Why Can't They Fix This?

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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    We take some of the most common apps of 2018 and load them on to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and a Google Pixel 2 XL to see why my Samsung phone always seems to overheat and run out of battery.
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Comments • 21 865

  • Colayna Sakuragi
    Colayna Sakuragi Hour ago

    A hacker?

  • Vinamra Parashar
    Vinamra Parashar 5 hours ago

    S10+ ftw

  • Carlos Furtado
    Carlos Furtado 7 hours ago

    Check your background processes in developer mode and try battery diagnostic aplications for battery status, as well as battery health.

  • Khairin Arif
    Khairin Arif Day ago

    Buy a new one dude

  • Ishrak Rahman Shourav

    s7 same issue

  • John Owen
    John Owen 5 days ago

    1. Check your screen Res....the Samsungs come out the box toggled down but u have noticed that the battery performs better at higher Res.
    2. What optimisation are you using.
    3. Have you used "device care to clear your cashe data and waste storage data

  • Rachmat Zulfiqar
    Rachmat Zulfiqar 6 days ago

    its the russian guy hacking your phone and use it as a mining minion , lmao

  • Seiltgen Fabian
    Seiltgen Fabian 6 days ago

    The batterys of Samsung Phones are always crapy even the Note 2 back in its days was a perfectly legit portable heating system. I even had to change the battery of my Note Edge because of the same issue and was even worse since it even got the percentages wrong most of the time. Going from 100% to 25% in two minutes of medium use is just wrong.

  • Austin Mohr
    Austin Mohr 7 days ago

    I had a similar problem with my Google Pixel 1. Towards the end of my 2 year contract, about 4 months, my battery degraded to the point that around 2 hours of no use my phone would die. The battery sensor was also broken as I could restart my phone and it would say something like 4% when in reality with just restarting it another time would come up at like 70%. The overall battery issues on Android could be caused by the open nature of Android.

  • Peterius Prowler
    Peterius Prowler 8 days ago

    This happens to me too!!!With all phones and all things with batteries im frustrated from things getting defective i care about my hardware and stuff i even wore gaming gloves but somehow mouse lasers and batteries in phones or other devices keep getting fucked up only in a few months of use

  • Stantanuim Gaming
    Stantanuim Gaming 9 days ago

    I have this problem, it's really frustrating and in having to survive off power banks

  • Steve Punter
    Steve Punter 9 days ago +2

    I've owned a Galaxy S7 for about 2 years now, and shortly after I got it, I occasionally noticed that it was running very hot in my pocket. I could clear this up by rebooting the phone, but it seemed like a fairly messy way to deal with it. To get a handle on what was wrong, I turned to an app called SystemPanel, which allowed me to see the usage of each PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE processes, as well each core of the CPU in graphic format.

    My S7 is the Canadian edition with the octa-core Exynos SOC with 4 low-power cores and 4 high-power cores. When the phone was running hot for no reason, I discovered that one of the high-power cores was pushed to 100% at full clock speed. If left running like this with the screen on, the phone would get so hot I couldn't really touch the back of it. Not surprisingly, battery consumption was conspicuous.

    According to SystemPanel, none of the processes it was able to show me were responsible for the high CPU usage. The culprit was likely a protected O/S process, which after Android 6.0 could not be examined by apps such as SystemPanel, and so I had no way to know which one it was.

    After a bit of experimentation, I found that this undesirable state occurred most often when my phone automatically switched away from WiFi after I left the house. Because it seemed to be related to connectivity, I discovered that putting the phone into Airplane Mode for a second or two would stop the runaway process. I also determined that turning off WiFi before I left the house would ensure the condition wouldn't return.

    I'd always thought this was my fault, because I'd rooted the phone and I used a custom kernel in order to set SELinux mode to permissive (so that I could run Viper4Android). Based on what you presented in this video, it might be an issue with the Samsung fork of Android.

