Freddy Got Fingered - First Viewing

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • It's the only viewing we had to pause while watching. We needed a break, and you would too. Holy smokes! Just holy smokes! See what made Doug and Rob stop for a breath.
    Watch the NC review here -
    Freddy Got Fingered is a 2001 American surrealist black comedy film directed by Tom Green and written by Green and Derek Harvie. The film follows Green as a 28-year-old slacker who wishes to become a professional cartoonist.
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Comments • 1 824

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  18 days ago +529

    A First Viewing where Rob and Doug needed a break from the movie....yikes

    • Duncan Downham
      Duncan Downham Day ago +1

      Rob killed it this time. Brilliant

    • ALIEN On LSD
      ALIEN On LSD 12 days ago

      Wait rob this was actually easier to get through than Mamma Mia well I think I to watch Ron amey a now because I cannot in any way of logic for see how it could be wars then the this

    • Spencer French
      Spencer French 13 days ago +1

      Can you review where the dead go to die?

    • Kye Wilson
      Kye Wilson 13 days ago +1

      Channel Awesome you haven't done all of the videos on the I wouldn't do list I think there's still 3 or 4

  • Marty Cray
    Marty Cray 6 hours ago

    Doug, you cannot laugh THIS MUCH at a comedy movie and still say you don't like it. You're allowing the initial critical reception the film got in 2001 to effect your opinion too much. The absurdity, the poor structure and ridiculous set ups are all intentional. It's a fucking hilarious movie. Just admit it. I can clearly see you're enjoying it from this video.

  • Laurann Scarlett
    Laurann Scarlett 20 hours ago

    Her face when she says the cancer line she looks and sounds like the bunny from hoodwinked

  • poopynuggeteer
    poopynuggeteer 22 hours ago

    I like Mike's theory from RLM. It's quite possible that Tom Green was self aware and making a mockery of many traditional story archs in his movie. Mikes theory starts with the fact that Toms character actually succeeds at pitching his cartoon idea, but since it lacks a story he needs a million dollars to produce something amazing. This is Tom Greens real situation with the movie, he's shocked someone gave him a million dollars and just like in the movie he turns the money into shit. Sabotaging everything purposefully. It's so elaborate and shitty, it's like how people still debate if Andy Kaufman is dead or alive because he always talked about faking his death as a prank. The fact people talk about this movie to this day is probably what Tom wanted.

  • Sorow Fame
    Sorow Fame Day ago

    Shouldn't these come out before the review?

  • Cory Thompson
    Cory Thompson Day ago

    You really where laughing hard, but u hated it right????

  • Cory Thompson
    Cory Thompson Day ago

    For a guy who really reminds me of Tom green hates Tom green alot

  • Gabe Guarin
    Gabe Guarin Day ago

    no it was doug who said it like yoda. my bad.

  • Gabe Guarin
    Gabe Guarin Day ago

    rob turned into yoda vocally wjen he said for the second time, “there is only freddy got fingered.”

  • Carolyn Pitts
    Carolyn Pitts 2 days ago

    8:36 yeah this is the 10th layer of hell or the entrance song to the 10th layer of Hell in Dante's Inferno

  • kizbo
    kizbo 2 days ago

    You're both idiots.

  • Rubbe
    Rubbe 2 days ago

    the only movie i own

  • Marcvs Nonsapiens
    Marcvs Nonsapiens 2 days ago

    10:32 what the fuck is Ralph the Movie Maker doing here?

  • Rob Dwan
    Rob Dwan 2 days ago

    Wait ?
    Are you rapping up nestalja critic ?

  • blindsightedkill
    blindsightedkill 2 days ago

    After the breakdown at about 14 minutes in I feel moderately confident that I can suggest something worse.
    The movie that caused hundreds of starving actors to walk out of the audition.
    Human Centipede.
    BTW that was a joke. Please don't actually review it.

  • Big Black Guy Reviews

    Holy shit! I can honestly say, I enjoyed this video more than I did the Nostalgia Critic review!
    It also makes me both realize and appreciate how many "First Viewing" vids I have to catch up on now!
    This was fuckin b-e-a-utiful!🤣🤣🤣

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    I can't do this, Sam...

  • John Spahn
    John Spahn 2 days ago

    You guys are full of it. The movie is funny, stop making excuses for every time you laugh.

