Honest Trailers - Gladiator


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  • Robert McLaren
    Robert McLaren 2 days ago

    Gladiator=hacky braveheart

  • Tashiko Weinstein
    Tashiko Weinstein 3 days ago

    Please do galaxy quest and the dark crystal

  • Mmmgoose22
    Mmmgoose22 4 days ago

    Hey did u already say these ones:"its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I'm all out of gum" or "I've got balls of steel"

  • garryburton36
    garryburton36 4 days ago

    I loved it in the cinema. Saw it on the small screen and realised there are huge swathes of this film where nothing happens. He might jut as well have filmed tumbleweed rolling across the screen for 3 hours of it's 17 hour run time. (okay that's subjective time based on how it felt)

  • vladimir ikic
    vladimir ikic 7 days ago

    Hm Gladiator still best movie of all time.. and now im remembered how bad the music and movie scene was at that time haha i much more respect this masterpiece. Still best history movie ever.

  • LightningInvoker
    LightningInvoker 7 days ago

    "What you do in life, echoes in eternity", *there's* your tshirt quote

  • Siddhant Kumar
    Siddhant Kumar 12 days ago

    Do BRAVEHEART!!!!!

  • Landon Scott
    Landon Scott 12 days ago

    Hans Zimmer wasn’t the composer for the first “Pirates” movie...

  • yeap noppy
    yeap noppy 16 days ago

    please do the whailing

  • Reinhardt Myburgh
    Reinhardt Myburgh 17 days ago


  • Androider 1876
    Androider 1876 17 days ago

    1:15 song?

  • RariGold
    RariGold 18 days ago

    My second favorite movie of all time right behind titanic

  • Aaron Legg
    Aaron Legg 18 days ago

    Could you guys do Highlander some day?

  • SW
    SW 19 days ago

    Troy does NOT belong in that list of crap. Troy is pretty great for a modern historical epic.

  • C A
    C A 19 days ago

    Haha the GOAT

  • C A
    C A 19 days ago

    Haha the GOAT

  • EvilNecroid
    EvilNecroid 19 days ago

    as much as i love this movie the shaky camera stuff always pissed me off

  • Adel Ghasemi
    Adel Ghasemi 21 day ago

    Making fun of gladiator is really hard

  • dawntraveler42
    dawntraveler42 28 days ago

    Just as a point of information, Gladiator was released in 2000, while PotC - Curse of the Black Pearl was released in 2003. Hans Zimmer used the Gladiator theme music for Pirates.

  • Joe Sycamore
    Joe Sycamore 29 days ago

    Let's face it, this film was garbage

  • aiolos000
    aiolos000 Month ago

    voi siete dei geni :-)

  • Anant kumar
    Anant kumar Month ago

    Joaquin Phoenix should have won that oscar

  • Don J3sco
    Don J3sco Month ago

    Still one of the Best Movies ever made!

  • Jarrett Smith
    Jarrett Smith Month ago

    Makes you wonder what this movie would have looked like if it were made in the Ruthless Aggression Era headed by Brock Lesnar, the PG Era headed by John Cena, or this New Era headed by Roman Reigns....
    Anyone care to guess what all THAT would have looked like?

  • hayley s
    hayley s Month ago

    Joaquin Phoenix was completely perfect in this movie. Perfect.

  • Nguyen Le Phu
    Nguyen Le Phu Month ago

    Please make a trailer of Troy

  • B.D. Offringa
    B.D. Offringa Month ago

    dude i've loved honest trailer for a long time, but this was a real swing and a miss.

  • westcoastgoose
    westcoastgoose Month ago

    Hilair lair

  • mew10521
    mew10521 Month ago

    When did I Maximus cheat?

  • mew10521
    mew10521 Month ago

    I am so entertained

  • Ladykyra101
    Ladykyra101 Month ago

    Gah...Gladiator was epic. Loved the music too. 🙌🏽 Russell Crowe, cutie-patuti 😍

  • suskirk
    suskirk Month ago

    I remember the first time i saw gladiator after the pirates movies had come out.. i hated gladiator for having the same score as pirates.. even though i should have hated pirates for ripping off the gladiator score. But it is such an iconic score for pirates i think it destroys gladiator.. 😣

  • Major HerQ
    Major HerQ Month ago

    "--why is the goat there?!" :D

  • Thomas Kopp
    Thomas Kopp Month ago +1

    The Maximus speech actually does fit on a T-shirt!

