Why Can't They Fix This?

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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    We take some of the most common apps of 2018 and load them on to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and a Google Pixel 2 XL to see why my Samsung phone always seems to overheat and run out of battery.
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Comments • 21 684

  • Car Audio Inc
    Car Audio Inc 8 hours ago

    My s9 has been pretty solid in terms of battery life. My S3 & S5 were meh.

  • Karsten T
    Karsten T Day ago

    I've had 2 Huawei phones that had great battery life. I just got a Samsung A7 2018, and I noticed it eats through the battery quicker, and yes, it seems to be worse in "idle".

  • Sargon
    Sargon Day ago +1

    Yeah I have the same issue. My Note 8's battery was great for like the first 5 months or so and then it went down the drain. I wake up, phone's at 100%, I go to work with, barely use it throughout my day, go back home and it's at like 30%. If I'm not working, it doesn't last through the day, even with battery saver on. And no, various factory resets didn't do a thing. It's pathetic!

  • Reishi Maddness
    Reishi Maddness 2 days ago +1

    I like this video because it demonstrates to people how to rationally explain something if your definitely feeling paranoid about that something. (Because they are spying on Linus)
    Very useful life advice Linus, thank you.

  • Ro _Bat
    Ro _Bat 2 days ago


  • Subham Karmakar
    Subham Karmakar 2 days ago +1

    My S9 drains battery like crazy, especially after the Pie update. I am a very heavy user, but, even my 3 years old OnePlus 3, with the same battery capacity, lasts longer than my S9, on same usage pattern. I have to charge my S9 a minimum of two times, sometimes even 3, to get through a full day.

  • Mithlesh Shetty
    Mithlesh Shetty 3 days ago

    From the place where money comes at the step of the door by own
    That wont be fixed anytime

  • Lark Alfen
    Lark Alfen 3 days ago

    I dont have samsung

  • Tomáš Kianička
    Tomáš Kianička 3 days ago

    Have you tried the same set off applications? The brand new phone which you've tested against does not have all the apps and there might be some app misbehaving. Have a similar problem on my Sony Xperia Z3 tablet, when android battery management just shows me Android OS as primary battery consumer.

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese 4 days ago

    So wait, is the Pixel even worse then? :D

  • Jordan Murphy
    Jordan Murphy 4 days ago

    I had the same issue with battery with my Galaxy note 9 I'm under a installment plan with no warranty after 3 weeks when I fully charged my phone it would die within 10 to 12 hours mostly idle I had to replace the battery and now I can get at least 2 full days out of this phone but that's just my experience with this overpriced phone

    WXKFA 4 days ago

    In my experience with multiple phones: it's charging problem. Basically the battery gets bad when plugged in for long periods of time. For optimal battery life you should actually let your phone discharge once in a while. Replacing the battery will also solve this issue.

  • Stereo Typical Dude
    Stereo Typical Dude 5 days ago

    He got malware from pron website

  • Oliversfilmsdotcom Films


  • Oliversfilmsdotcom Films


  • Liberty Bell1776
    Liberty Bell1776 5 days ago

    I don't know if this helps but my grandfather if he wore a watch with a battery, it would drain in a day, so he started using his shirt cuff as an insulator so his skin and his watch never touched and, it fixed the issue for him. He is passed however I have similar issues but with cell phone FM uhf vhf waves if I'm too close to the antenna the signal drops everyone around me can get like Full bars and I got 2 bars. And I kill FM and tv signals just by being close.

  • Melker Myrberger
    Melker Myrberger 5 days ago

    It’s a ghost!

