This Is How Mike Tyson Spends His Millions

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Mike Tyson is a legendary boxer that retired after a record breaking career of wins. But how did he spend all his millions? In his 20’s he was named the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history. So, you know he had a pretty exciting life.
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    Growing up, Tyson came from a low-income family but he grew up into a multi-millionaire thanks to his incredible fighting style. Nowadays, Tyson does it all, from boxing, to movie appearances, to advertising endorsements and now appearing in a one man show about his life entitled The Undisputed Truth, in Los Vegas Nevada.
    He’s been in the spotlight for his entire life, enticing us all to wonder, “what is Mike Tyson going to do next?”
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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  2 months ago +285

    Would you also get a pet tiger if you could afford it? 😯

    • Sway
      Sway 3 days ago


    • War Child
      War Child 7 days ago

      @The the end is coming make yee the way for the Lord Amen*

    • Rock Ade
      Rock Ade 8 days ago

      who ever created this is a bete fag, u take it up the arse and your girlfriend probably fucks you up the ass

    • a a
      a a 17 days ago

      @Cherry Cola if your tiger gets hungry hope you like getting eaten

  • Ivo Smoky
    Ivo Smoky 50 minutes ago

    Recognise him by One and Only.

    BEERUS SAMA Day ago +1

    *Correction*: How Mike Tyson spent his millions

  • Sey Co
    Sey Co 2 days ago

    It means nothing for a man to gain riches and loose it at the end .The world is being created with win and loose .Beautiful ladies will one day becomes old ugly women and handsome guys will also become horrible old men one day .It is just a fairytale world that has no guarantee and respect for man .Lets be careful and always think it never going to be the same one day .Life still goes one my brothers and sisters .Enjoy as much as u can .

  • kevin hill
    kevin hill 2 days ago

    He is also known as canibals 😂😂😂

  • Furious Killer
    Furious Killer 2 days ago +1

    This is how I spend my tens of dollars

  • Tim A
    Tim A 2 days ago

    Why show 50 cent’s crib and says it’s mike’s ????

  • pedro morrow
    pedro morrow 3 days ago

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  • bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer 3 days ago

    Looks like Mike Tyson's doing all right right now that was in the past it's gone forget about it stop bringing the pass that's that's the problem with people bringing the pass then forgetting about it and moving on

  • Gris Channel
    Gris Channel 3 days ago +1

    He look like CJ with the suit "BUFFMEUP"

    • Kaledrone /\
      Kaledrone /\ 17 hours ago +1

      Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

  • henry lamprell
    henry lamprell 3 days ago

    I would have invested it in tyson ranch

  • Loteli Tela
    Loteli Tela 4 days ago +5

    I hope y’all know the dude still got hella bank

    EYES WIDE OPEN TRUTH 4 days ago +1

    Tyson was absolutely Ludicrous with his money

  • eXe Osiris
    eXe Osiris 4 days ago

    Now kith

  • Fuzzipiffen
    Fuzzipiffen 4 days ago

    All of these expenses together aren’t even close to 100,000,000.... take the other 100,000,000 don king nabbed... where the other 200?🤔

  • Alexandru Stefanescu

    His millions his problem ;)

  • M. F Nizamuddin
    M. F Nizamuddin 5 days ago +1

    0:01 wtf is that hairstyle? Lmfaoo🤣

  • Basho
    Basho 6 days ago

    Mike Tyson gets paid to lose fights in movies. How is that broke?

  • Traveler Guide
    Traveler Guide 6 days ago

    money goes to where is not supposed to go,instead of going the right way,and peoples getting rich for nothing,and you see construction workers getting paid 10$ and hours,truck drivers etc this world is lost

  • kalin bachvarov
    kalin bachvarov 7 days ago

    Пълен педераст

  • Eduardo Ibarra
    Eduardo Ibarra 7 days ago

    Por favor son películas ahí están actuando en la vida real en 34 segundos los hace m***** yanclo vanda cualquier p****** actorcito de arte Marcial que se le ponga el si es un peleador real o lo era en su tiempo y aún así les puede ganar fácilmente

  • Sardar Gee
    Sardar Gee 7 days ago

    Nothing will be with anybody after life. The life in this world is just a trial for few moments and nothing. Humen are so weak but challenges the creator. .........

  • Pankaj Gorey
    Pankaj Gorey 8 days ago

    Tyson had become a cocky little piece of shit......He learnt decency the hard way, which made him Great again.

  • Am From somaliland
    Am From somaliland 8 days ago

    Please don't talk about the Mike tyson please shay

  • Will Ferrendelli
    Will Ferrendelli 9 days ago +1

    The most money my parents ever spent on my bday is $13

  • Rogue Wizard
    Rogue Wizard 9 days ago

    Mayweather vs Tyson. Who would win?

