Honest Trailers - Gladiator

  • Published on Aug 16, 2016
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    Be entertained by the Roman drama that started it all - GLADIATOR!
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    Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: thexvid.com/user/jon3pnt0
    Title design by Robert Holtby
    Series Created by Andy Signore - andysignore & Brett Weiner
    Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Andy Signore
    Edited by Bruce Guido
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Comments • 6 180

  • The Illusionist
    The Illusionist 2 days ago

    Gladiatar besmertny boy

  • Matthew Bigelow
    Matthew Bigelow 8 days ago

    Early 2000's Hip-Hop deserve our nostalgia

  • correypeta
    correypeta 10 days ago

    “ My name is gladiator.” HELL YEAH!

  • Sliced Grapes
    Sliced Grapes 14 days ago

    My marching bad is doing a field show of this movie.

  • Venerable Dreadnought
    Venerable Dreadnought 15 days ago

    Roma Victor !!

  • Glen Wang
    Glen Wang 17 days ago +1

    Should have been a perfect tagline for a 300 T-shirt.

  • Víctor Vargas Ch.
    Víctor Vargas Ch. 17 days ago

    I miss first and only Dumbledore SO MUCH!!!

  • Rohan Andrew
    Rohan Andrew 18 days ago

    Lol you hate Zack Snyder so much.

  • Memnon
    Memnon 19 days ago +2

    Little Caesar's.


  • Cemre
    Cemre 19 days ago

    Emperor Dumbledore I :D :D

  • khalid saadaldin
    khalid saadaldin 20 days ago

    mad maximum .. fury rome 😂😂

  • Slayer Runefrost
    Slayer Runefrost 21 day ago

    🎶 makin' movies, makin' songs, and fightin' 'round the world🎶

  • Barrandill T'Anathlas
    Barrandill T'Anathlas 22 days ago

    Hans Zimmer also used the same basic theme in the Sean Connery chase scene in "The Rock" 1996.

  • Hannah Walker
    Hannah Walker 25 days ago

    I didnt think anyone noticed the soundtrack thing!

  • vladimir ikic
    vladimir ikic 25 days ago

    Best movie Ever!!! Fan since 2001 when i was 10 yo! Watched to movie at least ones a year ever last

  • eepruls
    eepruls 25 days ago

    Joaquin Phoenix. HA HA.

  • De Leon
    De Leon 26 days ago +1

    Say what you want about Jesus but leave Maximus alone!

  • Guilad Shmaya
    Guilad Shmaya 26 days ago

    how did they get the soundtrack reference? It's hilarious

  • metalmurcielago
    metalmurcielago 28 days ago

    The rock also has the same music

  • Chris Myers
    Chris Myers Month ago

    One of the best honest trailers yet

  • Max Goldstein
    Max Goldstein Month ago

    So they re-used the music, big deal. They re-used the same music in Die Hard and Aliens.

  • Max Goldstein
    Max Goldstein Month ago

    Ceasar Flickerman? How about Little Miss Moffet?

  • Benjamin Bowen
    Benjamin Bowen Month ago

    Tombstone. Tombstone. Tombstone.

  • Nerdish
    Nerdish Month ago

    One of my favorite movies.

  • Paramjeet Singh Dhillon

    Emperor Dumbledore The First!

  • MR Esotericana
    MR Esotericana Month ago

    Hanze boobie!

  • brutusmaximumus
    brutusmaximumus Month ago

    when I pet wheat I'm always calm and stoic

  • chiefeagle202
    chiefeagle202 Month ago

    Why is there a goat there? 😆😆😆 Gladiator was released before pirates of Caribbean

  • Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell Month ago

    My name is Maximus Lardarseus Meridius. And I will have my cooked breakfast. In this Cafe or the next.

  • Benjamin r
    Benjamin r Month ago

    bang his sister "or do anything else right"......

  • huntressvideos
    huntressvideos Month ago

    Sorry but early 2000s gave us better movies then the crap we are served now. Eternal Sunshine on the spotless mind, LORD OF THE RINGS, Donnie Darko, Lost in Translation, Finding Nemo, Almost Famous, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Spirited Away and more. And now tell me what is supposed to be so great from the last couple of year. One tired superhero movie after the next and other franchises. Early 2000s were gold.

  • alfreazo williams
    alfreazo williams Month ago

    But Commodus fight, or atleast it seemed that way when he was sparring with those soldiers

  • Michael Ruiz
    Michael Ruiz Month ago +1

    Joe A Quinn Phone-IX had me coughing up laughs

  • Ryan Akwar
    Ryan Akwar Month ago +4

    I thought you would call it Ben-HuRussell Crowe

  • Garrett Stroop
    Garrett Stroop Month ago

    300 has a lot of real parts to tho

  • Torquil Harkness
    Torquil Harkness Month ago

    Hans... booby... had me rolling :-)

  • Abdul M. Ismail
    Abdul M. Ismail Month ago

    Hans, boobie! - F*cking hilarioius! [You have to watch the first Die Hard to get that joke]

  • Enovos
    Enovos Month ago

    And we later got ryse son of Rome because of this film

  • King OfTroy
    King OfTroy Month ago

    I'm your White Knight...

  • Asha Ell
    Asha Ell Month ago

    Emmy's?? Is that possible for a TheXvid channel

  • ablethreefourbravo
    ablethreefourbravo Month ago

    So was Russell Crowe's band named "Counting Crowes"?

  • TF you lookin at
    TF you lookin at Month ago

    Gladiator or 300?

  • SixShooter14
    SixShooter14 Month ago +1

    I laughed way too hard at "Spartacrowe"

  • Epic Winz2017
    Epic Winz2017 Month ago

    I was entertained...

  • Horus Garcia
    Horus Garcia Month ago

    I couldn't tell if you were hating on or complementing Gladiator. Still, I didn't know some of the material.

  • Dcdscdc 017
    Dcdscdc 017 Month ago

    I will have my vengeance "I got things to do" That cracked me up😂

  • John Drews
    John Drews Month ago


  • MrsStatechamp
    MrsStatechamp Month ago


  • R34L157
    R34L157 Month ago +1

    Do master and commander you swashbuckling deck ape!

  • P C
    P C Month ago

    Why is a goat there? 😆😂🤣

  • Mohamed Hindawy
    Mohamed Hindawy Month ago

    Whoever writes this shit is a geniiiiiius

  • Alex Barron
    Alex Barron Month ago

    2:38 😂😂😂

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve Month ago

    Yes.... Why and how is a GOAT there?

  • Mister White
    Mister White 2 months ago

    well thanks i guess, for the rest of my life, whenever i will see gladiators or the colusseum, i will think of pokemon

  • Elliott Hannam
    Elliott Hannam 2 months ago

    2:05 so Joffrey Lanister

  • Da Phoenix
    Da Phoenix 2 months ago

    @screenjunkies how's about Rocky horror picture show or better yet.. Blazing saddles

  • Robert Maslow
    Robert Maslow 2 months ago

    Haha - Hans boobie! John mcclain would be proud

  • Maurice Fullenwider
    Maurice Fullenwider 2 months ago

    Wait... they haven't done TROY?!?! 😱😱😱

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 2 months ago

    Best music you could wish for.... Now we are free - Hans Zimmer

  • GorcStew
    GorcStew 2 months ago +1

    3:03 was the most epic and hair raising speech any action hero has given to date you're not allowed to make fun of that lol