    This isn't to say that this very problem is the one you are seeing. Try manually shutting down WiFi before you move out of range of WiFi to see if that mysteriously clears up the hot-phone issue for you. If the phone does start to run hot, try Airplane Mode for a second or two. Also, get an app like SystemPanel to see if the heat issue is a core running at max constantly.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    My ex Xiaome Redmi Note 4 would go for 4 days and still have 40% in battery. My Galaxy S9+ has that at the end of one day. But I don't use that much, more for work. If they didn't have different sizes for SIM chips and those drawers for chips weren't so annoying, I would probably go to work with my Xiaome and use the Galaxy on weekends when I needed pictures. People don't give much attention to battery, but it can be a big issue if your phone is more of your working horse than you multimedia center. Although I have to say that I love pictures and for this alone the Galaxy was worth it more than anything else.

  • Julian Gryffin
    Julian Gryffin 10 days ago

    Could possibly unused radios in your phone... Like bluetooth or NFC, Or possibly a defect in a onboard component I have had phones in the past with bad Wifi/bluetooth radios where they would become hot and drain power cause they were malfunctioning electrically.

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy 10 days ago

    Lol, my note nine is fine and had it since release. I have about 72 gigs worth of apps too. I can get get a full days use with heavy video playback approx 5 gig of video, messaging and calls. Usually my friend's all to use my phone when it's in the evening cause there phones are flat.

  • jsongeredu
    jsongeredu 10 days ago

    Got a similar problem but I am upgrading to the s10+. My phone will say that i have 58 percent left. I turn it off then back on 10 mins later and it switches off saying i have 1 percent. I wait half an hour then turn it on and I have 38 percent. Was a real issue the other day when i tried to get a uber after a movie. Had to wait half an hour before i could use it. Anyone else get this issue? Oh it is a s5 that i have but i figured that the phone is just getting too old.

    • Chad Suggs
      Chad Suggs 9 days ago

      I've experienced it on two different s3s and several s5 batteries

    • Chad Suggs
      Chad Suggs 9 days ago

      That sounds very much like a bad battery. I've experienced that several times. All on various models of Galaxies actually. When a restart seems to completely drain the battery by over 50 percent and then a long charge is the only way to get it back up enough to use.

  • Lazy Assassin
    Lazy Assassin 11 days ago

    Download an app called AccuBattery it gives you a proper app by app breakdown of usage

  • Tyler Eisel
    Tyler Eisel 11 days ago


  • CryptoMiner 49er
    CryptoMiner 49er 11 days ago

    I'm having the same issue with my galaxy 10+

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel 12 days ago

    I've never had a problem with my Samsung. Of course I'm only syncing 2 Outlook accounts and 2 Gmail accounts. I don't use Twitter or Facebook and my note will last all day easily that's with casting music at work and watching TheXvid at lunch and making calls on the way to and from work. I would look into what app you have that's constantly syncing and slow it's sync rate

  • Cat Guy
    Cat Guy 12 days ago

    Probably a bit coin minning virus that works while idle

  • PartyStories
    PartyStories 15 days ago

    Change location settings to battery saving. By default it's set to high accuracy. It has solved many of my friends battery consumption issues

  • Tezflower Xell
    Tezflower Xell 15 days ago +1

    Try a different S9

  • Alaric Fernandes
    Alaric Fernandes 15 days ago

    You should stop overclocking your phones Linus..

  • Admiral 5K
    Admiral 5K 16 days ago

    I never buy a Samsung

  • Leandro Rondeli
    Leandro Rondeli 17 days ago +1

    Had same problem either my s7 edge and my note 8, both got hotter than Satan's armpit draining every hope of a good use

  • Jaws2817
    Jaws2817 17 days ago

    Previous S7 and current S9 owner here, I have no idea why you are having these problems. Both of my phone's always had (have) excellent battery life on idle and when I'm using it

  • Marcio Roberto Fernandes

    Any change or news since? Because I'm also have this probleman, but not only with Samsung, but with LG ones also. :-(

  • Leonel Hernandez
    Leonel Hernandez 17 days ago

    Is the phone waking up while it is in your pocket? Try having the daily driver on a belt clip to see if the battery life improves.

  • Adrianthedeaf
    Adrianthedeaf 17 days ago

    My S5, and S8 both have a strange habit of getting hot at idle, in pocket or on a table. Battery life is exactly as you say, strangely inconsistent, either drains super fast or works as it should. My friends with an S6, S7 over the years experienced the same thing.

  • qwerty keyboard
    qwerty keyboard 17 days ago

    why are you using es file explorer?

