How Much of the Earth Can You See at Once?

  • Published on Jul 17, 2017
  • My shirt is from this quarter’s CURIOSITY BOX:
    Thanks to Mitchell for the jack-in-the-box!
    3Blue1Brown fractal dimension video:
    Mathologer video:
    Distance to horizon calculator:
    Earth curvature calculator:
    US cross section:
    Scott Kelly ISS earth pic:
    names of large numbers:
    Earth’s surface fractal dimension:
    Improbable research pancake study:
    State flatness paper:
    Mental floss article on flat states:
    Lake Islands:
    XKCD What If? bowling ball Earth:
    West Virginia map:
    Is Earth as smooth as a billiard ball?
    WPA rules:
    Billiard ball surface scan paper:
    What state people think of as flat:
    Roche limit:
    Hey What’s That?
    Field of view:
    Angular diameter:
    Spherical cap calculator:
    amount of sphere seen from distance calculator:
    seeing Earth as a disc:
    how high to see the curvature of Earth?
    Earth from moon pics:
    Star magnitude calculator:
    Star distances:
    list of stars with resolved images:
    2d figures by me
    3d animations by Eric Langlay
    Music from Jake Chudnow:
    and Audio Network:
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  • valllum
    valllum 20 hours ago

    14:00 where did you get that from?

  • Jenna Anderson
    Jenna Anderson Day ago

    I like that he sites his sources, all teachers would be proud

  • anonymous G
    anonymous G Day ago +1

    The earth and the other planets that known by man r neither flat nor round, they’re shapeless same as air , liquids , us and any other “ being “ in fact r souls r shapeless , the whole universe and the entity r illusional , what we c is totally not what’s actually in there , we think the sky is blue while its not , another example , the front part of the eye is curved , it bends the light , creating an upside down image on the retina . The brain 🧠 eventually turns the image the right way up , the retina is a complex part of the eye , and it’s job is to turn light into signals about images that the brain can understand, so how can i trust my brain if what’s in there has already been into a process through my eyes then through my brain to give an adjusted image that my brain likes and accepts
    We r part of all and all in all , the universe is in us and we r in the universe, the whole universe is the size of an eyeball it’s all illusional ..
    We think the universe is infinite ♾ in fact we r the universe thus the infinity is in us ..

    • Francisco Javier Crespo
      Francisco Javier Crespo 23 hours ago

      That is empirism vs rationalism. And those are XVII century questions, you're late.
      Flat earthers trend falls into scepticism school, which is even older, from 3rd century BC.
      Fortunately we're now beyond all those nonsenses.

  • Antimorph
    Antimorph Day ago

    3:57 THE MOON would be the size of your eyeball. not the opposite xD

  • brigsbros corporation

    Does earth has an entry and exit point???

  • Andreas Pashalidis

    Michael, wait a minute. You did not account for earth's equator bulge
    ( ) I wonder whether this violates
    the billiard ball roundness rule (15:35).

  • Terry Kosowick
    Terry Kosowick Day ago

    Your videos are extremely interesting. You are such a great presenter! A little bit of humor but not silly like so many of the videos on TheXvid. I hope you keep on making them. Thanks so much for the ones you have made to date!

  • Pasi Sallinen
    Pasi Sallinen Day ago

    awesome words

  • Fredrik Myhre
    Fredrik Myhre Day ago

    But we have 2 eyes - would it not be possible to see more than 50% of a ball then?

  • abarronboy
    abarronboy Day ago

    First I’ve heard of those numbers,will hear them again soon with the national debt.

  • Holle Joesif
    Holle Joesif Day ago

    Map porn

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Day ago

    But it’s flat...

  • Алексей Сидоров

    Michael is transition God.

  • Nyla - Amara Smit
    Nyla - Amara Smit 2 days ago

    Huh how can a human or water drop have y amount of atoms
    And the whole earth surface only
    +- y^10 ?
    I would imagine if a human or water drop is let say 1.
    I would assume the earth would be like a trillion^trillion more?
    I dont get it....

