Prison Food Hacks Taste Test

  • Today, we're joined by Cameron Monaghan to taste and determine if these prison food hacks are real or fake! GMM #1672
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Comments • 80

  • Blindeyes
    Blindeyes 10 hours ago

    Should have had a ex prisoner

  • mynameispiaivy
    mynameispiaivy Day ago

    you dermoids!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Murakamy Perez
    Murakamy Perez 2 days ago

    He said it’s not a person it just a mistake! 🤣😂

  • grimulkin
    grimulkin 3 days ago

    The comments on all of these celebrity cameo videos “I love so and so they are my favorite” 😂

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 4 days ago

    are their chairs new?

  • Brooke Steller
    Brooke Steller 5 days ago

    “Look how much sauce mine has guys” 😂😂 -Rhett

  • Marketa Austin
    Marketa Austin 5 days ago

    Struggling not to look at Dermoid images. Curiosity is a dangerous thing.

  • Nathalie O'Parka
    Nathalie O'Parka 6 days ago

    Felt like this dude was uncomfy

  • The Outsider
    The Outsider 9 days ago

    A dermoid is a cyst lol

  • Nun Yas
    Nun Yas 10 days ago

    he was also in gotham how dare u lol

  • Luna ヾ
    Luna ヾ 11 days ago

    This guys also on gotham

  • Brooklyn Buck
    Brooklyn Buck 12 days ago

    why did no one tell me my favorite shameless character was on gmm?!

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 13 days ago

    I love him on Shameless, this was just a pleasant surprise!

  • Jackson Leon
    Jackson Leon 14 days ago

    You guys forgot Gotham

  • PSG
    PSG 15 days ago +1

    Dermoid joke and I lost it lmaooo

  • cross6defy chromatus
    cross6defy chromatus 15 days ago

    Alcohol should come in capris sun packs. When you can't put the straw through the hole anymore, you've had enough

  • Agent Faithful
    Agent Faithful 16 days ago

    Best joker since Heath

  • that_green 4.6
    that_green 4.6 16 days ago

    Where is the jailhouse burritoes / bricks?

  • Andrew Duncan
    Andrew Duncan 17 days ago

    Lmao you don’t want a top bunk

  • PALdingo II
    PALdingo II 17 days ago

    Those maks where currency; and snow hated those chomos

  • brian hill
    brian hill 18 days ago

    Now dermoids will haunt my nightmares forever... Thanks Rhett...

  • Mr. O'hare
    Mr. O'hare 19 days ago

    Loki looks like he's the founder of prison

  • Audrey Kenny
    Audrey Kenny 19 days ago

    8:43 *Mickey left the chat*

  • aaron burns
    aaron burns 20 days ago

    Homeboy never had canned chicken?

  • Cheyenne Beach
    Cheyenne Beach 20 days ago

    Love him

  • Super Shepherd
    Super Shepherd 21 day ago

    OMG CAMERON!!!!!

  • Easy Living
    Easy Living 22 days ago

    I love Ian from Shameless

  • Rick Steiger
    Rick Steiger 22 days ago +2

    Looks like they stumbled upon Joes TheXvid channel.

  • Trenton Janson
    Trenton Janson 23 days ago

    They DO NOT allow you to have cans in prison 😂😂 literally just opening one to get your food and you end up having a blade instantly

  • LTA Projects
    LTA Projects 24 days ago

    They've obviously not been in the slammer.

  • PLW
    PLW 26 days ago +1

    What if Rhett's wine was nasty bc they were 15. Rhett should recreate it

  • Alexander Hendrson
    Alexander Hendrson 26 days ago

    FYI don’t look up pictures of dermoids. They look as you’d imagine.

  • balista4
    balista4 26 days ago

    Should bring joe from After Prison Show and have him make these for you.

  • Jase 904
    Jase 904 26 days ago +1

    Everyone looking up Dermoid now😂😂😂😂

  • cantwin 69
    cantwin 69 27 days ago

    Dude I love Shameless

  • Enxiaty
    Enxiaty 27 days ago


  • Baddie. Chloe
    Baddie. Chloe 28 days ago

    cameron monaghan is the loml i’m literally obsessed i don’t know what to do

  • Angie Malone
    Angie Malone 28 days ago

    Ate lmao can't stop laughing 😂

  • Hector Arguelles
    Hector Arguelles 28 days ago

    I'm sorry but that is not a prison pizza

  • S1deH0e101
    S1deH0e101 28 days ago

    That third guy looks like he could play a good joker character and never have anyone mention it.

