Pilots heard on audio recording pleading with Boeing

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • American Airline pilot union officials met with Boeing engineers in Dallas after the first 737 Max crash and pushed them to take more action in a heated conversation.

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  • apiece ofdirt
    apiece ofdirt 19 days ago

    Muilenberg needs to be sacked “plane” and simple or Boeing is finished. They may be finished anyway.

  • KuyaJetJet
    KuyaJetJet 22 days ago


  • Syed Humza Reza
    Syed Humza Reza Month ago

    Should be proud of pilots like this that ensured people knew exactly how unsafe this aircraft was.

  • Tom Grund
    Tom Grund Month ago

    Hi my name is Thomas Grund, I am a pilot from Germany.
    I explain why:
    This EXACT SAME THING also happened to me once and I am still alive. So that's proof already right there. It's pilot error.
    I'm a pilot since 1988. I'm 51 years old as of today. A few months after I got my first pilot license I was taking off in a TB20 from a short airfield.
    Shortly after takeoff the plane pushed the nose down. In a TB20 you don't HEAR the electric trim. But the way it happened gradually I noticed right away the electric trim went haywire. And I manually held the trim wheel overriding the electric trim by manually turning the trim wheel. It's possible on both. The TB20 and the all Boeing airplanes.
    I then disabled the electric trim by pulling circuit breaker and the problem was solved. This course of action should be taken intuitively by ANY DECENT pilot.
    In a 737 it's a lot quieter in the cockpit then in a TB20. Plus the electric trim makes a pretty loud noise when it's operating.
    If a pilot doesn't realize what to do in a situation like this intuitively
    the pilot should be grounded INSTANTLY.
    On those 2 737 flight the MCAS caused the trim to go haywire.
    On my TB20 a simple broken cable insulation caused the trim to go haywire. What I am trying to say is: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT CAUSED THE TRIM TO ACT UP. A decent pilot should be able to realize the problem instantly and just cut the power to the electric trim. No need for a checklist for this simple thing.
    You also don't need to checklist if the airplane banks to the left just after takeoff. You just move ailerons and rudder to the right.
    If the electric trim is acting up. Turn it OFF.
    If you're too stupid to see (and hear) the trim wheel moving. Then get out of the cockpit and sell tickets at a travel agency and leave the flying to people who actually know how to fly.
    Of course the software for the MCAS should be updated. But grounding the plane is overboard.
    What I am trying to say is. Even if the pilots DIDN'T KNOW about MCAS they should have been easily able to deal with a preschool situation like this.
    I claim that this would not happen to any pilot trained in the USA.
    I live in Hong Kong since October 2008. And let me tell you. Those people here are incredibly educated. But they're MINDLESS ROBOTS.
    That's the problem. Same probably goes for Ethiopia.
    Sounds a bit too high nose for most of you who aren't actual licensed pilots,i know. But that's the bloody fact.

    Here is a video of the REAL REASON WHY THOSE 2 PLANES CRASHED
    AND ALSO Airfrance 447

    Greetings Thomas Grund

  • John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt

    Yeah I don't get how the hell this happened. Engine moved forward on plane would change just a sh!t load of flight properties. Why did FAA just simply allow this? If an engineer thought a new software system needed installing due to physical change how the heck can you think pilots don't need to know.
    I'm a staunch Libertarian .... but sh!t like this makes me think that DEM's maybe have a point. People have no ethical moral center anymore. Do what ever I need to keep money coming in hide what ever gets me there. And the political right wonders why DEMS want gov't oversight ( not that this made any difference ).
    Until CEO's go to jail, actually maybe get the needle or the electric chair for sh!t their companies do .... nothing will change.

  • toade wartface
    toade wartface 2 months ago

    What's really disturbing is the fact that you have people that hate Americans producing electronic components to this plane.

  • Speed Media
    Speed Media 2 months ago

    Hey don’t get mad at Boeing we have all made pretty bad mistakes like for example the dc10 was a plane that costed many life’s because of the manufacturer. But y’all act like this is the first situation where this has happened 🤦‍♂️

  • Marcin N
    Marcin N 3 months ago

    The families will sue, Boeing will say "sorry" and pay the families what they'll make back on sales of literally 1-2 units and the head of Boeing will get a promotion to the board of directors or something similar. Everything as usual in the most corrupt country in the world.