  • Nightcore Nation
    Nightcore Nation 2 days ago

    Was i the only one that Saw this?


  • Raechel914
    Raechel914 2 days ago

    16:26 flat earthers are triggered

  • KnozD
    KnozD 2 days ago

    Mike grow a beard, get a 6month subscription to a gym, fuck bitches and become a legend.

  • Sean MacDonald
    Sean MacDonald 2 days ago

    real question for someone stronger in science then myself. when he says if the earth was 1ft diameter then all the words water would be 14ml. visually thats hard to grasp, guess hard to visualize how much surface tention play a roll. also his comment that comment that 90 percent of where we can live the other 10 percent just land. dont we live on land. hope for some clarity

  • Fender Blues
    Fender Blues 2 days ago

    The Moon has a diameter of 2,159 miles (3,476 kilometers) and is about one-quarter the size of Earth. So why does the Earth look smaller when supposedly viewed from the Moon?

    • Andreas Schmitt
      Andreas Schmitt Day ago

      +Fender Blues
      But why? You just found out that your assumption of a wrong size of the earth is not valid.

    • Fender Blues
      Fender Blues Day ago

      +Andreas Schmitt I know what you are saying your referring to the aperture of the camera. But I still don't see it as a proper photo of Earth. In-fact I've yet to see one.

    • Andreas Schmitt
      Andreas Schmitt Day ago

      +Fender Blues
      Obviously you never took a picture of the moon.

    • Fender Blues
      Fender Blues Day ago

      +Andreas Schmitt Well no it doesn't when your not on the moon. Just a Photoshop photo. How silly of me.

    • Andreas Schmitt
      Andreas Schmitt Day ago

      Simple answer: it doesn't.

  • Plutonium2222
    Plutonium2222 2 days ago


  • Mhd Hafedh
    Mhd Hafedh 2 days ago

    14:10 😭

  • OwiJik
    OwiJik 2 days ago

    WTF is this ?!
    He's a cat or something?

  • Wu Wu wu PUBG gamer Tyler Wu

    Yay Florida and I live in Florida where you visited

  • SmileyTheHelper
    SmileyTheHelper 2 days ago +1

    1:19 The webpage title is MapPorn...Impressive

  • garlicdawg
    garlicdawg 2 days ago

    DID U EVER WONDER WHY hubble telescope never turned and took picture of earth or moon...?

  • Jimmy Lewis
    Jimmy Lewis 2 days ago

    As usual science sticking its foot in its own mouth.
    Guys he said you could never see more than 49 per cent. That is because the surface is only half of the planet the other 1/2 is the bottom "below" to you Satanist
    Only the elite see the other side

  • OneBushyBoi 1133
    OneBushyBoi 1133 2 days ago

    10:10 wdym the earth IS flat

  • jirizary73
    jirizary73 2 days ago

    I came in at 5:30 and thought he was talking about the national debt.

  • Zackary Downen
    Zackary Downen 2 days ago

    I have been watching vsauce for 5 hours

  • Sen Gill
    Sen Gill 3 days ago

    I never got any curiousity box.

  • Dana Se
    Dana Se 3 days ago

    Hi from Ukraine ;)
    You're truly the best, man!

  • Orfea Notcool
    Orfea Notcool 3 days ago

    the earth is a cube ;)