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 18 days ago

    Don't upgrade to Android Pie. My s8+ had 1d 1h and now its 18h. Where the hell are 7 hours gone!

  • Đức Hiếu Lương
    Đức Hiếu Lương 19 days ago

    Same issue here. My S8 just discharge 40% over a night in last month but now it just stopped. I dont know why

  • Phillip Steel
    Phillip Steel 19 days ago

    I charge my phone twice a day Samsung j4 is the best

  • Bulwark AC
    Bulwark AC 19 days ago

    Take the new S9+ and use it for a day.

  • TBB
    TBB 19 days ago

    My battery will randomly drain down to 0% and I'm on a Hauwei phone

  • Wolfgang 847
    Wolfgang 847 20 days ago

    For a time I had both an Iphone 5 and 6 at the same time. The Iphone 6 gave me both a charging post and batery problem and working with it was nuts. During this time, I moved back to the Iphone 5 and the 6 spent the whole day charging and off while I watched youtube for like 6 hours straight on my Iphone 5. Eventually the batery was changed and the issues were minimized, but it began to get very hot when it was being used. And the charging post situation got worse. Meanwhile, the Iphone 5 ran never gave any issues exept for an old bluethooth situation (that sincerely din't bother me since I din't have any blueetooth devices at the time).

  • Amber Lynn Martin
    Amber Lynn Martin 20 days ago

    My phone with a 3000mAh battery (LG K30) dies quick too. Not as quick as I think is super problematic but, it's 1:26 PM currently with a little bit of TheXvid and games this morning while doing breakfast but not much use otherwise and the screen is off. I have 54% after a quick charge at the college's charge station

  • Robert Robertson
    Robert Robertson 20 days ago

    My mom had that problem 2

  • 老鬼
    老鬼 20 days ago

    Energizer phone don't suffer from this issue , so buy that God damn brick

  • Michael Mickey
    Michael Mickey 21 day ago

    Still no word from Samsung? I know mine is an old phone now, but I've basically kept my Galaxy S7 in Mid power save all the time, because of this exact issue.

  • Haeseung Jeon
    Haeseung Jeon 21 day ago

    You've been watching too much porn

  • sam jam ham mammogram
    sam jam ham mammogram 22 days ago

    My s8 will drain extremely fast on certain apps. It will get really hot too. Ifunny will heat up my phone and drain 25 percent over an hour. Other than that after two years I can make it through the day on a single charge

  • Idelly Welly
    Idelly Welly 22 days ago

    damaged battery cells possibly from using it in a situation where your daily method of charge cycles differ from different connectors like a car charger (trickle effect

  • Hanyue Li
    Hanyue Li 22 days ago

    Just hand me a new s9+ and I’ll tell you what happens.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 22 days ago

    You might have malware on your phone that runs in the background. Run some antivirus software

  • Yang Liu
    Yang Liu 23 days ago

    Samsung is the worst

    BIG FETUS 24 days ago +4

    Bruh your lithium is expired😂😂

    By the way I'm going to buy a s8 now im not sure😱😱

  • Eduard16196
    Eduard16196 24 days ago

    Samsung S healts drains Much power and greenify ap is the only one who helped a bit on my problem with the s8. Now i have the rog phone and with very heavy usage i have atleast 30% battery on the end of the day

  • Lucas Van Laerhoven
    Lucas Van Laerhoven 24 days ago

    U hav a 🍋

  • jonathan dawdy
    jonathan dawdy 26 days ago

    Linus it's you not us 🤣🤣🤣 Maybe they gave you a bad phone to make you ask questions. Jk

  • Troy Jordan
    Troy Jordan 26 days ago

    Disable CQAtest

  • Samuel Norfleet
    Samuel Norfleet 27 days ago

    Are you unbox theory now? Lol

  • Pravvus
    Pravvus 27 days ago

    I dunno, My LGv10 and V20 were terrible.

  • Thir13en Ghosts
    Thir13en Ghosts 27 days ago

    But did you restart it though?

