Yogscast stream Hardcore Minecraft but only the funny bits #1 - Jingle Jam 2019

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 3
    can't afford to watch the jingle jam streams? just want to keep up with what's happening during december but don't have that much free time? here are the funny clips compiled into one video. everyone likes funny compilations right? right?

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Comments • 88

  • The Late Lord Kardok
    The Late Lord Kardok 17 days ago +2

    "Does it have a dome?"

  • ConRon
    ConRon Month ago +1

    This stream made me miss Sjin more than most so far, god I wish he'd come back soon.

  • bobthebigbat
    bobthebigbat Month ago

    Ummmm. That's not Hardcore - the hearts are wrong!

  • Hue Manatee
    Hue Manatee Month ago


  • Ignacio Troche Martinez

    I miss Sjin and Turps...

  • Mrpersonman0
    Mrpersonman0 Month ago

    He could just put his casserole in the microwave if it gets cold.
    Edit: carcinogens are delicious, by dint of the fact that everything is carcinogenic.

  • Body by Maddie
    Body by Maddie Month ago +5

    I need more minecraft with Lewis and Simon 😭😭

  • FyberOptic
    FyberOptic Month ago +1

    Microwaves are just radio transmitters tuned to make your Hot Pocket warm. No joke. It's not the scary kind of radiation people seem to think it is. If you go grab part of a big antenna tower somewhere it can have a similar result on your body.

  • darkf1are
    darkf1are Month ago +12

    When you could hear sips’s kid in the background all I could thing was "awe little poopfest420 is all grown up"

  • Stephen Memelord
    Stephen Memelord Month ago +5

    Everybody: Well we finally have our first cabin up this is gonna be a great stream.
    RTGame: Hey guys, I killed the dragon.

  • Kaleb Gordon
    Kaleb Gordon Month ago +1

    Fuck this is funny

  • Shooby Taylor
    Shooby Taylor Month ago


  • Walker Pierce
    Walker Pierce Month ago +8

    I like how rt single handedly carried them almost to the end.

  • Ari Rejtman
    Ari Rejtman Month ago +5

    No Sjin, no win.

    TEPES Month ago

    can confirm, clicked on this because i saw sips in the thumbnail

  • Raven Uchiha
    Raven Uchiha Month ago +3

    31:40 When Simon's timing for irritation makes him sound like he hates kids xD!

  • The Unprofessionalist

    Thank you

  • SnezyMcPanda
    SnezyMcPanda Month ago +3

    Sips trying to turn Simon into Eazy E: "Hollow at the shaft in my '64!"

  • Dakota B.
    Dakota B. Month ago +9

    thx for getting these out so fast Xeno - am busy with final projects and exams so i don't have time to watch the streams in real time atm!!

    • Xenophyte
      Xenophyte  Month ago +1

      no problem, good luck with the exams!

  • m m
    m m Month ago +5

    Loving the videos xeno, need to replace madcat for you

    • m m
      m m Month ago +2

      @Xenophyte nah but serious loving the jingle jam updates

    • Xenophyte
      Xenophyte  Month ago +4

      woah now

  • bob manperson
    bob manperson Month ago +4

    It isn't a merry Christmas without the snow queen burning everything down

  • lordguy5
    lordguy5 Month ago +1

    I gotta say, this years jingle jam, doesn't seem as good, or intresting...Wonder what(or who) is missing?

  • SuperiorHawk
    SuperiorHawk Month ago +6

    Oh man, did Simon lose weight? He looks great!

    • Enthused Norseman
      Enthused Norseman Month ago

      I hadn't noticed it at first, but now that you mention it, he does! The beard looks majestic regardless, though.

  • Startrekandanimefan
    Startrekandanimefan Month ago +46

    its sad there was a lack of trolling from [REDACTED] in this series :(

  • may
    may Month ago +2


  • ThisIsNotHarvey
    ThisIsNotHarvey Month ago +1

    I really wanna hear Lewis sing the rest of hooked on a feeling now omg

  • Nickname
    Nickname Month ago +46

    Rtgame here is just how I used to awkwardly depict myself sharing a friendly minecraft game with the Yogs as I grew up with the Tekkit series.
    I'm glad he told them how much of an honor it was to get roasted by them, I feel he represented a lot of people there.

    • Enthused Norseman
      Enthused Norseman Month ago +8

      Dude, I lived vicariously through RTGame in that moment, and he did it flawlessly. I'm glad we got the moment recorded.