  • carnage
    carnage Month ago

    Deadpool2 honest trailer and ant man and the wasp

  • Gerardo Guerrero
    Gerardo Guerrero Month ago

    This all fake gladiators never fought to dead in fact they would stop the match of one happen to fall or be injure ,they where basically wwe wrestlers with less blood

  • Carolina Carrión Ottomano

    Music from Pirates of the Caribbean: the Black Pearl is by Klaus Badelt not Hans Zimmer!!

  • King OceanBlu
    King OceanBlu Month ago

    What? 3:03 is the best part of the Movie... Spin Tingling Line... Amazing!

  • New Thunder
    New Thunder Month ago

    Calm, stoic wheat petting.

  • Aga Khan
    Aga Khan Month ago

    This movie is so awesome, screen junkies had a hard time to make a funny parody of it.

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay Month ago

    The guy who played Joffrey Lannister studied the Emperor's character in this movie to get into his character.

  • Christopher Allardice

    honest trailer do mamma mia or mamma mia 2

  • JDTV23
    JDTV23 Month ago

    Need a Troy honest trailers

  • xxx xandercage
    xxx xandercage Month ago


  • Warren Lee
    Warren Lee Month ago


  • Derek Holland
    Derek Holland Month ago

    "WHY IS A GOAT THERE!'..hahahahaha!

  • UtAnimeAlpha524 4
    UtAnimeAlpha524 4 Month ago


  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway Month ago +1

    Avengers Infinity War honest trailer

  • Grant King
    Grant King Month ago

    "...when really his wrestling partner strangled him in the bath"

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Month ago

    DO TROY (2004) w BRAD PITT

  • Yandere Hime Misaki Asahina

    This was one funny trailer
    Didnt even knw Russell Crow sing a song tho is voice doesnt sound too bad

  • Robin Laurence
    Robin Laurence Month ago

    So, I was making out with my first boyfriend during this movie and never saw most of it... what is Joaquin Phoenix doing with his tongue in that’s one scene??

  • lusmas99
    lusmas99 2 months ago

    "Wrap it up". LMAO

  • Chris Perk
    Chris Perk 2 months ago


  • Mendicant Biased
    Mendicant Biased 2 months ago

    My dad thought this movie was "too violent" so he wanted to leave, but my mom sat his ass back down.
    He was not entertained.

  • Onyx patriot
    Onyx patriot 2 months ago

    Do Troy

  • Lego Kgoxy
    Lego Kgoxy 2 months ago

    Dude WHAAAT!!! that speech was awesome

  • DarhkBlu
    DarhkBlu 2 months ago

    WTH how is Russell Crowe singing bad...

  • Nathan Ramos
    Nathan Ramos 2 months ago

    When i was like 11 years old we had this film on vhs and I watched this movie literally like ever damn day

  • E
    E 2 months ago

    Do Shawshanks redemption or maybe I can't find it

  • Kiarash Aalaei
    Kiarash Aalaei 2 months ago

    Why did it win best picture??? Cause it's easily one of the best movies ever

  • Jorge Lima
    Jorge Lima 2 months ago

    So we just gonna ignore what he said about banging sisters?

  • ASarcasticallyNicePerson

    Thumbs up for the Die Hard reference

  • only1Icon
    only1Icon 2 months ago

    Please do an Honest Trailer of True Romance. BEST. FILM. EVER.

  • Labyrinth1010
    Labyrinth1010 2 months ago

    Hans! Bubby!

