Freddy Got Fingered - First Viewing

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • It's the only viewing we had to pause while watching. We needed a break, and you would too. Holy smokes! Just holy smokes! See what made Doug and Rob stop for a breath.
    Watch the NC review here -
    Freddy Got Fingered is a 2001 American surrealist black comedy film directed by Tom Green and written by Green and Derek Harvie. The film follows Green as a 28-year-old slacker who wishes to become a professional cartoonist.
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Comments • 2 012

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  2 months ago +623

    A First Viewing where Rob and Doug needed a break from the movie....yikes

    • back to the Future is life yeah
      back to the Future is life yeah Month ago

      I feel bad for you guys you watch so much crap for us you are so inspiring am 13 and I really want to be in a video with you

    • jack bran
      jack bran Month ago

      Humorless twerps. RedLetterMedia breaks down movies so much better than Doug ever could.

    • Duncan Downham
      Duncan Downham Month ago +1

      Rob killed it this time. Brilliant

    • ALIEN On LSD
      ALIEN On LSD 2 months ago

      Wait rob this was actually easier to get through than Mamma Mia well I think I to watch Ron amey a now because I cannot in any way of logic for see how it could be wars then the this

  • Leon M
    Leon M Day ago

    The scenes from this movie are like a comic book or a cartoon, they can be extremely over-the-top, but I think this is how you're supposed to enjoy this film. Don't take it seriously, it surely doesn't take itself seriously.
    It's also a bit of a parody of the father/son relationship and makes a mockery of bf/gf relationships in films that frequently occurs in 'Hollywood' films. It's taken to an extreme level which can mostly be enjoyed once you tell yourself that the movie itself is like a cartoon or comic, which plays-in nicely with Tom's character and his drawing & doodling skills. We get to see the growth of Gord, from his childish ways as an adult, to becoming a successful man that makes his daddy proud.
    It's basically a crazy cartoon made with real actors. That's how I see it.
    I hired this when it first came out, I lasted until the baby spinning scene and I switched it off, it's fair to say that I disliked it. I was stoned and none of it made any sense. Firstly, let me just say that I never turn off movies, I always grind them out, except for this film. However, 3 months later I gave it another shot and watched it again and I was NOT stoned this time. It finally made sense to me and I feel that I understood it - from then on I have absolutely loved this film!
    I recommend watching it with Tom's Director's commentary as well.
    The absurdity is what hooks me in, as we really only get to see this craziness with animation.
    Maybe I'm completely wrong about it, but for me - it works.

  • Mine Rob King
    Mine Rob King 2 days ago


  • 1337azaltuth
    1337azaltuth 3 days ago

    institute for sexually molester children= film hitting a new low :D!

  • stereobeatle
    stereobeatle 5 days ago

    Meh you need to be stoned for freddy got fingered.

  • Josiah Osborne
    Josiah Osborne 5 days ago

    8:41 the moment Doug stopped fighting the madness of the movie and full on welcomed it 😂😂😂

  • Archie Cheely
    Archie Cheely 6 days ago

    Why the fucking shit is this movie called Freddy got fingerd

  • Times New Rowan
    Times New Rowan 8 days ago

    That cut-off scream at the end caught me so off-guard, it's great.

  • Alicia Pearson
    Alicia Pearson 8 days ago +1

    Lindsay and Tamara warned us all dude...
    Yeah, I watched this over Halloween, this and the reviews makes me feel better.

  • pacinoall
    pacinoall 9 days ago

    cmon this movie is freakin awsome

  • whitebasicmammal
    whitebasicmammal 9 days ago

    Gunn wasn't fired for making jokes. His tweets bore no resemblance to jokes. Dude just straight up said "i love my friends in NAMBLA." Interpreting that as a joke is itself a joke.

  • whitebasicmammal
    whitebasicmammal 9 days ago

    There's not enough codeine in your shelf-mix cold remedies (do they even sell codene in those anymore? I'd swear I haven't seen that since the 1990s) to fuck with your head. The stuff in NyQuill that can throw you for a loop if you take too much is the cough suppressant Dextromethorphan. In high dosages it's typically compared most closely to PCP, though without the reputation for causing violent outbursts. Side effects may include walking down the street naked and blacking out for three days.

