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  • linkeffect82
    linkeffect82 9 hours ago

    I loved this, it's a fun sequel to "Litter Critters" , and I'm glad for the last gag with the "Grill" , perfect way to end the sketch, kind of a call back to the litter flute from the predecessor sketch.

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith 10 hours ago

    Cats are not morons. I hate these types of skits that puts a bad light on cats. If you're not a nice person the cat will know it and treat you accordingly.

  • Chasing the Murdered

    This is funny, is I who you are

  • Chasing the Murdered

    Cats are adorable until they grow up. They stink, they walk on counters with Poop on their feet... gross

  • Chasing the Murdered

    Omg yes!

  • Maddie Koester
    Maddie Koester 3 days ago

    Imagine some one using this to get a wedding ring.

  • April Grams
    April Grams 4 days ago

    Gross!! LOL

  • Lizzie O
    Lizzie O 5 days ago

    This is so retarded but it's hilarious!

  • warmswimmer
    warmswimmer 7 days ago


  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 8 days ago

    Make Matt Damon a regular like Baldwin.

  • Alex Curst
    Alex Curst 9 days ago

    glitter shitter

  • Vern's Laser Show
    Vern's Laser Show 10 days ago

    Who else was thinking about the Catboxpro when they saw this skit?

  • Macchiato’s Best friend


  • Rainbowface73
    Rainbowface73 14 days ago +1

    I disliked this video only because you’re saying cats are dumb morons!!!! 🤬🖕

  • Megsy
    Megsy 18 days ago

    This was funny, but I'm still glad they cut it.

  • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    in the 70s or 80s they had a Cat Poop Play-DO sketch

  • Jessica Master
    Jessica Master 23 days ago +1


  • jebaria
    jebaria 24 days ago

    "Cats suck" "cats are morons" can confirm, my cat is a sack of potatoes

  • Yukosan13
    Yukosan13 25 days ago

    even if it's covered in glitter.. cat sh#t still just cat Sh#t..not you best skit SNL :-(
    Seriously, no one would ever believe it was jewelry. it be funnier if the people just question why grandma's broach stinks or why their aunt's earrings clearly look like poo (heck the jewelry could even drip or ooze that would be gross but still funnier)

  • Hating on Truth
    Hating on Truth 25 days ago

    Don't be hatin on the Pussy...

  • Frank Dahlquist
    Frank Dahlquist 29 days ago

    I got 3 cats and could make millions. Where do I get one?

  • baegel.
    baegel. 29 days ago

    Can we all agree that that cats adorable?

  • everything eli
    everything eli Month ago

    Please make this lol

  • TheKaydikakes
    TheKaydikakes Month ago

    That was hilarious. I love this skit. The ring shaped as poop hahahahahahaha love it

  • Chloe Bourgeois
    Chloe Bourgeois Month ago

    glitter shitter

  • ESTE D
    ESTE D Month ago

    Cats do suck tho

  • ESTE D
    ESTE D Month ago


  • Chupria
    Chupria Month ago

    This reminds me of the catboxpro self-cleaning litter box.

  • zeitgeist
    zeitgeist Month ago +1

    “And the next time fluffy dumps a brownie, you’ll own a remarkable piece of jewellery”

  • Maddie105
    Maddie105 Month ago

    Lmao this is awesome

  • Cute Queen
    Cute Queen Month ago

    That cat looks freaked out lol

  • Spnlgrl1985
    Spnlgrl1985 Month ago

    If only🤣I could quit my regular job and clean up on this!🤣

  • Jaden Rintharamy
    Jaden Rintharamy Month ago

    so what if the cat gets diarrhea

  • Ange Moore
    Ange Moore Month ago

    Ew! Lol no the writer of this sketch is a cat hater 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Drunk stormtrooper
    Drunk stormtrooper Month ago +1

    “Cats are morons”
    *puts shit in his mouth*

  • Flat Accord Music
    Flat Accord Music Month ago


  • Helga Freiberger
    Helga Freiberger Month ago

    It's hilarious!!!