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 3 months ago

    If this isn't a case for, "Criminal Negligence," nothing is.

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47 3 months ago

    If you watch the HBO series Chernobyl, the 737 Max story sounds almost the same. Bureaucrats insisting on cost cutting and then covering up the results of the cost cutting from those in the firing line when things go wrong.

  • christopher hennessey
    christopher hennessey 3 months ago

    Both Boeing and the FAA should be held accountable.This is what happen when bean counters design the plane.,being more concerned about not spending money.Boeing should have designed a completely new plane.

  • Lockbert
    Lockbert 4 months ago

    After the first crash Boeing was working on a fix. But the plane continued to fly. After the second crash, Boeing and the FAA were saying the plane should continue to fly - fix still not implemented. And no one is talking about putting the people responsible in jail.
    Boeing made a plane that tended to go nose up, made an unadvertised software correction that depended on a reading from a single sensor (even though there are two), made the indicator light that a sensor was bad a $80,000 unadvertised upgrade, and ignored that a pilot was trying to override the automatic attempts to push the nose down.

  • CanadianCoin
    CanadianCoin 4 months ago

    Boeing should never fly again. Headsup people Boeing was thinking of changing their airline name.

  • the pun
    the pun 4 months ago

    thank god they specified they want to fix the right things and they didnt want to fix the wrong things cause they wanted to fix the right things

  • James Ricker
    James Ricker 4 months ago

    This is what happens when you put a bean counter with no knowledge of the aviation industry in charge of an aviation company

  • Bobleeswag
    Bobleeswag 4 months ago

    Airbus is superior.

  • Kevin Kim
    Kevin Kim 4 months ago

    1. No, you do want to rush but do it right because the time was of the essence, i.e., people’s lives are at stake.
    2. Boeing should have grounded the planes immediately until fix.

  • Jamaican Me Crazy
    Jamaican Me Crazy 4 months ago +1

    After the 2nd crash I traveled to Florida and heard pilots discussing mcas at customs... There were 737 Max pilots one of them had no idea what was going on. Freaked me out.

  • davids myname
    davids myname 4 months ago

    Why, you have an electronic that can "OVERRIDE" manual input should not be installed.

  • john dada
    john dada 4 months ago

    How tf did he get on air with a gap big enough to fly that.boeing between

    • john dada
      john dada 4 months ago

      @Charles C sherpa derpy mepra derpa

    • Charles C
      Charles C 4 months ago

      john dada How tf did you learn to use the internet with an IQ in the single digits?

  • Bull shit
    Bull shit 4 months ago

    Sure is a lot of debris left, what happened at Shanksville? thexvid.com/video/dnUMft2p7KI/video.html

  • Thorpe Stanford
    Thorpe Stanford 4 months ago

    Corporate arrogance. This is what happens when the faa shirks its responsabilities and allows a company to certify their own product. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Joe Montes
    Joe Montes 4 months ago

    Boeing is going to eat it for this one.😵

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 4 months ago

    I always think this news reader looks like Kevin Lee’s older brother. 😂

  • Forest Whitaker's Eye
    Forest Whitaker's Eye 4 months ago

    Why is Michael Strahan reading me news about aviation?

  • Ebenezer Nikoi
    Ebenezer Nikoi 4 months ago

    One word: Ridiculous.

  • Claude LeBel
    Claude LeBel 4 months ago

    Simply criminal.

  • pjdave27
    pjdave27 4 months ago

    “Senior transportation correspondent”. Seriously? That’s not a young dude either. Needs to do some life evaluation.

  • Johnny Botts
    Johnny Botts 4 months ago

    Ultimate outcome? Boeing will get fined and sued by the families of the deceased, their customers will pay them back thru higher tix prices and nothing will happen to the FAA people who certified the plane. Oh - and you'll hear several congressmen say - 'so we can get to the bottom of this an make sure this never happens again'.