  • Mark Jay
    Mark Jay 2 days ago

    They trash the comedy flick & yet laugh through out. Sounds like the movie did it's job.

  • Harkness78
    Harkness78 3 days ago

    Movie is a masterpiece, bar none. They come in with a negative attitude, and appear to be stupid on top of it all. Especially the guy on the left, it's like if my idiot cousin critiqued shit for a living.

  • Pride & Joy By Luiz Sérgio

    And now I understood. They gave us this heavyweight shoved down our throats that after leaves your body everything in the movie feels light and funny. Ahead of its time.

  • Pride & Joy By Luiz Sérgio

    Just came back to say that I'm still hooked on @10:22 watching their reactions starting in slow motion, really there's a lot to process.

  • Pride & Joy By Luiz Sérgio

    @10:22 you have no idea how many times I played again this segment. I don't know if it's for their reactions, for the scene itself, the mental losteness I felt for trying to interpretate what was going on the film... I think that comes to be proven the existence of interdimensional living, they will tell us: "we were here this whole time, we even made a movie named Freddy Got Fingered you just weren't developed enough to see."

    • LMR 1996
      LMR 1996 3 days ago

      I need to know what the music in the background to that is.

  • AntiMTVMovement
    AntiMTVMovement 3 days ago

    There were a lot of similarities between this movie and Garbage Pail Kids

  • AntiMTVMovement
    AntiMTVMovement 3 days ago

    Kind of wish Doug would take on Problem Child 1 & 2. You can bet they've seen it, though.

  • Tony  Snyder
    Tony Snyder 3 days ago

    10:33 those faces are priceless

  • Ben Knight
    Ben Knight 3 days ago +1

    is this what those unfunny youtubers are trying to be? you know, the ones who just make lots of loud noises and somehow end up with a massive fanbase of idiots that'll defend them for all eternity? They were definitely all inspired by Freddy Got Fingered

  • Dr. Stein
    Dr. Stein 3 days ago

    “Still easier to get through than Mamma Mia.”

  • thethunderbird87
    thethunderbird87 4 days ago

    The greeting in hell would be the school librarian in big bully

    SHONUFF 4 days ago

    JAPAN FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claurio Neves
    Claurio Neves 4 days ago

    Not exactly my proudest fap....

  • Nicole Sim
    Nicole Sim 5 days ago +2

    I always come back to this. This is just pure GOLD.

  • NAT-AT
    NAT-AT 5 days ago

    Lmao Doug laughed more than I thought he would

  • Dave
    Dave 5 days ago

    Not nearly as cringe as that video metoker did on linkara!!

  • Cameron Graham
    Cameron Graham 5 days ago

    Imagine if they watched the movie drunk ...

  • Thorion1969
    Thorion1969 5 days ago

    Doug's stupefied laughter got me into serious laughing fits, rather than the movie itself. Last bad movie that made my jaw drop was The Human Centipede. It was beyond bad, it was the first movie I ever wanted to erase my mind of right afterwards. ("I didn't see that...")

  • Buttin Specter
    Buttin Specter 5 days ago

    Robbie, would you like some sausage?

  • Justin Tolley
    Justin Tolley 6 days ago

    I don't even care how dumb I know this movie is I just love it BECAUSE it's so bad I couldn't stop laughing my ass off watching this.

  • Jaden McKillip
    Jaden McKillip 6 days ago

    8:40 that face tho

  • Cesaro Befe
    Cesaro Befe 6 days ago

    Meat loaf - i'd do anything for love
    I got the reference :)

  • MegaMr46
    MegaMr46 6 days ago

    Only Best part in the movie, 16:38

  • Repulsethemonkey
    Repulsethemonkey 6 days ago

    You can really see their descent into madness with these first viewings

  • Johnnythefirst
    Johnnythefirst 6 days ago

    I laughed my fucking ass off with these scenes again. Oh man is this movie intentionally bad and very good at it.

