FULL: Chrissy Lampkin on Returning to “Love and Hip Hop” After Seven Years

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Real fam, would you ever go back to any of your old jobs?
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  • Ms. Peaches Stratford
    Ms. Peaches Stratford 10 days ago

    I love you Chrissy but girl CLOSE YOUR LEGS 🥺

  • YaGirlification
    YaGirlification 13 days ago +1

    Sorry for my negative comment about The Real; I hate The Real since TAMAR left, I'm only here to see my girl Chrissy Lampkin😘

  • George Maisonave
    George Maisonave 14 days ago

    Damn they do her justice on love and hip hop but she look tragic as ever!

  • O B
    O B 17 days ago +1

    Jim does not want her. Smh. She just doesn't get it.

  • Neke Wash
    Neke Wash 17 days ago

    She’s beautiful and this hair! Yes!

  • lerinnenatalia
    lerinnenatalia 19 days ago

    The real...I see u and hear u loud and clear. You're really trying for a good while now to make love and hip hop a show that's accepted in more respectable circles. It's never gonna happen. Youve been trying to interview ppl that act like animals for ratings, throw drinks and flip tables for a living, and put them on the same level as regular celebrities. I dont know if this is some deal u have with vh1 or something but please give it up. None of the talk shows that matter even acknowledge this kind of programming bcuz it tarnishes their brand. It's tarnishing ur brand to.

  • Lee Singer
    Lee Singer 21 day ago

    If anything ever happened to me God forbid. I would want my husband to make sure things goes as planned.

  • Totally Raven
    Totally Raven 21 day ago +2

    Chrissy is beautiful

  • Just Love
    Just Love 21 day ago +3

    Idc, I'm obsessed with Chrissy.

  • Yaritza Arias
    Yaritza Arias 24 days ago +2

    People like to talk a lot about how she should just leave him because they didn't get married yet....at least she's honest. Yandy lied about the validity of her marriage, not just to the world, to her supposed husband!

    THE PR3TTY1 26 days ago


  • Valarie Cole
    Valarie Cole 27 days ago


  • Nicole Washington
    Nicole Washington 28 days ago

    I love Chrissy always have from the day 1. I think she's too good for Jim.

  • Rochely’s Travel Diary ✈️🌍☀️🏖🐠

    “Physical altercation” ..... tamera.... i love you i do.... but this bitch want to be white SO BAD 🤦🏾‍♀️ i can’t... y’all didn’t see that video combing her daughters hair saying “like so” every second. She has that cater to a white man for approval mentality eww

    ROBYN MCCRAY Month ago +3

    I Love Chrissy She Is So Beautiful And Feisty Just Like Me, SAY WHAT WE MEAN AND MEAN WHAT WE SAY ALL DAY!!!! She Is A BOSS IN HER OWN RITE!!

  • Chiquita Pork
    Chiquita Pork Month ago

    Y tf these celebrities only bring out 1 lil toy???? Tftdt@

  • Mevin Hart
    Mevin Hart Month ago

    So the funny thing is who remember the first season emily talked about Adrienne saying there were always rumors about her and fabulous lmao

  • Chrissy 101
    Chrissy 101 Month ago

    This show is getting rachet af.

  • reeneaci
    reeneaci Month ago

    The minute someone on the show brings that Jim Jones marriage up, I promise she's going to start throwing drinks and fighting! I mean, her look answered the question before it was asked. I don't care for reality shows, but its a shame that she was willing to settle then move on.

  • Sun Mont
    Sun Mont Month ago

    Ugh. 15 years.

  • Tracey Mair
    Tracey Mair Month ago +1

    Chrissy sexy is not the adjective for you sorry.....😏.....and trying to blow off the marriage didn't come of well

    • Nadia Nadir
      Nadia Nadir 29 days ago

      Right. You could see the embarrassment.

  • Nyc Nyc
    Nyc Nyc Month ago

    LOVE HER❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑👑

  • cunderw12
    cunderw12 Month ago

    This makes me excited! The OG is back!!! And she looks amazing!!!!

