Scotland has highest drug death rate in the EU - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Data shows Scotland has the highest drug death rate in the EU, as analysis suggests it’s a factor in falling life expectancy.
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    What's going wrong and what can be done about it?
    James Clayton reports.
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  • Good luck everyone
    Good luck everyone 2 months ago

    Most don't realise their brexit will accelerate this serious situation because of poverty and homelessness.

  • Rainer
    Rainer 3 months ago

    There is only ONE WAY to get out of drug problems (Heroin, Cocain, Speed, Opioids), RC´s (legal highs), tablets/pellets (Benzos) and dissoziative drugs - KEEP SOBER / CLEAN !
    The onliest way to get yourself back integrated in society and work with a healthy long life without tabacco and alcohol, I am 60 now!
    I was hooked of a lot of shit - now I am sober - 10 years with family and work, but still I have to "fight" (sometimes) against the wish to consume, it´s not easy but it´s worth 100% !!!

  • retractedwan
    retractedwan 3 months ago

    You made safe legal highs illegal so they adjusted the chemical compound to bypass the law and people started dying so you made all legal highs illegal. EXCEPT for poppers who are ingested by gay MPS before someone bum fucks them. Why has the fatality rate gone up? People who used legal highs now take illegal drugs and die. Prohibition does not work!!

  • Elenhith
    Elenhith 3 months ago +1

    Aty least brexit will choke the supply of drugs. Wait, drugs are controlled by crime so there will be no disruption. Carry on.

    • Elenhith
      Elenhith 2 months ago

      @Good luck everyone Like we will be able to get steroids. We will have to rely on wartime solutions, dettol and a wire brush. Brexit is the single stupidist thing the idiots that make up this nation have been fooled into accepting. Now we sit about wondering if we should be shot or hung.

    • Good luck everyone
      Good luck everyone 2 months ago

      Brexit will put this situation on steroids

    HYUKLDER1 4 months ago +1

    British Broadcasting Corporation is a London based European Union propagandist. Funded by mandatory levy, autonomous and non-profit. It provides an EU viewpoint on events. News staff spread partial, biased disinformation and promote campaigns favouring the EU.

  • SkinnySwag7
    SkinnySwag7 4 months ago

    What they choose not to tell you is the drugs which are brought in from EU open borders

  • Zak Quinn
    Zak Quinn 4 months ago +1

    In other news the sky is blue...

  • Denis Brown
    Denis Brown 4 months ago

    Nicola Sturgeon you have a duty to Country and clearly you are failing to deliver on it. People come first forget your politics unless you start to tackle your nemisis you will remember for nowt'

    Sorry but it's true, I have a lot of respect for you as a "Leader" but a leader is one who takes all aspects of their country seriously, and Drugs as with Alcohol, is something we would all like to sweep under the carpet but these are not those times anymore. You're going to have to roll up your sleeves and deal with the mess before you to become the laughing stock of the world.

  • Fraser Reid
    Fraser Reid 4 months ago +1


  • Rod Wilkins
    Rod Wilkins 4 months ago

    Get educated, then a decent job (anywhere), meet someone, travel, share a life, make a home, take responsibility for yourselves. Don’t hit yourself over the head with a hammer or chop your own legs off. Ok? Death is just around the corner, make sure you don’t bump into it carelessly.

  • clarebelz bellinger
    clarebelz bellinger 4 months ago

    Monkey dust suicides, drug use in general and how this is affecting English towns, villages during the day and at night perhaps?

  • clarebelz bellinger
    clarebelz bellinger 4 months ago +3

    Austerity? Who would have thunk get a UN report compiled then...

  • Aion58
    Aion58 4 months ago +1

    They don't understand! This is so annoying, those 'experts' sit on their backsides in offices playing with statistics. Here's an idea, go to these communities and talk to people and actually listen to what they have to say. They talk about 'them' as if they are specimens in a laboratory. Also, the 'black' economy is worth billions - not much incentive to get rid of that then, is there.

  • Fur Queue
    Fur Queue 4 months ago +1

    4:00 JESUS.... that neck is why you don't let your daughters play Rugby

  • Fur Queue
    Fur Queue 4 months ago +2

    Well, at least Scotland has finally distinguished itself for 'something'

  • Mr Lad
    Mr Lad 4 months ago

    Is the the reporter also a drug addict? 😕 look at his Shirt 😁

  • Lucas Davenport
    Lucas Davenport 4 months ago +1

    Drugs, obesity etc. The modern world is a mess. We need sensible governance and people need to look after themselves

  • leedn5
    leedn5 4 months ago +8

    Bloody England again! This can't possibly have anything to do with the policies of the SNP.