  • rolandet
    rolandet 3 months ago

    That catchphrase was pretty good though (despite being a bit long)

  • Bisma Yusufzai
    Bisma Yusufzai 3 months ago

    Emperor Dumbledore the first, ahahahahahahaahah ded

  • SWiiFT vKILLA's Channel

    Mad maximus fury rome 😂😂

  • jmchez
    jmchez 3 months ago

    You didn't say, "What we do in life, echoes in eternity"
    That, not only fits on a T-shirt, it demands to be tattooed/branded on your flesh. Preferably, in Latin: "Quod in Vita Fascimus in Aeternum Resonat".
    Now say that!!!

  • I am Pineapple
    I am Pineapple 3 months ago

    Are you going to make an honest trailer about the Infinity War or not?

  • Gilmartin Pares
    Gilmartin Pares 3 months ago

    WANNA KNOW WHY THE GOAT WAS IN 300?? READ THE COMIC FUCKHEADS!!!! Also this movie is awesome

  • Ted T
    Ted T 3 months ago

    Honest trailer: Citizen Kane.

  • Zé Higídio
    Zé Higídio 3 months ago

    Man, I remember the moment I realized the same thing about the soundtrack first time I watched it

  • Alexis Olivares
    Alexis Olivares 3 months ago

    Soooo.. No Troy?

  • charronfilms
    charronfilms 3 months ago

    Fun Fact: "Little Ceaser's" sister is married to Avengers director Joss Whedon's brother.

  • Artuc Tell
    Artuc Tell 3 months ago

    He is loyal servant to Marcus. Of course he would be stoic.

  • Jordan Bégin
    Jordan Bégin 3 months ago

    would like to see an honest trailer for braveheart!

  • Hugo Sowder
    Hugo Sowder 3 months ago

    The timing on "Why is a goat there". Beautiful.

  • Ianpresident
    Ianpresident 3 months ago

    "A sword and sandal movie"
    Man the nostalgia.

  • Ninad Dhond
    Ninad Dhond 3 months ago

    Maximus 3.16

  • Robert Gobelet
    Robert Gobelet 4 months ago


  • barryschwarz
    barryschwarz 4 months ago

    "Hans, Bubby!"
    Ha! Best action film ever made.

  • apu josh
    apu josh 4 months ago

    The godfather?

  • Alfonso Coronel
    Alfonso Coronel 4 months ago

    Where's "LA Confidential"?

  • Philani Lunga
    Philani Lunga 4 months ago

    Nowhere it is going great to fit on a t-shirt 😂😂😂

  • AlphaIkaros
    AlphaIkaros 4 months ago

    Russel Crowe singing almost made me spit my coffee... I suddenly remember his performance as Javert

  • Rey lavin
    Rey lavin 4 months ago

    Gladiator = Pokémon legaue 😅😂😂😂

  • azraelangelofred
    azraelangelofred 4 months ago

    I never put Stone Cold vs McMahon along the same lines as Gladiator, that's freakin' awesome, lol!

  • driadesynayades
    driadesynayades 4 months ago


  • Diogo Sabino
    Diogo Sabino 4 months ago


  • Micael Assunção
    Micael Assunção 4 months ago

    Give me a hell yeah!

  • Ajarmetta
    Ajarmetta 4 months ago +2

    You had to amit the ending was awesome and hanz zimmer score at the end is one of the best in his career

  • Ronan Garcia
    Ronan Garcia 5 months ago

    Do Braveheart!!!

  • TheDarkKnight
    TheDarkKnight 5 months ago

    Emperor dumbledore I

  • Ambush Anime
    Ambush Anime 5 months ago

    doesnt fit on a tshirt, challenge accepted

  • Harley Mitchell
    Harley Mitchell 5 months ago

    Do War of the Worlds (2005)

  • Paul Murrell
    Paul Murrell 5 months ago

    This is duh best movie eva

  • Hercule Poirot
    Hercule Poirot 5 months ago

    So I'm not the only one who does wheat petting.

  • macy_the_ potato
    macy_the_ potato 5 months ago

    I just realised that the emperor looks like my dad

  • bbonner422
    bbonner422 5 months ago

    There was supposed to be a sequel to this movie in which Maximus gets like reincarnated or something. Also the kid who played Joffrey in game of thrones based his performance off of Commodus.