  • David West
    David West 3 days ago

    ATTENTION GLOBE DEFENDERS (GDs)! Below is a challenge for you to prove we live on a spinning globe and you may defeat the Motionless Earth
    Apologists (MEs) once and for all. WARNING!!! This will cause you to doubt the spinning globe forever. . . Remember; you have been warned.
    Aircraft Performance Paradox -- by David West
    Flight A-12 departs California at 6:00 am PST headed East to NY.
    Flight B-34 departs New York at 10:00 am EST headed West to CA.
    The shortest flight distance between New York and California is 2,441 miles.
    The average flight time from ‘Gate to Gate’ is 5 hours, 20 minutes.
    According to Globe mythology, North America spins from west to east at 792 mph.
    A commercial airliner has a cruising speed of approximately 550 mph.
    Actual flight time for A-12 and B-34 is the same (with a minor adjustment for headwinds).
    A key point to consider. . . Both aircraft are on an imaginary spinning Earth.
    CA flight A-12 is on a runway spinning Eastward and the runway is moving forward 792 mph.
    NY flight B-34 is on a runway spinning Eastward and the runway is moving backward 792 mph.
    FACT: Once aloft aircraft would no longer be tethered to the ground and free of any ground movement.
    Questions: Explain the Affect Earth's Movement Would Have On Takeoff and Flight Duration:
    How fast is CA Eastbound flight A-12 traveling at takeoff from an Eastward surface spin of 792 mph?
    How fast is NY Westbound flight B-34 traveling at takeoff from an Eastward surface spin of 792 mph?
    How soon would CA flight A-12 arrive in NY at 550 mph above an Earth spinning 792 mph Eastward?
    How soon would NY flight B-34 arrive in CA at 550 mph above an Earth spinning 792 mph Eastward?
    What is the landing method for Eastbound flights approaching runway spinning in the same direction?
    What is the landing method for Westbound flights approaching runway spinning toward aircraft?
    Why can't passengers see the Earth movement when flying West if Earth is spinning East 792 mph?
    How does Westbound and Eastbound flights cruising 550 mph arrive within the same flight duration?
    With an established cruising speed of 550 mph and North America spinning 792 mph Explain this:
    You are on a flight from NY to Miami traveling from North to South. . . Why can't you see the rapid Earth movement as it spins below from your right to the left faster than your flight? When your flight approaches a runway positioned North to South; how does your Pilot fly at a diagonal path on approach to the runway to maintain forward motion, descent, and rapid movement of the runway from West to East?
    Remember: The ground is moving 792 mph away from you during your Eastbound flight and landing. Also; The ground is moving 792 mph toward you during your
    Westbound flight and landing. Plus: The ground is moving 792 mph toward the East during your North or Southbound flights and landing.
    explain to yourself why you believe the Earth is spinning 1,034 mph at the Equator, which equates to over ¼ mile per second. And you think if you were walking northward; you could not sense the ground moving ¼ mile per second to your right? If the Earth were moving over 17-miles per minute and you were running 10-miles per hour; would you not sense the movement as you run in any direction?
    If you are trying to explain this away, you are brainwashed and incapable of reasoning and thinking independent of having been brainwashed. I am not being rude and I am not putting you down. If you believe there is a way to explain how aircraft can perform as aircraft perform every day, everywhere, and does so on a spinning Earth, you should think this through before you post your reply.
    Thank you,

    • RogHawk
      RogHawk 2 days ago

      Saw you post this on another video. Short answer to your long question is that the aircraft, and you, are already moving as part of the rotation Earth.

  • John Spurlock
    John Spurlock 3 days ago

    why are you telling me these lies everybody knows the world's flat it's not a globe and everybody knows nobody can get into outer space

  • KatieNekoOwO
    KatieNekoOwO 3 days ago

    michael: earth is made of stuff.
    me: i think i knew that since elementry school

    ANDY PAPIRRU 3 days ago

    good calculations for an imaginary theory

    ANDY PAPIRRU 3 days ago

    Good imagination

    ANDY PAPIRRU 3 days ago

    4:25 flat

  • Moonlight io
    Moonlight io 3 days ago +1

    mt. everest is the biggest mountain...


  • Sunny Cat
    Sunny Cat 3 days ago

    Wait hang on, this video has gone from how much of earth you can see at a time to is earth smoother then a pancake

  • E Jones
    E Jones 4 days ago

    Im willing to bet that rhose 24 people that supposed sern the entire earth from space are the same ones from the Apollo missions

  • Jason Darling
    Jason Darling 4 days ago

    I just had a quick question, Vsauce. I saw an amateur balloon video that was sent up with a go-pro camera mounted on securely. The balloon actually achieved an altitude of around 125,000 feet. The thing is, as the balloon rose higher and higher, the horizon rose up to eye level as well. My question is, as the balloon rose, shoulden't we have seen the Earth start to curve away somewhere around like 100,000 feet? jus curious...