  • whitebasicmammal
    whitebasicmammal 9 days ago

    The RLM review was a revelation. I found the movie obnoxious yet not as bad as I feared when I saw it years ago, and I liked Rip Torn's bits a lot. But when RLM broke down the bus stop scene, the birth scene, the sales pitch scene, and the "I blew the budget on a bag of jewels and a helicopter transport to Pakistan" bit, everything clicked into place. Sure, the message is just "fuck you, Hollywood," but it's done in a remarkably clever way. And obnoxious. Very very obnoxious, which turns out to be the key misdirection. Making something subtle by making it so ear-bleedingly overt that you miss it. It's one hell of a trick.

  • Cross
    Cross 9 days ago

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t tell who’s older: Doug or Rob. Which one is the older brother?

  • Claurio Neves
    Claurio Neves 10 days ago +1

    Doug discovered a guilty pleasure here... thank you for sharing this discovery moment with us...

  • Christopher Adams
    Christopher Adams 10 days ago

    Watching this movie should be considered a snuff film. This makes a Serbian film look like hello Kitty.

  • Gamesta100
    Gamesta100 10 days ago +1

    Considered by many as the worst movie ever made. I however think Super Troopers is the worst movie ever made.

    Supposedly they divorced because she was to crazy for him lol

    • Gamesta100
      Gamesta100 2 days ago

      +casey I didn't laugh even once during the entire movie. The comedy was bad as hell and the characters are so damn obnoxious.
      I even like Family Guy more than Super Troopers and I hate that show. FG at least makes me laugh sometimes lol

    • casey
      casey 2 days ago

      super troopers is hilarious which is y they made a 2nd. that one was bad though

  • Not Ben
    Not Ben 10 days ago +2

    As Family Guy said: "That happened and we all let it happen."

  • Jack backerrack
    Jack backerrack 10 days ago

    "This doesn't make any sense. You have to have somthing funny happen!"
    ^totally what the producer told tom green.
    Saw this movie at 15 brought to my attention by my 17yo gf. I laughed and felt awkward. Now I just laugh my ass off.

  • RLynnT
    RLynnT 10 days ago +2

    I liked the first viewing more than the Nostalgia critic review.
    Not that the review was bad, I could just tell that it was hard to write for and hard to make jokes out of.
    The first Viewing shows it all.

  • The 80's Wolf
    The 80's Wolf 11 days ago

    If you know Tom Greens earlier humour. Its obvious he made this film to troll.
    Its satire gold and meant to be trash! Its great! Rob does not seem to get it.

  • TheGrayMysterious
    TheGrayMysterious 11 days ago

    To the genuine credit of this movie, the slapstick is really good

  • Nevan Ford
    Nevan Ford 11 days ago

    want to watch a movie that'll fuck with your mind worse than this?
    Dead Babies...
    Paul Bettany is in it. 2000
    Have fun starring into the abyss ;)

  • emeralds edge
    emeralds edge 11 days ago

    was one of my favorites back in high school and today it's fun to show people who have not seen it to see their reaction.

  • Aubrey Inmon
    Aubrey Inmon 11 days ago


  • tschak909
    tschak909 11 days ago +1

    Little known fact: Nicholas Cage was driving the truck.

  • potitishogun2961997
    potitishogun2961997 11 days ago

    17:15 Was that a quote from Phineas and Ferb..? XD

  • Greek Millenial
    Greek Millenial 13 days ago

    So Orgazmo and A Dirty Shame get NC-17 ratings and this gets an R? Might as well have patients from Arkham Asylum as movie raters

  • Major Kong
    Major Kong 13 days ago +2

    This movie is hilarious. Not everything has to be The Godfather. Fuck you for hating this movie. Appreciate it and get a sense of humor.

  • Slippy Jones
    Slippy Jones 13 days ago

    This very well might be the GREATEST EVER reaction on youtube.

  • Gungriffen
    Gungriffen 14 days ago

    How the fucking hell did this get a $14 million dollar budget?!
    No fucking bullshit!
    James Cameron's Masterpiece ALIENS was made for $17 million!
    The Original Terminator was made with $6.4 million!
    Where did the money go?!

