• Published on Nov 17, 2019
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    00:50 - Next Xbox Will Match PS5 in Price + Power According to MS
    05:39 - PS5 Games Development Going Smoothly
    06:58 - West of Dead Coming to PS4 in 2020
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    Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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  • anony mous
    anony mous 18 days ago

    Sony and Microsoft will NO DOUBT have an in person conference meeting about the pricing of their next consoles so they can come to an agreement on having the same price, allowing them to have both consoles priced at least $600, but honestly, $600 is fair considering how beefy these consoles are going to be.. Followed by a massive price drop in a years time or so. Then again, it could be $500 given that Sony has sold consoles before at a giant loss(ps3) due to the blueray player.

  • Noel Silva
    Noel Silva 19 days ago

    That game west of dead looks nice. It like ghost Rider in the west with guns. Sweet.

  • cmoneytheman
    cmoneytheman 20 days ago

    shouldnt folks wait for the pro ver cause it will be better

  • Intuitive Haze
    Intuitive Haze 20 days ago

    1 Phil Spencer never said he was MATCHING anyone, or ANYTHING for that matter, and Knack and Shadow fall were not the only two Big games that were launched on the Ps4 man, stop saying that shxt just to pair it off with the Xbox's usual amount of inadequate exclusives..please.. N most of us went into the ps4 straight from the ps3, n Sony taking the lead in exclusives didn't just happen yesterday. it's literally been like that since the beginning , Best of power, Best of Exclusivity, The X is what it is NOW but, if you ask me, it shouldn't have taken them three console concepts from within the sane console generation to finally get it the worlds most powerful console right, FINALLY 😂.. N being "Sony".. is STILL winning anyway so...

    • Sir Galahad
      Sir Galahad 19 days ago

      *Actually Phil did say that they "will not be out of position in power or price" not to mention they want to "compete the right ways" via "backwards compatibility" & "crossplay"*

  • Vanelli5000G
    Vanelli5000G 20 days ago

    Ps5 standard console=$400
    Ps5 Pro=500+
    Ps4 standard console=$200
    Ps4 Pro=300

  • Island Nassau
    Island Nassau 20 days ago

    Knack was great (both)
    Improvements and creativity ....
    Something for the kids to play.
    Shadow Fall was great as well

  • Mario Live Gaming
    Mario Live Gaming 20 days ago

    Xbox 😪 PS5 👍👍👍👍can not wait to play 🥂🥂

  • Mega Gift Cards
    Mega Gift Cards 20 days ago +40

    Always wait a few weeks before buying a new console, this gives Sony some time to fix the bugs that customers finds.
    P.S we have a limited supply of gift codes available

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 18 days ago


    • Metal Tension
      Metal Tension 19 days ago +1

      Your site is gay, nobody wants to do surveys and all that other bullshit

  • MrSuperVikingo
    MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

    LBOX, It may be released at the same price but it’ll still be trash.
    ❤️ Playstaaaaaation!

  • High Tide 68
    High Tide 68 20 days ago

    I want Playstation 5 to Have a Feature that Disallows Losers on Xbox to play on the Sony Console, which would be about 95 percent of the losers on Xbox haha

  • Timothymooregaming
    Timothymooregaming 20 days ago +1

    So why would anyone want an Xbox PlayStation exclusives are way better so if it’s the same in power and price why would u want an xbox

  • Gabriel Ilca
    Gabriel Ilca 20 days ago

    What game is in the first half of the video? Looks nice

    • Sir Galahad
      Sir Galahad 19 days ago

      *_Ghost Of Tsushima_** an upcoming **_PlayStation Exclusive_** coming from **_Sucker Punch_*

  • King Leo2588
    King Leo2588 20 days ago

    Don't care got wait in to December 2020

  • GBG
    GBG 20 days ago +2

    Ghost of Tsushima is just breathtaking man

  • munchy8404
    munchy8404 20 days ago

    I would pay 800 if the hardware is there. It is hard to keep up with pc but if they came out with a lite and pro version at launch I think that would be the way to go

  • Zachary Brannon
    Zachary Brannon 20 days ago

    Bell Bell hit my Bell bll bll Bell Bell Bell
    .... We fucking know about the bell, never will it be hit

  • Aram Tapacian
    Aram Tapacian 20 days ago +1

    I really want to play SNES and Spectrum games on PS5

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago +1

      Aram Tapacian Yip, gimme full Atari backwards compatibility. 😭

  • Sir Galahad
    Sir Galahad 20 days ago +2

    *I just want to hear **_Jim Ryan_** say **_$299_** & drop the mic at e3 2020*

  • Kitsune1986
    Kitsune1986 20 days ago +2

    What was the samurai looking game playing during this video?

    • Monkey king
      Monkey king 19 days ago

      Not Infamous 3 but I will get it anyway.