  • lumberjack
    lumberjack 4 days ago

    4:43 orrrrrrrr

  • kevin and oli
    kevin and oli 4 days ago

    1:20 XD "mapPorn"

  • никола бар цг

    Толико сере да је то ненормално...

  • Waffer
    Waffer 4 days ago

    *W E S T V I R G I N I A*

  • Fane Valento
    Fane Valento 4 days ago

    The whole entire earth is flat you moron... and there’s no gravity. No one can see it or fully prove it. It takes faith to believe in that.
    why can’t you just say that mr. vsauce? People think you’re smart, but you are one of the dumbest persons I know. You wouldn’t even be considered “people” just a person. Very sad vsauce.
    Stop lying to the people and really educate yourself!

  • NL Endeerion
    NL Endeerion 4 days ago

    Somehow... Michael's segways just work.

  • Fabrice Manzo
    Fabrice Manzo 4 days ago


  • ChiTownTino
    ChiTownTino 4 days ago

    Love this sht! Prob 3rd time watching this episode!

  • Richard Costa
    Richard Costa 4 days ago

    😂 From 250 miles up?

  • Stun Gun Stunna
    Stun Gun Stunna 4 days ago

    Eddie Bravo told me its all CGI doeeeeeee.

  • bobthemonkey08
    bobthemonkey08 4 days ago

    "You would have to move your head to see from edge to edge"

  • Hilt Tilt
    Hilt Tilt 4 days ago +3

    *Flat Earthers* TRIGGERED

  • generic username
    generic username 4 days ago +1

    16:24 flat earthers: *ALL TRIGGERED*

  • Malph
    Malph 5 days ago +2

    I love sauce. VSAUCE. VSAUCE IS A TheXvidR.

  • Rudorftw
    Rudorftw 5 days ago

    From "How much of the earth can you see at once" to "If there is aliens in the star systems we've seen there's no way they even know our star exists" Well. Damn.

  • Rudorftw
    Rudorftw 5 days ago

    "... is flatter than a pancake... in fact... so is every state.. and even, the entire world.." Does this mean that the earth is finally confirmed to be flat? D;

  • Christopher Online
    Christopher Online 5 days ago

    Damn, MAP Porn don't mean what it used to

  • Jericho's world
    Jericho's world 5 days ago

    All of it, ever seen a map

  • thom4s 03
    thom4s 03 5 days ago

    I miss these videos man😣

  • Kieran McCormack
    Kieran McCormack 5 days ago

    1:20 ........

  • Leila Forrestal
    Leila Forrestal 5 days ago


  • Paul Booth
    Paul Booth 5 days ago

    This video would be great for those people who are fooled into actually believing the earth is flat instead of a globe

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 6 days ago

    If I’m an infinite distance from a sphere, can I see exactly 1/2 of it if I have a lens that can zoom an infinite number of times?

  • seventwo
    seventwo 6 days ago

    flat earthers rise up

  • Snowpaws Shaw
    Snowpaws Shaw 6 days ago

    Michael, back at it again with the severe existential crisis

  • Jack ghost
    Jack ghost 6 days ago

    The earth is clearly flat people proved it we would fall out if world was round

  • The Real Snowy
    The Real Snowy 6 days ago

    If the Earth is so great, how come there was never an Earth 2?

  • EternalDB
    EternalDB 6 days ago +1

    I doubt anyone will respond to this, but whats the song at the 5:00 minute mark?

    • EternalDB
      EternalDB 6 days ago

      Cosmic Mowey but first.. the colors you see on your screen right now are not what they are. Your phone only outputs red green and blue.

