Audie Attar: Conor McGregor’s next fight will be announced soon | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
  • Audie Attar and Tim Simpson of Paradigm Sports Management join Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show in studio to discuss how they discovered Israel Adesanya and describe the timeline for his next fight. (5:30) Attar speaks about how the fight announcement for Conor McGregor is “imminent” and that McGregor is still interested in fighting three times in 2020. (9:30) Attar says McGregor “vehemently denies any allegation of sexual misconduct or any wrongdoing.” They also discuss Leon Edwards’ status, Cris Cyborg joining Bellator and more.
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Comments • 569

  • TheAnthonyLJ
    TheAnthonyLJ 27 days ago

    That audio hum

  • Roman GD
    Roman GD 27 days ago

    Management? bahaha thought this dude was security for McGregor LOL, he doesn't get treated like management that's for sure... like the Mcgregor vs Mayweather press conference, he was just stood there on the side like security.

  • Tim W
    Tim W 28 days ago

    Please don't bring these guy's back on. It was like listening to politicians. Absolute waste of 30 minutes

  • Sondra Arrache
    Sondra Arrache Month ago

    I need to take a shower now to wash the creep off of me.

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    There won't be an announcement any time soon. Probably never. Dana White has confirmed this in a roundabout way because of the ongoing *rape* investigation. November is going to go by and there still won't be any announcement. This video will age terribly and I'm glad to see many people are not falling for this media manipulation BS.

  • ethnicAlbert
    ethnicAlbert Month ago +1

    Ariel stop beggin people for news!!!

  • Combat-conspiracies-cats-kratom- brian frumps

    😴 nice infomercial

  • MMA RiffRaff
    MMA RiffRaff Month ago +2

    Ariel can't stop himself from commenting on guy's looks, beards, etc. He's such a creep

    • D C
      D C 29 days ago

      He’s totally on the down low

  • JADA | J'Da Beats
    JADA | J'Da Beats Month ago

    Audie is a great communicator... this is great insight into more aspects of the game... I would imagine the majority of protesters are coattail riders but every so often you would get a true tallent advocate like these guys. Audie seems to be up there as one of the best

  • Belief Builder
    Belief Builder Month ago +1

    what a bullshitter this Audie guy is.

  • Mark Mc Guinness
    Mark Mc Guinness Month ago

    Wow . These guys have hired the right PR person ? NOT !

  • Marjana Lapornik
    Marjana Lapornik Month ago

    *mchicken is so overrated*

  • M. I.
    M. I. Month ago +1

    Audie "By Virtue" Attar

  • Stealthor
    Stealthor Month ago

    get lapel mics,.. what is this the 70's?

  • All American
    All American Month ago

    I still want to see Connor fight again. Everyone deserves another chance and I would like to see a rematch with Kabib it might just go like his fight with nate Diaz and he makes a comeback!

  • Alisa
    Alisa Month ago +1

    Is he fighting to stay out of prison, for brutally beating/raping the woman in Ireland, then trying to pay her off to keep quiet??

  • lanechange
    lanechange Month ago +2

    -How's the relationship with the UFC?
    -It's business.
    ***TRANSLATION: we aren't agreeing on anything at all!

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    Is he gonna come back for 1 fight then leave for another 2 years again?

  • Sean Quade
    Sean Quade Month ago +1

    Believe it when I see it, you balding pretzel.....

  • Stalker
    Stalker Month ago

    Kevin Lee sees holes in this interview! 🤔🤣🤣🤣

  • Dirt merchant
    Dirt merchant Month ago +3

    watching paint dry is better then this interview

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H Month ago +1

    Audie sounds like a sleazy defense attorney when talking abt Conor.

  • Raz Khan
    Raz Khan Month ago

    Global icon ... fookin fool..
    Bullshit yr boy got smashed

  • Raz Khan
    Raz Khan Month ago

    Eyeing the fight foolin bullshit..
    Red panty night bullshit..
    Yr boy got smashed..

  • Scrubzor
    Scrubzor Month ago +5

    They just alegedly throwing money at the sexual assaults charge hoping the girl takes the money to go away then they will announce his fight.

  • iclark2400
    iclark2400 Month ago +2

    Wow a 30 min interview about absolutely nothing, what a waste of time. I like Conor as a fighter, but I don't think he's really sorry for punching that old man he has a lot to make up for to win the Irish fans over and captivate the MMA world again.

    • Christopher McMillan
      Christopher McMillan 14 days ago

      The guy isn't sorry for anything. He's a narcassisit and a scumbag.

  • Gary Stringer
    Gary Stringer Month ago +1

    It's amazing how they managed to talk about something without talking about something but not really ever talking about it.

  • Prashant Vyas
    Prashant Vyas Month ago +2

    The announcement coming soon is about another announcement that will also be coming soon and Connor will finally be fighting and khabib would be retired living with bears in dagistan happily by that time

    MILLENIAL HOUR Month ago

    Audie attar has the most punchable face

  • Fullmetal
    Fullmetal Month ago

    Privilege at its pinnacle. Rape, sexual assault, women saying he fathered their child and nothing. No real penalties, he doesn't get cut, media doesnt even really address it. Must be nice.

