ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT US! "Joel is not Kaci's Dad?"


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  • Harlow's Channel
    Harlow's Channel 5 hours ago


  • Darrell Smith
    Darrell Smith 5 hours ago

    I get u because u don't want anyone picking on their younger kids

  • Lacey Laura Hawkins
    Lacey Laura Hawkins 8 hours ago

    I love your videos ❤️

  • Isaac Benson
    Isaac Benson 8 hours ago

    Say yes to Sophie for the entire day

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 8 hours ago

    Please Do the pause challenge and the one who is still standing wins £1000 and you guys need to try to get each other out 😄😄😄😄

  • kayley prada
    kayley prada 11 hours ago

    Great vid

  • Unicorn GAMER
    Unicorn GAMER 17 hours ago

    Jol looks older

  • Sadie Simpson
    Sadie Simpson 17 hours ago

    I’m guessing your first video was in Buckleberry Farm HEH

  • Riley Hough
    Riley Hough 19 hours ago

    #60SecondSquad I love your videos

  • Ju Ju Bean
    Ju Ju Bean Day ago +1

    For each like I will add a 🌸
    Even tho I prob won’t get any likes
    But oh well
    I’m bored
    I will start with mine :

  • Adam Watton
    Adam Watton 2 days ago

    Dogs aren’t independent , they gonna be hard work. Keep up your good work

  • random kerry
    random kerry 2 days ago

    my mum had my brother when she was 18

  • Beautiful baes
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  • Maya Almoataz
    Maya Almoataz 2 days ago

    Is grace your byelogical Doughter

  • Polly xoxo
    Polly xoxo 3 days ago

    I love you guys so much!! I’m the same age as Kaci and live in Blackpool ♥️ your my favourite youtubers xx

  • Wendy Silva
    Wendy Silva 3 days ago

    Boys v girls

  • Jade Oneill
    Jade Oneill 3 days ago

    My mum and dad does fight

  • Ellie Snape
    Ellie Snape 3 days ago

    I love Sophie

  • Kimmy Jade
    Kimmy Jade 3 days ago

    Me when they are talking about who looks older “Joel stop talking you’re digging yourself a bigger hole” 😂😂😂😂

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  • Sali Moore
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  • Lucy Make up Tutorials

    Hey guys your my fav TheXvidrs! What is your Insta name

  • Gino Micallef
    Gino Micallef 3 days ago +1

    60 second squad 1st

  • Freya Emilia
    Freya Emilia 3 days ago

    Where was the answer to “Sophie has a disability”

  • Ameera Aziz
    Ameera Aziz 3 days ago

    This is max👶🏻
    He is 0
    Every like = 1 year old

    KATIELOVESLIFE 4 days ago +1

    if you had a boy yoou could be boys v girls
    LOve yOu

  • oof
    oof 4 days ago

    wait sophie has a disability anyone mind saying what if u k

  • oof
    oof 4 days ago

    i was watching this and when they said ria i like wth?! then i realised it was sum one else

  • Will Tutin
    Will Tutin 4 days ago

    I love Sophie she is so cute

  • Amelie Rigby
    Amelie Rigby 4 days ago

    i love you guys

  • Alice Judy
    Alice Judy 4 days ago

    Plz vid about Sophie please love u all so much including future child

  • Eilín Connolly
    Eilín Connolly 4 days ago

    if u do
    another 1 of these can u do this 1 who is your fav kid #lov u guys

  • LogInMIKE YT
    LogInMIKE YT 4 days ago +1

    14:42 lol grace

  • Slime Factory
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  • Slime Factory
    Slime Factory 4 days ago

    New emoji🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Slime Factory
    Slime Factory 4 days ago +1

    Please can you make a how can build Lego set the fastest p s love you all my favourite is kaci and Sarah

  • Faith Organ
    Faith Organ 5 days ago

    Where is the "Sophie has a disability" one?

  • Sloth 4
    Sloth 4 5 days ago

    Lol hi grandad

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 5 days ago

    You should do last to leave the youtude room

    BEANIE BOO ME FOR LIFE 5 days ago +1

    Can you give people a shout out if u like there commeny

  • Maisie Mcghee
    Maisie Mcghee 5 days ago

    Last one to leave the play area for chole love you so much xxxxx

  • Lorraine Moller
    Lorraine Moller 5 days ago

    i love u guys Sm

  • Nessa Donohue
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  • Earthling_amy g
    Earthling_amy g 5 days ago

    What video did grace swear in?

  • holly heffernan
    holly heffernan 6 days ago

    i love you guys I love sophie to

  • Khadija Suleman
    Khadija Suleman 6 days ago

    Joey looks like 20 lol

  • Claire Stuttard
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  • Lainey B
    Lainey B 6 days ago

    You should do the pause challenge!!!

  • Lainey B
    Lainey B 6 days ago

    Wait is Sophie their real daughter?