  • jona furukawa
    jona furukawa 9 days ago +5

    Watchu mean Mike is a God he is one of the only men who doesn't need a beard to cover baldness

  • Dogfather of Hull
    Dogfather of Hull 9 days ago +1

    Love iron Mike. Great champion. Happy he is at peace and doing good. He was an Animal. Thank You Mike

  • Radoslav Valalik
    Radoslav Valalik 10 days ago +3

    He work’s hard for this $$$ at least not like actors or politics

  • Dave Cozzi
    Dave Cozzi 10 days ago +2

    Probably can still kick 99.9% of the World's ass. I dig Tyson.
    Crazy but perfect for his niche in the World. Does not take any crap because, he does not have to.

  • Raymond Rocco
    Raymond Rocco 10 days ago

    It's not how Tyson spends his millions, It's how Tyson Spent his millions !!! Lol

  • MrMaka1984
    MrMaka1984 11 days ago

    I LOVE MIKE,...but it was only a next toy of ILLUMINATIES...

  • Nephew Charming Chucky

    Mike couldn’t have spent 400 million without people stealing from him

    • Nephew Charming Chucky
      Nephew Charming Chucky 11 days ago

      Don and everyone took his money while he was in prison and played him him when he came home

    • Hajduk
      Hajduk 11 days ago +1

      Doesn't add up eh? 4.5 mil in cars and the house was 3 mil?

  • Robert Joseph
    Robert Joseph 11 days ago +1

    Mike is the best and strongest boxer ever.

  • Mike Jay
    Mike Jay 11 days ago

    Some of this information is incorrect for example the house they show In Las Vegas is his current house the house they talking about he haven't lived there for years!!!!

  • Finest boyd boss don
    Finest boyd boss don 12 days ago

    50 Cent bought the house from Mike Tyson in so lit

  • gohantaro
    gohantaro 13 days ago


  • QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose
    QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose 13 days ago

    I dont like this type Chanel, trying to be like the Enquirer en YT! Use your channel corectly, not bringing people down.

  • andre luiz
    andre luiz 15 days ago

    He will be rich again!! Hemp farm here we go

  • chris bills
    chris bills 15 days ago

    It's Holyfield not Hollyfield Put some respect on his name lol

  • True Core
    True Core 15 days ago

    WAIT! I thought Trump was a racist! Why was he attending Tyson’s birthday party? MAGA 2020! 🇺🇸

    • Killazua
      Killazua 15 days ago

      True Core Trump is a boxing fan

    TURKOGLU 06 15 days ago +1

    Rich one's money makes the poor ones mouth tired.

    WARRIOR SOLDIER 15 days ago

    I hate don king for what he did to the guy, Tyson wouldve Ben greater than any boxer that laced up the leather to go to work had he not got with that piece of trash Don king... and a king he IS NOT!!!!

  • Omarr Koroma
    Omarr Koroma 16 days ago

    Rocket launcher ain’t no joke

  • THegirl Whocriedmoose
    THegirl Whocriedmoose 17 days ago

    Hangover 1 FYI

  • Landen Goss
    Landen Goss 17 days ago

    How he spent spent spent spent spent spent his millions millions spent spent spent spent his millions millions millions

  • Code_hurricane 77
    Code_hurricane 77 17 days ago

    If u watch hangover that's the tiger they stole

  • Ayman Ra Lionheart
    Ayman Ra Lionheart 17 days ago

    50 cent bought the house!

  • Willie MasterMind in Development

    The condescension of the narrator shows how worthless this channel is

  • Cherry Cola
    Cherry Cola 18 days ago

    So what if he blew 400 million? It was his damn money and besides like someone else commented Dirty Don King was stealing his money. He's a LEGEND regardless n he has my respect!!!!!!

  • Carter Nealy
    Carter Nealy 18 days ago

    Hey kickboxer my dad he’ll make that movie look in the credit his name is Larry nealy

  • Grant Siefer
    Grant Siefer 18 days ago

    Rip mike Tyson’s upon it opponents Ear

  • Gavinz_Athletic
    Gavinz_Athletic 18 days ago

    Bro imagine how the 8 people in the world to beat him feel lmao

  • Apollo4
    Apollo4 18 days ago

    tyson goat

  • Tyson Bargabos
    Tyson Bargabos 18 days ago

    Who else is named Tyson

  • Tyson Bargabos
    Tyson Bargabos 18 days ago

    Who ele

  • HeresChaseyBoi ツ
    HeresChaseyBoi ツ 18 days ago

    Why did he spend almost more money on a bathtub than he did on his house

  • Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004#

    Do u have a dog?
    No i have tiger! ;)
    Nuff said...

