Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA - YES (Official Video) ft. Dre

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
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    Official Music Video by Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA performing "YES" © 2019 RNG / EMPIRE
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  • The Reefer Gladness
    The Reefer Gladness 4 minutes ago

    Why cant i remove this from the playlist when i save it

  • Ralaw Ayala
    Ralaw Ayala 9 minutes ago

    Why do people find this song to be terrible? I think it's good

  • Steven daSilva
    Steven daSilva 59 minutes ago

    This shit is hard.

  • Ray Nelson
    Ray Nelson Hour ago

    Fat Joe you let me down. Your verse was the worst on your own shit. Joe really?? Smh

  • LEVSKI 1914
    LEVSKI 1914 Hour ago

    Heard in Gym

  • Al Gibani
    Al Gibani 2 hours ago

    Tusa is better than this crap

  • Fernando Pulido
    Fernando Pulido 3 hours ago

    Mil disculpa a Hector por esto 🤦‍♂️
    No critico la música, sólo no tenían que usar Aguanile

  • John Adams
    John Adams 4 hours ago

    This is America.

  • Abril Cordero
    Abril Cordero 4 hours ago

    Afa afaaa

  • Oliverio Carbajal
    Oliverio Carbajal 5 hours ago

    Cardi........leave that ass as is........now more after this.....that thangs is.........if i was hitting......im might OFFSET that pussy( allPUN intended)

  • Anthony sugarwater
    Anthony sugarwater 5 hours ago

    Sets a new standard for ASS!! videos..

  • Miguel angel More ortega

    Mmm anuel me parece una musoca que no va acorde con tu ritmo me parese que el algo aburrido ya no eres el de antes

  • Flavia C
    Flavia C 6 hours ago

    You sex

    CRIP ZOE 7 hours ago

    Recognize the commander been a terror squad

  • Maris mystique
    Maris mystique 7 hours ago

    Who else noticed that all shades of hair colour look absolutely beautiful 😍 on Cardi B 💖? Cardi B 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Celjii Time
    Celjii Time 9 hours ago

    The beginning Nieghbors In the 4 of July

  • macdabluepanther
    macdabluepanther 10 hours ago

    Fat Joe bout 50 and still holding it down! Gotta salute!!

  • Mayra Preciado
    Mayra Preciado 11 hours ago

    Mamita cardi B pídale al santo/ muerto que le de voz y nuevo stylo por que no sale de el mismo

  • smix85
    smix85 11 hours ago

    Hiphop really is redundant

    • M D
      M D 3 hours ago

      I think what the audience likes is redundant...that's the real problem

  • Anime Kid
    Anime Kid 12 hours ago

    Y’all talkin bout other stuff y’all gon ignore how hard 1:07 was goddam joe that was actually good

  • El pelao Dublas
    El pelao Dublas 12 hours ago

    Esta cancion debiera llamarse "las tres maracas"

  • RL Hunter
    RL Hunter 13 hours ago

    The best best verse I’ve heard from Cardi so far

  • Emerge Matic
    Emerge Matic 14 hours ago +1

    The nerve of this dude Pun son and family struggling since this dude help them out nigga ya rich

  • Dominic LaBonte
    Dominic LaBonte 14 hours ago +1

    Cardi came fuckin hard! Why does no one give her credit. She raps her sexy ass off!

  • EziTheKabaxiom
    EziTheKabaxiom 14 hours ago

    Of course they gonna play this in the radio bc of that annoying cardi b lol

  • Superior Survivor
    Superior Survivor 15 hours ago

    Well Cardi does got Nicki on one thing for sure, she knows how to shake her fake ass lol, Nicki be looking like she trynna pick a wedgie without using hands 😂

  • Enyel WaWaWa SP
    Enyel WaWaWa SP 15 hours ago

    Mera woooo😍😆

  • Maude
    Maude 16 hours ago

    El gordo Joe rompió cardi rompió Anuel es buchón(snitch)

  • Katelyn Paige
    Katelyn Paige 16 hours ago

    Nicki Minaj ain’t got shit on Cardi B! Cardi a bad bitch and will continue to go far plus that ass though 👍🏼

  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 17 hours ago


  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 17 hours ago


  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 17 hours ago


  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 17 hours ago


  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 17 hours ago


  • Roman Letona
    Roman Letona 18 hours ago

    You on fire fat joe

  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 18 hours ago


  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 18 hours ago +2

    "This is the most disrespectful song I have heard in this century I’m disappointed by everyone that was featured on this. This is a classic song to anyone who understands the culture of Puerto Rican/Caribbean culture. 😖" (

  • Hate Hate
    Hate Hate 18 hours ago

    In the all álbum, the only feat that I hate, is Anuel

  • Andrey Barrantes
    Andrey Barrantes 18 hours ago

    This is a huge disrespect to the great Hector Lavoe and the Latin people ... Do not believe that you are paying tribute as Resident, Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin to the song "Que cante mi gente"
    - "Cántalo"
    This is media crap without any sense of respect for the music and legacy of this great artist, it doesn't even sound good...

  • 〖Mß〗 《ß》
    〖Mß〗 《ß》 18 hours ago

    I fuck with the beat guy and anuel AA

  • Chrizt Dizciple
    Chrizt Dizciple 19 hours ago


  • luis cintron
    luis cintron 19 hours ago

    Anuel is a snitch

  • MrDave2yoo
    MrDave2yoo 19 hours ago

    Hector is rolling in his grave... R.I.P.

  • MrDave2yoo
    MrDave2yoo 19 hours ago

    Another brood of unsuspecting future felons lol guided by the biggest lol

  • Jared Murray
    Jared Murray 20 hours ago

    This...is GARBAGE!! (ass shaking is nice though)

  • Arnoldo Lopez
    Arnoldo Lopez 20 hours ago

    Anuel parese Deja vu en todas las canciones! las misma palabras i sonidos nomas en diferente orden 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Sly
    Sly 21 hour ago

    Real Hasta La Muerte 🔥🤙🏼

  • Christal Wandji
    Christal Wandji 21 hour ago

    Trop vulgaire

  • Samantha Howard
    Samantha Howard 22 hours ago

    Yasss shake it cardi🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Levi Turner
    Levi Turner 23 hours ago

    Does anyone know what he's saying in english ?

  • Nass Qlf
    Nass Qlf 23 hours ago

    WAllah c’est djamel il m’a montrer

  • eeeVeee
    eeeVeee 23 hours ago

    "aguachiles" 🎵🎶

  • Allinsonkarina Morenorenteria

    Pero por q

  • Allinsonkarina Morenorenteria

    Pero por q

  • Saúl G
    Saúl G Day ago

    Le entendí más a Fat Joe y a Cardi que a Anuel, y yo no hablo inglés.

  • Xaviel 2blea
    Xaviel 2blea Day ago +1

    El dios del trap anuel aa bad bunny no canta

  • Brianna R.
    Brianna R. Day ago

    Why cardi terking her butt in the camera like that lol she showing more than the dancers in the video

  • Dwayne Smith
    Dwayne Smith Day ago

    Eat, Cardi! Eaaaaaat!!!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Diva Cookn
    Diva Cookn Day ago +1

    Absolutely Yesss.. a Definitely Bomb Cut. Hot As Hell

  • Darrell Fowler
    Darrell Fowler Day ago

    Yes Joey 👏