  • Rameses Garcia
    Rameses Garcia 15 days ago

    "Yes sir it's my birthday"😂

  • PhoeniksoftheStorm
    PhoeniksoftheStorm 15 days ago

    Yes Doug made a 11 NC reviews he'll never do and as of me writing this comment he has done 4 out of 11 of the ones he said he never do.
    1. Goofy Movie 2. Nutcracker starring Care Bears 3. Cat's don't dance 4. Anything Sonic related (Sonic OVA)

  • SuperOrange 64
    SuperOrange 64 18 days ago

    Freddy got fingered is enlightenment

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 18 days ago

    Idk about any of you but I think Tom Green in this movie is just as bad as those assholes in Bio-Dome.

  • Travis Benner
    Travis Benner 18 days ago

    I CAN NOT make this up!! Literally before the sausage scene in this video an ad for Jimmy Dean’s sausage came up!

  • Lizzy Koopa
    Lizzy Koopa 19 days ago

    No SeCrEtS

  • Kyler Kasper
    Kyler Kasper 20 days ago

    I choked laughing

  • Crimson Doodlebear
    Crimson Doodlebear 20 days ago

    I'd like to remind everybody that this movie caused a man to be arrested because he was late returning it years after Blockbuster went out of business.

  • Scott Wheeler
    Scott Wheeler 21 day ago

    I’m surprised they weren’t drinking hard liquor for this one !

    • shizuwolf
      shizuwolf 17 days ago

      Scott Wheeler they got a hangover after Kangaroo Jack and said “never again!”

  • Laura Penhallegon
    Laura Penhallegon 21 day ago

    I honestly don't understand why the molested children institute scene is so crazy to Doug and Rob. I mean I get why it's kinda creepy and inappropriate but really??

    • whitebasicmammal
      whitebasicmammal 6 days ago

      They literally only made a big deal of it so they could defend James Gunn for saying "I never felt more at home than at NAMBLA," which every leftist is claiming was a joke.

  • Dionte Pritchett
    Dionte Pritchett 21 day ago


  • Allan Bunting
    Allan Bunting 22 days ago

    Freddy got fingered heres needs reaction videos

  • Tayler Kolin
    Tayler Kolin 22 days ago

    "Can you imagine the horror of just... Tom Green fiddling around with your junk?"
    I mean, Drew Barrymore apparently didn't mind it.

  • Paul Hazel
    Paul Hazel 24 days ago

    So the first layer of hell is the daddy would like sausage... and somewhere in there between the second layer the ninth layer is the institute for sexually molested children....

  • Exilon0193
    Exilon0193 24 days ago

    10:38 Best reactions ever!

  • mad bae
    mad bae 24 days ago

    So much good meme material here

  • tsuyayaka1
    tsuyayaka1 25 days ago

    You haven't Matilda yet!

  • Roger Dingleberry
    Roger Dingleberry 26 days ago

    freddy got fingered is a great movie shut the fuck up doug

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 26 days ago

    Schindler’s List is more funny than this movie

  • felynecomrade
    felynecomrade 26 days ago +5

    Doug clearly enjoyed the living shit out of this movie. In the beginning he had his cynical hat on, but the temptation to love it was too great.
    I feel like you can't enjoy The Room and not enjoy this too.

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 27 days ago

    8:41 Doug's Yandere smile

  • Inspector Cake
    Inspector Cake 29 days ago +1

    This is what Ralph Bakshi directs when he takes alotta ibuprofen, booze, cough syrup, and cocaine

  • lauren
    lauren 29 days ago

    d a d d y w o u l d y o u l i k e s o m e S A U S A G E

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore 29 days ago

    Start at 10:22. You’re welcome.

  • Joseph Baratta
    Joseph Baratta Month ago

    Is anyone else confused about their reaction to that one scene where the kid tries to comfort the adult in the molested institute? What the hell was that (their reactions)? Did they love it? Did they hate it? Are they afraid of it? What?

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 Month ago

    Doug needs to grow his hair back.

