Without Amazon, most of the internet disappears

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • There’s a whole invisible network of computers that makes the internet work -- and weirdly, most of those computers are controlled by Amazon Web Services. Here’s why Amazon is THE internet.
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  • The Verge
    The Verge  Month ago +429

    Is this avocado ripe enough?

    • Kathy Paaaina
      Kathy Paaaina Month ago

      Aloha I like the oil some make my throat ichy I like them with Miracle whip put them in Place until they are ripe in a brown Paper Bag The Lord Loves you hugs and prayers from me to you from Hawaii Oahu

    • Alex Whitton
      Alex Whitton Month ago


    • M.K. Frenky
      M.K. Frenky Month ago

      How this Amazon really effect to people viewing in South East Asia?

    • Edward Routley
      Edward Routley Month ago


  • Ken Shibata
    Ken Shibata 4 days ago

    0:36 TheXvid uses Google Cloud, you know,

  • Neil oppa
    Neil oppa 6 days ago

    This is fascinating.

  • O C
    O C 8 days ago

    So EC2 and S3 sales are the biggest part of Amazon and by extension, AWS is the biggest provider.
    This is worrying, as Microsoft and Google start to beat up on the Gartner quadrant space previously dominated by AWS.
    AWS is dumping prices to compete with Azure and AWS never made a profit other than in 2017.
    Netflix is on dodgy ground with Disney and Walmart coming alongside with cannons fixed. AWS biggest customer is Netflix. Stock price will adjust. Poor Jeff. divorce, now this...

  • Douglas Faria
    Douglas Faria 10 days ago

    Azure is better

  • ilikeceral3
    ilikeceral3 13 days ago

    How much of the deep web is on AWS?

  • Tim Wallace
    Tim Wallace 15 days ago

    its why when the fbi needs to find out somethiing they go see amazon Its why we have problems with privacy. Too much control over your information. The movie 1984 was right they just didnt have the right year. We are already there. Thats what happens when we give up our personal information to companies We are hack away from losing our information. Its not good. Social media was a good thing? hardly

  • Friedrich Hayek
    Friedrich Hayek 17 days ago

    And CNBC and mainstream media always say but Amazon doesn't make profit

  • Friedrich Hayek
    Friedrich Hayek 17 days ago +1

    People need to buy their stuff at Amazon, physical retail is just much too expensive

  • Jens Uhlmann
    Jens Uhlmann 18 days ago

    WHY would you advertise to eat more avocados when it is so bad for the environment?
    You guys should sometimes think a bit more about what you tell your huge audience and not just go with what's in trend.

  • Tap Trading
    Tap Trading 18 days ago

    Without Amazon, most of Bezos bald head disappear. “that’s would be nice”

  • miky97it
    miky97it 18 days ago

    Amazon own a small share (30%) of the cloud market

  • Cj James
    Cj James 18 days ago

    That’s y we need projects like elastos holo and INT

  • Prabij Shrestha
    Prabij Shrestha 21 day ago

    Is he lost little brother of Chester ? They look quite a bit same 🤔🤔

  • Hakeem Adjei
    Hakeem Adjei 28 days ago

    Avocado being cheaper

  • Arnold Curthbert
    Arnold Curthbert 28 days ago

    one of the best breakdowns I've ever seen

  • Francesco Vaccarella
    Francesco Vaccarella 28 days ago

    That was GREAT

  • canestrini808
    canestrini808 28 days ago

    Yes please; be gone!

  • Mamma Mia
    Mamma Mia Month ago +3

    Not true. If Amazon services fails, companies will just go and use another service.

  • Moha Ali
    Moha Ali Month ago

    This guy look like chester Bennington's geek brother.

  • Puyung Tekno
    Puyung Tekno Month ago

    Amazon Is Internet

  • Parker Chase
    Parker Chase Month ago

    the transition to the “Big Picture” intro has never not been awkward

  • Yuva Raj
    Yuva Raj Month ago

    He loves avocado for sure.