  • Raptor Swire
    Raptor Swire 5 days ago

    it can be some setting...make sure all the settings are set the same, make sure to use exactly same version and try to swap Linus sim with the other sim

  • razaelll
    razaelll 6 days ago

    My S8 battery life improved significantly since I disabled anti-malware thing. Now I get 1-2 days of battery life depending on usage and leave for work in the morning with 40% left without thinking about taking a charger with me. Granted, I don't use my phone much at work, mostly spotify and some facebook/emails during break and commute.
    Before that, I would go down from 100 to 30% during just my working hours with same usage. IDK what anti-malware does in the background, but it definitely drained battery for me. And it's next to useless to me since I only use trusted apps. The only annoying thing I get now and then are those pesky notifications about turning it back on.
    P.S. I have bluetooth and wifi turned off vast majority of the time, I've got plenty of data and rarely use any bluetooth devices with my phone.

  • John Maris
    John Maris 6 days ago

    Next experiment Linus takes the new S9 as his daily give his old S9 after factory reset to someone else to use as they normally would. This should eliminate the off-hand chance of hardware issues. Lastly try to log charge times and track usage best that you can. (By usage I mean apps list as well as time using each app.) Don't give up Linus, as Holmes would say eleminate the impossible and whatever is left however improbable is your answer. I'm hoping that Linus is developing superpowers like Magneto.

  • Akshay Thakur
    Akshay Thakur 6 days ago +1

    I have had a similar problem with one of my previous devices which wasn't a smasung. It was a Asus Zenphone 2. The battery drained as if u were using it despite it being idle. And it will always be hot as if I am doing some processor heavy tasks like playing games etc.
    The only reason was that the device won't enter the 'idle' or 'sleep' mode and something will keep it 'awake' even after booting into safe mode or resetting the device entirely. Whenever I will see the battery stats after waking up, there will be no weird entry that is using a ton of battery. But the phones 'awake' and 'idle' cycle showed that it stayed awake most of the night even when there was no data or wifi connected.
    But what kept it 'awake'? I have no idea about that.
    My only guess was some OS update caused some glitch/bug which messed up with the device and caused to processor to amp up even when there are no processes. you know like a loop. Idk tho I might be wrong entirely.
    Edit: And new android versions or skinned android versions that i use dont let me see if my phone was in 'awake' mode or 'idle'. so ots harder now.

  • Sohom Datta
    Sohom Datta 7 days ago

    I have the exact same issue with S7, the device starts to heat up when idling and the battery dies. In my case, the device has been restarting multiple times, this happens after every update. Resetting the phone and cleaning up cache used to do the trick but that did not work for me this time.

  • Esteban Arias
    Esteban Arias 7 days ago

    Linus is a person of interest which makes his phone continuously track his conversations and activity for the NSA. Remember that out tech is bugged and US is pissed at Huawei because they aren't adding hardware backdoors to their devices.
    Use a Huawei and enjoy a proper battery life Linus.

  • Billy Roe
    Billy Roe 7 days ago

    My s8 is having battery problems

  • awesome369
    awesome369 7 days ago

    If you have MX Player, it drains.

  • IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded

    huawei is best.

  • Zack Schmiesing
    Zack Schmiesing 8 days ago

    I gave up on Samsung. I had a GS7 and I was sick of the awful battery. I went to a Moto G7 Power with the 5000 mAh battery and I get 2 days of battery.

  • Gertie
    Gertie 8 days ago +1

    Buy an iPhone😂

  • Leo2245776
    Leo2245776 8 days ago +2

    Finally not a complain about apple!

  • Nirej Kumar
    Nirej Kumar 8 days ago

    Its because of a virus or something like that

  • Gamer_Boiii 77
    Gamer_Boiii 77 9 days ago +6

    3:25 Does Linus use Apple music?😂

  • House of Osborne
    House of Osborne 9 days ago

    I'm SO glad you made this, I have the same thing.

    • House of Osborne
      House of Osborne 6 days ago

      @Comkio Oh Wow! Why didn't I think of that? I bet your parents tell you you're smart.

