DC Universe Online | Rage Powers. (Detailed Look)


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  • Funs So supreme
    Funs So supreme 7 months ago

    You were boring at first

  • Victory Akushe
    Victory Akushe 8 months ago

    Too fast

  • Lucas Bernardi
    Lucas Bernardi 2 years ago

    14:15 minutos da vida q vc pode escolher jogar fora

  • saitama
    saitama 2 years ago +1

    are they supposed to be red lantern

  • girl 62
    girl 62 2 years ago +1

    you didn't even combo them

    • jimar curry
      jimar curry 2 years ago +2

      Why would he it's Not the point of the video

  • Dalton Inman
    Dalton Inman 2 years ago

    how do u get rage

    • Spark Plasma
      Spark Plasma 2 years ago +2

      +the ANONYMOUS_HACKER That or you stub your pinky toe right after stepping on a pile of legos.

    • Mr K.
      Mr K. 2 years ago

      +〈BlackWhite〉 ah shit rlly

    • 〈BlackWhite〉
      〈BlackWhite〉 2 years ago +1

      you have to buy it

  • Stephan Thompson
    Stephan Thompson 2 years ago

    Why you're not using combos

    • Awkward Mob
      Awkward Mob Year ago +1

      Stephan Thompson because thats not the point of the vid ^-^

  • mi fn
    mi fn 2 years ago

    how much $ is rage power?

    THE SHADOWMASTER9 2 years ago

    ok so if i use one of my rage crash abilities and then i use one of the dmg ignoring abilities when the rage crash is pulsating really fast and the rage crash happens during the other ability will i still take dmg?

  • linewood23
    linewood23 3 years ago

    How can i get on test server?

  • Doctor Fate
    Doctor Fate 3 years ago

    rage came out 2 years ago!

  • Eric Farrey
    Eric Farrey 3 years ago

    if I buy a 1 membership and make a third character will I keep the character or will he b deleted when my membership is over

  • Adrian Asura
    Adrian Asura 3 years ago

    Please do Atomic.

  • lomon breck
    lomon breck 3 years ago

    ok so we still need (i think)
    is hope and fear out yet?

    • Steven Diaz
      Steven Diaz 2 years ago

      You forgot Love and Hope

    • Juses Crus
      Juses Crus 3 years ago

      +lomon breck fear is out...it's a yellow version of green light...except it's for villains and they had greed for a christmas event once the orange lanterns that stole presents

  • Star Seed
    Star Seed 3 years ago +2

    Whats your loadouts? People keep saying that rage sucks and deals out no health or power. But they are wrong. I'm getting health back and power back with this simple loadout. I will give it to you.
    Gailling eruption
    Blood lust
    Dreadful Blast.
    Rage Blast
    Relentless Anger
    Gailling Eruption
    Lacerating Chain
    If you want to know what powers I picked or what skill points I have just ask me. Ever sence I found a league Ive been learning pretty fast.
    I do have one question though. What do you think about the new elite mods? I only have two plans so far but I don't think I have any of the elite gear yet. I know where you get plans and where to get the gear. Have you tried them and do they make a difference? I did hear that it is essential for us to get the elite gear especially if we are going into insurances or raids. Even if you're in a group and you don't have elite gear they said that we would lose? Is this correct?... I'm just getting use of the game now. I think they had made it too difficult as is and now they add the new elite gear which makes it even more difficult. But then again I suppose they did this so the game would not be that easy to beat. because let's face it nobody wants to play a game that is too easy.
    Sorry for the long comment. Lol.

  • Ben Oliver
    Ben Oliver 3 years ago

    More powers plz

  • SolidDeathSnake 16
    SolidDeathSnake 16 3 years ago +1

    Could you do nature?

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 3 years ago

    fire continues to be useless and boring

  • DWriteLambily
    DWriteLambily 3 years ago

    Can you do Nature?

  • domrox66
    domrox66 4 years ago

    I have rage power

  • Paul Meyer
    Paul Meyer 4 years ago

    Plz do all the powers plz plz plz

  • sexshophotgarage
    sexshophotgarage 4 years ago

    any new videos

  • Thug NastyNas
    Thug NastyNas 4 years ago +2

    It's kinda lame that rage doesn't make nearly any constructs which a lantern is know for. Ok they have some cool ones but most are ones that make you spin in a circle I mean seriously it's like they just got lazy. Sadly I will still use it

    • Speed God
      Speed God 2 months ago

      Thug NastyNas in the comics, Red Lanterns were so blinded by rage that they rarely could concentrate enough to form a construct

  • Whuwha GamerBR
    Whuwha GamerBR 4 years ago

    Ist heroe

  • Feral Kuja
    Feral Kuja 4 years ago +1

    Quick couple of questions.
    First, what DLC powers are most worth buying the DLC for? I already have the Light power set, and was thinking of getting more.
    Second, are any of the DLC weapon styles like Shield worth shelling out for?
    Third, what weapon, powers, and mobility styles work well together? I want to make a character who uses Light as his power due to the awesomeness that is being a Green Lantern, so what mechanically supports Light powers?
    What weapon style/Mobility/Powers are your favorites overall, and in what combinations do you feel they work best?
    Thanks =D

    • Knuckle Dragger
      Knuckle Dragger Year ago

      dr bouncyballs really i was really thinking about earth why not

    • biological stepdad
      biological stepdad 4 years ago +4

      dlc's worth buying:
      green lantern
      don't know:

      not worth buying:

    • Blazing heart
      Blazing heart 4 years ago +1

      i wouldnt buy the older onse i played all dlc then i quit and lost my account and along with it my DLC but i started again and i got quantom and rage gonna make rage my mane until hope comes HOPEFULLY

  • Louis Boone
    Louis Boone 4 years ago

    Which dlc is the one that allows rage power?