    • Sir Galahad
      Sir Galahad 20 days ago +1

      *_Ghost Of Tsushima_** an upcoming **_PlayStation Exclusive_** from **_Sucker Punch_*

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment 20 days ago

    I rather have bleeding edge to play than any Sony exclusive purely because Sony only releases single player exclusives and I’m a fan of mutiplayer based games that require skill and tactics bloodborne is the only exclusive they have that’s like that but it’s not first party. Bloodborne 2 is the only way I’m getting a ps5 I could care less about uncharted 6 last of us 6 horizon 5 god of war 23 lmfao

    • Entertainment
      Entertainment 20 days ago

      Jedi Sith R.I.P.

    • Entertainment
      Entertainment 20 days ago

      Jedi Sith rip

    • Entertainment
      Entertainment 20 days ago

      Jedi Sith I thought as gamers we were past the point of making fun of other gamers preferences but I guess you arent eip

    • Jedi Sith
      Jedi Sith 20 days ago

      Sounds like you're just a basic everyday plain user, must be depressing to sound bland and uninteresting to everyone.

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment 20 days ago +1

    What is the game on the trailer

    • Sir Galahad
      Sir Galahad 20 days ago

      @Entertainment *That's **_Project Awakening_** mate another upcoming **_PlayStation 4 Exclusive_** from **_CyGames_*

    • Entertainment
      Entertainment 20 days ago

      Sir Galahad not that one. The one after

    • Sir Galahad
      Sir Galahad 20 days ago

      *_Ghost Of Tsushima_** an upcoming **_PlayStation Exclusive_** from **_Sucker Punch_*

  • Tainted Dragon
    Tainted Dragon 20 days ago +2

    If the PS5 were indeed to be backwards compatible with all previous systems, the starting price of $543.21 USD would be interesting.

  • Aztec MC
    Aztec MC 20 days ago +2

    Socom in 4k dolby Atmos/Dolby vision online shooter will murder every game for next 10 years...

  • Fawkk YuTuu
    Fawkk YuTuu 20 days ago

    $450 - $475. I would do $475. If they sell It for $549 people are going to expect too much more. I bet we're closer to getting tech that's only barely worth $449
    rather than worth far more than $549+ and them playing It off like It's to deliever something extra special and being greedy with covering losses.
    A minor $100 can't Include or detract too much anyway and PS5 will sell like hotcakes even If It was $650.

  • avg joe gaming
    avg joe gaming 20 days ago +2

    Guessing 500$
    Ps5 is gonna be more powerful and an exec or something said it will cost more but will be worth it

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      Yeah, me too, but I’ll be so hyped if it’s only $450. 😉

  • Wyatt Haake
    Wyatt Haake 20 days ago +2

    I think that the ps5 will beat Scarlet by a long shot. Ps5 will have the almost the same specs with some of the best exclusives. We can have horizon zero dawn 2 or a ne fps game. In my opinion ps5 should make a new all stars game

    JAY WAYY TOO FRESH 20 days ago

    Why do people think HZD2 is going to be a launch title for the PS5 I mean give GUERILLA GAMES time plus I think would do better if it released later down the console's life cycle to take full advantage of it's capabilities and another thing even tho most gamers are cheap and don't want to spend any money if SONY and MICROSOFT releases these consoles dirt cheap at another 400 dollars you can kiss 4k 60 Native goodbye and you'll be be spending another 400 2 to 3 years down the line for a mid generation upgrade which is a waste like the PS4 PRO and XBOX ONE X was 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Monkey king
      Monkey king 19 days ago

      Horizon: Zero Dawn came out early 2017 so they've had this whole time to be working on it and that voice actor let slip that they were working on it so it is possible.

  • Ten Eleven
    Ten Eleven 20 days ago

    $600 max seems fair to be honest. With inflation and the cost of smartphones being so high, it’s not hard to justify a high end new console with that price. Especially if we get backwards compatibility. I don’t want to have to buy the same psn games again for ps5 that I just bought recently

  • to dope boondox
    to dope boondox 21 day ago +2

    500 pro699

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      to dope boondox I want the PS69 Pro, too. 🤣

  • to dope boondox
    to dope boondox 21 day ago

    Im slaping my cash on counter give me my ps5

  • Russian bot
    Russian bot 21 day ago +2

    I hope it comes out 2020 November like their saying

    • Russian bot
      Russian bot 20 days ago

      Nice but Im not on the ps4 greatness my shit broke now I'm stuck with the lunchbox

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      Russian bot I know, but we have an entire year of PS4’s goodness still left.