  • Kathy Paaaina
    Kathy Paaaina Month ago

    Aloha interesting information that's your Avocado your information Bless your 💓

  • Alex Atasi
    Alex Atasi Month ago

    I only clicked cuz this guy looked like Justin Timberlake on the thumbnail xD

  • hbarudi
    hbarudi Month ago

    Thanks for the video, always thought a set of red hat linux servers were at the internet exchange center (IXP) a place that connects ISP company networks and charge them for hardware, electricity and building space for all those computers that process the internet. Certainly that 41% amazon is significant when it comes to their ownership of this many servers. We do need more of those IXP, as there is none in my state of Ohio.

  • Cursed Videos
    Cursed Videos Month ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about Oracle 🤔🤔🤔

  • Joe Thuo
    Joe Thuo Month ago

    Oracle is the mother of all. Amazon used oracle servers for aws

  • quest 77051
    quest 77051 Month ago

    amazing. i loooove amazon.

  • Dhaval Shah
    Dhaval Shah Month ago

    So Jeff Bezos can take down half of internet Thanos style

  • Josh eashappie
    Josh eashappie Month ago +1

    Not entirely true, anyone using AWS could switch to Azure, which they should anyways.

  • Adriano Condorelli
    Adriano Condorelli Month ago

    Well i have known this for years!

  • Jan0711
    Jan0711 Month ago

    Netflix use the Google Cloud?

  • Alan Robb
    Alan Robb Month ago

    You could argue that big companies like this "monopolise" and restricts diversity ? Apples control of its apps software and echo system is a perfect example.I was going to include windows due to it's position, but it has become more of a framework with others hanging software and services onto it.

  • Brian Portillo
    Brian Portillo Month ago

    I thought this was a video from two or three years ago with Chester Bennington in it, I was wrong...

  • flawlessvic
    flawlessvic Month ago

    Hail Corporate.

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet Month ago +1

    Not really,they just would’ve changed providers

    USPATRIOT99 Month ago

    Glad you are putting stuff out like this because I know most of the world has no idea what this is. It's amazing that we have been able to do this as humans. And yes it is a little scary how much AWS controls.

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos Month ago

    I'm watching this video on TheXvid hosted by Google servers, on my Google pixel. Amazon has nothing to do with this.

  • googleplusisevil
    googleplusisevil Month ago +1

    The Verge has really gone downhill recently

  • googleplusisevil
    googleplusisevil Month ago

    Google hosts TheXvid -_-

  • vamwolf
    vamwolf Month ago

    k... fk you on your ui pref. you want super slick ui that has many layer to go thru. to do 1 thing... why some of the largest websites in the world stuck with 1 ui and never really change it...... done with that rat now. but rest of vid ok

  • Kamil's View
    Kamil's View Month ago

    Are you confusing the Internet with the Web?

  • Blake Buthod
    Blake Buthod Month ago +1

    Break Amazon up

  • Benny McKeon
    Benny McKeon Month ago +1

    Someone please tie his hands down 😂😂

  • MOLE
    MOLE Month ago

    Once my time machine is completed I will go back to the 90’s and invest in Apple Amazon Microsoft and the Google ppl.

  • Oishik Goswami
    Oishik Goswami Month ago

    2:04 wifi is off..I get why he did that, but unplugging the ethernet cable while being still connected to router would have looked more convincing.

  • 11 Yoshi
    11 Yoshi Month ago +1

    I love the way you said Quebec 1:27

  • Biswajit Baruah
    Biswajit Baruah Month ago

    that was good video to watch

  • Iain Russ
    Iain Russ Month ago +2

    The presenter is brilliant. Fantastic video. Thank you.

  • Sam Underhill
    Sam Underhill Month ago +1

    1:20 Netflix actually has a much more sophisticated system using their own CDN

  • Global Triathlon Network

    This guys head looks funny

  • Kelvin KMS
    Kelvin KMS Month ago

    AWS is expensive and slow CPU and HDD !!!

  • TravelJournalist.com

    great host! he's cool!