  • Beezer Seamans
    Beezer Seamans 4 years ago

    Oh look, a red version of all the powers we've had since launch. this game is a joke

    • Richard Pierce
      Richard Pierce 2 years ago

      Beezer Seamans i agree mate i just wanted to point out something you consistently commented

    • Beezer Seamans
      Beezer Seamans 2 years ago

      Richard Pierce Fallacy fallacy. Invoking some arbitrary logical fallacy as a means of saying I'm wrong, instead of using a counter argument. Smd

    • Richard Pierce
      Richard Pierce 2 years ago

      Beezer Seamans an argument of age falls under a fallacy neglecting your sense of arguments

    • Facc
      Facc 2 years ago +1

      +Beezer Seamans Hours*

    • Beezer Seamans
      Beezer Seamans 2 years ago

      +The Flash
      You're literally ten

  • Corvus LaBounty
    Corvus LaBounty 4 years ago

    I have the DLC but I can't pick the rage power, do you know why? I can't find any help

  • WhiteCreeperMC
    WhiteCreeperMC 4 years ago

    I got rage powers and add this username ILavaKilla I got super speed

  • AlmightyKillz
    AlmightyKillz 4 years ago

    so whats better the red lantern powers or the green lantern powers on here? someone answer please

    • girl 62
      girl 62 2 years ago


    • LBP0913
      LBP0913 3 years ago

      +The Roundtable XIV what does the controller do? sorry I'm a noob

    • AlmightyKillz
      AlmightyKillz 4 years ago

      +The Roundtable XIV oh wow that's so cool ty so much for telling me.

    • AlmightyKillz
      AlmightyKillz 4 years ago

      +The Roundtable XIV by tank you mean like you can take a lot of damage right?

  • jasoncool08
    jasoncool08 4 years ago

    angry tree look pretty cool

  • Maester_Theris
    Maester_Theris 4 years ago

    Good vid man. I am enjoying your channel so far. Do what you do, you just earned a sub

  • RayImas
    RayImas 4 years ago

    Rage is the best power in the game:D

  • mrlemon15
    mrlemon15 4 years ago

    hey guys!im new in DC world,lvl 24 atm and i want to know how can i get the sinestro or green lantern's emblem at lvl 30.I heard that i need 84 cr but thats all...can you please tell me what i have to do more detailed?Thanks

    • andy b
      andy b 4 years ago

      You have to do war of light raids part 1or 2 then go to the mogo base and get to the armor seller and you need marks then you buy the style you need 84 cr to get in mogo base

  • Ray Jim
    Ray Jim 4 years ago

    guys im new to this but how do you get rage power? do i need fight for light dlc too?

    • andy b
      andy b 4 years ago

      No just war of light part 1

  • Nero Caldera
    Nero Caldera 4 years ago

    Hey can you help me i downloaded this but ith doesnt let me join DCUO anymore

  • Tyler Moraski
    Tyler Moraski 4 years ago

    Do all powers

  • Saint Nigalos
    Saint Nigalos 4 years ago

    Say I buy the subscription do I lose all the free docs and character slots when it expires

  • Stop bummin
    Stop bummin 4 years ago +9

    Rage is fun

  • Neo Jenova
    Neo Jenova 4 years ago

    galling eruption giggity

  • brandon roman
    brandon roman 4 years ago

    I don't understand it when you purchase the powers in specific sections (Sons of Trigon, Amazon Fury, etc.) Like. Once it's finished, do you get to keep the power provided? Such as Celestial or Rage, or is it only temporary...

  • kevin muse
    kevin muse 4 years ago

    add me on dc universe Super SmokeDizzle

  • Samli
    Samli 4 years ago +8

    Why don't they make a Water power?

  • Stephan Saturn
    Stephan Saturn 4 years ago

    U are bored as hell

  • Legit_Gameing6978 #legit


  • Legit_Gameing6978 #legit
    Legit_Gameing6978 #legit 4 years ago +1

    Good job

  • Sahan Herath
    Sahan Herath 4 years ago

    Yes! Do other powers as well!!

    • Sahan Herath
      Sahan Herath 4 years ago

      Thanks for the reply I just started replaying DCUO with a few friends and we're trying to coordinate a team

  • Alucard
    Alucard 4 years ago

    Whats better Celestial or Rage powers ??????