    • Cosmic Mowey
      Cosmic Mowey 6 days ago +1

      +EternalDB But first let me talk about how future humans will never get to see the andromada galaxy and will know nothing but darkness and how black holes could destroy the entire universe and how we could be in a simulation

    • EternalDB
      EternalDB 6 days ago

      Cosmic Mowey but first... let me talk about parallel universes

    • Cosmic Mowey
      Cosmic Mowey 6 days ago +1

      You: I doubt anyone will respond to this, but what's the song at 5:00 minute mark?
      Vsauce: But what is a song? , what is sound?, is sound real? Are we real?...

  • Matt Hubsher
    Matt Hubsher 6 days ago

    when the moon
    is your eye
    and the earth
    is an apple
    that's amore

  • Eden
    Eden 6 days ago

    THE EARTH IS FLAT YOU GOOGBALLS, get a strong enough optic and you can see the whole damn thing from your front porch ahahahahahahahaaaa. DOWN WITH STATE SPONSORED IGNORANCE!!!

  • vivi
    vivi 6 days ago

    cant wait for you to post a new free video

  • Zukilover305
    Zukilover305 7 days ago

    How can you block out earth from the mood with your thumb when you can’t even block out the moon with your thumb from earth?

  • Z Deep
    Z Deep 7 days ago +1

    too much contradiction in this video . must be false

  • Thorstmixx
    Thorstmixx 7 days ago +1

    Six thousand flat earthers can't handle facts. Maybe 3 or 4 people just didn't like the video, but the rest are butthurt conspiracy nuts.

    • RoRo Boy
      RoRo Boy 3 days ago

      +The Real Snowy No, you retarded git! It is clearly a triangle.

    • Thorstmixx
      Thorstmixx 6 days ago

      +The Real Snowy Lol, you're right, that's the only explanation.

    • The Real Snowy
      The Real Snowy 6 days ago

      +Thorstmixx Earth is a cube

    • Thorstmixx
      Thorstmixx 6 days ago

      +The Real Snowy I don't believe whatever the government tells me. I believe what science and peer-reviewed research tells me. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it isn't true.

    • The Real Snowy
      The Real Snowy 6 days ago

      keep believing whatever the gov tells you then

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 7 days ago

    You are the Terry Gilliam of science videos on TheXvid.

  • omar
    omar 7 days ago +3

    Who else cant understand shit but still loves to watch these science videos? 🖐

    • Cosmic Mowey
      Cosmic Mowey 6 days ago +1

      Dude I watched his black hole video while revising English and I ended up knowing more about black holes then what I've learned in English that entire week lol

  • Allen Lewis
    Allen Lewis 7 days ago

    almost bs,,, nasA LIES,YOUR DOLLAR AT WORK

  • spoopy jim
    spoopy jim 8 days ago +1



  • Ach Kind
    Ach Kind 8 days ago

    The position of the Island in a Lake on an Island in a Lake on an Island:
    Why did I just search for this on Google Earth?

  • Ello
    Ello 8 days ago +1

    My favorite professor.

  • Thetruthwillblowyou away

    Hi guys :) READ THE ENTIRE TEXT. It is short but you will learn a lot of things :) They are clarified in it :)

    > What are some of the amino acids benefits?
    They’re a part of our everyday life: the skin layers (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat layers), blood vessels (veins, capillaries, and arteries), tissue, muscle…
    Hmm, what is a tissue?

    >< The body contains several different types of cells, such as blood cells, nerve cells, and muscle cells.

    When cells of the same type “hang together” so to speak, and perform the same function, a tissue is formed.

    > Cells have many parts, each with a different function. Some of these parts, called organelles, are specialized structures that perform certain tasks within the cell.
    You can think of cells as puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece is the smallest working part of a puzzle, and when all the pieces come together, they form a big picture(our body). The puzzle(our body) contains around 30 trillion pieces!