  • Amina McKnight
    Amina McKnight Month ago +2

    Jimmy loves Chrissy... remenber he cried to his mother for them to get along. Marriage isnt for everyone, this aint the 1950s...

    • Nadia Nadir
      Nadia Nadir 29 days ago

      She WANTED marriage and children. She is trying to save face for staying with a man that WOULD not marry her.

  • Y V
    Y V Month ago

    Tamera looks gorgeous

  • Honeydipped Goddess

    Lies and hip slop. the devil 😈 works hard but Mona scott works harder!! 😆 All credits to storm monroe

  • Marie Marie
    Marie Marie Month ago

    I CAN NOT WAIT I love love love love me some Chrissy and yandy

  • L Canton
    L Canton Month ago

    She looks.... 🤔

  • Nothing Set In Stone
    Nothing Set In Stone Month ago +4

    Where is Chrissy's Mother and Father? Why has no one in her familytold her she has been a fool?

    • Cassie M
      Cassie M 17 days ago

      I believe her parents are deceased.

  • Al Macala
    Al Macala Month ago

    Looks amazing

  • Stephanie Ibarra
    Stephanie Ibarra Month ago +2

    She looks hurt..

  • Jessica Gary
    Jessica Gary Month ago +9

    I'm hurt for her. She's trying to hide it but she can't. Been there done that.

    • Nadia Nadir
      Nadia Nadir 29 days ago

      Hopefully, not for 15 years. At least Tara Wallace managed to have children out of the deal.

    • Positive vibes only TV
      Positive vibes only TV Month ago

      Oh she’s so hurt what the he__ is that mans problem she is so so so loyal and sweet!!!

  • Sylvia Rosario
    Sylvia Rosario Month ago +1

    His dick must be made out of platinum. She’s so damn delusional. He’s not going to marry her sorry ass or have any children with her. He’s a has been and she’s pathetic. Waiting around for this LOSER who won’t even bring her luggage inside and Iam sure she had to pay for the flight🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Ehm Bee
    Ehm Bee Month ago +1

    Chrissy looked low key over that whole interview lol

  • F#ck Being Fat
    F#ck Being Fat Month ago +2

    Chrissy is gorgeous

  • Myana Honey
    Myana Honey Month ago

    Why would they chose that clip smh

  • Fit2BJustMe
    Fit2BJustMe Month ago +4

    Chrissy is a cautionary tale of when to get out of a relationship that isn't giving you what you want and is wasting your good years. It's actually sad that something she has wanted for years and years (marriage and children) she now does not want because she knows Jim isn't going to give her that and it's better to say she doesn't want it anymore than to be ridiculed for still wanting what Jim will never give her. Jim has worn her down so much and has convinced her that's no longer important. She wanted children and now at 48 that's not about to happen. She has settled for a man who in all reality does not want to marry her. Something is wrong with this, but guaranteed social media will let her know this and more during this season of #LHH

  • Stacey Phillips
    Stacey Phillips Month ago

    They gone be 50 or 60 yrs old realizing they wanna get married...smh...Chrissy Chrissy...Darn shame what they did to that dog

  • Tori Black
    Tori Black Month ago

    💎 I'm a happily married woman and I cringe at so many women dead locked on ASAP marriages when there are so many women married to in the closet ass dudes and pedophiles. Take your time ladies dont rush it. Get to know yourself first then find out who he truly is then the rest will progress. That was my method and almost 2 decades later we're solid as a rock. Don't let this messed up society tell you when and how marriage should work. Live your life and phuck the world because the world ain't never been kind to no one...

  • Britt Coils
    Britt Coils Month ago +6

    Chrissy so pretty but I’m disappointed in her for wasting so much time settling with Jim Jones

  • India Johnson
    India Johnson Month ago +1

    There is such a thing as common law marriage. Erybody ain't all about that 'if he like it then should of put a ring on it' vibe. My aunt and uncle were together 30 years and they never official married

  • Santhia Calixte
    Santhia Calixte Month ago +1

    Her hair is everything

  • glowingmyway
    glowingmyway Month ago +15

    When a man is ready to marry a woman, it doesn’t take him long to commit. My husband proposed after 3 months.