  • Jia Sharma
    Jia Sharma Month ago

    Do a Fiji girl skit pleasssssssssssse xx

  • Mr. Luck
    Mr. Luck Month ago

    The cat's expression was pretty funny. It's like it knew it was being mocked. Lol

  • Grey Skye
    Grey Skye Month ago

    Namaste bitches.

  • Albino Deer
    Albino Deer Month ago

    I’m confused why everyone thinks this is so bad?

  • katherynchill
    katherynchill Month ago

    I love how no one laughed

  • Slimbones125
    Slimbones125 Month ago

    Lmao this is basically a cinco sketch from Tim & Eric

  • Quality Person
    Quality Person Month ago

    Get rid of the SNL outro, and then make a fake website for it, so you can make it an ad.

  • Rob Arsenault
    Rob Arsenault Month ago

    Not great, but better than much that makes it to air.

  • Alexis N
    Alexis N Month ago


  • slimfast67
    slimfast67 Month ago

    Anything this hot man says is funny

  • Kat Fangtastic
    Kat Fangtastic Month ago

    I thought this was funny!! :D Surprised to see the dislikes and negative comments!

  • sydney waldron
    sydney waldron Month ago

    as a cat person I am offended and don't put cat shit in your mouth, its gross

  • // osivot
    // osivot Month ago

    Made by Cinco

  • slayer 1
    slayer 1 Month ago

    Is Kitty doing his business or having a business or maybe some strangely unique mix of the two a little from column A a little from column B?... Kitty columns

  • Dominique Dixon
    Dominique Dixon Month ago

    Should not have cut this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Drew M.
    Drew M. Month ago

    Cats suck. Anyone who's lived with ones knows. Ha!!!

  • Skithien
    Skithien Month ago

    Shouldn't have been cut, this is gold.

  • Zebulous
    Zebulous Month ago

    This is classic SNL. No one likes it because there’s no laugh track telling them it’s funny. Morons

  • Finley Flamingo
    Finley Flamingo Month ago

    The cat at 1:32 was given like way too much cat nip like it looks really high....

  • 101bribrilove
    101bribrilove Month ago +1

    As soon as I see “Cut for Time” I automatically click the vid, because it’s usually better than some of the skits they air.
    But I honestly don’t know what this is

  • Bill DeSha
    Bill DeSha Month ago

    The funniest part of the skit was "Hey Biscuit"

  • Clarity Starthorne
    Clarity Starthorne Month ago

    Excuuuse me did he just diss cats? >.>

  • Deidre Norris
    Deidre Norris Month ago

    ew nasty cat poop

  • Joeysworldtour comment section

    1:31 this cat looks so awkward in that costume. 🐱

  • Mr CountDownCity
    Mr CountDownCity Month ago

    How the fuck did they get that cat to be still in the last part? Even tho it looks wrong for some reason

  • Dave Fredrock
    Dave Fredrock Month ago

    I want a new grill too!

  • Zippity Zoop
    Zippity Zoop Month ago

    I feel like Matt Damon has been in every skit I've watched in the past month

  • Angel and Unicorn Kisses

    Funny. My dog can have grills on his teeth too 😻 Sad. Give me a cat any day over any other animal...firmly believe the bad rap they've gotten for decades is the reason so many are tossed aside/killed/thought less of....way more than dogs. Again it's the owner & breeding of any animal, not the animal. Glad this was cut. Triggered, yes. Sincerely ~ a vet tech who's seen the damage caused by humans with cats 😡

  • Mrs Sadie Adler
    Mrs Sadie Adler Month ago +1

    Well I’m off to get a cat and glitter litter box as i need to pay some rent an bills 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • moonmono
    moonmono Month ago

    This is pretty much a regurgitated version of "Litter Critters" . SNL writers are getting into the habit of taking successful material, giving it a touch up here and there, and then putting it out expecting the same result. It might work sometimes but regardless, its unoriginal and lazy. It eventually strips the concept of its clever humor and unique nuances which made it effective. Reminds me of letting a classmate in high school copy your assignment but having them change up some of the words... that there might make a funny (and original) skit if you think about it. Creative writing is not easy but inspiration can be everywhere IF you're humble - think everyday life, the mundane, mutual experiences, etc :)

  • ScareBare
    ScareBare Month ago

    Litter Critters is a funnier commercial.