  • Ron O.o
    Ron O.o Month ago

    Look at me daddy I'm a farmer

  • Brian Humerez
    Brian Humerez Month ago +1

    Wheelchair girl: it's your turn now.
    Rob: I'm gonna enjoy this!
    Me: No you're not. XD

  • Marble Woolf
    Marble Woolf Month ago

    Does god stay in heaven cause he too fears what hes created? No. He fears what was created by what he created. This movie proves that.

  • Luke Korolowicz Art

    This movie lead to a hug between brothers, a film that brings families together

  • Reptile Raptor
    Reptile Raptor Month ago

    0:42 that's not true, you haven't done Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

  • ExlcusiveSodak
    ExlcusiveSodak Month ago


  • DeltaDragonoid225
    DeltaDragonoid225 Month ago +2

    Nostalgia Critic should just involve these two from now on, it's a hell of a lot more natural than any skit they could possibly come up with.

    • shizuwolf
      shizuwolf Month ago

      DeltaDragonoid225 indeed

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    I'll admit the actress playing the nurse is actually kinda cute. I think she deserved better.

  • Tengku Elzafir Habsjah

    Rip Torn is a fucking legend.

  • Lazruth Costa
    Lazruth Costa Month ago +1

    Hahaha! Oh gods, I think I actually find this "First Viewing" just as, if not FUNNIER than, the actual review!

  • Tall Geek
    Tall Geek Month ago

    THIS is the movie that made NC reach enlightenment, not Norm of the North

  • Luis Calvo Mayo
    Luis Calvo Mayo Month ago

    I never understood tom green's humour so I'm glad that YOU (and not ME) were into that sadistic trip to watch that movie (if you can call it that way of couse)

  • Christina Hunt
    Christina Hunt Month ago


  • PhoenixFelix
    PhoenixFelix Month ago

    Rob, your reaction at 4:13 always makes me laugh!

  • Axe Adaptor
    Axe Adaptor Month ago

    Rob: This is going to Linger
    Me: don't you mean Finger

  • Kuumba Creations
    Kuumba Creations Month ago

    @16:14 he's joking, right? Lol I'm so sure he is, but idk

  • Eric Ferrey
    Eric Ferrey Month ago +1

    Doug: "The problem with this movie is I could predict everything that is about to happen."
    Very next scene: Tom Green's mom is in bed with Shaq.
    Doug: "Huh? Huh?"

  • Joseph Blumenberg
    Joseph Blumenberg Month ago

    I honestly wanna have a viewing party with this movie...and make it a challenge to see how long everyone can last watching it

    • shizuwolf
      shizuwolf Month ago

      Joseph Blumenberg I would love to join you. I wouldn’t be watching the movie, but just looking at how everyone reacts to it

  • Nazo- kage
    Nazo- kage Month ago +2

    This is the film that turned Heath Ledger's character in the Dark Knight into the Joker.

  • Walter Simeon
    Walter Simeon Month ago

    Is it bad that I rather watch this movie than Transformers 6?

  • sea anemily
    sea anemily Month ago

    I find it oddly very entertaining seeing Doug slowly turn to insanity. It was a surreal experience, that I probably enjoyed way too much.

  • dancepiglover
    dancepiglover Month ago

    I guess if you think of Tom Green as someone who did things for the sake of getting reactions, positive or negative, he was kind of like Andy Kaufman.

  • William Parcell
    William Parcell Month ago

    That poor horse

  • dancepiglover
    dancepiglover Month ago +1

    "I feel freed, almost." It makes me think of "V for Vendetta" where Natalie Portman was tortured which resulted in her fearing nothing. If you have experienced the worst, there is nothing left that can scare you.
    Or it just broke the Walker brothers mentally. You be the judge.

  • Bob Hansen
    Bob Hansen Month ago

    Arguably the greatest film ever made.

  • Ruadhán
    Ruadhán Month ago +4

    "There is no heaven or hell, there's no good or evil, there's only *Freddie Got Fingered*."
    This is my email signature, now.

