At Long Last An Arsenal “W” | Biased Premier League Show ft Troopz

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • At Long Last An Arsenal “W” | Biased Premier League Show ft Troopz
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  • Arsene Who?
    Arsene Who? Month ago

    Being a passionate Gooner and being a passionate England fan are exactly the same, massive highs, massive and frustrating lows.......It's not good for my blood pressure and heart, I know that for sure.

  • J L
    J L Month ago

    How come you didn't discuss Sterling standing there doing jack, whilst even his team mates were going to the fans and seeing how Fred was. As media/country's poster boy for racism, but no action, no statement, nothing... Sorry that you can pick and choose, only defend your own and address the issue.

  • Suvan Acharya
    Suvan Acharya Month ago +1

    Petition to see Brendan’s face

  • Muhammad Zulhilmi Zambry

    United fan here but COME ON ARSENAL!!!

  • Safraz Zaman
    Safraz Zaman Month ago

    Bring bk Wenger for end of season

  • Caspean Sea
    Caspean Sea Month ago

    Coming here after Don Robbie smashed that talksport guys into pieces.

  • Xxtentaction xX
    Xxtentaction xX Month ago

    If troopz is referring to scunny game away to forest green I was there and never heard it till there was an announcement

  • Jacob winspear
    Jacob winspear Month ago +1

    Everyone forgetting about the fact Troopz still has to do the full kit forfeit from loosing the cooking

  • DRgaming
    DRgaming Month ago

    Salt and Pepe putting sprinkles

  • Ajax Amsterdam
    Ajax Amsterdam Month ago

    I am from Holland , pakkies we say al the time , its like saying we gave them a beating we say iT al the time , stop talking about things you know nothing about! Ajax al day long do💪🏻

  • jamie
    jamie Month ago

    Come on Troopz. A ¨pakkie¨ is literally a package in Dutch and people also use it when they have battered someone.

  • netweed09
    netweed09 Month ago

    Happy. But make no mistake, We still need wholesale changes in this team and not a pillowcase of a manager to take over Freddie too; as Man City may as well show Us

  • aKi mark
    aKi mark Month ago

    accept the truth that Guedouzi is one of the basic problem of the team along with emery and shambolic defence

  • Paul Ives
    Paul Ives Month ago

    what ever happens in the next few weeks we need to stop defending in groups with too many players covering the six yard box and cover the pull back edge of area part of the field. too many going for the ball rather than thinking abt areas to cover. the lack of a real captain shows atm

  • Jun Osman
    Jun Osman Month ago

    Emery out

  • Peter Papadopoulos ARSENAL FC

    Get Ancelotti in!

  • Frederickdawg
    Frederickdawg Month ago

    Why do they wear rainbow colored armbands for?

  • Peter Egan
    Peter Egan Month ago

    Troopz you gotta live in the Netherlands to realise this is probably true. Ever heard of Black Pete?

  • Rodney Christiaan
    Rodney Christiaan Month ago

    Pakkie in dutch is assbeating. Not somthing to pakistani people. Nothing to so with it.

  • Harvey Sheppard
    Harvey Sheppard Month ago

    Arsenal were not good on Monday don’t they results change ur minds man 🤣👎🏿

  • Assiak Williams
    Assiak Williams Month ago

    Why don't we try lacazette at CAM I don't see the fire from ozil

  • AJ Togbe
    AJ Togbe Month ago

    Troopz give it up to the racism people

  • atakan dayanch
    atakan dayanch Month ago +1

    🧿🧿Robbie whats happening with the forfeit for Troopz , you guys are longing it out I hope it’s worth the wait 🤔🤥🤔

  • teyzman
    teyzman Month ago

    Xhaka was one of our best players the 2 games before this. One bad game and Troopz slam him directly

  • Anush Jeyakumar
    Anush Jeyakumar Month ago +1

    Ty: We beat West Ham, Man City is easy

  • glasgow blue boxing fan

    The thing he said about Ajax is a Dutch Christmas thing it not racist. Raceism is disgusting but pointing fingers at People and calling them racist when there not is equal or worse . Because he's in the dam he knows everything about their culture doubt it he's too busy in the coffee shops . He should know better reall .