    • Comkio
      Comkio 7 days ago

      @House of Osborne Then stop downloading so many apps, and get a doze app that sleeps them dummy

    • House of Osborne
      House of Osborne 9 days ago

      Mine also will constantly overheat if extensively used, AND glitches up, slows processes. I have even had manufacturer replacement and after a few months, the SAME thing happens

  • Julian Maier
    Julian Maier 9 days ago +1

    Or you just use an iPhone

  • ewvc weddfg
    ewvc weddfg 9 days ago

    I have the same problem on the s8

  • ismail s
    ismail s 9 days ago

    My samsung A8 had the same issue, heating up quickly, very short battery life and a very laggy phone(probably related to phone heating). Then i decided to change my phone, just after removing the sim card everything was good again.. no heating, good battery life, no lag at all compared to earlier

  • musicfreak24
    musicfreak24 9 days ago

    But the S10e ist pretty good and has very good battery life

  • Free thinking person
    Free thinking person 10 days ago

    NSA is watching you!

  • Tobias Stamenkovic
    Tobias Stamenkovic 10 days ago

    It appears to me that some background process(and there must be something running) is calling for a way too high CPU clock, even when idle.
    Try getting a summary of the CPU states using Kernel Aduitor. Allso, dump a list of processes and their corresponding CPU times from a root shell.
    (I dont think you can actually figure out anything half useful without a rooted phone unfortunately.)
    That should give you a relatively good picture of whats going on, and what app is actually misbehaving.
    And no, theres really no trial and error involved, or at least there shouldnt be, considering its not your first time ever using a computer.

  • Phil Morton
    Phil Morton 11 days ago +1

    We really need a new battery design, unfortunately lithium ion batteries are just not able to handle the screens and processing power needed for smartphones. But I've researched the design, there just doesn't seem to be anything that can provide greater energy density atm. Well not without exploding and catching fire. Watched the rest of video, maybe there is a short to ground tgat is wasting power, or the quality of the battery, as batteries charge and discharge the expansion of the substrate can generate a mechanical damage that lowers the capacity of the energy density, thus is why the recharge cycle count is so important, if you ran the new one a 100 more times you might start to see the deterioration.

  • Joris U.
    Joris U. 11 days ago +1

    Its Samsungs Battery Management. All Apps on the Smartphone are running in the background and are still opened. So yesterday I wanted to buy a train ticked, I haven't closed the app, I have opened it today, and its just on the payment screen. So smasungs One UI doesn't snooze the apps in the background, and if you have over 200 apps, like me, the battery is very bad (even my old OnePlus 3T is better)

  • Fernando Melendez
    Fernando Melendez 12 days ago

    S8 battery literally sucks so bad!! I have factory reset three times now... it's just fucked man.... I like the phone but the battery is just bad... ima go with iPhone from now on. Like can someone help me???

  • KorayFPV
    KorayFPV 13 days ago

    I had 5 S7s in a row do this to me. Overheat + crap battery life. I don't consider myself a heavy user. 4 of those were warranty accepted replacements by my cell provider, implying it's not uncommon.

  • Petr ihadtosignupforthis

    Are you seriously not able to troubleshoot that? Use adb (no root) and get logs.
    But more to a point. Not sure what happens in Samsung world, but I only got battery drain under very special circumstances. E.g. once there was app polling location far too much or there was app not turning. On Huawei phones, I had to remove dsp and couple of huaweii serivces. (DSP and Huawei were "calling home" a bit too much. Why DSP? I dunno, but it has access to mic.) There were some apps just constantly running in the background.
    Had 0 issues on Pixel 2/Nexus 6P and it is too soon for my One+ 7Pro, but it looks good.
    So. PM me if you want technical help troubleshooting.

  • 2wheelphoto
    2wheelphoto 14 days ago +2

    o had the same problem with my s7. got the battery replaced 3 times. didn't fix it. this is on At&t by the way. then i just switched phones.

