How Much of the Earth Can You See at Once?

  • Published on Jul 17, 2017
  • My shirt is from this quarter’s CURIOSITY BOX:
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    3Blue1Brown fractal dimension video:
    Mathologer video:
    Distance to horizon calculator:
    Earth curvature calculator:
    US cross section:
    Scott Kelly ISS earth pic:
    names of large numbers:
    Earth’s surface fractal dimension:
    Improbable research pancake study:
    State flatness paper:
    Mental floss article on flat states:
    Lake Islands:
    XKCD What If? bowling ball Earth:
    West Virginia map:
    Is Earth as smooth as a billiard ball?
    WPA rules:
    Billiard ball surface scan paper:
    What state people think of as flat:
    Roche limit:
    Hey What’s That?
    Field of view:
    Angular diameter:
    Spherical cap calculator:
    amount of sphere seen from distance calculator:
    seeing Earth as a disc:
    how high to see the curvature of Earth?
    Earth from moon pics:
    Star magnitude calculator:
    Star distances:
    list of stars with resolved images:
    2d figures by me
    3d animations by Eric Langlay
    Music from Jake Chudnow:
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    Bacon Suds 2 hours ago

    West Virginia represent

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    Stephen Sharma 6 hours ago

    I love this video 5 quintadecacillion

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    To save your time: the answer is 49%.

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    Brandon Gollotte 13 hours ago

    Map porn??

  • Adam Beatty
    Adam Beatty 17 hours ago

    "Love" to manipulate people? shame shame... also, I am poor. sorry. I will follow you on twitter.. just made a twitter account not too long ago. I call that platform Nit-twitter. I call this platform FuTube or Argutube.. then there is fakebook and mindless.cum

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 17 hours ago

    when you gonna explain every question only the adressed can answer tell me how much i care.

  • pro cheff
    pro cheff 22 hours ago

    are u stupid

    the earth is not a ball u plonker

    • Bryson Sirus
      Bryson Sirus 16 hours ago

      That’s pretty darn funny right there..

  • A Potato
    A Potato 23 hours ago

    just use quake pro

  • some guy
    some guy Day ago

    Big words hurt brain

    4.9M views Day ago

    16:25 hmm.. no. 😂

  • Khalid H
    Khalid H Day ago +2

    1:19 Boom exposed

  • Joey Slithos
    Joey Slithos Day ago

    Vsauce: Man I'm hungry.
    Hungarians, also known as Magyars, are a nation and ethnic group native to Hungary and historical Hungarian lands who share a common culture, history and language. Hungarians belong to the Uralic-speaking peoples. There are an estimated 14.2-14.5 million ethnic Hungarians and their descendants worldwide, of whom 9.6 million live in today's Hungary

  • Christopher Myers
    Christopher Myers 2 days ago

    I would like to see the demo with real balls and known diameter distances from surface to illustrate this point rather than CGI photography. Mark up the ball in circular surface area percentages 10%,20,30, 40, 50, 60% is all you'll have to go. Then move the camera one diameter at a time from the surface of the ball and show the markings of the circles in the view. I'm pretty sure that you are gonna find that after just a few diameters you can see 50% of the surface but never more. Problem is that satellites don't orbit in terms of diameters, it's either low earth orbit 100-600miles or geosynchronous at 22,000 or sis lunar orbit at 250,000 or La Grange point 1 at 1,000,000 miles. The discrepancies between these orbit sizes are orders of magnitude, not geometrical in nature as NASA would have you believe.

    • Bryson Sirus
      Bryson Sirus 15 hours ago

      Can you just leave? Like please?
      Just...fucking die. You’re shit. A pile of garbage.
      You’re delusional, you simply want to think NASA is lying, even though there is NO REASON TO. Flat earth was originally just a joke, a MEME.
      But brainless shits like you just decided to believe it even though no one told you to.