  • X_Zilent x
    X_Zilent x 18 days ago

    I love how u put IP man in the vid

  • Grant Rummel
    Grant Rummel 18 days ago

    Mike had 3 mansions no shit bruh dude had 400 million lol

  • Grant Rummel
    Grant Rummel 18 days ago +1

    Dude had 400 million y’all act like dude wasn’t gonna spend it or something 😭😭

  • Ryan tha god
    Ryan tha god 18 days ago

    What are Ben. Gall tigers

  • Mercio Filipe Jeque Junior

    Correction: this is how Mike Tyson spent his millions

  • Dalandan Gamer
    Dalandan Gamer 18 days ago

    Mike tyson vs manny

  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f 18 days ago +2

    You know the value of the woman doing the voice over is almost zero

  • Jonathan Vorontsov
    Jonathan Vorontsov 18 days ago +1

    Ben-gal tigers 🐅

  • David Fahey
    David Fahey 19 days ago

    Don King stole more money from Tyson then he spent...😝...

  • Hussin Habeb
    Hussin Habeb 19 days ago

    This guy is retarded

  • JMO
    JMO 19 days ago

    The king himself. I wasnt born until 1995 but he was forever the king in his prime. Just like Nas said, Iron Mike, Mesiah type

  • ???
    ??? 19 days ago

    Spends it on cannabis 🗿

  • Dark Spectrum
    Dark Spectrum 19 days ago

    It's more like:-
    "How Mike Tyson USED TO SPEND his

  • Malte Oftedal - Elev Fridlevstadskolan 5

    Now i hate Mike tyson caouse he has tigers in his home. I think the tigers should be FREE

  • Ityaboi Diego
    Ityaboi Diego 19 days ago

    It’s Nevada not nevada

  • Angry Ninja
    Angry Ninja 19 days ago +5

    I love the way they don’t stretch the length of the video to 10 minutes

  • Bacon Hair Animations
    Bacon Hair Animations 19 days ago

    Like if u wanna see Muhammad Ali vs mike Tyson???

  • Dev anand
    Dev anand 19 days ago

    He was invincible at his prime..

    • Winner
      Winner 19 days ago

      buster douglas

  • Padmaja Sreenvas
    Padmaja Sreenvas 19 days ago

    I bet these videos are also making you millions

  • Owen Wagwan
    Owen Wagwan 19 days ago


  • SkIeZ ReFlEx
    SkIeZ ReFlEx 19 days ago +1

    The richest..

  • INT expert
    INT expert 19 days ago

    1 watch that he has can buy = 5 Lambos..Like what?!?!

  • 21sharks gt
    21sharks gt 19 days ago

    Hey im rich too

    In spirit

  • ace rodriguez
    ace rodriguez 19 days ago


  • T.M.V Silent
    T.M.V Silent 19 days ago +9

    I have 3 tiger in Dubai and 1 albino tiger don’t worry there my best friends

  • Ekron Son
    Ekron Son 19 days ago

    mike tyson had a w140 too

  • warrior warrior
    warrior warrior 19 days ago

    Aiiiiiiiiiiiin seen it 😂

  • thetitan Om
    thetitan Om 19 days ago

    from 400 M- 4.5 on cars is nothing. 23M debt 🤔 someone has a rat accountant

  • Aleigha Brantley
    Aleigha Brantley 19 days ago

    Bitch can’t even say Nevada right 🙄

  • Abdelmalik el amri
    Abdelmalik el amri 19 days ago

    Bullshit he is now again millionaire

  • Walter Heisenberg
    Walter Heisenberg 19 days ago +31

    Don’t forget how don king stole a hundred million from him

  • ReinHeart No Subscribers.!!!!

    I think you need to documentary the living legend manny Pacquiao how he spent his million

  • Ricky Pena
    Ricky Pena 19 days ago

    I would not spend a cent maybe on bills

  • SS
    SS 20 days ago

    Title should say "spent" not spend.

  • Massi Budda
    Massi Budda 20 days ago

    Siberian Tiger powerrrrrr

    JQ RIDES 20 days ago +1


  • Pear l
    Pear l 20 days ago

    I thought he was wearing a diaper in the thumbnail
    No hate to tyson he’s a really good boxer

  • Eric nnamdi
    Eric nnamdi 20 days ago +4

    Thank Tyson, you inspired my childhood as a black man... And to everyone else who did something Greta,, thanks to you all.. As you can, the youngstars are learning.

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32 19 days ago

      Eric nnamdi getting in prison for rape is definitely something to be inspiring? 😂😂😂

  • Lutz Espiritu
    Lutz Espiritu 20 days ago +1

    his bathtub is more expensive then my house.................
    and his watch is as expensive as my hous im dying....

  • Nikola Glasnovic
    Nikola Glasnovic 20 days ago +1

    He have money.
    He can what he want and he can buy whatever he want.

  • diesel mac
    diesel mac 20 days ago

    II like how they showing these fools on social media. Now I know who to keep away from and not to spend on BS

  • F0rtn1t3 P14y3r
    F0rtn1t3 P14y3r 20 days ago