'Lakers will beat any team' besides Warriors in the West - Stephen A. | Get Up!

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith and Jalen Rose discuss the impact LeBron James & Dwyane Wade's relationship had on the NBA. Stephen A. is confident the Los Angeles Lakers will make the Western Conference Finals barring a match up with the Golden State Warriors.
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Comments • 2 928

  • Darth Cheeks84
    Darth Cheeks84 2 months ago +1

    Stephen A is a joke lol

  • dan 1293
    dan 1293 2 months ago


  • KapoNYC
    KapoNYC 3 months ago

    I bet you Steven A won't remember that he predicted the Lakers going to the Conference Finals haha

  • trevon444
    trevon444 4 months ago +2

    Lakers wont make play offs 😂😂

  • Randy Capia
    Randy Capia 5 months ago

    Kids will ask how can ariza make a team a contender when you are watching him now in a losing team... i tell go watch ariza when he plays for the lakers.. you will now how good he is

  • Superman Dat
    Superman Dat 5 months ago

    Heat won in 2006 not 2007 jalen

  • TheFunGuyKawhi
    TheFunGuyKawhi 6 months ago +1

    Who is here after Lakers beat Warriors by 26 points and Lebron was playing for almost half of the time lol. Stephen a Smith a fuckhead bro

  • Mc Xcoy Setnaled
    Mc Xcoy Setnaled 6 months ago

    This type of analysis is totally bullshit. He doesn't know what Lakers can do during thier game bet.Wariors. YOU R totally wrong.

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright 6 months ago

    Wanker 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • cardsblues219
    cardsblues219 6 months ago

    HAHAHAHA. OKC and Denver could absolutely beat the Lakers. Lakers are trash besides LeBron. foh

  • jdslipknot
    jdslipknot 6 months ago

    Will beat any team in the west?
    Didnt they got their ass kicked by the Nuggets by like 20+ points or something? lmao

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown 6 months ago

    What’s good about the warriors. They keep getting their asses beat and their 3 point shooting is shit

  • silver wing
    silver wing 6 months ago +1

    Stepen ass ,anyone can kick your ass anytime ! Your just a junk mover!

  • Qintz
    Qintz 6 months ago +1

    0:41 travel 😂

  • J Krah
    J Krah 6 months ago

    Cant beat Raptors, Rockets and Nuggets either. Sixers might be able to handle them also...

  • ZuoHu Liu
    ZuoHu Liu 6 months ago

    What is the bridge behind the studio?

  • QwertyFollower
    QwertyFollower 6 months ago

    But they haven't even beaten the Rockets

  • Real Conspiracy Wow!
    Real Conspiracy Wow! 6 months ago

    Damn Stephen A got those reptilian eyes again .

  • Smurfeo
    Smurfeo 6 months ago

    I actually wish that Lebron n Wade never joined together; only to see if they would ever faced each other in a great playoff or finals game....

  • Tao Shi
    Tao Shi 6 months ago

    Ref will help Lakers

  • Spider-Assassin7
    Spider-Assassin7 6 months ago

    I was never a big fan of Lebron as a person but I cant deny his ability and I am very happy he plays for the Lakers now. Ever since Kobe left we haven't done that well. THE LAKERS NOW HAVE A REAL CHANCE AT THE FINALS. #LAKERS4LIFE

  • Nic Tartaglino
    Nic Tartaglino 6 months ago

    Thunder and Rockets would beat them in 5-6 games Warriors would sweep them. In the East the Raptors, Bucks, Celtics, and 76ers would beat them, but the Lakers wont face any of those teams cus theyre not getting to the finals. There are 7 contenders then the Lakers are the 8th best team(no chance at winning shit).

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 6 months ago

    06 dumbass

  • The Indigenous One
    The Indigenous One 6 months ago

    Wait. They can't beat the 🚀

  • Jorge Cancel jr
    Jorge Cancel jr 6 months ago

    Get off Lakers fake ass Jersey dicks. Laker Jersey looks fake ass fuck. Trying way too dam hard to look good. Just play the dam game

  • Daniel Powell
    Daniel Powell 6 months ago

    Didnt beat the rockets tho lol

  • Kris L
    Kris L 6 months ago

    Spurs won 3-1 👀 #PopovichOwnsLebron

  • Bigotes Bigotes
    Bigotes Bigotes 6 months ago

    : (

  • Simon Miller
    Simon Miller 6 months ago

    SPURS: wait hold my beer?

    GXDS GXNS 6 months ago

    The Lakers let Orlando beat them twice can't beat the Rockets shut that bull shit up

  • Deont6y Wild9r
    Deont6y Wild9r 6 months ago

    Why yelling at the mic ???

  • Real Madrid Until I die
    Real Madrid Until I die 6 months ago +1

    And rockets too

  • thundrewww
    thundrewww 6 months ago +1

    how about them rockets ?