  • Rosie Leaden
    Rosie Leaden 6 days ago

    Grace always just sits in the conner and dosent speak

  • jennifer morgan
    jennifer morgan 6 days ago

    I have

  • Stacy Jenner
    Stacy Jenner 6 days ago

    Do the pause challenge 60secondsquad

  • Morgan None
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  • josielena Wilmot
    josielena Wilmot 6 days ago

    OMG you guys should go to australia on holiday and visit the norris nuts PLEASEEEE

  • Sophie Fielden
    Sophie Fielden 6 days ago

    60 seconds

  • Maisie Hay
    Maisie Hay 6 days ago +2

    21:31 grace: she’s 38 and he’s 22
    Me: omfg he has a teenager that means he was at least 4 when he had kacey

  • J J
    J J 6 days ago

    Ahh love us so much and don’t mind anyone that gives us bad hates my name is Billie Walsh x❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Natural Vines
    Natural Vines 6 days ago

    Sophie Could have a go pro attached to her for half a day and see what she does from her point of view

  • itzizzy Jolley
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  • Paddy Smullen
    Paddy Smullen 6 days ago

    Bring Chloe to a clothes shop and what she touches u have to wear!!

  • itzizzy Jolley
    itzizzy Jolley 6 days ago

    OMG guys I’ve been here since he beginning and so I’ve been supporting you through your TheXvid life and I was hoping I can have a shoutout thanks

  • Lola Rose Taylor
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  • Bridgett Evonda
    Bridgett Evonda 6 days ago

    Did Kaci not get the memo about the outfit ? Gracie loves being the center of attention ❤️😍 started watching you guys cause of Saffron she was absolutely right they are hilarious 😂

  • Nahmiah Finley
    Nahmiah Finley 6 days ago

    I love you Dad v girl😍😘✌😛😙

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  • juju Dodge
    juju Dodge 7 days ago

    Joel lookes older

  • MisiaIw Iw
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  • Alexa Ceci
    Alexa Ceci 7 days ago

    Yes adopt so adorable!!! Like if u agree

  • Gemma Mayo
    Gemma Mayo 7 days ago

    Hey I love you sooooo much

  • EvaIsMyName Lol
    EvaIsMyName Lol 7 days ago

    If you have a son it should be Dad V Family

  • debbie kinsella
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  • louise Xx
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  • taylor's world
    taylor's world 7 days ago

    I always say bad words because my parents always say them to me 👐

  • Alishia Mason
    Alishia Mason 7 days ago

    is Sarah really molly's dad

  • Selen Sezen
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  • Roxanne Flanagan
    Roxanne Flanagan 7 days ago

    Do a video of mom getting stressed sry mom ly all 💛🍯✨🤠

  • Pony tails Xxx
    Pony tails Xxx 7 days ago

    You should do a mum and dad swap lives

  • Crazy Cousins
    Crazy Cousins 7 days ago

    You should do last to leave sophies room and makes it more fun for sophie P.S love you guys 💖

  • Charlotte Ellett
    Charlotte Ellett 7 days ago +1

    Thank you for hearting my comments

  • Lulu Maple
    Lulu Maple 7 days ago

    OMG DADVGIRLS just liked my comment omg thank you so much

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  • Kate Terry
    Kate Terry 7 days ago +1

    11:02 😂😂😂😂😂omg i

  • Luciannie Noyce
    Luciannie Noyce 7 days ago +9

    I guess Kaci did not get the outfit memo


    Georgia= Joel isn’t the father to Kacey
    Joel+kacey= looks exactly the same

  • Demi Kain
    Demi Kain 7 days ago

    You guys are so funny I love you all xxx

  • Ellie Watkins
    Ellie Watkins 7 days ago

    Grace is so funny 😂

  • Martha Jane
    Martha Jane 7 days ago

    DVGFAMM!!!!!! at the beginning Sarah wig snatched hahaha love your videos !!!!!

  • grace.elizabeth
    grace.elizabeth 7 days ago

    Joel is older than Sarah by 1 year

  • Harry Cry
    Harry Cry 7 days ago

    My baby cousin has golden hair and the mother and father are both brown haired

  • Nadia Hashem
    Nadia Hashem 7 days ago

    60 second hi

  • Lib Lib The Kid
    Lib Lib The Kid 7 days ago

    Omg I loveeeeeeee sims

  • Rhianna Mackenzie
    Rhianna Mackenzie 7 days ago

    you said that Sophie had a disability but I see past that

  • Gacha Milk.
    Gacha Milk. 7 days ago

    I can’t believe Joel can handle 5 girls in the house and he’s the only boy but that’s amazing ❤️

  • Zackzackmattmatt
    Zackzackmattmatt 7 days ago +1

    Hi peoples

  • savannah jewell
    savannah jewell 8 days ago

    Omg thanks so much for liking my comment 🙏❤️❤️❤️you made my dream come true❤️❤️