      Instead of trying to find “”””evidence “””” that the earth is flat and that NASA is hiding shit. Just use your GOD DAMN BRAIN

  • Christopher Myers
    Christopher Myers 2 days ago

    In other words you can't tell the Earth is a globe from a satellite photo since the camera and the altitude obstruct and obscure the actual curvature and the real horizon. So if at low altitude we know the picture is distorted, how do we know it is not distorted at high altitude? Every justification you give for showing real relations between the horizon and globe size vs altitude and camera lensing work against you if you don't first assume the Earth is a globe and you know the size of it. You should be able to do the opposite, determine the size of the Earth from the known altitude and camera zoom without assuming it is a globe or knowing it is already 24,000 miles in circumference. This is all circumstantial based upon the "known" distances of satellites that are put into orbit by military, and space programs as propaganda. You have to first assume you know these satellites are up there and just trust that they are in the locations that are claimed. If you don't have a multi-million dollar telescope computer and software for tracking these you aren't even gonna be able to verify what you are looking at.

    • Christopher Myers
      Christopher Myers Day ago

      You have to still rely on the assumption the Earth is a sphere to begin with and the sun is distant at 93,000,000 miles no matter how you cut it. This is not proof of the circumference of the Earth as you purport. If the Earth happened to be a disk your Erasthothenes experiment falls apart. If the sun happened to be closer your experiment falls apart. All experiments to determine the distance to the sun are dependent upon the Erasthothenes experiment. All experiments trying to determine the shape of the Earth turn up flat and motionless. Aieries Failure, Michaelson-Morley, Sagnac.
      If you begin with the assumption the Earth is a disk or a plane, you would have to discount the theory of gravity, which most people can't get past. Unfortunately, gravity is just a theory or law, not supported by any evidence. Cavendish showed that electrical charge and gravitation are mutually interchangeable as theories if you consider aggregate charge on matter acting as a dipole to attract/repel matter on a large scale. Birkeland currents prove this out, along with the solar wind and the "fact" that the sun is not a fusion furnace, but a metallic hydrogen anode in the galactic circuit.

    • Willoughby Krenzteinburg
      Willoughby Krenzteinburg Day ago +2

      You can determine the circumference of Earth by simply putting a stick in the ground on a sunny day and having a friend a considerable distance away from you doing the same thing. Make sure the stick and the ground make a right angle, and then you take a piece of string from the top of the stick to the tip of the shadow, and measure the angle the stick and string make, and then compare that angle to your friends angle. If you multiply 360 degrees by the distance between you and your friend, and the divide all that by the difference in that angle you measure, the answer will be the circumference of the Earth. People figured this simple geometry out a couple thousand years ago.

      Flat Earthers would argue that the sun is simply closer than the 93 million miles science "claims" (and proves by the way), and the difference in angle is the result in the difference in the angle at which the sun shines on those sticks. The problem is, there is no distance the sun can be placed that is consistent with all observations. It is only self-consistent if you put the sun at 3,000 miles - and only use the example of the difference in that angle being 45 degrees from 3,000 miles away. This is why flat Earthers place the sun at 3,000 miles. The problem is that this only works in this one scenario. You get a different distance to the sun in every other scenario. The absolute oblivion it takes is astonishing.

      For example, if someone were 5,000 miles apart, the difference in those angles would be about 75 degrees. Doing literally the exact same math flat Earthers use to arbitrarily place the sun 3,000 above a flat plane, you now get 1,340 miles as the distance above the plane for the sun. You can keep going, and you will get a different answer each time. The reason it is not self-consistent is because the premise of the calculation is that the Earth is flat. There is no distance you can place the sun that is consistent with observable reality - because the Earth is not flat.

      On the flip side, when you consider that the difference in angle is due to the fact that people separated on Earth are actually separated by an angle - because the Earth is a sphere, and that difference in angle at which they observe the sun corresponds perfectly and 100% consistently in ALL scenarios to the difference in their angle of separation along the curved arc of the Earth's surface - you realize that the globe model is the only model that is both self-consistent and consistent with observable reality in 100% of applications. The flat Earth model and its corresponding geometry only work in a single scenario - the one scenario for which they place the sun at 3,000 miles using a calculation that already assumes the Earth is flat. It's circular nonsense, and it literally falls apart in literally every other scenario. It's nonsense. You're not enlightened. You're not special. You're just a patent moron.

  • Faquito
    Faquito 2 days ago +1

    6:04 hey its eullers disc!

