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  • Madara Malaysia
    Madara Malaysia Month ago

    Such waste time , man... EA kill us

  • Samuel Lewis
    Samuel Lewis Month ago

    If people say they enjoy this guys content, they are lying. The most mediocre, un-charismatic TheXvidr going.

  • Ryan Waite
    Ryan Waite Month ago

    27 million coins 😳 how much money you actually spent on packs?!?!? And have 337 thousand points remaining? ☠️

  • elrobertcito
    elrobertcito Month ago

    Sos ultra calvo conchatumareeee

  • Xavier Loubier
    Xavier Loubier Month ago

    Is it me or since the patch, fifa is fkn hurrendous

  • Josh Deemi
    Josh Deemi Month ago

    Almost 2 ads at the start with this guy

  • Smash IT
    Smash IT Month ago

    Wow hat’s amizing guy 😳👌
    Your work Is insane 🔥

  • Cal Maddock
    Cal Maddock Month ago

    Best pack ever at 12:16
    Thank me later

  • James Sinfield
    James Sinfield Month ago

    Story zaha or Lucas at CAM

  • Will Reid
    Will Reid Month ago

    I got red vvd

  • Zachary Accetta
    Zachary Accetta Month ago

    I got miko aurnativic red in silver 1 and it was better than 10 in the world

  • Azian Tomato
    Azian Tomato Month ago

    Deserved look at his name

  • Ivy I ig Jd dndi
    Ivy I ig Jd dndi Month ago

    Castro got vvd

  • Kinga
    Kinga Month ago

    I got gold 3 and got cillisen and aurnautovic as my player picks

  • Akasha
    Akasha Month ago

    plz show only your rewards...what is the shit wit the another peopel. its so borring

  • LargoBow07
    LargoBow07 Month ago

    I feel so bad cause I got alli out of gold 3 and these guys who deserve much more but got that pile of poo

  • Nexus Blast
    Nexus Blast Month ago

    I got carvajal from silver 1

  • DiPal
    DiPal Month ago

    I got if van djik from a 7.5k pack 😂

  • Ohh_itz_samu0007
    Ohh_itz_samu0007 Month ago

    Worst 10th fut champs rewards i’ll ever see since fifa 17..

  • Lachlan C
    Lachlan C Month ago

    I got untradeable van dijk if yesterday from one of the season rewards packs, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy and mad at the same time


    My silver 1 player pick was better than all of them player picks....

  • Attila Tóth
    Attila Tóth Month ago

    The only reason why top100 is better than elite is because you can discard 11 informs for 10k instead of 3...

  • poisennn 420
    poisennn 420 Month ago +1

    Those top 10 rewards were criminal

  • 67 Celtic
    67 Celtic Month ago

    I packed pogba with bronze 1 rewards

  • Benjamin Nygaard
    Benjamin Nygaard Month ago

    What is the song in the end called?

  • Its_Lea11
    Its_Lea11 Month ago +2

    Min 10:04 bateson escoge a su hermano like por el reencuentro.

  • Digital_p V
    Digital_p V Month ago

    Why are you still playing not hating or anything but u have 27 mil😂

  • TheGrandBigMac
    TheGrandBigMac Month ago

    I feel bad for him I got silver one a got delle Ali 🤩

  • Billy Studholme
    Billy Studholme Month ago

    Connor plays for Fierce Esports, a UK org on the rise. Well played Connor! And top work as always Bateson

  • MA711711 M
    MA711711 M Month ago +2

    Gold 1 rewards (my rewards)
    Got a dele alli and a mitrovic

  • Joe Rudd
    Joe Rudd Month ago

    I got Immobile and Fekir from Gold 3

  • Ireland COYBIG
    Ireland COYBIG Month ago

    I got deli alli In silver 1

  • j f
    j f Month ago

    love what you do mate but as a content creator saving packs sucks, open them for the content

  • Uthman Balogun
    Uthman Balogun Month ago

    This is mad

  • Uthman Balogun
    Uthman Balogun Month ago

    This is mad

  • Wojtek Woźniak
    Wojtek Woźniak Month ago

    I got inform van dijk

  • Ceasar
    Ceasar Month ago

    Has anyone got a red VVD yet? 😂

    • Ceasar
      Ceasar Month ago +2

      That’s awesome man, congrats! I got Carvahal so i’m happy with that.

    • Fehér Renátó
      Fehér Renátó Month ago +2

      Yessir from gold3🤞

  • Marcos Saggin
    Marcos Saggin Month ago

    Low quality

  • Chance
    Chance Month ago +36

    Imagine worrying about discarding 20k when you have 27 million lmfao

    • If you Would
      If you Would Month ago

      Chance he has 27mill because of that kinda stuff

  • Complex
    Complex Month ago

    I got inform arnautovic in a 82> pack jajajajaja

  • Conor Gunning
    Conor Gunning Month ago

    27million wtf

  • Gean Iusein
    Gean Iusein Month ago +1

    Man , i don't understand how tf do you have 27kk ? I'm trying to save money for Hazard IF and you have 27kk...

  • X X X
    X X X Month ago +4

    Is no one going to talk about the first guys squad name being be a maverick

  • BuckArmy
    BuckArmy Month ago +2

    84 rated for Top 100 is legit unreal

    • LosPendejos
      LosPendejos Month ago

      Buck TV i hope u get good rewards bro

  • Teamtakage 2
    Teamtakage 2 Month ago +1

    I think everyone got bad rewards today

  • Fortnite pro Dndnd
    Fortnite pro Dndnd Month ago

    I got 88 immobile in silver 1

  • Jack Ellis
    Jack Ellis Month ago

    Vvd and arnautovic from gold three boys

  • Airflow Jumbo
    Airflow Jumbo Month ago

    Got carvajal from Gold 3

  • nons
    nons Month ago +1

    מי שישראלים לייק

    • Itay Russ
      Itay Russ Month ago


  • Moui Moui
    Moui Moui Month ago


  • Naglis Vaivada
    Naglis Vaivada Month ago

    VVD at 12:16

  • RitchieDeventer
    RitchieDeventer Month ago

    How do you have those big bid numbers? When you show a transfer window

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith Month ago

    I went silver one and got a better red than all of them in this video (I got alli)

  • Rated R
    Rated R Month ago

    Got Red VVD from gold 2 + 89 hagi monday from flash sbc

  • Mr Random gaming
    Mr Random gaming Month ago

    Packed Ronaldo in my latest video check it out

  • Kasper Kudsk Kristensen


  • Transporter Monkey
    Transporter Monkey Month ago

    I hit a son
    *FBI open up

  • ASMR Tv
    ASMR Tv Month ago +1

    Got gold 3 and got dybala kane and bale from the packs and bender in red

  • RangaEats APie
    RangaEats APie Month ago +1

    Love you big papi

  • Long Neck
    Long Neck Month ago

    I played to silver 1 and got Fekir, this guys rewards were trash