  • One10 2Ten
    One10 2Ten 4 months ago

    Boeing makes stuff. Would you buy a car that maybe once in 300000 miles makes you swerve to the right while locking the breaks? Or a house that once in a decade has all its windows spontaneously shatter? No. Fuck that. Boeing, id love to work for you in the future, but really wtf was your thinking here? Your stocks fucking plummeted. People died. And you call it unnecessary info

  • ahopoka
    ahopoka 4 months ago

    When companies are profits driven by doing everything it can to beat there competitors instead of the representing of a long history of safety the name of who they represent and that goes out the window 1 bad mistake on there behalf.
    Customers are the life force of any company to exist when you show disregard to the paying public to use your product and you fail them with pride & arrogance then expect the masses to take there business elsewhere.
    Had they step back looked at the big picture and did a check list of what was needed from the start ie new fuselage, reengineered and everything to what Airbus took the time and now in the air Boeing through they get away with it and failed 100%
    They don't want to admit they failed not honest with themselves they got to look at themselves why & where we went wrong when you cover up your faults you digging yourself a bigger hole and then it's the point of no return.
    Had they been honest right from the start and keeping everything in check we wouldn't be having this discuss and Boeing name be in tact they lost their credibility with lies of not been up front until after the fact the truth hurts but it hurts when your name & representation has lost the interest of the flying public admit you are wrong be humble and gain the interest of the flying public & pilots that fly the skies of Boeing name intact and not tarnish.

  • nutsackmania
    nutsackmania 4 months ago

    Flaps to 5 mcas disabled. Get the planes back in the air ffs.

  • THe Shoot
    THe Shoot 4 months ago

    In this audio Boeing basically said fuck you to the pilots and the countless passengers that trust the pilots with their lives every time they choose to fly! Forget that this malfunction is an extremely rare occurrence but that this extremely rare occurrence can single handedly crash a plane possibly killing everyone on board!

  • Greg Cunningham
    Greg Cunningham 4 months ago

    To be fair, the officials didn’t really sound that off base.

  • fishersea
    fishersea 4 months ago

    This is why I travel by train

    JRT 4JUSTICE 4 months ago

    Shareholders should threaten to dump stocks for gross negligence and misconduct (among many other charges including fraud) by Boeing in ignoring a deadly product defect . The results of which KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE., Boeing should be charged for various criminal violations....it’s absurd not to ! the company flaunts it’s cozy relationship due to its govt contracts which is funded by taxpayers. Enough already! Several years ago the company fired their own internal quality control auditors because they blew the whistle on Boeing’s subcontractors providing sub par and at times defective air frames for the fuselage which has threatened the integrity of the planes....simply insane. Aren’t people fed up with loosing trust with the govt who se supposed to protect them and bring justice? We retirees lost billions in 2008 along with others due to bank fraud schemes....yet NOT ONE PERSON WENT TO PRISON! If you get busted with an ounce of dope....the county’s DA will make sure and probably win a conviction for prison time...where’s the justice?

  • Mehrox Syed
    Mehrox Syed 4 months ago

    remove that stupid system and keep it simple like the other planes .. why did boeing have to overdoo it?

    MUCKSPREADER1 4 months ago

    Ban all American products like the Americans do with Huawei only difference is America is happy to kill people for profit meanwhile Huawei don't.

  • jabba0975 jj
    jabba0975 jj 5 months ago

    All about the $$. Unless Boeing is sued out of business, it will be back to business as usual, because make no mistake, this IS business as usual in the US of A.

  • Marisa Cerullo
    Marisa Cerullo 5 months ago

    Wow what bullshit. Thank you to the pilots who made the calls. Shame on Boeing.

  • Paul Gallagher
    Paul Gallagher 5 months ago

    This is a sad chapter in the history of aviation. For so many years there was continuous safety improvements. Flying didn't become so safe by accident. It was because of a strict laws and engineering principles. Boeing and the FAA really blew it. Anyone that allowed this plane to fly that knew about the issues, needs to be held accountable. And the pilots have some responsibility also. He said he was the last line of defense, yet remained silent while customers lives were being put at risk.