    • Alucard
      Alucard 4 years ago

      For dps with a good recover ability. my characerwas a lvl 30 electric i stopedever since they first released lighting strkes and i reached lvl 30. and now i recently started play and my charcters might is low and his combat rating is 32 which is horrible. so im to switch to a stronger power that takes damage and also can heal me prettty good

  • aaronairn
    aaronairn 4 years ago +7

    I can understand why they would pick Atrocitus, but Guy Gardener?!?
    It should have been Razer, it makes more sense.

  • Parker Tuinder
    Parker Tuinder 4 years ago

    What should I choose: rage or fear?

    • Mar10k_omnitrix
      Mar10k_omnitrix 4 years ago +1

      +The Roundtable XIV well I chose rage because red is my favorite color

  • Spencer Chuong
    Spencer Chuong 5 years ago

    Wait, the rage power is for hero's?

  • Tyler Daye
    Tyler Daye 5 years ago


  • bbad 123
    bbad 123 5 years ago +1

    I like rage but ima stay hl until they bring out hope hopfully in wotl part 2

  • lewis Jones
    lewis Jones 5 years ago

    Why is he using rage powers as a hero?

  • Emusicmaker
    Emusicmaker 5 years ago

    u didn't show us the combos

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 5 years ago

    i'd to see the rest of the powers

  • SomeGuyOnYT
    SomeGuyOnYT 5 years ago

    lol why dont you shpw the combos...

  • Kevin Ferrariz
    Kevin Ferrariz 5 years ago

    How do u switch to red lantern?

  • kahunarb
    kahunarb 5 years ago

    With the ability to ignore damage, this could be a tank that healers would love.

  • Dus D DeL
    Dus D DeL 5 years ago

    If you didn't switch yet I say make the switch. Why waste the poppet unite to expand the game. My main is mental. But I have a lv 30 quantum troll, lv 28 HL ( got too bore to hit 30). Lv 18 Celestial healer, and lv 26 fire dps I had my mental and fire toons. And then every dlc I played the new class. Why not...aight MAZE If ur on USPS. Add DEL_i2i on the PSN FRIENDS LIST

  • SpencerXIII
    SpencerXIII 5 years ago +1

    With Red Lantern tanking is Health more important than Dominance if I'm putting mods in my gear? Just trying to get my current tank ready to swap.

  • Julian Kapernick
    Julian Kapernick 5 years ago

    i think your quantum video was the best, it was quick and funny! keeep being awesome

  • ghyprh
    ghyprh 5 years ago

    I'm like 4:30 into this and it sounds like they took fire and revamped it a little.

  • Totaly Schmawesome
    Totaly Schmawesome 5 years ago

    Nice video,too bad that you are the only one doing videos like this,please do this kind of video for all powers

    • Totaly Schmawesome
      Totaly Schmawesome 5 years ago

      If more people did videos like this it would be easier to learn about powers from different angles and opinions. By the way,thanks,without you i wouldnt be close to who and what i am now in dc,you helped me understand all the things dc doesnt tell new players. Thank you and keep up the good work mate.

  • Vevo Dcuo
    Vevo Dcuo 5 years ago

    That's a cool power

  • TRB10000
    TRB10000 5 years ago +1

    when will i be able to buy this dlc because i'm a premium member not legendary

    • TRB10000
      TRB10000 5 years ago


    • TRB10000
      TRB10000 5 years ago

      and are they doing if u buy part one u get 2 and 3 free or u have to pay for each one

    • TRB10000
      TRB10000 5 years ago

      ok thanks but because their not finish their still adding more content to part one

  • Tbone3491
    Tbone3491 5 years ago +1

    I think you should be a rage tank.

    • Mar10k_omnitrix
      Mar10k_omnitrix 4 years ago

      A construct suit would be cool too

    • Tbone3491
      Tbone3491 5 years ago

      +The Roundtable XIV I would really look forward to watching your vids (not that I don't) if you did switch to rage.

  • kahunarb
    kahunarb 5 years ago

    Great video. One question: when they say "rage crash is ignored" do they mean rage crash is effectively cancelled by use of these powers or combos?

    • SuperHumblewarrior
      SuperHumblewarrior 5 years ago

      Also, galling eruption can be clipped by both of the moves that start rage crash.

    • SuperHumblewarrior
      SuperHumblewarrior 5 years ago

      It means that the damage that would be taken at the end of rage crash is... ignored. Basically no damage at the end.

  • TRB10000
    TRB10000 5 years ago

    y hasn't the ring colour changed to blue because your a hero or are they keeping it red all round

    • Game life
      Game life 4 years ago

      +The Roundtable XIV Does it really make sense for Red Lanterns to be heroes?

    • TRB10000
      TRB10000 5 years ago

      why i really want blue lanterns

    KILLA JD 5 years ago

    I really want to change to this power for tanking but I'm thinking it's better for DPS.

    KILLA JD 5 years ago

    I only seen a couple good one for tank. The pull "basically inescapable storm" the shield "basically hard light shield" the one that gives immunity to 7 group members and that was like it. Maybe I missed something. Ice still seems the superior tank power. What do you think??

    • KILLA JD
      KILLA JD 5 years ago

      Yea have to test it out once it's released. Definitely going to switch from ice. Time for a change lol.