  • Crunchykevlar
    Crunchykevlar 27 days ago

    My a5 2017 had a good battery

  • Nirmalya Ghosh
    Nirmalya Ghosh 27 days ago

    Just root it and add greenify app

  • TushDeMort
    TushDeMort 27 days ago

    Linus have u ever heard of a "service centre", use it bruh

  • toast
    toast 28 days ago


  • CattleRustler
    CattleRustler 28 days ago

    Keep battey from degrading over time (degrading being discharging faster than normal and this gets worse over time) by not letting the battery go below 65%. Once it reaches 65% put it on a charger. Put it on a charger anytime its not in use when between 65 & 80%, but don't overcharge it either. Take off chrgr when it hits 95+

  • David Varela
    David Varela 28 days ago


  • Dewar Dewar
    Dewar Dewar 29 days ago

    I got note 9 and battery life is amazing 10+ hours sot

    • Dewar Dewar
      Dewar Dewar 27 days ago

      +Steve Mano u misunderstood

    • Dewar Dewar
      Dewar Dewar 27 days ago

      +Steve Mano 10 hours plus gaming watching TheXvid and Facebook screen on time dude

    • Steve Mano
      Steve Mano 27 days ago

      Dewar Dewar your note9 lasts only 10 hours after charging? My old iPhone SE lasts two days.

  • Aliena Marie
    Aliena Marie 29 days ago

    just as I was about to ignore the add ... oh ... wait ... I NEED THISSSSSSS it's soooo sleeeekk

  • Lil Sproule
    Lil Sproule 29 days ago

    Same expirence wish i bought a computer

  • Aaron Young
    Aaron Young Month ago

    any resolution?

  • Victor Tubandt
    Victor Tubandt Month ago

    Maybe the problem is your pocket!

  • Hey hey Hey
    Hey hey Hey Month ago

    Just get an iPhone! It will last much longer than any other phone that has ever existed

    • CommanderTaco
      CommanderTaco Month ago

      But they have very little features compaired

  • Niximations
    Niximations Month ago

    When I had the s5, I thought it was a success if I could save up to 50% by lunchtime and dead when I get home

  • Stefan Etienne
    Stefan Etienne Month ago

    Verge here. In order to maximize battery life. You will need to take the battery out and put it in the microwave and then put it back in the phone after it’s done in the microwave.

  • Jimmy Nahlous
    Jimmy Nahlous Month ago

    My S7 had an AMAZING battery life.... and now I need to charge it twice a day!

  • Sourav Datta
    Sourav Datta Month ago

    Majority of my life have been a samsung user...s2 to note 3 to note 5 to now note 8...the battery was really good at 1st...but after it hits the 1st year mark...the phones strts to slow down a little & battery drains a little faster(hardly noticeable)...but after the 2 yesr mark...the phone starts to lag battery drains mch mach faster...note 8 has the worst battery life 3300mah...have to charge twice a day😓😓....
    Moving to pixel or iphone this year...🙌🏼

  • Android Trigger
    Android Trigger Month ago +1

    That's why iphone is love. I have a 5s which is still rocking decent battery and performance so is the s5 B1G phone lol. Literally lags when you run uno lol while 5s is running pubg smoothly even compared to today's budget android shit phones. ❤️ Apple

    • Android Trigger
      Android Trigger Month ago

      CorporalHobnob get your battery replaced

    • CorporalHobnob
      CorporalHobnob Month ago +2

      I had an iPhone 5s and it was shit and died every other hour. Android is better

  • stonecoldtrk
    stonecoldtrk Month ago

    Similar issue. I had an S6 active for over 3 years. For most of that time battery life was great. All of a sudden a couple months ago out of nowhere my battery started tanking. By noon it was 30%. I thought it had finally had it, after multiple reboots it still did it. Randomly I decided to charge it then turn it off and leave it be overnight and something in that really helped. It still drained a bit faster than normal but not much. After listening to podcasts all day and light-moderate screen usage, batter was around 45-55% at the end of the day. No idea what changed but after that it seemed like I had some days that were better than others. I even installed Accubattery to see if I could figure out what was draining it and I couldn't.

  • The Kind Word
    The Kind Word Month ago

    I'm using Huawei Mate serers since the Mate 7 and the battery life and the phone it self running great ....so maybe you are looking in the wrong place.

  • Dean Cotton
    Dean Cotton Month ago

    Linus is just special...

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez Month ago

    so is it just my s8 that doesnt get hot and die soon?

    • CorporalHobnob
      CorporalHobnob Month ago

      Not for me. Are you using a desktop launcher or any odd apps you downloaded from the internet?