  • Tekesha Barnes
    Tekesha Barnes 28 days ago


  • Elbow Deep Workshop
    Elbow Deep Workshop 29 days ago

    Link never seems to win these.

  • Joelson Moon
    Joelson Moon 29 days ago


  • zach boss
    zach boss 29 days ago

    should've brought dude from afterprisonshow

  • tomato bark
    tomato bark 29 days ago


  • tomato bark
    tomato bark 29 days ago


  • Teddy Ursa
    Teddy Ursa 29 days ago

    I feel bad for the guy with glasses he didnt do it with bad intentions T.T

  • Cassi Devs
    Cassi Devs Month ago

    I already seen this in Facebook. But we watching again.

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez Month ago

    Can someone explain the frig joke to me that was said at the end?

    DRAVOCK LIGHT Month ago

    He wasn't that good as The Joker, I could play a better Joker. Lmao

  • Nehemiah White
    Nehemiah White Month ago

    Why does link switch up his answer an the mackrel .because star wars man said it was bad link said " as far as fish goes this is good" but star wars said it's not doing it for him and link instantley agreed. what's up with that link????

  • Bryan Suetens
    Bryan Suetens Month ago

    one of the best i've seen so far :D

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith Month ago

    I only know him as Cal Kestus

  • A Blonde Girl With a Love of Metal

    OH GOD, JEROME VALESKA *dies in Gothamite*

  • BigBlackCheeto
    BigBlackCheeto Month ago

    That’s my boy cal iykyk

  • changer stranger
    changer stranger Month ago

    jail I went to had slimjims

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    Cal Kestis...

  • Ssavy G
    Ssavy G Month ago

    omg cameron

  • Elzeekio Labbee
    Elzeekio Labbee Month ago

    No way me and my fiance have watched gmm for 4 years together we love shameless this is a perfect episode can't wait to show her.

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson Month ago

    His Star Wars game is amazing and he makes a great Jedi! I hope to see him in live action someday! That can do it!

  • Jory Crowe
    Jory Crowe Month ago

    Why is Cameron the perfect amalgamation of both Rhett and link lol

  • Patchwork The Dragon Noodle

    It's not Digiorno, its disgusting.

  • Dilun Wu
    Dilun Wu Month ago +1

    there is ALSO a recipe prison food
    its called...

    School lunch

  • Savanna *
    Savanna * Month ago

    I can't look at the two of you after you read that nasty FanFic... omg lol

  • Stephan - Stephan
    Stephan - Stephan Month ago

    Why does Rhett like prison food so much???

  • Retr0
    Retr0 Month ago

    Makes me sad that nobody said Gotham

  • Kayla Danforth
    Kayla Danforth Month ago

    I love how when Rhett was talking about being a top bunk man, Cameron was just sitting there trying to decide if he was making an innuendo or a tall joke lmao

  • UndeadHaiena
    UndeadHaiena Month ago

    Joker playing a Jedi equals Cameron Monaghan

  • Saint Fisuto
    Saint Fisuto Month ago

    People squirting into other people's mouths.

  • Stephanie Kellum
    Stephanie Kellum Month ago

    Cameron!! Ian is my fave character in shameless ❤️❤️❤️😭

  • Playboi Cashy
    Playboi Cashy Month ago

    Damnn how tf they find Cal Kestis I thought Star Wars was fake 😳

  • Joe Watts
    Joe Watts Month ago

    Link, you're Killin me

  • limitless
    limitless Month ago

    ur on goooooootham

  • Nico Silverman-Lloyd

    @youresoloud Rhett being controversial for 10 minutes straight

  • sicilia carol
    sicilia carol Month ago


  • Herm hem cough Hng meghk youch


  • Paul Pinto
    Paul Pinto Month ago

    A Dermoid is a cyst that appears in the eye.

  • Superman MVP
    Superman MVP Month ago


  • Christopher White
    Christopher White Month ago

    That’s a strange small man in the middle.

  • Ulvetann
    Ulvetann Month ago

    Rhett talks about dermoids being all hair and nails...

    *Rhett looks in the mirror...*