Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Rice Cooker? • Tasty

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • "It feels like something is wrong with this machine. It can’t be me...I know about machines."

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Comments • 12 285

  • S Banerjee
    S Banerjee 29 minutes ago +1

    plan about doing in a hair straightener 😎😎😎

  • Jasmine Ebora
    Jasmine Ebora 2 hours ago

    Warm means you keeping it warm the food cook means cooking

  • Jasmine Ebora
    Jasmine Ebora 2 hours ago +1

    U dont need to heat a rice cooker u just have to plug it in

  • 12 Volts
    12 Volts 2 hours ago

    Got a thumbs down for the buzzfeed left-wing twat. Actually anything buzzfeed.

  • mr.marvel
    mr.marvel 2 hours ago

    Im not even following the cooking because shes soo attractive, im just watching her face the whole Video 😂

  • Elsa Rose
    Elsa Rose 3 hours ago

    She should cook with just an open flame

  • FlippinFudgeYT
    FlippinFudgeYT 3 hours ago

    If your cooking for an Asian.... just cook rice!

  • Caoimhe Van Gossen
    Caoimhe Van Gossen 3 hours ago

    A cutting board

  • Caoimhe Van Gossen
    Caoimhe Van Gossen 3 hours ago


  • Caoimhe Van Gossen
    Caoimhe Van Gossen 3 hours ago


  • Daniel Lerma
    Daniel Lerma 4 hours ago

    As a Asian I’m disappointed

  • Sav 134
    Sav 134 4 hours ago

    Plus a stand mixer

  • Sav 134
    Sav 134 4 hours ago

    I think A sink

  • mxercvry
    mxercvry 4 hours ago

    Stand mixer

  • mxercvry
    mxercvry 4 hours ago

    What about a heated knife

  • Yanitza Ayala
    Yanitza Ayala 6 hours ago

    She should actually try the the curling iron 😂

  • Lexi Ramirez
    Lexi Ramirez 6 hours ago

    deep fryer

  • that is InCoRrEcT
    that is InCoRrEcT 6 hours ago +5

    They got an Asian man to taste test food made in a rice cooked, I see you tasty.

  • I'm Your Huckleberry
    I'm Your Huckleberry 6 hours ago

    Unlike all the other goofy faces TheXvidrs post on their thumbnail, your expressions are adorable!! I don't know why.

  • Jicheng Hao
    Jicheng Hao 6 hours ago

    Can you use a curling iron?

  • Krxst
    Krxst 8 hours ago


  • Zander Burt
    Zander Burt 8 hours ago

    I feel like she couldve duct taped the switch down to cook and just made it cook lol

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan 8 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about the chemistry between her and Ryan?

  • Maddy Miller
    Maddy Miller 9 hours ago

    Ryan eats bland food while crying in a dark room

  • Kiara Hensley
    Kiara Hensley 9 hours ago

    Try an Instant Pot. Although you might have to add some sort of restrictions or other challenges because I cook EVERYTHING in my Instant Pot and I can’t cook to save my life.

  • chaztech
    chaztech 9 hours ago

    i made black garlic in a rice cooker! I shoved as many whole heads of garlic into a walmart pickle jar and let them stay on warm for 3 weeks.

  • Vivian Rhodes
    Vivian Rhodes 9 hours ago

    Air fryer

  • Edward Angelo Vergara
    Edward Angelo Vergara 10 hours ago


  • Dãrk Pÿthøñ被雨
    Dãrk Pÿthøñ被雨 10 hours ago

    *sips tea*
    Here's the tea

    Alexis nails it everytime And it's always delicious!

  • yalliunicon I love cats

    can you cook with a hairdryer??

  • sweetcat2452
    sweetcat2452 13 hours ago


  • Loza ROBLOX life
    Loza ROBLOX life 14 hours ago

    Ice cream maker would be so hard

  • thesopha kave
    thesopha kave 14 hours ago

    I've never seen such a simple rice cooker 😂😂 also you shouldn't have to do the whole process to put it back to cook lol 😁😅

  • jonathan rivera
    jonathan rivera 14 hours ago

    Curling iron

  • Leila P.
    Leila P. 16 hours ago

    You should have put a cheese cloth or any sort of fabric on the lid while steaming the cake. That would prevent the cake from having that texture.

  • samar Cha
    samar Cha 17 hours ago

    Use a hand mixer nexttttttt

  • Dud Dong
    Dud Dong 17 hours ago

    i made spaghetti with the rice cooker, sauted corn and butter almost every meat frying too and a cake.

  • veerasamy Murugesan
    veerasamy Murugesan 18 hours ago

    Looks like my idea has already been done

  • Lil Peachy
    Lil Peachy 18 hours ago

    I like how she kinda looked weirded out that people use a rice cooker for other things while i'm literally cooking everything I eat with a rice cooker-

  • veerasamy Murugesan
    veerasamy Murugesan 18 hours ago

    A 3 course meal with a mixer

  • Yolosaranghea
    Yolosaranghea 18 hours ago

    My mom actually do this sometimes cause the gas to cook has finished and my father doesn't know about this and because my mom didn't get her paycheck yet so... I kinda already try this at home😂 and gladly my mom didn't burnt down the house..

  • siane ventura
    siane ventura 19 hours ago

    My grandmother always make the mussels with the broth but without the wine in the Phillipines

  • Darya Karaseva
    Darya Karaseva 19 hours ago

    her facial expressions reminde me Andy Bernard from the Office idk why

  • Md Labeeb
    Md Labeeb 20 hours ago

    I made rice in rice cooker

  • zhengxin kwok
    zhengxin kwok 20 hours ago

    Gordon ramsay should try these challenges

  • Stepsen
    Stepsen 20 hours ago


  • Sapphire draws
    Sapphire draws 21 hour ago

    Only Asians will understand the timer on the rice cooker

  • Timtodile
    Timtodile 21 hour ago

    some guy said this so
    Do it with a hand mixer.

  • Timtodile
    Timtodile 21 hour ago

    Now do it using a flask and stove.

  • Pete Artieda
    Pete Artieda 21 hour ago

    Hair Curler/Straightener Next item please

  • Annalise
    Annalise 22 hours ago

    Make a 3 course meal in a kettle?

    JGN CHANNEL 22 hours ago

    Ask Asians about using rice cookers, like me

  • Annalise
    Annalise 22 hours ago

    What about a 3 course meal in a kettle ñ??

  • Crtelo
    Crtelo 22 hours ago +1

    I made my self some tacos with Chilly con Carne and then I was in the toilet for 1 h and 13 m.

  • cloudheaded
    cloudheaded 22 hours ago

    Jam that switch to keep it on cook. Done. XD

  • Eggsn Bakon
    Eggsn Bakon 23 hours ago +1

    She could've literally made rice pilaf/white rice/saffron rice with a salmon and asparagus on the steamer basked all in one...

  • Milkywah
    Milkywah 23 hours ago

    No one:
    My Japanese aunt:

  • Erin Yuan
    Erin Yuan 23 hours ago

    or a straightener

  • Erin Yuan
    Erin Yuan 23 hours ago

    she should do one with a strong hairdryer

  • Doris Lai
    Doris Lai Day ago

    the real ones play music after its done