  • Morgan Jarvis
    Morgan Jarvis Month ago

    Im offended

  • Paola Bueso
    Paola Bueso Month ago

    The cat’s face at the end 🤣🤣🤣

  • GameBehemoths
    GameBehemoths Month ago

    Why did i bust out laughing when he said. How much you want for it? Like 200?. Hahah

  • Irish Bee
    Irish Bee Month ago

    I have to put my grills on...
    *Literally puts peice of crap on teeth*

  • DuelistoftheRose
    DuelistoftheRose Month ago

    Cats SUCK?? DON'T make me FEED you your TEETH Damon!!
    If your cat doesn't come when you call THAT'S ON YOU not the cat. Apparently your cat hates you because YOU hate it!!
    I never have this problem - my cats always come when I call them because I actually WON their hearts!
    To those who wrote the script for this attempt-at-humor: if you don't currently own cats - KEEP IT THAT WAY.

    • Jacey Matthews
      Jacey Matthews Month ago

      I’ve never seen someone so upset over a cat before. You sure seem to be mentally stable.

  • PerrinLogainKadanFan


  • Just look at it! Just look at this!

    Wow SNL just is not funny anymore.....

  • Nichet Tucker
    Nichet Tucker Month ago

    Huh Ah NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zachary Hollenbach
    Zachary Hollenbach Month ago


  • ResortDog
    ResortDog Month ago

    Like the man made diamonds are from not greener than mining factories and 60% of real don't come from anywhere near conflict areas, beware the monopolies advertising agencies.

  • Micah H
    Micah H Month ago

    It was funny, but I only chuckled a little.

  • Jasmine Shelton
    Jasmine Shelton Month ago


  • jasup
    jasup Month ago

    Cats suck

  • Level M
    Level M Month ago

    I know from experience that this is a complete mess.
    *good idea-doesn't work.*

  • skelatack
    skelatack Month ago +1

    Omg the Grill 💀

  • Anna *****
    Anna ***** Month ago

    I havong a stroke commercial made me stroke

  • kello92300
    kello92300 Month ago

    New low for SNL & Matt Damon

  • Daphne
    Daphne Month ago

    the cat's more done with life than me

  • Shawn Barrett
    Shawn Barrett Month ago
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  • Rachel Nanda
    Rachel Nanda Month ago


  • Sveta Makoveeva
    Sveta Makoveeva Month ago

    They need to just take that extra step and go full Tim and Eric on America

  • 1digitalwatcher
    1digitalwatcher Month ago

    How much is it I want one !

  • Blaxtopolition
    Blaxtopolition Month ago

    Matt Daaaaammmmmooonnn

  • Otiloppi
    Otiloppi Month ago

    Are they just recycling classic sketches and changing them a little? It was funnier when it was toys for children.

    • ResortDog
      ResortDog Month ago

      4 decades plus to choose from.

  • Vlad Gulin
    Vlad Gulin Month ago


  • Pop ropo
    Pop ropo Month ago

    play this with another tab open playing laughing sound effects youl like it better.

  • Master Chain
    Master Chain Month ago


  • Zach
    Zach Month ago

    Dear SNL,
    Can you please make this video private?
    A Very Concerned Cat Lover

  • okrajoe
    okrajoe Month ago +1

    And last Christmas gift on my list - FOUND!

  • Jonathan Kade Woodson

    Yikes this is bad

  • Lauren N
    Lauren N Month ago

    What did I just watch? 😶

  • Julia R
    Julia R Month ago

    So many people in the comments seem to think that the people who don’t like this sketch don’t like it because it insults cats. Lol The reason I don’t like it is because I’m not interested in seeing someone put a representation of glittered cat poop in their mouth