  • Bob Smithers
    Bob Smithers 16 days ago

    My Note8 has never lasted less than a day, usually more, almost 2 years old. Still no issues.
    I'm a regular user, messaging, navigation, browsing, lots of music.

  • Questgamer
    Questgamer 17 days ago

    it hot without u doing anything charge last night and it already 50% when it not use. There really not much dianose other than battery leakage, but it might just be me jumping the gun.

  • Joshua C.
    Joshua C. 17 days ago

    Samsung phones have a weird power management system compared to most Android phones.
    Your typical Android will suspend applications in the background effectively as soon as you stop using them.
    Samsung's default power management system, however, only suspends background applications after THREE DAYS of not using them. You can set this to be more aggressive for some apps though.
    This makes me suspect that you use a lot of applications, which causes a lot of them to remain running in the background, thus keeping your CPU running at full power (and your battery slurping down) as though you were still using the phone, well, at full power.
    I've noticed this kind of thing myself, and have struggled to tame battery usage on my A5 (2017) with more aggressive background app shutdowns.
    Really, the best solution that I've found is that when your battery starts underperforming, turn the phone off for a few moments, then back on again. This shuts down all the background apps.
    I haven't experimented with using the App Drawer to shut down all the apps, but I don't seem to recall this being as effective as a hard reboot suggested above.

  • Mengshi Ma
    Mengshi Ma 18 days ago

    My s8 still has about 20% of the power left in a day, although I don't use much. And I found that the power consumption during standby is almost the same as the power consumption during use. All the android phones I use have this problem. I recently switched to the iPhone and still have 60% remaining power in the evening.

  • Saraa Sarantsetseg
    Saraa Sarantsetseg 20 days ago

    Android sucks battery heats like car engine

  • Mehrez Dronga
    Mehrez Dronga 20 days ago

    Try an exynos model samsung !

  • Sam Vegas
    Sam Vegas 21 day ago +1

    Meanwhiles my LG phone ends the day with 60 percent.

  • pepenaman
    pepenaman 21 day ago

    I know I'm late to the party, but there is always the chance that your particular phone had some factory issues that caused the battery to drain rapidly in comparison to other users of the same phone.

  • Craigy Tron
    Craigy Tron 21 day ago +1

    Try downloading Google files and look at your document's and others and check to see if you have any files you don't need like cache and various files that you could delete.
    And also delete files you cannot open i find this helps a Lot.
    As well as doing that you could also scroll down on the Google files app to where it says internal storage and click this and it should come up with various file name's like ANDROID click this for multiple file's in android and then click one of these and it should come up with anything like cache or files for Example. And check to see if you can open these.
    If not you can then delete
    these. And do this with ALL OF YOUR FILES takes a long while though BUT...

  • Mikemorveus
    Mikemorveus 21 day ago

    I've had the same issue with my s7. It hasn't happened in a while and I've been stumped as well. I've figured that it's a software or OS issue that's triggered by... something... If it was a hardware issue it ought to be more common. It did happen more when I used the always on display though. It's been off for years.

  • First Name
    First Name 21 day ago

    I have an entirely different thing with my Note 9. The battery drains faster from 100% to 50% than it does from 50% to 0%. Like it would drain from 100% to 50% in 2 hours and then drain 50% to 0% in like 6 hours.

  • McBean 56545
    McBean 56545 22 days ago

    I get the same issue on my iPod Touch.

  • Shubham Sawant
    Shubham Sawant 22 days ago

    My Samsung Device Even survive with VoLTE and Location on Strange but love it Far better then Lenovo

  • Shoham Sabo
    Shoham Sabo 23 days ago

    Replace the batteries if possible, and try with a new battery. The problem may be the battery itself.
    My mother had the same problem on one of Samsung's cell phones, and that solved the problem.

  • Ben Werner
    Ben Werner 23 days ago

    your battery is gauged. it happens when you charge a lot.


    Linus I have noticed a slight drain in battery on my s9+ but nothing compared to what you have.