    Organelle means a small organ.
    Now try to imagine the cell and all of its organelles and now think about the universe. They really resemble each other. Just type brain cell and the universe  You will be astonished! Now, lets continue :

    - > Atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems are the body’s building blocks. Getting to know these most basic parts to see how their functions affect the rest of the parts of the body is a good idea.

    Amino acids work in a two-step process.
    - Peptides and
    - polypeptides are developed because of amino acids.

    The end result is that from amino acids and proteins the building blocks of life are formed.
    Our human body is responsible for the production of between 10 of the 20 amino acids.

    > Do we store amino acids similar to fat and starch storage?
    No, we must get these in foods each and every day

    > What are the essential amino acids for the human body?
    Phenylalanine, tryptophan, and valine - are the essential amino acids for humans.

    The essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body; instead, they must be ingested through food.
    Amino acids. They make up 75% of the human body. They are essential to nearly every bodily function.

    Every chemical reaction that takes place in your body depends on them and the proteins that they build.

    Enzymes are proteins that act as > catalysts within living cells.

    Catalysts increase the rate at which > chemical reactions occur without being consumed or permanently altered themselves.

    > A chemical reaction is a process that converts one or more substances (known as reagents, reactants, or substrates) to another type of substance (the product). As a catalyst, an enzyme can facilitate the same chemical reaction over and over again.
    Wanna learn more ? :) Now do you wanna learn about the universe? :)

  • Monika Ciegowski
    Monika Ciegowski 8 days ago

    6:09 Mindblow in 3, 2, 1...

  • terry strand
    terry strand 8 days ago

    He says heret that 'only 24 people have seen the earth suspended in space ' ??
    But we've had 6 moon landings with 3 crew members each... That is 6 flights x 3 crew members = 18 people... no?

    • terry strand
      terry strand 7 days ago

      +mikedelhoo Thanx, bro... my bad... !!!

    • mikedelhoo
      mikedelhoo 8 days ago

      Apollo 8, 10 and 13 also went around the Moon, but didn't land. (And yes 9 x 3 = 27 but Cernan, Young and Lovell went twice each...)

    • Airplanes11
      Airplanes11 8 days ago

      the iss nigga

  • Moncrief
    Moncrief 8 days ago

    6:08 is witchcraft. I’m convinced

  • cluestormslay2 Monster

    1:17 map porn

  • Tommy Be
    Tommy Be 8 days ago

    This blew my mind thank you Michael I love learning the things you teach us

  • fight2 keep
    fight2 keep 8 days ago

    I think this guy ate too much acid as a baby. How else would you wonder all that

  • Javier Barry
    Javier Barry 8 days ago

    1:20 sounds like the best porn

  • GD Pumpkin
    GD Pumpkin 8 days ago +1

    "You're hands would get wet... or would they??


    HENRY KROON 9 days ago

    21:40 the subtitles say form instead of from. I also know this is literally a year later but what ever

  • AwesomeEB
    AwesomeEB 9 days ago +1

    just go into the 4th dimension and then you can see all of it at once

  • Geoffrey Howells
    Geoffrey Howells 9 days ago

    I have a problem with only 24 people, EVER in history, having visual confirmation of earth being a ball suspended in space.

  • Neo Fajardo
    Neo Fajardo 9 days ago

    in this video, michael shows his type of porn, MAP PORN

  • Tom Oakhill
    Tom Oakhill 9 days ago

    I love Vsauce! I have been telling people for years that the Earth is perfectly round. Since Mt Everest is 8.848 km high while the mean radius of the Earth is 6,371,km, we get 8.848 ÷ 6371 = 0.0014 or 1.4 thousandths ! out of round. If I hand you *any* sphere under 25 cm (10 in) machined to the *exact* topography of the Earth, it will look and feel perfectly smooth.

  • TYTY
    TYTY 9 days ago

    I love Earth She is where I borned

  • Bharat Kumar Gupta
    Bharat Kumar Gupta 9 days ago

    Michael u are awesome. Really learned something

  • FoxKnight Games and Stuff

    MapPorn, sounds nice...