  • david boyd
    david boyd 4 months ago +1

    Ethnic cleansing in Scotland,Canada, Australia, USA, and on and on and on and on, Orchestrated by Jesuit free masonic controlled police and social work department to free up housing and take strain from health services , Yes the police control the drugs distribution all over Scotland and decide who can trade and who can not ,and control the youth through DRUGS,

  • Coeus 2.0
    Coeus 2.0 4 months ago +1

    Minimum Pricing alcohol has converted people from Alcoholics to drug addicts ... This is what we are seeing here. As the SNP dance around trying to remain subjugated to the EU they put sticking plaster sound bite 'solutions' to domestic problems out there which admittedly are well intentioned but end up killing more people .... The Pro EU politicians are unable to think 'Why do people want to drink or drug themselves to death' and they are unable to equate this with what they do with liberal policy which takes self respect away from people because you make everything somebody else's fault ... Happy people, with direction, self respect and purpose do not drink and drug themselves to death ... people do this to escape their reality.

    • Coeus 2.0
      Coeus 2.0 4 months ago

      @ScottishRoss So do you agree with unions or not? (ignoring the fact we voted to stay part for the UK) You say you do want a union which is 15% of your exports and in which you'd have a 1% say and has a track record of taking power away and have never yet given power back(!) but don't like a union which is 65% of exports and you have a 10% say in that has a track record of devolution .... but you also don't want an independent Scotland !? You are literally wanting the worst of all solution economic and democratic! ... the facts are there before you ... but let's look at the rest of your comment .....
      'we (scotland) exports are at £81billion odd yet our limited govs budget is £40billion?' - This is hilarious - you are confusing tax revenue with export value?! Like saying turnover is profit ... aye aye Sparky !
      Your next para ignored the fact that fishing is a devolved power from the UK and you are saying you don't want Scottish fishermen to fish their own waters because you think the English might steal some of our fish ... when the whole of Europe is raping our waters currently ?! The CFP has been a disaster for Scotland, impoverished entire costal communities and is leaving our waters increasing barren and you want to keep this going?! Enough said ... Why don't you want Scotland to be uncharge of its own fishing like Iceland for instance?
      The cash for Scottish farmers was a scandal no doubt ... no disagreement here .... but a). I don't know many poor farmers and b). I don't know many farmers who love the EU cash or not ... c). farmers have been farming long before the idiots in the EU came along .... £160m for farmers is not reason to sell your nation out to the EU ... it might be an argument for true independence though - but you seem to be avoiding that though and the fact that I support that .... why?
      I think you misunderstand the point on law -- the UK has law, then there are separate systems within the UK ... but EU law subjugates them all!
      JOB far from put that matter to bed - you are listening to the sizzle and not getting the sausage my friend! You are being fooled by JOB's slight of hand ....
      9% of Scottish companies export to the EU - they account for only 15% of exports ... there is your answer! JOB - because he knew 15% would sound pathetic (which it is!) decides to quote £billions without context ... for fools to lap up ... and there you are lapping it up and now presenting it to me as if you have proved anything than the EU still a tiny part of Scotland exports and that a tiny % of companies export to it !
      Lets just remind you that the EU is 15% of Scottish exports and 9% of companies export to the EU by contrast 65% of Scottish exports go to the UK .... and you want a union with the partner who 15% not 65% which 91% of your companies do not trade with !? Unbelievable !
      it appears that you need reminded again that we had a referendum to leave or stay in the Uk in 2014 .... yes, our tax revenue for income tax, corporation tax etc gets sent off to Westminster .... and then they run everything through the Barnett formula and we get more spent on us per capita than England ! ... We send them a £1 we get more than £1 back ! - We sent the EU £1 and we 50p back! What exactly are you complaining about?
      You need to try and get your facts right ... Employment law is an EU competency - this is why remainers seem to be jumping up and down about employment rights apres brexit - which is just nonsense ...
      And you finish off with another propaganda video .... laughable :-)
      Why do you not want an independent Scotland ? What are you afraid of?
      Why do lust after being member of the EU which is less than quarter of the size of exports than the UK and in which you will have ten times less say !?
      You see I want Scotland to be truly independent as soon as I am satisfied that we have the right team and the right numbers .. I believe in democracy being as close to the people as practical and for those representing us to be wriggling with accountability .... but you seem to want more and more distant government and less and less accountability and you have dressed this up in your own mind as sorting desirable .... which is testament to the power of Pro EU propaganda and the lack of ability for some people to think for themselves .....