  • Tyrel J.
    Tyrel J. 6 days ago

    Movies was awesome fuck these soy beta boy bitchs 🖕

  • PhoeniksoftheStorm
    PhoeniksoftheStorm 6 days ago

    I had never heard of this movie before this, i´ve never heard of Tom Green before this, not counting "Real Slim Shady". So thanks Doug and Rob for introducing this to my life

  • Hiro 928
    Hiro 928 6 days ago

    the funny/sad thing is, i actually enjoy the first viewing episodes better than the actual NC episodes

  • Michael Keyes
    Michael Keyes 6 days ago

    this channel has lost all humor

  • Mitchthemysteryman
    Mitchthemysteryman 6 days ago

    Honestly, it is genius how bad it is. It is WAAAY too far to be considered too bad to be good. It is unforgivably, unapologetically bad. It is impossibly bad, and somehow Tom Green, a very silly comedian, was able to pull off.

  • K.M. Jay
    K.M. Jay 6 days ago

    You would rant too if it happen to you!

  • Red Mage Joey
    Red Mage Joey 6 days ago

    This movie... is so bad..................... every other worst thing in books, video games, movies, tv shows and anime is SO MUCH BETTER IN COMPARISON.... such as (trigger warning activated)
    - The Room is now the new Citizen Kane
    - Twilight is the best romance series ever
    - And I can't believe I'm fucking saying this....................................................................................................................................................................................... it makes the Fifty Shades Trilogy look GOOD compared to this--!

    God? Please end me................................. please?

  • doomsdayArtificer
    doomsdayArtificer 7 days ago

    And here we thought -Food Fight- Angry Birds was the movie to drive these two insane.

  • retarded animation
    retarded animation 7 days ago

    When i past a field i always jack off a horse

  • Kellic AnonymousTiger

    " Sorry, Venkman, I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought."
    *Dies laughing*

  • Frank Barbiera
    Frank Barbiera 7 days ago

    Rob is so smug.

  • Dark Zorrin
    Dark Zorrin 8 days ago

    14:10 ...i have those same charizard slippers.

  • M1000 Matthew
    M1000 Matthew 8 days ago +2

    Phantom strider warned ya!! HE WARNED YA!!!!!

  • Bruce David
    Bruce David 8 days ago

    I love how these two Knuckleheads laugh at this comedy and then criticize it for being bad! Freud calls that One of the Best Films ever made!

  • George12String
    George12String 8 days ago

    Before 4Chan, there was Freddy Got Fingered

  • Dantée Baptiste
    Dantée Baptiste 8 days ago +1

    I love how much Rob hates this. He’s so vehemently against this movie and his anger is strangely endearing

  • Brandon Lien
    Brandon Lien 8 days ago

    “i love the way he ran in that door”

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers 8 days ago

    i almost watched it
    but then i saw doug, the ultimate douchebag

  • xdzik84x
    xdzik84x 9 days ago

    dont see it sober. thats just stupid...

  • qvistus82
    qvistus82 9 days ago

    You better not disrespect the movie. If you wanna hate some movie, hate every shitty Adam Sandler movie, Mall Cop and almost every other shitty movie that has been called comedy in these last 20 years. Freddie Got Fingered makes fun of every last one of them and all the stupidly melodramatic sitcoms. You must be intelligent to appreciate this film.

  • docthemetalfreak
    docthemetalfreak 9 days ago

    I kinda wonder if maybe this movie had a different title considering the title character Freddy had very little to do with this movie. or did I perhaps put too much thought into what I just typed?

  • The Pryor Girl
    The Pryor Girl 9 days ago

    I'm surprised you guys didn't drink booze while watching this for the first time, like when you first watched Green Lantern and Kangaroo Jack.

  • Dan Nigro
    Dan Nigro 10 days ago +2

    I’m glad he finally did Freddy Got Fingered. This kind of movie almost 20 years old is worth a nostalgia critic review.

  • ButtFuck
    ButtFuck 10 days ago

    Guys PLEASE start drinking during watching again!

  • RickRaptor105
    RickRaptor105 10 days ago +1

    Oh my god Doug watches Redlettermedia :D

  • Frollickinginthemist foralleternity

    Best.Movie.Ever. ...i almost threw up at the sandwich / horse thing....then i gave up...i let go.

  • Lindi Rufus
    Lindi Rufus 10 days ago

    I actually want to see this movie

  • SoniLOID
    SoniLOID 10 days ago

    I knew a guy that had this as his favorite movie.

    We don't talk anymore.