  • dejan milic
    dejan milic 6 months ago

    Lakers can' t beat Denver and OKC in 7 games, no fucking chance

  • carl fagerstrom
    carl fagerstrom 6 months ago

    I have to admit Stephen Curry is a great player, he can lead a team, but it seems that the Warriors are doing worse, this season gives anyone who is not the Warriors hope to be the best.

  • carl fagerstrom
    carl fagerstrom 6 months ago

    The Lakers can beat the Warriors, look at the Lakers, this is a team that has great ability to play lockdown defense, if the Lakers can keep this up, we will see an amazing game when the Lakers will 40 ball the Warriors on Christmas Day. Lebron will outshine anybody on the Warriors, but it will show in a victory.

  • Sam l
    Sam l 6 months ago

    if only waded started

  • kingIkeable
    kingIkeable 6 months ago

    Well, Trevor Ariza is here now. Jalen Rose, now what?

    F3ROCITY 6 months ago +2

    they just lost to the rockets, no?

    KRAZO G 6 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Stoooooopid..

  • Brett T
    Brett T 6 months ago

    Add besides the rockets now.

  • Heath Bilbrey
    Heath Bilbrey 6 months ago

    Harden drops a 50 point triple double on LeBron and the Lakers in route to the win. This video did not age well.

  • M Meyers
    M Meyers 6 months ago +1

    Except Houston tonight 😂😂😂

  • Swaggy Gamer-YT
    Swaggy Gamer-YT 6 months ago

    14 teams in the west are competing for the playoff spots that’s crazy they 14th seed (Houston Rockets) would be an 8-9th seed in the east

  • J. Dub206 Rainystate
    J. Dub206 Rainystate 6 months ago

    This Nigga always changing his opinion

  • Jonah Hirsch
    Jonah Hirsch 6 months ago

    This didn't age well...

  • Anthony Leon
    Anthony Leon 6 months ago

    Lakers can beat any team in the West.. Except the Rockets who are near last place.

  • iamlegend148
    iamlegend148 6 months ago

    Listen stephen A. Will cain and jalen rose ill watch them 3 all day go at it

  • sɪᴇᴍᴏᴡɪᴛ
    sɪᴇᴍᴏᴡɪᴛ 6 months ago

    what is nba

  • Jonathan Cortes
    Jonathan Cortes 6 months ago

    Stephen a is a diva. Just saying things for views fuckin thot

  • The Realest
    The Realest 6 months ago

    They be on lebron dick this why i stop watching kd was right about these fan boys

  • GOAT ish
    GOAT ish 6 months ago

    Stephen A... "If you see the brotha making shots from the parking lot it ain't hard to change your mind" Classic

  • Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel 6 months ago

    "Shifted the culture of friendship in the NBA" What? No wonder ESPN is losing millions of viewers..

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson 6 months ago

    they probably won't be able to make it out of the 2nd Rd.

  • Zuhayer Murad
    Zuhayer Murad 6 months ago

    OKC? Denver? Pelicans?

  • Mario Castillo
    Mario Castillo 6 months ago

    There's to much time left to make claims like this... Not to mention he is playing major minutes a game, he will wear down the stretch... this TEAM lacks depth..

  • Goated 1
    Goated 1 6 months ago

    You're high

  • Milos Jovicevic
    Milos Jovicevic 6 months ago

    You are on drugs, Lakers don' t have any fucking chance in 7 games against full roster Denver or Oklahoma.

  • Thomas Dean
    Thomas Dean 6 months ago

    Yes we are going to beat the Golden state warriors. LeBron has a bunch of Young Guys that will bring that extra energy to finish off any team at the end of games. When you have a bunch of young legs you can run a little bit longer than others. The way the Lakers are playing right now is very scary they are not fooling around at all they are about business on the court they want to destroy you and run you off the floor- they are playing at a much higher level than any team.

  • FunkpÖp CasadÖr
    FunkpÖp CasadÖr 6 months ago

    Let’s just say!!! Let’s just say!... that Golden State some how gets upset in the fist or second round (100%) doubtful would happen
    So what Steven is saying the Lakers would win the west and should be the favorites in the west?!!
    So anything less it would be a failure?
    Like I said if GSW would not make it past the second round

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson 6 months ago

    so the Lakers can beat OKC, no way. not in a 7 game series.