      NORMA BAGGINDALE 4 months ago +1

      The face painters still think sturgeon is for them while she fills Scotland with immigrants poor poor fools.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Coeus 2.0 Uk was a union of countries who joined a union of countries yes. Scotland didnt even have a government then. or representation in it, still dont.
      Not opportunistic atall 62% remain. Uk is not one centralised union anymore , how can it be? we have a legislator. The middle bit of what you said is alot of jibberish. we (scotland) exports are at £81billion odd yet our limited govs budget is £40billion? Being robbed blind. Im not paying for your brexit.
      I want our own currency inheriting %10 of the uks sterling area and economy not bad for 8,4% of the former uk population. Imagine our gdp it might even amass rep of irelands whom's pensions are £50 more than 'uk's currently.
      ever heard of shipping? England surrendering the eu trade ,

      Yes fish in our own waters that means Scottish waters under scottish law Jurisdiction which the border is the boundary. , You want it stolen and dictated to by ukgov in london i want it here and access to other seas too but also to export to eu to keep our fishermen in business. A navy to protect them if necessary!
      Scotland has just 8.4% of the UK population but lands at its ports over *60%* of the total catch in the UK
      the biggest white fish port in Europe, Fraserburgh, the biggest shellfish port in Europe
      Why is the ukgov and unelected lords now fighting with scottish fishermen?

      Farming is devolved However , eu funding legislated to be sent to scotland goes to 'ukgov' as the member gov and dose not get passed on as gove ukgov theif it , have been for years and years

      What law brittish law? No such thing Scots law is separate , one of the three separate law systems of the 'uk'

      About that 9% of companies trick , , james o'brian put that to bed as nonsense ,

      You said the right to tax companies as we please ,yet
      67.6% of all taxation collected in Scotland goes directly to the UK gov fine with that are you ? dose 67% of uks tax go to eu no.
      Employment law is reserved to wastemonster too
      What youre saying is you want centralised in ukpar back to square one , Might aswell close down the scottish parliament
      'The Great Brittish Powergrab' (no parliament or gov or institutions of their own) theif of others

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel 4 months ago +2

    Get the Torys out! Wealth Disparity which they exacerbate, in competent leadership. Get them out!

    • Alex Daniel
      Alex Daniel 4 months ago

      @Gonzo England Well, your writing skills are at the standard of a five year old and your comprehension ability must be even worse. I didn't question your intellect, I called out your terrible english skills. Now go google translate your answer and relay it back to me in the dreadful broken english of which your Russian trainer has taught you.

    • Alex Daniel
      Alex Daniel 4 months ago

      Gonzo England come back when you've learnt English properly you putin bot. You don't even properly know the geography of politics in this country.

    • Fur Queue
      Fur Queue 4 months ago +1

      Nothing to do with tories you weak-minded fidiot. Socialism and welfare produces this kind of dependent hell.
      Giving people the chance in a free country to work where they want, what they want, and distinguish themselves through skills makes all people do incredibly well

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Alex Daniel Finished up here. None of my business commenting on others , Im in Another Constituent Country

    • Alex Daniel
      Alex Daniel 4 months ago

      @ScottishRoss Dunno if you've ever noticed but the North of England is overwhelmingly Labour.

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 4 months ago +1

    It's hard to feel sympathy despite some magnificent excuses. I'd legalize but tax all drugs, foods, and drinks except water

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Jonathan Brown I was going by your subbed channels on your youtube your subbed to True Torie s Defend their record! here is the snp's in gov
      your also subbed to stephen wolfie also steven yaxley's rebal media, The boys are back in town 😂. Ofcourse your against devolving powers , brexits label was 'taken back control' wasnt it? You and your tories are coming to try thief scotlands powers 'they were only party against devolution in 1997'
      I disagree it can be helped , should be out of the vortex of wastemonster

    • Jonathan Brown
      Jonathan Brown 4 months ago

      @ScottishRoss I'm unaccustomed to being labelled but if pressed would say I'm a globalist. Had wee Nippy of Large Eck won respect by governing within the powers given I'd recognise their achievements but instead, they squandered and continue to squander their chance to impress. I wouldn't be against a devolved power if it was run but sensible folk but sadly it's in a vortex which now can't be recovered

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Jonathan Brown
      whats ukips record in gov jonathan?0

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Jonathan Brown We can if had full powers out of wastemonster .What are they doing? No English parliament or gov to deal with it in england though. So i can not insult yours Your a ukip man i thought you were against centralisation? Dosnt it apply to wastemonster?