  • That Xbox Channel
    That Xbox Channel 5 months ago +1

    People don’t know what aircraft they are talking about in affiliated comment sections with the 737-800MAX people are like “OH NO I WILL NEVER FLY ON A 737 AGAIN!!” When in reality the 737-800 and so forth are one of the safest planes ever built....... not the 737-800MAX contain the spread of misinformation

  • Kenny J
    Kenny J 5 months ago

    So glad I didnt take that job with Boeing....

  • bluesageful
    bluesageful 5 months ago

    Man....if that's not typical Corporate Rhetoric, I don't know what is!

  • secret
    secret 5 months ago +3

    made in America. hahahaa they don't care about people live.

  • EveryLadiesFantasy
    EveryLadiesFantasy 5 months ago +1

    Love you agp 🙏🏻

  • 12345fowler
    12345fowler 5 months ago

    So Boeing carefully stated that they didn't feel it's important to tell pilots about a system that can take control of the most powerful surface out there (stabilizer) which in just two increments can bring it full nose down (2*2,5°) ? This has to be the most moronic statement ever. Of course pilots wants to know if a system THAT powerful is hiden behind the scene and also have a proper procedure that help them cope with any of it's malfunction. Well I forgot maybe Boeing didn't want to talk about the manueal trim limitations and let people know about it ? (Yo-yo manoeuvre to relieve air loads from stabilizer which has disappeared from flying manuals since the B737NG ?)

  • Calzonie
    Calzonie 5 months ago

    What a clown he is saying the outcome would be the same that’s not the bloody point the absolute wet wipe

  • Milton Waddams
    Milton Waddams 5 months ago

    FAA won't do much, other countries need to take their time to test everything on Boeing aircraft before certificates are issued. We can assume there are other major issues, this is the only one that was discovered.

  • Milton Waddams
    Milton Waddams 5 months ago

    Yeah the thing that killed hundreds of people, it's really unnecessary information. What's next, telling car drivers how brakes work? LOL. We can't overwhelm people.

  • Marc Bryant
    Marc Bryant 5 months ago

    I don't know why I just can't get used to seeing Michael Strahan in such a refined capacity. In the NFL he was one of the most brutal tacklers to ever play the game. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

  • Barnali D
    Barnali D 5 months ago

    Read this New York Times article, it'll give some clarity and perspective as to what's going on. www.nytimes.com/2019/05/05/business/boeing-737-max-warning-light.html?action=click&module=RelatedCoverage&pgtype=Article®ion=Footer

  • Kim
    Kim 5 months ago

    Could there be something more sinister going on?

  • Dylan Jones Jr
    Dylan Jones Jr 5 months ago

    Also Boeing: We don't want to rush and do a crappy job fixing the right things.

  • TLloyd
    TLloyd 5 months ago

    Sounds like a bunch of pc bullshit. Boeing wants to save face so they won’t say too much smh

  • Jazzmanpac
    Jazzmanpac 5 months ago

    Did I hear correct - 'WE DONT WANT TO FIX WRONG THINGS'? So shall we repair things that are right and ignore the wrong ones? That guy couldnt put together a sentence and we should trust him 35,000ft up in the air? These people responsible should be jailed for life!

  • DrPuppeteer ASMR
    DrPuppeteer ASMR 5 months ago +7

    0:40 the dude in the background was carrying three duffel bags, wtf?

    • A Michele
      A Michele 4 months ago

      DrPuppeteer ASMR Lolol it’s one duffle bag and a golf bag

    HANGAR NUT 5 months ago

    I think it should be written in law for all the Boeing upper management/ CEOs to be ordered to fly on the 737 max to every major city and apologize to the American citizens. If you believe in your aircrafts so much so then you fly in the muthfuckers. PERIOD!

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 5 months ago

    Oh hell no. The info was unnecessary to tell them? No American Airlines for me

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones 5 months ago

    I Think Some of the fault goes to the airlines themselves. Just my 2 cents.