  • joefrog1996
    joefrog1996 24 days ago

    My note 9 still has great battery life after 10 months. No complaints at all. Easily lasts 1 day with heavy use, and 2 days with moderate use.

  • Jon Murphy
    Jon Murphy 24 days ago

    some odd ishue, i had the same on my nokia 6. the phone had awful battery, however i only noticed it with me new device. transplant the battery and try that

  • Robert Anca
    Robert Anca 24 days ago +1

    You probably somehow got a virus on it that is what is draining your battery.

  • Marfnl
    Marfnl 24 days ago

    The way you check it is BACKUPS.
    You setup a backup every day. Hand it to linus and see when it turn to crap.
    That go back and see what chanced.

  • xavier villanueva
    xavier villanueva 25 days ago

    Reset to factory your daily driver phone and check if you still have issue with it

    • xavier villanueva
      xavier villanueva 25 days ago

      Possible installed app that runs in the background that is not showing in the settings apps

  • Alex Davies
    Alex Davies 25 days ago

    SIMPLE technical answer to this: li-ion battery cells get used to drain and replenishment rate etc, they have a certain amount of memory in the way they work and charge... PMIC's can select slow or fast or drip charge.... also manufacture dates might have revision changes etc.

  • Eric
    Eric 25 days ago

    I had this problem on my s8 too .. I had to reset it every 2 months to fix it .. it just wouldn't stop draining up to like 10 percent per hour with no use at all .. I have a pixel 3 now and all tho it is still a pretty hot phone especially in summer outside it still lasts me up to over 12 hours with pretty good use

  • ReikoX7
    ReikoX7 25 days ago

    Man the exactly same shit happens to me too but I am using Honor8 maybe there is some app or the way we are charging it maybe.

  • arthur tyler
    arthur tyler 26 days ago

    This is an issue with Motorola/Lenovo phones too (FWIW they have the same replace/avoid policy as Samsung as well). There isn't a definitive fix yet but the issue seems to be centered on a hardware battery issue and not the software. Based on both of my phones with the issue and others' experiences it seems like the battery connection gets knocked loose or corrodes very easily. Opening up the phone and cleaning the connection has worked like a charm for me both times, and there's good anecdotal evidence this works pretty well for others as too.
    Logically this would explain the faster drain these phones experience as well as the reported late-stage symptoms of shutting off mid-charge, random or inaccurate charge readings, and shut-offs after mild impacts. There's been some suggestion that the issue is related to the turbo-charging these phones offer which hypothetically could cause the battery connections to ware out quickly as well. Can't say for sure what the problem is, but moving forward I'd HIGHLY suggest you start by opening it up and looking at the condition of your battery.

  • Fart Manly
    Fart Manly 26 days ago

    for Samsung phones, use Package Disabler Pro to fully disable all the bloat that can't be uninstalled. this worked extremely well to improve battery life.

  • Moritz Rothacher
    Moritz Rothacher 27 days ago

    On my S8 active I have kinda the same issue like one day of a week when my power is going to 0% at lunchtime. At others it lasts the whole day with over 40% left and I am wondering about it as well. What is very helpful to me is
    1. Put it in max. battery saver
    2. Restart it
    3. Going back to normal usage (disable power saver)
    For me I have the feeling that this is stopping the cause of this issue but I cant prove it with data. Furthermore I am still using Android 7.1 so no information if any fix is out there.

  • aakburns
    aakburns 27 days ago

    What if you just get a new battery Linus? Maybe I missed it. But wouldn’t a new battery solve this?

  • Auther Jay
    Auther Jay 27 days ago

    Turn off the "send diagnostic data" in biometrics and security. You will see the difference.

  • But i prefer Strawberries QUACK

    I have the same problem with the S7E

  • What you Want to do
    What you Want to do 28 days ago

    Wakelocks. As you use Android apps and they build cache Android keeps more used apps running in the background. If you could root it and run greenify it should show you what wakelocks are killing the batteries.