    • Jonathan Brown
      Jonathan Brown 4 months ago

      Your assertion the shortcake senate would ever make a decision which is not a protest

  • Tailend Charlie
    Tailend Charlie 4 months ago +4

    and the snp will continue to blame the tories about everything from the state of education to smack heads. even after 10 years in power nothing is ever their fault.

    • thighdude7
      thighdude7 4 months ago +2

      Exactly... their motto is Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations... They will never accept responsibility for anything.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Tailend Charlie Power over things such as drugs policy is reserved to wastemonster maybe their right and wanting it devolved? The tories arnt doing anything are they? Laws not changed since 1971. Englands worse England dose not have its own gov looking after these matters there.

    NORMA BAGGINDALE 4 months ago

    Having lost a son aged 23 to drugs this report is nothing new the SNP blame westminster yet spent 80 million and counting on a museum 100 million on businesses that went tits up sturgeon spent over 80 thousand on a painting of herself plus millions more wasted public funds these deaths lie at the SNPs door as they have had 10 years of nothing 1 indy ref failure and trying to stop brexit thats 10 years of nothing our lives mean nothing to them as these figures show and manslaughter charges should be brought they have never raised this matter once in the commons and are a disgrace to politics.

      NORMA BAGGINDALE 4 months ago

      @ScottishRoss so you just take the death and spend on shit instead of trying to do something like maybe try to stop the drugs getting into Scotland guaranteed if it was refugees dying through drugs SNP would be all over IT like to days pm questions 3 SNP mps questions about asylum seekers in Scotland Westminster runs that aswell but they got stuck in about that no pc points when your own are dying

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      Why would they raise that in the commons? Scots law is separate jurisdiction , drugs policy is reserved to wastemonster what are they doing? Nothing and blocking ours from acting fully like other countries.

  • Larry Dugan
    Larry Dugan 4 months ago +6

    Don't see this problem in Bolivia! Not much in the way of services there. Maybe the problem is personal responsibility

  • Wagoo
    Wagoo 4 months ago +2

    I feel cheated, this bugger looks and sounds NOTHING LIKE Commander Data???

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons 4 months ago +3

    For once a real issue dealt with by the BBC. Something which is very import to Scottish people.
    This is a Policing failure.
    Its a failure of our judicial system.
    Its a failure of government.
    Its a failure of journalists.
    What a shame there are no real journalists around to actually take on this issue. To pursue it and hold people accountable.
    There is a Culture of turning a blind eye to this plague and not doing anything.
    If BBC had any Journalistic integrity they should be perusing this and not Trump tweets and hysterical protesters.

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 4 months ago

      @Truthful Chap the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 4 months ago

      @Truthful Chap how could Scotland survive on its own with half its youth addled with addiction problems. Sturgeon is an idiot. The Scotts should bloody well tell her to get her own ship in order.

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago +1

      @Paul Gibbons and it is only going to get worse as Nicola and Co have fully embraced the "Oppression Olympics" intersectional post modern ideology of the regressive left. And yes I do remember Grange Hill, going back to the first series, Lol.

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 4 months ago

      @Truthful Chap softly softly treat everyone as victims policies have not worked at all.

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 4 months ago

      @Truthful Chap because they would have to admit to collective incompetence and failure over several generations. Also admit to the reality they can't stop the problem even when they are of a mind to do it.
      Remember the story on Grange Hill. The Anti-drugs push in the 80's. Robocop on tyneside.
      Clamp down on the rave generation in the 90's.
      Hundreds of thousands squandered on these anti-drugs posturing campaigns.
      All been for nothing. Money down the toilet.
      Now we have MP's who think nothing of sniffing Cocaine.
      The scale of this failure is staggering. Look at the death toll in Scotland. For each one dead there will be 10 more staggering about in a stupor wasting their life. An 10 more families who have been destroyed.
      Its really heart breaking tbh honest.