  • PaddyCaker
    PaddyCaker Month ago +4

    15:45 one of the more funny moments

  • Ben Cornish
    Ben Cornish Month ago +35

    11:55 and now we remember why we don’t put pressure plates on the outside

  • AwesomeAartvark
    AwesomeAartvark Month ago +14

    I can't get enough of 30:20, I really wanna hear Lewis sing the rest of whatever he was singing XD XD XD

    • Catnip
      Catnip Month ago

      @Quilt you can edit

    • Quilt
      Quilt Month ago +2

      @Drew Peacock mb

    • Drew Peacock
      Drew Peacock Month ago

      @Quilt Hooked on a feeling**

    • AwesomeAartvark
      AwesomeAartvark Month ago

      @Quilt I suppose that is true, though I don't know if that will lead to Lewis singing an extra amount, but one could hope, haha

    • Quilt
      Quilt Month ago +2

      No problem.
      Well now that turps is gone theres less competition on the karaoke stream.

  • Poncho Tetele
    Poncho Tetele Month ago

    Fuck yes this is the upload I was the most waiting for from you

  • Cubic Studios
    Cubic Studios Month ago

    donday estäs, grassy-ass

  • TAS the SPAS
    TAS the SPAS Month ago +4

    Was that the old Area 11 outro music at the end?

  • flob ll
    flob ll Month ago +32

    Unpopular opinion: the stream got worse when spiff started cheating. Its not the only reason but it was the turning point. You can really tell people were getting bored of it after he banned everyone from the server.

    • flob ll
      flob ll Month ago

      @Charlie Charlton how do you know I wouldn't

    • Charlie Charlton
      Charlie Charlton Month ago

      You wouldn’t say the same thing if it was [REACTED] doing it

    • Escapist
      Escapist Month ago +2

      @TubNub Yeah, and it's not like they declared him the winner at the end anyways. He used exploits, it was funny, everyone moved on.

    • flob ll
      flob ll Month ago

      @TubNub he used exploits and made so much money that no one was able to catch up.

    • Jess
      Jess Month ago

      @Drew Peacock apologises! I thought this was other comment thread. I have no idea who spiff is either, hess ort of just popped up and im a bit like🙄

  • Summbuddie
    Summbuddie Month ago +3


  • Der Mathze
    Der Mathze Month ago +250

    "Did you ever watch the old Tekkit with me and [REDACTED]? Or did you watch Dirt Quest with me and [REDACTED]?"
    I'm glad Sips can at least joke about it, and Lewis showed a video with Turps on the Team Double Awkward stream. Just because the videos have some bad context now shouldn't mean we never talk about them again.

    • Der Mathze
      Der Mathze Month ago +2

      @AlphaSword Turps was forced to leave because of multiple sexual harassment allegations of from fans, which he admitted were true.
      Sjin left becaused he sent some flirty messages to fans, but we don't know what the extend of Sjin's messages were.

    • AlphaSword
      AlphaSword Month ago +1

      I haven't been paying attention to Yogscast in years, what happened? Is this referring to Sjin? What happened with Turps?

    • George Hamvas Hummerich
      George Hamvas Hummerich Month ago +11

      Yeah I agree. The main reason their names are banned in twitch chat is because they people go on about it and cause arguments. People still talk about "redacted" in twitch chat, even now 4½ months on, because of Jingle Jam, so people who haven't watched streams in ages keep bringing it up. Which is honestly irritating. Why can't people just drop it? Why do they need to tell other people that they missed them? It's just spam in chat.

    • John Matta
      John Matta Month ago +6

      Nvm found it around 26:30

    • John Matta
      John Matta Month ago +5

      Der Mathze can I get a time stamp on this joke?

  • RebelSympathyzr[RR]
    RebelSympathyzr[RR] Month ago +7

    17:31 Arent all creepers french tho? They both love to creep on me... Or is that just me?

  • Cat From Hell
    Cat From Hell Month ago +15

    Thanks man, I missed it

  • Corey Frate
    Corey Frate Month ago +92

    The double-creeper combo wombo while RT was mining... solid.

  • [Bot] ben's minion
    [Bot] ben's minion Month ago +148

    I saw rtgame's pov and he did alot

    • SpaceMissile
      SpaceMissile Month ago +1

      an alot is a large, furry monster.

    • George Hamvas Hummerich
      George Hamvas Hummerich Month ago +2

      @[Bot] ben's minion Comment whatever you want, people who just reply "K" are just thorns in the side. Good to see the Ben Club still going strong.

    • Artemis Kuro
      Artemis Kuro Month ago


    • Penisbone
      Penisbone Month ago +1

      @TubNub - they never really tell any users when they make something a thing on TheXvid, so I have no clue- there might be a fun video essay about it on YT! :P

    • TubNub
      TubNub Month ago +1

      @Penisbone When did that become a thing?