  • DuckyBlender
    DuckyBlender 28 days ago

    *makes **9:59** minute video*

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan 28 days ago

    I have the same battery issue with my Galaxy J7. Being in college I have class almost all day a couple days a week (bad scheduling I know, didn't have a choice this semester) and while idling the phone loses about 10% charge over the course of a 1.5hr lecture/class. Conversely on days when I don't have class I like to listen to YT videos or music while doing homework. On these days the phone has no problem running under its own power all day and even well into the night.

  • Xtinct- Josh
    Xtinct- Josh 28 days ago

    If (LTT)=@1
    Otherwise = @b

  • Xtinct- Josh
    Xtinct- Josh 28 days ago

    Reset the phone and change the battery

  • Peyton Peterson
    Peyton Peterson 28 days ago +2

    Storing a lot of information/data on anything can cause it to use energy. Thermodynamics. This may not be it but, do you store a lot of data on your phone?

    • Peyton Peterson
      Peyton Peterson 25 days ago

      Dakota List Productions I’m not a physicist but I’ve watched a few videos and know the basics. I know that the universe is constantly trying to reach equilibrium through entropy. A closed system tries to reach equilibrium and becomes simpler and holding information doesn’t comply. I thought I saw something that talked about the use of energy to store information. I don’t think less than half a terabyte of information should cause the difference he is seeing. It’s just a suggestion. Do you know what thermodynamics is?

    • Dakota List Productions
      Dakota List Productions 25 days ago

      do you know what thermodynamics is?

  • Ravenova Technologies
    Ravenova Technologies 28 days ago

    Being such a public figure, have you ever considered you are being monitored? Is that too conspiracy theorist?

  • Chraman
    Chraman 28 days ago

    My old S5 neo lastst about 80 minutes screen on time, maybe 12h standby

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 28 days ago

    You and nobody around you has ever heard of AccuBattery? Seriously? You're meant to be a tech literate reviewer :P

  • António Soares
    António Soares 28 days ago


  • FORTY3
    FORTY3 28 days ago

    Just go out and go to a Samsung authorized Store. Dont delay Go out Today.

  • Ben Hasselbring
    Ben Hasselbring 29 days ago

    Got a brand new S10e, 256 gigs. The complete phone, I thought. Jeez, the battery was horrible. damn phone had to be charged twice a day with minimal use. I realised it got super hot, and got a replacement from AT&T. Typing on the new one now, and it lasts forever. It's been a 4 hr screen time day, and it is at 50%. Idk what was wrong with the old one.

  • Kisuke Urahara
    Kisuke Urahara 29 days ago

    The solution: buy a Huawei mate 20 pro = 2 days of normal use

  • Liam Renaud
    Liam Renaud 29 days ago

    It's the background apps. Use greenify it hibernates these apps and fixes your battery life

  • Adamya Manshiva
    Adamya Manshiva Month ago

    Linus, I have the same issue as well with my S9+. Thanks to your video now I know I am not the only one. I actually used to think that it might be due to the Exynos processor used in India by Samsung. However since your phone is from US using snapdragon processor, even that option is out.
    So here is the problem. My samsung S9+ gets too hot while using. Sometimes to the point that the internal software kicks in and shuts the phone down to protect it from damage. Funny thing at many of those times I am using just google maps.
    The battery drains so fast that with regular use I get only 8-9 hours battery life.
    The only thing I have done different is use Pixel launcher app because I positively hate bixby and I want google on my left swipe. So far there has been no help from Samsung. However I have a silver lining.
    As soon as I run safe mode on the phone for few hours and then revert,
    the heating problem gets sufficiently controlled. The battery life also gets slightly better. Besides that I use powerbank to get through the day.
    So this is all I can give you. I do hope you find a solution to this problem. As it would help me too.
    Thanks for making these videos.