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons 4 months ago +4

    They have a very effective solution in the Philippines. Drug dealers are shot on sight. It will be the last solution the UK ever considers though. I suppose liberals would rather watch a new generation of kids fxxk their life up and die a pointless death than infringe the rights of our criminal community.
    Is it not time UK tax payers got a refund from the police after they have given up and out right lost the war on drugs. An you can now buy class A drugs in any UK pub in any Town or back water village in the UK.
    I would discribe this as a complete and utter catastrophic failure to deliver on their promise to British people myself.
    They have taken taxpayers money and failed to do what they said they would.
    But you will never see criticism of the police anymore on MSM because they are in collaboration with the media. If you don't think thats a problem you are the problem.
    Nobody is watching the watchers.
    Read up on the Hillsborough cover up.

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 4 months ago

      @Suiciderification 100% agree.

    • Suiciderification
      Suiciderification 4 months ago +1

      I agree. It IS the police's and government's job to protect youngsters from those monsters. Sadly, the majority of young people don't know better, but they are young, and adults' job (especially those, who get paid to do so) is to protect them.
      Being "humane" towards heartless monsters results in the sitations like this one in Scotland. Drug dealers are among the worst scumbags, and what they get in the Philippines is what they truly deserve.

  • Who am I ? No one!
    Who am I ? No one! 4 months ago +6

    How tragically sad ! God bless Scotland ! People are giving up !
    God please help them ! Help all the people of the Earth !

  • kmden Rt
    kmden Rt 4 months ago

    The also have the highest case of knife crime, far higher than London's.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @kmden Rt You too if ye got stuff right ya doughball.

    • kmden Rt
      kmden Rt 4 months ago +1

      @ScottishRoss yes reduced but still higher than London's. Regardless Scottish people are some of the nicest people I've been around.

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago +1

      @ScottishRoss well I wouldn't take anything that BoJo says to heart, he is a self-serving tosser and will do anything for self-aggrandisment. The issues with knife crime in Scotland vs England are abit more complex. England has seen much more immigration from diverse racial groups from low trust cultures. Apart from some immigration from SE Asia in Glasgow's southside and a bunch of rich English coffin dodgers to the Highlands and Islands I think that Scotland has retained much of it's (mono)culture, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Apart from the drug use, alcoholism and export of serial killers, Lol.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago +1

      @Truthful Chap But england wont follow as its scotland.
      We're a 'verminous race' according to Englands next pm in the poem he had published about scotland and scots , england about to agree by electing him. Thanks

  • lasagna boy
    lasagna boy 4 months ago +1


  • pax und peace
    pax und peace 4 months ago +3

    Torys fault they cut the money for NHS.

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago

      @NORMA BAGGINDALE are you talking about the rainbow colour jobs on the police cars by any chance? Be careful, you could be being "transphobic" then off to a Gulag with you for a hate crime!

      NORMA BAGGINDALE 4 months ago +1

      Yeah and SNP have been diverting Scotlands NHS money for years of spending on failed policies

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago +1

      Health spending in Scotland is a devolved matter right? If your argument was to hold weight the drugs death rate in England (where austerity has been greater) would have seen a rise too.

  • The Poltical One
    The Poltical One 4 months ago +4

    Opioid crisis

  • pax und peace
    pax und peace 4 months ago +24

    Not even mentioned the people how died because of legal drugs like alcohol and tabak smoking you can ad 20,000.

    • pax und peace
      pax und peace 4 months ago

      @The Greasy Strangler That's true yu saw in the us and now in the UK.

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 4 months ago +1

      @The Greasy Strangler not always. I have heard this before. But that definitely needs investigating and the cycle needs breaking.
      Problem with users is they always find someone to blame except themselves.
      An it does not mean dealers are doing a public service. Far from it.

    • The Greasy Strangler
      The Greasy Strangler 4 months ago +2

      The addiction usually starts with prescription medication, after they've been cut of they start using street drugs.

    • Paul Gibbons
      Paul Gibbons 4 months ago +1

      It says it will kill you on the packet. They have taken steps to reduce alcohol related deaths and smoking related deaths. Measures which are working. Its not like there is a cover up reguarding legal drug deaths. You can only do so much to save idiots from themselves.
      This really is the most bullshit argument.

