Gaia's Melody EM2 DevLog #12 - Char Notes & Feature Improvements (RPG Maker MV)

  • Published on May 30, 2019
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    Brrr, where I live it's like winter in the morning and summer in the afternoon right now. This month I worked on all the little annoying things and finished nearly two chapters:D
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Comments • 13

  • Unitale 360
    Unitale 360 3 years ago +1

    Ferrik is my favourite character can't wait to see hi-
    "Ferrik has been demoted to extra's"
    Poor Ferrik x_x

  • Nebula Games
    Nebula Games 3 years ago +1

    It's always nice spending some time on watching devlogs of your games :3

  • Georgie Deep
    Georgie Deep 2 years ago

    you're an amazing developer, just getting into MV and seeing your older videos to now, amazing progress.

  • DuckieDeveloper
    DuckieDeveloper 3 years ago +1

    Can’t wait for it to be done
    I’m currently learning C++

  • Cody Vandal
    Cody Vandal 3 years ago

    It’s always great to see an update! Glad to see things are going well :)

  • David Gunyon
    David Gunyon 3 years ago

    Can't wait to play this one as well! Love seeing your constant progress reports and also kinda hate it because it gets me anxious and wanting to play even more! I was curious about something, if you change your airship picture and if maybe you could show us how you did that? :D

    • David Gunyon
      David Gunyon 3 years ago

      Not like you mentioned airships at all in this video, just something I've been looking into :)

  • John Jobs
    John Jobs 3 years ago

    Hope you game continues to go well, I see we are both busy bees

  • Tee
    Tee 3 years ago

    I Always really liked Ferrik (also in the Originals) because he was so different from the other characters. I actually cried at that one scene in GMAE xD

  • The Chaotic Sun
    The Chaotic Sun 2 years ago +1

    "I updated my motherboard"
    me: "Oh well yeah that would help a bit"

  • Silvestia
    Silvestia 3 years ago

    Cant wait for the game!

  • Cain Reval
    Cain Reval 3 years ago

    Woohoo another echo video!