  • DustinJJ98
    DustinJJ98 2 days ago +2

    can't joke about the earth being flat because people might take me serious🤣.. people believe the truth nowadays

  • DustinJJ98
    DustinJJ98 2 days ago

    [ 4:44 - 46 ]watch the curve change with the camera movement from the 3mm stem?
    [ 5:55 ] boil oceans boil

  • hehasnoregrets
    hehasnoregrets 2 days ago

    maybe this is why west continents are colder because the terrain are high up from the ground and east which is asia are hotter cause its terrain is lower, people wouldnt just know cause the earth is curved and round

  • Kitten
    Kitten 2 days ago

    16:25 the fuck you talking about of course the earth is flat... People on the internet with evidence that it's round... Bullshit

    • Bryson Sirus
      Bryson Sirus 15 hours ago

      [If you’re serious]
      Would you like to hear a knock at the door and find someone holding a knife about to stab you in the neck?
      Then I suggest you go back to 1st grade science and learn shit.

  • Savaii Heaven
    Savaii Heaven 2 days ago

    I love lichen 9:50

  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos 2 days ago

    11:45 ok the Ocean,sea lake ect any body of water is flatter than any part of the world.use that to measure distance?

  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos 2 days ago

    So tell me why we don't go to the moon ever ???we have all this technology and we don't go.why???excuses .excuses ???

    • Point
      Point 2 days ago +1

      We did? Back in the 1960's i believe. We're actually preparing to go to the moon. Space exploration is time consuming and costly. It's better to take time on a project to make it work than have a rushed product that might not work. Try staying updated to SpaceX. If you can try actually going to the launch sites and spectate the launches.

  • Ronald Jake Watsons
    Ronald Jake Watsons 2 days ago

    22:28 you kidin me right?

    2 moons? The guy in the moon and another moon above?

    • Bryson Sirus
      Bryson Sirus 15 hours ago

      Are you even attempting to use your brain? Like, come the FUCK ON.

    • DanTheStripe
      DanTheStripe 2 days ago +1

      Ronald Jake Watsons That’s Earth.

  • Edward Balcera
    Edward Balcera 2 days ago

    This changes my view on mountains and oceans on how deep they are (compared to earth). 🤣

    • hehasnoregrets
      hehasnoregrets 2 days ago

      some continents terrain are higher, like west continents maybe this is why theyre colder and asia's continent's weather are hot which means its terrain is lower, people wouldnt know cause the earth is curved and round, gravity holds them together

  • matrodmedia
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    4:03 keep clicking

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    Florida sucks

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    Arjun T_T 3 days ago

    Pure pure pure golden content. I have never had tears in my eyes watching science stuff. I wish I'd subbed back in school or college.

  • Jônatas Lima
    Jônatas Lima 3 days ago

    I love your stuff! Just please stick to metric! Forget inches and feet! lol

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    Did he just take apart a rubix cube?

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    I love Mike but he sometimes he looks like he is going to eat me. Love you too!

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    This video would have ended in 10 minutes....
    But the "or is it?" Just extendent it to 26 minutes

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    2:16 so small

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    “Instead the Earth curves. It’s a ball.”
    Vsause 2019

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    sombrero 18 4 days ago

    me an intelectual seeing little mountains around my city every day

  • ThatPersonYouKnow
    ThatPersonYouKnow 4 days ago

    All i wanted to know how much of the earth i can see. I didnt want to have an existential crisis over the fact that to other civilizations out there we are a dark patch to them. That all our history and accomplishments we did are essentially meaningless to them because we simply cant be seen.

  • Cayden Walters
    Cayden Walters 4 days ago +1

    Why do you gets so much hate your smarts is beyond most people in these comments society is jacked up

  • Todd Hendrickson
    Todd Hendrickson 4 days ago

    Why are you trying to manipulate the people.

  • silvestir123
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    Earth is flat and stationary. We all know it

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    I live in Wichita lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    what if i put a mirror behind a bowling ball. Can I see 100 %?

    • Papa JuJu
      Papa JuJu Day ago

      No. You would still only see half of the ball and a reflected image of the other half.

  • Jesse Di Maurizio
    Jesse Di Maurizio 5 days ago

    the balls we deal with are so small that... etc

  • Alan Fox
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    Florida has its hills.

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    2:17 haha *balls*
    i'm lonely....

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    0:39 *to show you the power of flextape, I cut earth in half*

    FLAT EARTH 5 days ago


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    im going to bed after this video... or am i ?