    • Fani _v
      Fani _v 4 months ago

      Drugs dangerous for us 😂
      Save us

  • ScottishRoss
    ScottishRoss 4 months ago

    Some truths but although health policy and funding is devovled , they didnt mention the laws over drugs are reserved to ukgov unlike other countries that can act fullly not limited. The suspect bbc mentioned uk but not that 3,756 deaths relating to drugs in England and Wales in 2017

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Truthful Chap Gove the theif?
      gove or any ukgov education min has no say as education minister in scotland as it is devolved.
      We have got a good Record by swinney & co
      If only scotparliament had full powers over the law over drugs which is reserved to wastemonster if it came Out ours could do better policies not limited as currently. Whats the english doing since they have full powers over drugs policy in england? yet we're effectively blocked
      Following pressure from the US, the UK implemented the Drugs (Regulation of Misuse) Act in 1964
      the 1964 Act introduced criminal penalties for possession by individuals of small amounts of drugs, as well as possession with intent to traffic or deal in drugs

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago

      @ScottishRoss don't get me wrong, I think that the education policy south of the border is shite too. The cocaine snorting Michael Gove policy of afew years ago of looking for marginal improvements in exam success over the average or else the school gets privitised into a money grabbing & corrupt Academy has resulted in no net improvement in education. Gove's dressing down at the select committee hearing is worth reading, one of the best put downs I have ever heard. But at least England does not have a mangina like Swinney standing up and apogising for being male or fudging a useless education system by talking about "positive outcomes". If the outcomes were so "positive" kids wouldn't be doing smack and the youth suicide rate would not be RISING in Scotland. Thought about that one?

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Truthful Chap Whats the torie english gov's record ? since youv said north o the border you must doon sooth of the border

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago

      Maybe if Nicola and Co spent less time on LGBT, feminism and other "woke" issues and actually focussed on health and education something might improve. Oh wait a minute Scotland still hasn't sorted out problems with mixed exam lessons in maths (because there are not enough teachers). I must be having one of those John Swinney described "moanfests".
      Keep blaming Westminister if that makes you happy.

  • Mr Olonzo
    Mr Olonzo 4 months ago +3

    Scotland has always accepted degenerate behaviour and filth in it's people. No one gets a telling off lest anyone think they're above anyone else. Thus junkies alcoholics and bums run rampant. Little changes.

  • MintSauce !
    MintSauce ! 4 months ago +1

    Junkies die...whatchagonnado!? Darwin had a point.

  • Suiciderification
    Suiciderification 4 months ago

    Sad...really sad. I never ever understood why people do drugs especially in developed, nice and beautiful countries.

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago +1

      Two reasons. Reason one: they are in pain and want to escape reality. Reason two: they are affluent narcissistic middle class c*nts and like to feel better about themselves by snorting abit of charlie. There is a third reason but that is about psychedelics and altering states of consciousness and Terence McKenna's work is the place to go for that.

  • Jimmy Killem
    Jimmy Killem 4 months ago +5

    this surprises nobody who has ever read an irvine welsh book

  • kudi m
    kudi m 4 months ago +4

    socialism does not work.

    • Nobody Nobody
      Nobody Nobody 4 months ago

      human does not work

    • Dan Kortebein
      Dan Kortebein 4 months ago +2

      Explain Portugal and its decriminalization of drugs??? Drug deaths and criminal activity have DROPPED. Why is that???

  • Truthful Chap
    Truthful Chap 4 months ago +10

    Well done Nicola Sturgeon you are to drug deaths in Scotland what Sadiq Khan is to knife crime in London.

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago

      @ScottishRoss what I don't understand is how afew comfy sofas and some fresh needles are going to stop Scottish junkies from having their cardiovascular systems from collapsing when their opioid receptors activated by agonists. Please explain.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss 4 months ago

      @Truthful Chap You guys go bankrupt paying up the arse for healthcare insurance Industry which are trading of you for profit. We dont have insurance based system. Can still go private if choose ,what dont you understand?

    • Truthful Chap
      Truthful Chap 4 months ago

      @Triscia Francescka Jardine the opioid crisis in the states is very much due to the exploitation of the relaxed regulatory climate by the psychopaths in the Sackler family/Purdue Pharma. In the UK and especially Scotland there is something else going on, which I am sure ScottishRoss can enlighten us all on.