    • Eddie Escobedo
      Eddie Escobedo 20 days ago +1

      Holiday 2020. It's confirmed no need to hope for nothing

  • AbsoluteMMA101
    AbsoluteMMA101 21 day ago

    ehh I don't buy the bullshit. X Box Scarlett can have more power and have the same price as the PS5, the PS5 smashes the Scarlett in sales once the BIG AAA hitters start coming. I predict PS5 to dominate next generation again with EASE. There's NO competition for SONY. Fail Spencer will be feeding the PC fanboys more free $1 games on Gamepass. They don't give a shit about their console and it shows. Mark my words, X Box Scarlett will have NO AAA exclusive that can match any of the PS5s. It won't even be close. /End thread.

  • Thatonefpsgamer 13
    Thatonefpsgamer 13 21 day ago

    Yeah I ain't a looser so I'm sticking with the next Xbox

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago

      You're are looser though because XBOX likes to screw the gamers.

  • Ghost in The shell
    Ghost in The shell 21 day ago +2

    Nice clickbait video

  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin 21 day ago +2

    What gameplay did he use with the dragon in it??? 3:12

    • Nathan Martin
      Nathan Martin 21 day ago

      @SmokeKlouds seems like it, I'm excited now

    • SmokeKlouds
      SmokeKlouds 21 day ago +1

      @Nathan Martin yeah it's going to be a good game if its like anything we've seen so far

    • Nathan Martin
      Nathan Martin 21 day ago

      @SmokeKlouds Thank you!

    • SmokeKlouds
      SmokeKlouds 21 day ago +1

      Project awakening

    • SmokeKlouds
      SmokeKlouds 21 day ago +1

      I forgot what's it's called, but it was revealed at e3 last year I think

  • blistering sand
    blistering sand 21 day ago +1

    What game is that in the back with the dragon?

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago

      That is Project Awakening and it was announced a little over a year ago.

  • GaggleTheGameScat
    GaggleTheGameScat 21 day ago +2

    PS Now's success is not good for the BC argument.
    If Sony sees profits with Now they won't consider PS5 full BC with past PS systems.

  • Ray N.
    Ray N. 21 day ago +2

    Ill wait for ps5 slim

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      Ray N. Ok, but I’ll wait for the PS5 Pro Skyrim Edition. 😉

  • Political Correctness Offends me

    There are things I like and dislike about both Xbox and Playstaion, but Xbox is finished unless they start coming out with better exclusives. Most of the games revealed at "the biggest inside Xbox" event were pathetic.

  • Jacob Marsee
    Jacob Marsee 21 day ago +4

    The price was why I switched from Xbox 360 to PS4

  • J Phillips
    J Phillips 21 day ago

    I should be the same or more than a new iPhone so it can have all the highest end capable hardware. Everyone will bitch about buying a console then go out and spend a damn fortune on a cellphone.

  • Fletch Davidson
    Fletch Davidson 21 day ago

    A price match scenario. That puts the pressure on Sony. Credit where it's due. Well played, Microsoft.

    • Fletch Davidson
      Fletch Davidson 20 days ago

      @Randy Bradley yeah. It would be as bad as the PS3 launch. Xbox would come out looking like a hero. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago

      Could you imagine if SONY was like oh ya our console is $100.

  • Chanda H. Da Samurai

    Xbox 360 and ps3 was very close console wise in sales. Red ring on Xbox 360 and yellow brick of death ps3. This gen ps4 wins easily. Next gen is going to be very close with no clear winner. The winner will be true gamers who chose both. Sony does great story single player games. And Microsoft does great driving and shooters games. It all depends on what kind of gamer you are.

  • Lekzie69
    Lekzie69 21 day ago

    gamepass better than psnow? lmao psnow has 800 games, no games on gamepass can beat that lol

  • Puppy Soda
    Puppy Soda 21 day ago +1

    You need a online shooter and a kids type game at launch, also if PS5 is not backwards compatible I’ll hang off for few months, (save myself a few bucks) still gotta finish a few PS4 titles I still haven’t played yet, plus Cyberpunk n last of us 2 still to come so I can wait

  • Sownheard
    Sownheard 21 day ago +2

    The game pass is the perfect system to make me buy into Xbox

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      Xbox is trash, I’d rather try out their games for almost free in my gaming PC.

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago +2

      So you won't be purchasing an XBOX then? I ask this because you can use Game Pass on your PC.

  • Luis Roman
    Luis Roman 21 day ago +1

    It better be 400 or less idc if it's a big upgrade or not 500 or 550 for a PlayStation is way to expensive

    • Ken Bell
      Ken Bell 21 day ago

      Bytch if it's $500, you still gon buy it! What you mean too much for a ps5??? you crazy?

  • MooxLive
    MooxLive 21 day ago +6

    *Long story short*
    _No one knows_

  • dezmond roman
    dezmond roman 21 day ago +5

    10 mins 🙄

    PEANUT BUTTER NINJA 21 day ago +4

    What is a xbox?