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    A vsauce video
    First 20 seconds: talks how the jack in the box is handsome
    10 seconds later: talks about the size of Mount Everest
    10 more seconds later: Now want to cut the earth in half
    Best of micheal

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    Snookie 🤣🤣😂

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    Mitchell made Michael; interesting 🤔

  • it's a bit frosty
    it's a bit frosty 6 days ago

    Does it take anyone else about an hour to watch this 26 minute video from pausing an skipping bk to giv your head time to get around wat he is saying, he got some skills tho at being able to make you understand, if this was in uni an a professor talking i think it would go right over my head

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    I’m lost

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    I love Vsauce. Especially Mike

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    0:10 Top 10 scariest jumpscares

  • Rose Petal
    Rose Petal 6 days ago

    Earth is a plane, not a spinning ball chasing the sun through the galaxy, it's been proven that Earth doesn't not move at all, it's a hoax, investigate and discover the truth, the Earth.💛 is a plane

    • Cptn_n3m0
      Cptn_n3m0 2 days ago

      Oh it has been proven ? I would like to read the scientific paper proving it. Do you have a link ?

    • Bonnie Langford
      Bonnie Langford 3 days ago

      If it’s a plane, how the hell do you explain volcanoes? Earth quakes? Plate tectonics wouldn’t be a thing if the earth was some created disc. I’ve been in earthquakes, seen a volcano. That shit isn’t being controlled by some weird manipulation of the government.

    • mikedelhoo
      mikedelhoo 6 days ago

      Rose Petal The truth is that it's a sphere. Otherwise every place on Earth would have sunset at the same time, for example.

  • Gui Schwertner
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    As an audio professional, I have to inform you that your audio masters are always too low.

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    Feels good!

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    1:20 when my mom come I switch to map porn cos it’s less dynamic

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    That Rubik's cube made me happy

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    7:24 Vsauce feat. Phil Swift from FLEX TAPE

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    lol I live in the flattest state
    no wander why hurricanes like it here so much
    that actually makes no sense at all

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    Dmitriy MARTYNOV 8 days ago

    Stop talking trash and learn water level

    • Bonnie Langford
      Bonnie Langford 3 days ago

      Funny how a drop of water is round... a drop on a surface is curved. Now scale it up dude! Tada! Your argument is invalid.

    • mikedelhoo
      mikedelhoo 8 days ago

      Dmitriy MARTYNOV "Water level" is bit of a loose concept. It doesn't mean that the surface of the water is flat.

  • Dmitriy MARTYNOV
    Dmitriy MARTYNOV 8 days ago

    Hey vsause the earth is Flat

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    I think that I'm going to become a scientist form watching your channel..

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    For me moving that close to the screen, isn’t uncomfortable. I might be a weirdo, but i dont know.

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    his shirt scares the shit out of me I've seen that pattern before

  • Duppy_Conquering Drain

    that shirt he has on has sacred patterns on it
    i see those patterns when i map out music

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    i dunno but i know for a fact the ISS isn’t nearly the size of brazil

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    this guy is lieing on purpose!!!!!!

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      You kinda lied about spelling lying. You said "Lieing"

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      Jonathan Young What's he lying about?

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    I dont care if this is a 2 year old video and no-one ever reads this......BEST.INTRO.EVER.

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    I can tell you why your eyes trick you into thinking you see a 3D sphere
    here is a link to my Video from the ENCYCLOPEDIA

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    Vsauce said he found a cross section on reddit, but the title of the page is “MapPorn”
    Edit: 6:11 what
    Edit2: 16:25 people are gonna get offended 😂

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    Hi Michael, do you debunk videos? If so will you please look at this one.

    • African Adventures
      African Adventures 10 days ago

      mikedelhoo I see, but it will make a nice video, Let’s see if Michael has the time

    • mikedelhoo
      mikedelhoo 10 days ago +1

      African Adventures It would be great if Vsauce did that, because its a complicated topic and Michael could probably make it pretty interesting.
      That said, here's a short try to explain: what the guy in the video is getting wrong is that the thermosphere is not in equilibrium - it has no single temperature. The supposed "temperature of the thermosphere" is actually just describing the kinetic energy of the molecules within it, but because their density is so low it is also important to take into account the electromagnetic radiation in the same zone - which, again, is not in equilibrium with the atmospheric temperature. So, to determine the temperature of the ISS you have to consider the way it absorbs and radiates energy, the atmosphere plays a very minor role.

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    Awesome video. God is great, He created marvelous things

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