      MCD0И4LD TЯUMP3T 29 days ago

      No, he's Canadian. And I'm pretty sure they use exnyose as well. I have Canadian S7 Rogers in us with exnyose, not sure about new ones though.

  • Claude Mahon
    Claude Mahon Month ago

    Why no check to see if the battery is really dead. I once had a problem with like phantom drain

  • MrD
    MrD Month ago

    I had Samsung for years and I had the same problem like Linus. I switched on huawei and I am happy with 2 days battery. For me it's the first phone that achieve this...

  • Zotac 101
    Zotac 101 Month ago +1

    I dont know whether its reply is tooooo delayed or what , but as a samsung user myself and experimented with there systems here is my explaination:-

    1) the inbuilt battery drain monitor is a crap at best.Using third party apps to monitor the usage is a must.
    2)Samsung comes with with a ton bloatware that after some that; i.e when it has collected enough data start to send it to samsung when the device idles.(and best part samsung battery monitor never shows that).
    3)Get rid of the bloatware specially the samsung galaxy store.
    4)disable apps that you dont use often from running in the background ( u can either root ur phone and adb commands or install third party apps for that.)
    5)Same must be done for Notifications that u dont need
    6)use services like "skit" to forcestop samsung services that runs in the background all the time(really dont disable the crucial ones if u dont know what ur doing then skip this step.)
    7)Dont keep your apps open in your ram if you are not going to use them for a while ( i mean 30 min atleast) the reason being the system needs to spend active battery to keep it active in system ram.(Its about cache - google it if u need more info)
    8)Opt out of all "customer experience programs both from google and other third parties , and dont forget to turn off samsung sync for thats a battery hog.
    9)Block location access from all apps that request that permission ( it could be monitored by using third party apps , some are open source too😊).............and enable them every time you use it and then again disable it.For many apps continuously pings or just records location the gyro for reasons ---- idk. ( but that $*cks for your battery).


    Last request of mine if you took time to read this then drop a like and make linus & other of my fellow andriod users , see this for it may help him out.
    Thanx a lot for your time!!!!!!!!

  • Abhay Naggi
    Abhay Naggi Month ago

    Hey linus this also happened with both of my samsung devices first there was my note 2. After a battery change it worked fine for 2-3 months. Now i have a galaxy A5 which i bought last year faced the same problems. i replaced the battery in it too and i am still facing the same problems. I love samsung phones but the battery problems makes me want to switch to ios. My brother bought 6s a few years ago and still not faced any problems with the battery.

  • staticboy52
    staticboy52 Month ago

    I had this problem with a galaxy S4 ages ago I never found out what was wrong with it. Eventually got to the point where even when it was on charge it couldn't power on

  • tech 101
    tech 101 Month ago

    Probably some sort of Tracking software / virus, Try Running both phones in safe mode and test again to confirm or deny if it's an app.

  • christianletti
    christianletti Month ago

    Any follow ups on this?

  • Andy BlinkBlink
    Andy BlinkBlink Month ago

    Probably the mobo

  • TechTalk
    TechTalk Month ago +9

    I am legit experiencing this on my Note 9, and it's a god darn nightmare.
    The most I get to is to 5 PM with 3%.

    • TechTalk
      TechTalk 13 days ago

      @Dia I didn't ask you how much do you have left at the end or the day.
      Also, that's a different phone, and it's because of the LCD screen and Apple's A12 processor.

    • Jo Packard
      Jo Packard 13 days ago +1

      Dia Hm...well I mean that’s an iPhone XR, not exactly the same phone, but I will say that’s a great battery.

    • Dia
      Dia 28 days ago +2

      I end the day with 45-50% with my
      iPhone XR at the end of the day

  • Khiem Le
    Khiem Le Month ago

    Linus my S8+ it's wierd sometime too, sometime I can go through the day, and some days it dies half way through work, I do not use my phone usually at work.