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  • Steven Sprow
    Steven Sprow Month ago +1

    SHE cries for 1 box of food,,,,,,,,I hope I see the video when she gets her new house,,,,,I HOPE very very soon. Is there any progress with the GOVT......(sorry to bring up this topic),,,,, you are still doing GREAT work.......bless you T & B....

  • rosemarie bugahod
    rosemarie bugahod Month ago +2

    unsa ka lapad sa puso ni terrence..tabang sa katawhan jd..unsa address ninyo beth dha basi makapunit pd k dr sa dubai para makatabang ko sa inyo pohon...complete name and address ninyo pls...goodjob terrence and beth ..godblessed both of you... lord give terrence longlife ...

  • Cesar Almoite
    Cesar Almoite Month ago +1

    You're such a gift from heaven Mr and Mrs Villanueva God sent you at the right time for this family, To Beth and Terence thanks God for giving this couple more than enough strength everyday.

  • Richard Howe
    Richard Howe Month ago +2

    You all need a hand dolly.. Terence is going to have a bad back.. between a pretty young wife and carrying those heavy boxes Terence might end up needing help..

    • Richard Howe
      Richard Howe Month ago

      A Foreigner in the Philippines..ok. hire a young helper carry heavy stuff..you and Beth carry light stuff..that would help be employing someone..I am just trying to help you from here if I can..

    • A Foreigner in the Philippines
      A Foreigner in the Philippines  Month ago +1

      It seems like a good idea but if you take a look at the terrain we cover it would make 30% of the trip easy and 70% nigh on impossibleπŸ˜•

  • Joe The man
    Joe The man Month ago +2

    God bless these wonderful people.....many have very little worldly possessions but wonderful smiles...perhaps now I understand that the poor will inherent the Earth.

  • Joe The man
    Joe The man Month ago +1

    Legs? So Funny.

  • Rhea Lato
    Rhea Lato Month ago +1

    Always take care beth and terence ur s big heart s mga taong mahhrap....πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€β€β€

  • Welmartden Wright
    Welmartden Wright Month ago +1

    Endorse her a foreigner man 2.marry dt filipina.

  • fatherwolfs1
    fatherwolfs1 Month ago +1

    Thank God for you folks to help!!!

  • Bob Quinn
    Bob Quinn Month ago

    There are too many of these stories in the Philippines where the husband/boyfriend abandons the pregnant mother and there children. What is wrong with these men? Shame on them! God bless you, Terrence and Beth, for all the good work you do in helping others!

  • Gingerpierose
    Gingerpierose Month ago +3

    The lady is crying, so greatful that you guys brought her food.

    • Salvacion Naz
      Salvacion Naz Month ago

      +Welmartden Wright you Mr.don't have respect to our people shame on you.they are there to help the poor young lady with a child and a husband that leave maybe to find a job...please reprain from that nasty insinuation. God bless your soul.

    • Welmartden Wright
      Welmartden Wright Month ago +1

      Ya mybe she can ask boyfriend fm terrence & beth 2 gv her foreigner man 2 marry her...dtz their one of their missions endorsing foreigner men 2 filipina😊. Could be of gr8 help?

  • Ron Campbell
    Ron Campbell Month ago +2

    thanks for sharing. may God bless this family for his glory

  • Dino Lozada
    Dino Lozada Month ago +8

    You can see that this young mother is very happy receiving this donation of food for her family although it's even more sad to see her living condition hopefully soon Terrance and Beth will get the approval to start rebuilding homes for those who really need it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  • Yasmin Yata
    Yasmin Yata Month ago +2

    kanindot pod sa backround music oi???

  • Pinay In America
    Pinay In America Month ago +1

    Glad lovelymae is helping keep it up.

  • Raymundo Tinoco
    Raymundo Tinoco Month ago +1


  • Michael Regan
    Michael Regan Month ago +7

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Villanueva in Australia for your generous support! This woman looks really happy and grateful to receive the gifts. Her house looks terribly, especially the holes in the roof! No one should have to live this way. I pray that Terrence and Beth quickly get the approval so this woman and her children can have a good dry house to live in. God bless all!

    • Michael Regan
      Michael Regan Month ago

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I know this and I should have said. Thank you for mentioning this. Wish you a happy and blessed day!

    • Lzuniga317
      Lzuniga317 Month ago

      You know that is the house next on their list when they got the order to stop.

    • Inday Ehret
      Inday Ehret Month ago +1

      Amen to that !

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson Month ago +11

    I pray for her and child, you guys are helping beyond measure..

  • Liz Lee
    Liz Lee Month ago +3

    God bless u more couple❀

  • Henrietta Matthews
    Henrietta Matthews Month ago +10

    Beth I could carry the box on the top of my head, bansay kaayo ko.
    Hello Mr. and Mrs. Villanueva.
    Salamat po sa support ninyo.

    • Henrietta Matthews
      Henrietta Matthews Month ago

      +Pinay In America thank you sweetie. 40 years sa states, fluent
      pa ako. I speak 6 dialects. Sometimes I forget the word. Bansay lagi kaayo. Regards..😝😝

    • Pinay In America
      Pinay In America Month ago

      Henrietta Matthews natawa po ako sa bansay nyo.