  • Paweł Dobrzanski
    Paweł Dobrzanski 6 months ago

    Na tym zdjęciu głównym wygląda jakbym rękę ujebało

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong 6 months ago

    Kuz has a similar fit to Klay Thompson

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 6 months ago

    Hello, Humans. "Oh, read them, have you? Page-turners they were not. Yes, yes, yes. Wisdom they held, but that library contained nothing that the girl Rey does not already possess. Skywalker, still looking to the horizon. Never here, now, hmm? The need in front of your nose."
    ~Yoda(Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

  • Maleek Skipper
    Maleek Skipper 6 months ago

    "Why must you be disrespectful" 💀😂

  • Giavana Riojas
    Giavana Riojas 6 months ago

    Lol everytime the spurs play them we put them in their place. this is some funny right here 😂😂😂

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores 6 months ago

    Mephis is a real deal and ya gonna see in the playoffs

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores 6 months ago

    No one from lakers can stop derozan 30pts in all 4 games just saying

  • Cope or Die
    Cope or Die 6 months ago

    Stephen Keep your word man , you said in the preseason that lakers won't make any progress even with Lebron , come on man!

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores 6 months ago

    Lakers 1- 3 vs spurs so not every team

  • 2hype Gang
    2hype Gang 6 months ago +1

    Fuck u sas

  • mranklebreaker12
    mranklebreaker12 6 months ago

    SAS talkin' bout "I ain't been wrong yet" ... bitch you been wrong every year for like 7 straight years till last year with your finals predictions. Who you foolin'? Lmao

  • Mehdi X. Ismael
    Mehdi X. Ismael 6 months ago

    "Am I not allowed to miss something?"

    ZION PLAYS 6 months ago

    Hehehe...What do you think?

  • Derrick Vineyard
    Derrick Vineyard 6 months ago

    We get it. The NBA is building an excuse for LA to get to the WCF. NBA is a busine$$ before anything.

  • Josh The great
    Josh The great 6 months ago

    We beat the warriors already

  • Manuel stick
    Manuel stick 6 months ago

    bruh this the same dude that said denver will be a better team

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 6 months ago

    rich people "retiring"....what a screwed up world we live in

  • GoBigRed27
    GoBigRed27 6 months ago

    Jalen rose is a clown

  • Rony Ali
    Rony Ali 6 months ago

    Lakers tied with the 4th seed....

  • Triqqa James
    Triqqa James 6 months ago

    Sas got a half ass mustache 😫😫😫

  • Swaeigh Productions
    Swaeigh Productions 6 months ago

    If the magic was in the west lakers wouldn’t beat them 👀

  • Nicolas Arias
    Nicolas Arias 6 months ago

    And besides Miami HEEEATTT!!!!

  • Angel King
    Angel King 6 months ago

    It’s official, SAS suffering from dementia

  • Mays
    Mays 6 months ago

    Aye yall go check out our channel, we up next so ride this wave now

  • Manraj Singh
    Manraj Singh 6 months ago


  • Ibrahim Buldul
    Ibrahim Buldul 6 months ago

    what about the big 4 of BOSTON ? no one speaks about that ... and when they say that they win a "bunch" of titles, come on now, every lebron's championship were so hard to get (exept 2012 but they still come back from a 3-2 deficit against boston ...) , I heard a lot people saying that lebron started this "super team" concept, come on now.

  • i800thizz
    i800thizz 6 months ago

    Stephen A .. pull your head out of your ass .. Lakers can't even beat Denver Nuggets on their best day !!! that's " FACTS "

  • pat lucky
    pat lucky 6 months ago

    Ain't no friends in competition!! Fuck wade! Fuck lebron!

  • Big B
    Big B 6 months ago

    Stephen A. What happens when a smart NBA Brain, falls in love with his own legend and embarrasses himself on a daily basis on TheXvid. Yr star is high in the sky now brah, but people are gettin sick of your BS, so I hope yr saving yr revenue, cos it's not gonna last forever. U muppet. Just sayin.

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time 6 months ago

    You guys have nothing else to talk about huh

  • Dead
    Dead 6 months ago

    6:38 the ny came out of sas😂😂😂😂

  • Deforce
    Deforce 6 months ago

    but we already beat the warriors?

  • M. Shook
    M. Shook 6 months ago

    This is why I can't watch any show that Jalen is on. HE'S ANNOYING!!

  • Dugg Lyfe Entertainment
    Dugg Lyfe Entertainment 6 months ago +1

    SAS I 100% get why they keep you but dam you're a thirsty mofo always changing sides in a heart beat. Now they can beat anyone???? You just said trade the whole dam roster excluding LeLaker!

  • Jeremy Gamihana
    Jeremy Gamihana 6 months ago

    DEN is injured and getting more injured

    AYRIM MALUMOTLAR 6 months ago


  • Jeffrey Youngblood
    Jeffrey Youngblood 6 months ago

    "why you being disrespectful"??!?! - Stephen A.
    Not listening is disrespectful, dood.

  • Jeffrey Youngblood
    Jeffrey Youngblood 6 months ago

    Lakers may get beat by the clippers in the playoffs. But seriously, they are a long shot to make the WCF. Too many teams can beat them: nuggets, Portland, OKC...
    I think OKC bounces them.

  • illiam way
    illiam way 6 months ago

    bron is a travelling mofo