  • Bakar Ranian
    Bakar Ranian Month ago

    Time square boxers and t shirt ..... I think u guy will beat them their defence is piss poor and ur front line will hurt them

  • Riasat Anam
    Riasat Anam Month ago

    Robbie I just heard you on talksport. Those guys are a bunch of classless SOBs and it pissed me off hearing them talking over you and trying to almost bully you with their nonsensical rhetoric and accusations. I am a die hard united fan but I respect arsenal and esp you along with aftv for giving fans a proper platform to voice opinions. Them talksport lot are jealous and that Simon is a pathetic angry resentful geezer who lost his club because of his inabilities as an executive. Keep doin what you do bro. Best of luck

  • Dara Roth
    Dara Roth Month ago

    5.35... spread da ting!! Love it fam

  • Heat snipin
    Heat snipin Month ago

    That is our front 3!!

  • K
    K Month ago

    My start would be;
    Leno (GK)
    Bellerin (RB), Chambers (LCB), Holding (RCB), Tierney (LB)
    Torreria(CDM), Guendozi (CM), Ozil (CM)
    Pepe (RW), Auba (ST), Martinelli (LW)
    That would be the best starting line up with our current squad.

  • what a jokee ting
    what a jokee ting Month ago

    Where can I get that sweatshirt that Troopz is wearing??

  • Jamri Grant
    Jamri Grant Month ago

    Gaba-bloodclaat-eli Martinaeli

  • Panagiotis Nikiforou

    That came out of nowhere like an rko hahahah😂😂😂😂😂

  • Battle Group Raiders

    No F ing and Jeffing today Robbie. 😂😂😂

    LFC&CELTIC Month ago

    What about the Liverpool fans with the labour banner?

  • François M
    François M Month ago

    Troopz: just because you don't heard of it, doesn't mean it's considered racist or they try to discriminate their own players.
    It wasn't a good tweet because it's not International known. But nowadays you need to be careful anyway because everyone seem to twist words and doesn't understand/know the context.

  • Bruised Banana
    Bruised Banana Month ago

    Son’s goal was overrated, only had o go past 2 challenges from his own box.. Just awful West Ham defending IMO.

  • Joshua Heuvel
    Joshua Heuvel Month ago

    Robbie great work on Talksport , crazy how 2 guys try to gang up on you , i hope you make millions from this Robbie so that you can one day be the chairman of Arsenal!

  • The Deviant Developer Podcast

    The TheXvid subtitles server just melted.

  • Flacko 7
    Flacko 7 Month ago +1

    Troops trying to tell Dutch people how they speak. Because he’s been there a few times to get high lol

  • Tokoloho Lesole
    Tokoloho Lesole Month ago

    The problem this season has always been Luiz

  • Football xd
    Football xd Month ago

    Pepe is overrated

  • Luc Larbi
    Luc Larbi Month ago

    Pakjes means presents

  • William Johnston
    William Johnston Month ago

    Is the Chelsea rent boys a homophobic chant ???? I'd be willing to bet there's a preview were troopz calls them rent boys

  • Eric Saforo
    Eric Saforo Month ago

    i love the song 'we are winning away' lol

  • Eric Saforo
    Eric Saforo Month ago

    Torriera was my man of the match

  • B Hew
    B Hew Month ago

    AFTV out

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper Month ago

    Troops they are killing black people in America out for the police you can get put over for driving while black...

  • Pieter van der plas

    It is a Dutch saying

  • Hamiz Bashir
    Hamiz Bashir Month ago

    Lol getting gassed cus u beat a shit West Ham ur still 9th on the table

  • Liam Pardoe
    Liam Pardoe Month ago

    How anyone can sit there and listen to him saying "ya understand" is beyond me.

  • Jahzi Ider
    Jahzi Ider Month ago

    Yes Robbie da Don you made me proud as an Arsenal Fan how you held your own. They was on some Tag Team and you backed it. 👊🏾

  • blacsheep19
    blacsheep19 Month ago

    Someone meme troopz doing the Eagle
    Man looked like a proper wallad

  • Abdulrahman Salat
    Abdulrahman Salat Month ago

    ANCELOTTI has been sacked by Napoli time to get him in Arsenal managerial position

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy Month ago

    Troopz you’re wrong lad, ‘pakkies’ is a term in Holland that means a big win/surprise or presents. Just because you’ve been there it doesn’t mean you know all of their terminology. Not hating, just do some research before you speak if you don’t truly know mate.

  • Benjamin Wolf
    Benjamin Wolf Month ago


  • Juliana Barros Official

    No way Pepe was man of the match, that goes to Martinelli!!!

  • sharay nezhad
    sharay nezhad Month ago

    lol troops you so right just seen a pic of look views jordan and him look like the ham roll fi real dawg 😂 and love how you rep for average joes in that interview Don Robbie to the 🗺 🌍 keep remembering the the ground and wunnu gd the wallads can’t touch this 😀 mc hammer babeee!