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      PEANUT BUTTER NINJA A worthless piece of plastic and metal.

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago +1

      A waste of money. Especially if you already had a gaming rig.

  • Edwin Gomez
    Edwin Gomez 21 day ago +2

    $550 for ps5 and $699 for the ps5 pro

  • Tim Webb
    Tim Webb 21 day ago +12

    It would be sweet if both consoles came out priced at 400👍

    • Edna Simmons
      Edna Simmons 15 days ago


    • Tim Webb
      Tim Webb 20 days ago

      Sweet. I have the Pro and X right now.

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago +1

      @Tim Webb I paid only $120CAD for my PS4 PRO at launch because of said promotions. Also my PSVR headset at launch was around the same price because of a similar trade in promotion they were running.

    • Tim Webb
      Tim Webb 21 day ago

      It might happen, it might not just wishful thinking. When these new systems drop, Gamestop and a few others places will have trade in promotions, to knock down the price.

  • Mavis and Mipsy
    Mavis and Mipsy 21 day ago +2

    Those high framerates cant come fast enough

  • Onyx_obelisk
    Onyx_obelisk 21 day ago +18

    At this point I'm just ready to pre-order my ps5

    • gabyto13
      gabyto13 18 days ago +1

      I wouldn’t pre-order it, why? The Ps4 will not get out of date for like a year or so, of course, it’s new, but always the first version has the most problems with the rendering, it would be better to wait 6 months or a year to buy a ps5, because not only it will be cheaper, it would be better than the first edition, I mean, didn’t you guys remember the problems with the first ps4 and ps4 pro?

    • Onyx_obelisk
      Onyx_obelisk 19 days ago

      @ArAneAe I remember when the ps4 came out it was so hard to get I'm not letting happen again

    • ArAneAe
      ArAneAe 20 days ago

      @Onyx_obelisk i know, i never owned a gaming console, I'm too tempted to get ps4 pro for the new cod mw, i think ps5 is worth waiting for, as it will support the next 10 year's amazing video games and we'll get the price details on june 8 2020 at E3.

    • Onyx_obelisk
      Onyx_obelisk 20 days ago

      @ArAneAe you and pre-order too just save you got a year

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago +2

      Yeah, I got my $500 ready.

  • Digiking1992
    Digiking1992 21 day ago +3

    So PS5 -> 500?

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      Digiking1992 it’s probably more like $449.99, just my intuition.

    • Digiking1992
      Digiking1992 20 days ago +1

      MrSuperVikingo is that price confirmed? Just to want make sure…

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      Digiking1992 Yes, sir! $499.99 it’s still a bargain, though.

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago +2

      Would be funny if SONY pulled the rug from under MICROSOFT again and hinted that it was going to be $600USD and then during E3 2020 MICROSOFT goes with that price and at SONY's E3 press conference they say only $400USD.

  • Vogelkop
    Vogelkop 21 day ago +1

    Is ps5 coming next month or next yeaf

  • EliteBlackSash
    EliteBlackSash 21 day ago +2

    When it comes to hardware, I’ma bet on Mark Cerny lol. But, anyway, what MS should be saying is, “We’re going to match Sony in 1st and 2nd party games.”

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      EliteBlackSash Yeah, the only want more cartoonish exclusives. 🤣😂😭

  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards 21 day ago +2

    I don't necessarily care if Sony's launch line-up is better than Microsoft's, even though I know that, as a business, they obviously do.
    I just want it to be great. Compelling. Amazing.
    To be honest, I want Microsoft's and Nintendo's to be great, as well.
    I hope there continues to be solid, head-to-head competition among the big three as technology continues to evolve.
    Here's to gaming!
    Here's to next-gen hype!

  • Chisaten
    Chisaten 21 day ago

    I don't bother buying a new console until it has been out for at least a year and had a price drop. The good side to that is if there is anything wrong with the console on launch, it could be fixed by then.

  • Jayr Jayr Jayr Jayr
    Jayr Jayr Jayr Jayr 21 day ago +13

    Can somebody tell me how much and save 10mins of my precious life? Lol

    • SeeFood Diet
      SeeFood Diet 6 days ago

      Jayr Jayr Jayr Jayr no price just speculation repeated for 10 + minutes...

    • MrSuperVikingo
      MrSuperVikingo 20 days ago

      Jayr Jayr Jayr Jayr Yep, he’s king of clickbait.

    • SmokeKlouds
      SmokeKlouds 21 day ago

      @Randy Bradley 400? That's how much ps4 was on launch, I'm surprised

    • Randy Bradley
      Randy Bradley 21 day ago

      @SmokeKlouds Industry insiders are reporting that the next XBOX could be $400USD and SONY will match that price.