  • P B
    P B Month ago

    All just a bunch of talking no fighting with Conor now....$ ruined him. He will never be the same fighter just another Ronda Rousey

  • L ew
    L ew Month ago

    Audie is so likeable compared to abdellazis

  • Random7seven
    Random7seven Month ago

    They got Dennis Siver out of retirement.... thats the only way Conor will fight

  • king bibibear
    king bibibear Month ago +1

    Conors mcgregors next fight= someone who is known to stand and will never take him down and expose

  • OG Jin Bling
    OG Jin Bling Month ago +1

    What an awesome company! Couldn't get Tony Ferguson a title fight after a 12 fight win streak! Cool!

  • Dr. Kahouli
    Dr. Kahouli Month ago +1

    I have been a fan of MMA for years but this is no longer a real sport. Average fighters who can promote themselves have taken over. Conor McGregor was a decent fighter in featherweight but is way overrated. He got beat in all areas by Khabib after all his insults and disrespect . He showed how mentally weak he was during the fight. He has no heart and quits every time things get hard. He is now looking for an easy fight with a broken down Cerone who has lost his last 2 by TKO and 6 of his last 10. He even tried to cherry pick a 30 lb lighter figher (Edgar) who is way past his prime. If he ever gets back in the Octagon with a "real" fighter he will get smashed again.

  • Sami Malone
    Sami Malone Month ago

    The 15 second advertisements suck!! Come on!

  • Laith Hakeem
    Laith Hakeem Month ago +1

    The comments on this video are nuts. Audie and Tim are great.

  • phalanger1
    phalanger1 Month ago +2

    Every time i hear about Conor other than him doing an actual fight, I get less interested in the guy. At this point I really couldn't care less if he just stays away from the octagon and focuses on his crappy whiskey. And yes, 'talking about talking, meeting about meeting and announcing an announcement'. Who the f*ck cares.

  • Eli Perez
    Eli Perez Month ago

    I understand that fighters’ persona is not who they are, if Conor takes the Cowboy fight over Gaethje it says a lot about his character and the UFC. Make the hard fights Dana.

  • ramzi rouissi
    ramzi rouissi Month ago

    he simply doesn't deserve the winner of khabib _ tony

  • The Hh
    The Hh Month ago +2

    Oh f off... Nothing has been signed or completed, yet Conor and his team are still talking out of their a**. Fight Justin Gaethje or fight no one.

  • Nick King Televised

    Cerrone is a horrible match up for Conor. He's as big as Nate, except stronger with knockout power in his hands and legs. He also has top notch wrestling and could pound Conor out on the ground. Cerrone is the last person Conor should fight. Gaethje or Diaz would be a better match up, but I stick by my Holloway pick.

  • Nick King Televised

    He should got back to 145 and do the Holloway rematch. Then if he wins, fight the Winner of Khabib vs Ferguson. That will mean he'll be the Champ-Champ Champ Champ, having done it twice. It's the only thing that makes since. Plus Conor's gas looked better at 145 and Holloway will stand with him it's a good match up.

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago

    NGL Tony vs Max sounds truly lovely 😛😛

  • fastguitar
    fastguitar Month ago +2

    it confirmed Connor to rematch guy from bar ,TMZ said it will be top the rematch of 2020

  • Zach Solorzano
    Zach Solorzano Month ago +4

    Worst interview from a manager period. 30 minutes to hear everything I already knew.

  • peter engelbrecht
    peter engelbrecht Month ago +1

    Looks like young Tim is buying the same coke as his hero McGregor.

  • Shade 45
    Shade 45 Month ago

    This scumbag is the reason why tony still hasn’t got the khabib or conor fight

  • Fighter
    Fighter Month ago +6

    Why do all of the fighters managers look really shady

  • Dead Lion
    Dead Lion Month ago

    Nobody believes in time stamps in this world anymore? Thanks Obama

  • Andy Mac
    Andy Mac Month ago +6

    I just came back from ireland yesterday and did not meet 1 person who likes mcgregor anymore.

    • Andy Mac
      Andy Mac Month ago +1

      I think its coz alot of ppl could relate to his story.. coming from low income area.. working normal job then he made it.. but yes u r right alot of ppl view him as a scum bag now

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Month ago

      Andy Mac they shouldn’t admire a scumbag like conor tho i don’t understand why you guys dont support other irish fighter thats humble

  • Roman Sekret
    Roman Sekret Month ago

    Owns up to week after bar he is accussed of a new rape and banned from club for forcing a girl in a car.

  • Tennessee Charles
    Tennessee Charles Month ago

    This comment section is pure negativity. Hopefully yall can act like adults eventually one day. Not a good look.

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison Month ago

    Edwards Woodley is the fight to make

  • the eatht
    the eatht Month ago

    Let's not forget that this guy could not get Tony Ferguson a title fight for an eternity

  • KillerKid23
    KillerKid23 Month ago

    He’s got some big titties!!! 😂

  • mafia Mark
    mafia Mark Month ago +2

    Alot of ppl in the comments not understanding the Title correctly....they missed the "SOON" at the end LOL

  • The Way I Feel
    The Way I Feel Month ago

    26:33 - Haha let´s all talk at the same time now. :D

  • The Way I Feel
    The Way I Feel Month ago

    Compare Audie to Ali. Day & night imo!
    Ali the little RAT!