  • What We Want
    What We Want Month ago

    Get a new battery?

  • muhammed farhan
    muhammed farhan Month ago

    You are true
    Samsung phone have less battery performance after 1 or 2 years

  • Cristian Ramos
    Cristian Ramos Month ago

    I use galaxy s2, s4 and s6. Cellphone allways, ALLWAYS burn up battery. I buy a lg g5. My battery start during a day. I buy a lg k10, my battery last 2 days.

  • nextg3n
    nextg3n Month ago

    get an xiaomi and ur golden.... samsung for.me.has been garbage for the last 10 years.. all phoned have some idiotic thing on what u cant uninstall and so on..

  • Nathaniel Garcia
    Nathaniel Garcia Month ago

    Have you tried turning it OFF and ON again?

  • Pasi Sallinen
    Pasi Sallinen Month ago

    i've had battery issues with all the 3 samsungs i've owned. never buying one again.

  • Marek Havlík
    Marek Havlík Month ago

    I have an S9+ only 2 months old and the battery sucks..

  • Μιχαηλ Μικ

    I flashed the rom from the beginning and it fixed

  • BagelMaster5000
    BagelMaster5000 Month ago


  • João Matos
    João Matos Month ago

    I don't know if this helps, but ever since I plugged my smart watch (Galaxy Watch) the battery discharged way faster (even when it wasn't pared).. Although that issue seems to be resolved to an extent

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan Month ago

    Scan it for viruses...

  • vann 1211
    vann 1211 Month ago

    I have the exact same problem with my s9+ some days with 30% and other days dying well before midday and also the battery management doesn’t add up to the battery loss and it nevers makes sense like exactly what Linus said normal battery drain during heavy use but on standby it just drains itself,I have tried factory reset and it seem to fix the problem but them a month and half later battery drainage is back once more so yeah I know the feeling

  • Death Inducer
    Death Inducer Month ago +1

    Delete app cashe in settings>storage?
    Install Hibernator app? 🤔

  • Steven Rowe
    Steven Rowe Month ago +6

    if (linus) { drainMoreBattery() };

    • Kuhluh
      Kuhluh 21 day ago +1

      the semicolon seems placed at bigh wrongly

  • shashank
    shashank Month ago +1

    s7 edge, battery life in 2019?

    • CommanderTaco
      CommanderTaco Month ago

      I got like 5 hrs on or off on a new phone and returned it

  • Shadowbob
    Shadowbob Month ago

    Here's how I picked a phone: Does it work properly, does it do that consistently? How's the speed? How's the battery life? Does everything I need? Ok, awesome. And then a very brief look at bells, whistles and quirks. I don't have time to mess with my phone.

  • Justin Murtagh
    Justin Murtagh Month ago

    This video is old, but my battery life on Samsung phones always makes a huge jump when I root them. I blame Touchwiz.

  • Isaiah Eisenzimmer
    Isaiah Eisenzimmer Month ago

    I've owned a galaxy s9 plus since it first came out and my battery life is still going strong, I can leave it unplugged over night and only lose a couple percent in battery.

  • Zeh Palhares
    Zeh Palhares Month ago

    for sure an app is draining battery that you always install. BTW my note 9 is fine. 1 full day an 35% when i get home.

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    The only battery issue i have is my crappy iphone 8 which i have just bought to replace my samsung s8 jump from 70% to 10% when i use it outside in the winter, and i can not reboot it until i plug it in my power bank. that is suck. even my google pixel (1st gen) still going strong under winter. The phone is for what??? when you stuck outside in the winter and can't even make a call or searching google map.

  • Zach H
    Zach H Month ago

    I had that problem on my S7, but my note 9 has been fine.

  • Nicholas Spencer
    Nicholas Spencer Month ago

    Have you tried changing NFC settings. On my Pixel 2 when I had NFC on all of the time I would only get screen time usage of 3 hours until the battery died, and using Bluetooth headphones made it much worse. However, when I shut of NFC and only turned it on for payment uses I started getting my all day usage back.

    TECH TUBE Month ago

    I get hardly get 3 hours youtube screen kn time with 720p

    TECH TUBE Month ago

    My s9 plus battery drains on it own even in ultra power saving mode with airplane mode on...