  • Benjamin Archer
    Benjamin Archer Month ago

    6:03-Doug sounds EXACTLY like Steve Carrell

  • Christopher Jay
    Christopher Jay Month ago

    I saw my fellow swede Aklcia Vikander in Stockholm,four beers in....I had just read she thought this was the worst film ever made. From a bitch with like 3 fresh and 12 rotten films. I spoke loudly..."You are a terrible person and they should strip you of your Oscar...which you only got for also being praised for Ex machina!!" Sorry,not sorry...And no Japan four? Or when stocks are high etc...? I say Tokyo,You hear HELSINKI....?? YOURE FUCKING FIRED BOB!!

    And did i just go insane or was Soap on a roap not included? Neither to mock or laugh at? Well...this is how you manipulate a scenario when you wanna feel like a superior prick ,guys. Well done. this film is beyond stupid,alot is just shit....but so stupid and embraces its own retardation,several parts just makes you lose your shit...and your associate has NO sense of humour,takes himself way too seriously.

  • David Valdez
    David Valdez Month ago

    7:04 - 7:11 the one comedic moment I had from this film, only because of Rob

  • Lishadra
    Lishadra Month ago

    4:41 “Or-or-or... it’s just this. It’s just this for a really really long time.” That’s it, that’s the movie.

  • Lee OfBacup
    Lee OfBacup Month ago

    Bull shit..... This is never your first time seeing this...

  • Mitchell George
    Mitchell George Month ago


  • SlackSloucher
    SlackSloucher Month ago

    I'm being offered Freddy Got Fingered in the recommended feed......

    It's only 4 bucks tho...... pretty sweet deal. :3

    Help me.... ;_;

  • EricG326
    EricG326 Month ago

    9:49 Doug: You know what would make this like a legit good movie?
    Rob: Oh, I can’t wait to hear this!
    Probably my favorite part other than Rob achieving nirvana (13:57)
    And by the way, Freddy Got Fingered was NOT one of the videos mentioned in the list of movies that you would never do.

  • Jesse Dell Ross
    Jesse Dell Ross Month ago

    When they are talking about how this movie made them feel like they transcend...I felt the same way watching The Room.

  • P.J. Kelchner
    P.J. Kelchner Month ago

    This was always one of my favorite movies, but everyone always wondered why. Thank you, Channel Awesome for sharing in my belief. "they love me more than they love you...I don't see two LeBarons.."

  • Takeshi Kujo
    Takeshi Kujo Month ago

    Wow this movie really fucked up Doug and Rob. I honestly never thought a movie like that would actually exist in reality.

  • The Crimson fucker
    The Crimson fucker Month ago

    Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone.

  • Maks Rosebuster
    Maks Rosebuster Month ago

    Seeing your reactions to this film just confirms it is secretly genius. What other thing can induce such reactions? I bet this is also the reason my brother and his friends used to have a time when they'd gather to watch this movie every day, sometimes multiple times. They knew it was awful, but it's just something that worked for them. Being so weirded out in a group of friends and laughing and/or puking together is apparently some great experience.

  • Marty Cray
    Marty Cray Month ago +1

    Doug, you cannot laugh THIS MUCH at a comedy movie and still say you don't like it. You're allowing the initial critical reception the film got in 2001 to effect your opinion too much. The absurdity, the poor structure and ridiculous set ups are all intentional. It's a fucking hilarious movie. Just admit it. I can clearly see you're enjoying it from this video.

  • Laurann Scarlett
    Laurann Scarlett Month ago

    Her face when she says the cancer line she looks and sounds like the bunny from hoodwinked

  • poopynuggeteer extraordinaire

    I like Mike's theory from RLM. It's quite possible that Tom Green was self aware and making a mockery of many traditional story archs in his movie. Mikes theory starts with the fact that Toms character actually succeeds at pitching his cartoon idea, but since it lacks a story he needs a million dollars to produce something amazing. This is Tom Greens real situation with the movie, he's shocked someone gave him a million dollars and just like in the movie he turns the money into shit. Sabotaging everything purposefully. It's so elaborate and shitty, it's like how people still debate if Andy Kaufman is dead or alive because he always talked about faking his death as a prank. The fact people talk about this movie to this day is probably what Tom wanted.

  • Sorow Fame
    Sorow Fame Month ago

    Shouldn't these come out before the review?