    • glowingmyway
      glowingmyway Month ago

      Mevin Hart the time frame may not work for everyone but the point is, when someone WANTS to do something they dont take forever

    • Mevin Hart
      Mevin Hart Month ago

      Thats your husband though that could be DUMB for someone else going that route

    • Melissa S Morris
      Melissa S Morris Month ago +1


    • Cher-Marie Navarro
      Cher-Marie Navarro Month ago +2

      Exactly. But he still wanna be in these streets!

  • Summer Night
    Summer Night Month ago +6

    Dam even Kimbella Got married Smh! And God forbid Something happens to Jim she won't get a Dam penny or Forbid he gets hurt and is in the hospital and can't speak for himself. Then chrissy won't have any rights to make any medical decisions for him as a Girlfriend smh. She has no legal rights to him after a 15 year relationship,🙄

  • Rickia Woods
    Rickia Woods Month ago +3

    lol they so shady, why did they have to show that clip 😩

    • Britt Coils
      Britt Coils Month ago

      Rickia Woods IKR out of all the clips they picked that one

  • reenie sag
    reenie sag Month ago +4

    Chrissy is a real.one and not there for the B.S. I'm super stoke she's back no fakery

  • t. w.
    t. w. Month ago +56

    every time i see her boyfriend, he looks like an alcoholic that just woke up from a long nap...and she is so beautiful? why?

    • 2016__ 2016
      2016__ 2016 Month ago +3

      Yes I love her hair.

    • Tracey Mair
      Tracey Mair Month ago

      So beautiful?! Chrissy is ok. She's attractive but so beautiful🤔

  • Amor Ankh
    Amor Ankh Month ago +3

    Chrissy is still fighting chicks in night clubs

  • Amor Ankh
    Amor Ankh Month ago +2

    I dislike Chrissy she's one of those ghetto chicks who think she's highly intelligent and thinks she knows everything

  • Bernice Crossin
    Bernice Crossin Month ago +11


  • Lola Darling
    Lola Darling Month ago

    Wow she did give up on marriage. It took the other men to get jail time for them to marry their girlfriends. Not even babies got them to do it but conjugal visits did (Kimbella, Yandy and Emily B). Well I guess Mendecees did want to marry Yandy. Maybe Jimmy will marry her now if he gets charged for whatever the feds are investigating him for.

    • E Rivera
      E Rivera 21 day ago

      Lola Darling yandy isn’t married. They never filed the marriage license before he went to jail. She wasn’t going to let the government seize her assets for his crimes. She’s not stupid.

  • Dee Scott
    Dee Scott Month ago +6

    Jimmy doesn’t want to marry her, duh

    • Nadia Nadir
      Nadia Nadir 29 days ago

      Like his ole drunken, nasty, unwashed looking ass is a catch.

  • Good Life
    Good Life Month ago +1

    Maybe Chrissy is content with her relationship with jim and that is why her and Jim are still together it’s just the pressure the world is putting on her to be married society has a sad way of making women feel less than if ur not married

    • owen skeete
      owen skeete Month ago

      They aren't together. She was living in another city for 2-3 years. They are just friends.

  • mimi maneuver
    mimi maneuver Month ago +3

    Chrissy beautiful but Jim is a big man baby... her hair beautiful..

  • Genia Wallace
    Genia Wallace Month ago +3

    Chrissy is so beautiful

  • P Compton
    P Compton Month ago +6

    Wish her interview was longer.

  • Lungile Ngubane
    Lungile Ngubane Month ago +11

    To be honest,married or not,kids or not they're still my favourite couple.

  • Danyel Pickett
    Danyel Pickett Month ago +4

    Chrissy has always been my favorite

  • HTHTV3
    HTHTV3 Month ago +2

    @2:12 I luv Chrissy! So pretty...the braids are dope! Her smile is similar to Salt's of Salt 'n Pepa.

  • Christopher Cooper
    Christopher Cooper Month ago +2

    Her hair is flawless