  • LowLying
    LowLying 10 days ago

    all i know is i watched the movie years ago and its epic and i care not to hear what these two fat feminist sjw cockgobblers thought of it id rather watch neo nazis invade palestine

  • christopher dobbsjr
    christopher dobbsjr 10 days ago

    im one of the luckie ones that avoided this movie

  • christopher dobbsjr
    christopher dobbsjr 10 days ago +1

    robs scream at the end killed me lol

  • Grinder1999
    Grinder1999 10 days ago

    The movie is funny. These guys over exaggerating 'soy boy' wannabes bs isn't.

  • noname atall
    noname atall 10 days ago

    "this is pretty much you, age 10."
    Did Doug had HAIR ?

  • Joseph Orr
    Joseph Orr 10 days ago

    Gee Doug what are we going to do tonight?
    Same thing we do every Night rob- TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  • Jenjen Louisexx
    Jenjen Louisexx 10 days ago

    One of my favorite films. Napoleon Dynamite & Step Brothers. Also loved Deadpool, this film is either a waste of however long the film is or you honestly think it's hilarious. It's so stupid that it is hadd not to actually laugh. XRAY CAT, can see through wooden doors, doo do da doo doo. I'm the backwards man, funny asfuck, i loooove it! ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Walter Simeon
    Walter Simeon 10 days ago

    This movie didn't break them...

    But Goddamit if it didn't try.

  • Evan White
    Evan White 11 days ago

    Rob’s face at 10:33 is the best.

  • Incanticle 666
    Incanticle 666 11 days ago

    I fucking knew it. #RedLetterMedia

  • Josh Grant
    Josh Grant 11 days ago


  • Lee Hubbard
    Lee Hubbard 11 days ago

    Never thought Tom Green was funny.

  • Adam Nesbitt
    Adam Nesbitt 11 days ago

    You two are the perfect specimens of Soy boys

    • Mckenzie .Latham
      Mckenzie .Latham 11 days ago

      save it for your 400 pound and 13 inch long dom cuckboy

  • notquiteordinary
    notquiteordinary 11 days ago

    Glad to see y'all left channel awesome like you said u did.

  • Jack Harpe 3rd
    Jack Harpe 3rd 11 days ago

    I remember Mrenter talking about this movie when reviewing "12 OZ Mouse."

  • charlie russell
    charlie russell 11 days ago

    I just spent 18 minutes crying. If you haven't watched the film this video won't be hilarious until you do I think.

  • OmegaUltimateBurning TimespaceOverlordOfHyperdust

    wow.... his reaction as the critic and as doug are one and the same

  • MoltoRubato88
    MoltoRubato88 11 days ago

    Worse than The Room

  • UnorthodoxRomance
    UnorthodoxRomance 11 days ago

    To some, this film is like the cinematic equivalent of Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire or other twelve-tone works- utterly defying the standards of cinema, making every moment (even awful ones) equally important.
    To others, it's a freeway pileup.

  • Evan Davis
    Evan Davis 11 days ago

    This was the first movie that I rented, watched, and immediately took back to the rental store to switch for a different movie.

    • Dan Nigro
      Dan Nigro 10 days ago +1

      Evan Davis Did you remember to rewind? Bc if not you did the next guy a huge favor. ;)

  • superdog117
    superdog117 12 days ago

    Its not even bad

  • CoralCarne372
    CoralCarne372 12 days ago

    The best thing about the movie is the song Cars By Gary Numan

  • Danielle Vaughn
    Danielle Vaughn 12 days ago

    I never saw this movie because it looked horrible and I'm glad I made that decision. Drew Barrymore....the dock could NOT have been that good.

  • MrDuncanBelfast
    MrDuncanBelfast 12 days ago +1

    The live-action Cat in the Hat movie is the Freddy Got Fingered of the Dr. Seuss movies.

  • Awesome Inspector
    Awesome Inspector 12 days ago


  • Tim's Corner
    Tim's Corner 12 days ago +1

    is it me or this is better than the nostalgic one

  • v13kobold
    v13kobold 12 days ago

    These Walkers know how to react to anything.
    I loved their reactions to the Asylum of the Sexually Molested Children.
    Like... WTF

    SID VICIOUS 12 days ago +1

    The second worst thing in 2001

  • Alchemistic Academician

    Wait, you predicted that the big finale would be that he'd move half an entire suburban American home to Pakistan for basically no reason? Damn that's some clairvoyance...