  • octet33
    octet33 Month ago

    1:38 While Netflix uses Amazon for their UI elements, they're at a sufficient scale to serve their actual videos from boxes placed in the client's ISP.

  • Cristóbal Pozo
    Cristóbal Pozo Month ago

    More like "Your Netflix binge gives a company the financial power to make your avocados a little cheaper for a while, until they choke their competition and become a monopoly, then your avocados will be very expensive".

  • Philip Kuo
    Philip Kuo Month ago

    There’s no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer :(

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    S w E n e K A f Month ago

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    S w E n e K A f Month ago

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    S w E n e K A f Month ago

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  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f Month ago

    I want to see your 86 billions neurones melting in garlic herb soup

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    S w E n e K A f Month ago

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    S w E n e K A f Month ago

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  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f Month ago

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  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray Month ago

    Good get rid of it

  • QRS3C273
    QRS3C273 Month ago

    Whatever happened with Bezos vs AMI? Has he destroyed them yet

  • charles
    charles Month ago

    I thought was Google 🤔 after all is Amazon

  • Yassine Gherbi
    Yassine Gherbi Month ago

    That's sooooo not what cloud computing means...

  • Phlegethon
    Phlegethon Month ago

    It’s pretty dangerous for other countries to have their servers controlled by a single company

  • Helmet
    Helmet Month ago

    That's so mean to the farmers who survive by selling Avocados only!

  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario Month ago

    Ironic this is hosted on Google servers

  • mr69er2011
    mr69er2011 Month ago

    Naaaa.. without amazon there still internet, other player (company) will trive, so dont look up to amazon

  • Shoaib Tantray
    Shoaib Tantray Month ago +2

    And I was thinking Jeff Bezos’ wealth is all because he sells grocery and stuff on amazon 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Paul The Voice Coach

    In the aerial views, the buildings themselves look like chips and interfaces.

  • Danilo Augusto Silva

    You said that this video is hosted on Amazon computers... Google have the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and if they are hosting youtube on AWS, makes me wonder the quality of GCP... Or that your initial argument is wrong... Probably the latter.

  • Kev Lew
    Kev Lew Month ago

    Regarding the point brought up at 3:54, Netflix is *not* funding the competition. The notion that these streaming services are competing is a myth that needs to be busted. Amazon Prime Video is a complementary service to Netflix, Hulu, and all the other streaming services, each of which has their own exclusives that release under different, non-competing schedules and each of which is cheap enough that they can be purchased alongside each other.

  • Kase 317
    Kase 317 Month ago +1

    1 company to rule them all

  • Mete Tuncay
    Mete Tuncay Month ago

    Upgrade to 4K cameras.

  • Lord Ba'al
    Lord Ba'al Month ago +2

    And without Amazon and AWS, companies would just use other servers from from some other company.

  • Lam Đinh
    Lam Đinh Month ago

    Data, so many data.

  • Bulbasaur
    Bulbasaur Month ago


  • Neocuriosity
    Neocuriosity Month ago

    Not when there's Google

  • Glenndilen
    Glenndilen Month ago

    Incorrect and lame

  • Soji Ojugbele
    Soji Ojugbele Month ago

    Love videos like this. Super informative for everyone

  • Beep
    Beep Month ago

    Wtf is avacado

  • Christian Armand De Vera

    I find the hand gestures quite distracting

  • Marcus Motill
    Marcus Motill Month ago

    How long before the verge takes this down for the countless mistakes in this video

  • Marcus Motill
    Marcus Motill Month ago

    My man playing the air piano or something

  • selwyn gonzales
    selwyn gonzales Month ago

    A lot of those computers are actually run by Google, keep it moving

  • Ahsan Nadeem
    Ahsan Nadeem Month ago

    If i have one of these super computer i will mine bitcoin

  • sam de souza
    sam de souza Month ago

    And DellEMC is the largest provider of the actual severs themselves, making the actual data stores and servers and basically controlling VMware.

  • kwaj kwaj
    kwaj kwaj Month ago

    Why does he have an avocado in his pocket?

  • joe
    joe Month ago

    The internet will survive