Harry] were both standing in the second to last spot)

  • Carlos Andrés Monterrubio

    I prefer the One Direction version 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭 please come back

  • Alex Storms
    Alex Storms 8 days ago

    One Direction did it best. Sorry

  • Christina H
    Christina H 8 days ago +1

    Who was here after 1D tattoo roulette?? Just me?? Yup ik!

  • Ella Gamel
    Ella Gamel 9 days ago

    When he’s standing in the same spot as Harry and now has the same tattoo as Harry

  • who tf am i?
    who tf am i? 9 days ago


  • Marley Lange
    Marley Lange 9 days ago

    When he did this with one direction Harry was standing where Ashton was and Ashton and Harry both got tattoos

  • Kiki B
    Kiki B 9 days ago

    Who's here after luke got his tattoo of a hummingbird done? Ik it was a few months ago, but meh.

  • Edits By Vee
    Edits By Vee 10 days ago

    James already regretted this with 1D and then decided to do it again with 5sos :D
    also this made me miss 1D

  • Cassandra Vitelli
    Cassandra Vitelli 11 days ago

    Do this with Why Don't We pls and thank you

  • Isa 32
    Isa 32 11 days ago +1

    6:26 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anja Ramos
    Anja Ramos 11 days ago

    I really find this more nerve wrecking that 1d’s

  • Ken Walker
    Ken Walker 12 days ago

    The face Ashton made when he opened the box😂😂

  • Nobodyknows
    Nobodyknows 14 days ago

    That place where Ashton stand is the place where Harry stand and they both got a tattoo

  • Mel xx
    Mel xx 15 days ago

    I love them but their style here reminds me of tik tok e boys hahahahhaha

  • Rainbowgirl
    Rainbowgirl 15 days ago

    Make the like button blue if you think BTS should get a tattoo too

  • Aleesha Iram
    Aleesha Iram 15 days ago +1

    Eventually, James' luck will run out

  • Grace 3
    Grace 3 15 days ago

    Is anyone else suspicious as it is always the fourth person who gets the tattoo
    EDIT: Harry styles

  • Kusnul Istiqomah
    Kusnul Istiqomah 15 days ago +1

    wkwkwkwkw Callum ndadak mijeti pilingan wkwkw

  • cindy elmore
    cindy elmore 16 days ago

    It’s always the guy that picks the second one

  • Barney The Creator
    Barney The Creator 16 days ago

    so fake

  • RAHL
    RAHL 16 days ago +1

    That’s probably for not drinking the blood, Ash 😂

  • Zia Styles
    Zia Styles 16 days ago

    just like harry and it hurts me whenever i remember that

  • Alexandra Justine Jarvis
    Alexandra Justine Jarvis 16 days ago +1

    The audience failed ashton

  • nic
    nic 17 days ago

    2015 flashbacks

  • ripitsmikayla
    ripitsmikayla 18 days ago +1

    english love affair is shaking

  • Elisa Barbier
    Elisa Barbier 18 days ago +1

    I’ve watched this over 20 times and it still stands as my favourite video on TheXvid. Carpool Karaoke next!

  • a a
    a a 19 days ago +1

    james is so over reacting lol annoying

  • French Manacsa
    French Manacsa 19 days ago

    Reminds me of 1D and their faces speacially James it again with the other band James please! until you get it!..🤣🤣

  • Joshua Shin
    Joshua Shin 20 days ago

    It’s funny how everyone talks about One Direction instead of 5SOS. Did you guys also know 5SOS did an opening for One Direction?

    MILLA MARTENS 20 days ago

    James is always so dramatic and never ends up with the tattoo
    I think he knows which box is safe and what isnt
    like if u agree

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V 20 days ago

    Should do this with CNCO

  • Stephen Courton
    Stephen Courton 20 days ago

    Really good guests willing to take risk of getting a tattoo

  • mels donut
    mels donut 20 days ago +1

    aw 1d and 5sos 🥺

  • Jane Lubiens
    Jane Lubiens 21 day ago

    Not as funny as it was with one direction. just saying

  • fly high
    fly high 21 day ago

    Reminds me of D one and only Harry styles...😙1D

  • Emma Callahan
    Emma Callahan 22 days ago

    painfully reminds me of one direction.... my feelings are hurt.

  • SoTotallyNotCrazy
    SoTotallyNotCrazy 22 days ago +2

    Luke looks like Jesse St James from Glee