England 1-0 Switzerland | Rashford Volley Wins it! | Official Highlights

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • Marcus Rashford scored the winner as England ended the international break on a high, beating Switzerland 1-0 at Leicester's King Power Stadium.
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Comments • 388

  • Charlotte & Siggy
    Charlotte & Siggy 8 days ago

    wheres rooney?

  • Foxmilan
    Foxmilan 25 days ago +1

    Switzerland would have deserved a win

  • Racerton 4566
    Racerton 4566 28 days ago

    3:17 Rashford's goal.

  • NïnjaRPanda
    NïnjaRPanda 2 months ago

    Rashford best forward we have (apart from Kane)



  • Ardi
    Ardi 3 months ago

    Rashford is better than welbeck

  • Slizzite
    Slizzite 4 months ago

    why does he play better for england than United??

    Oh wait, i forgot we have Mourinho

  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    That wasn‘t a real volley

  • Aklima Akter
    Aklima Akter 6 months ago

    Rashford boss

  • Jobert Br
    Jobert Br 6 months ago

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  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma 6 months ago +1

    Rashford is better than Kane and Sterling
    Kane can only take on easy opposition whereas Marcus Rashford is capable of taking on more challenging opposition

  • Mohison Rafiq
    Mohison Rafiq 6 months ago +1

    Yes Rashford

  • Trot Games
    Trot Games 7 months ago

    Why is Pickford not playing

  • Plug Head
    Plug Head 7 months ago

    Who's this commentator?

  • Emma Francis
    Emma Francis 7 months ago

    0.54 tho jeez I wonder how we ever played Sterling over him

  • Neon Wolfie
    Neon Wolfie 7 months ago

    Why have we become worse?

  • Jeremy Skelton
    Jeremy Skelton 7 months ago

    oh yeah played nobody...and a disgraceful second half against an aged Croatia. Yes I remember it well...

  • Winterhimovic99
    Winterhimovic99 7 months ago

    0:01 when the 2 sets of players enter the pitch, I don't get why the footage isn't in black and white to mark the 25th anniversary of the kick it out campaign. I don't get why it's only Sky Sports that showed the footage in black and white. I've been trying to look for videos of it on TheXvid only to find out its bloody news videos😡. It's only 25 bloody seconds and Sky Sports don't want anyone on TheXvid uploading the footage because TheXvid will take it down for copyright! Since the Premier League's interception 26 years ago, all the TV rights money has wrecked the game we absolutely adore. It's not only that, racism in the game hasn't reduced either and that's is the reason why that campaign was started 25 years ago. Sky Sports are a bunch of racist and money dealing lunatics. I beg anyone on TheXvid to take 25 seconds of Sky Sports black and white footage and upload it on TheXvid to just remind not only British football what racism is, football globally. People in the past have uploaded minutes of Premier League highlights before and they get away with it. Now that's copyright, but uploading 25 seconds of black and white footage to mark the kick it out campaign isn't. If you think it is then you need a reality check.

  • Jeremy Skelton
    Jeremy Skelton 7 months ago

    I hope some england players read this...you are not good enough for top world football. never will be.

  • đqm 's Studio
    đqm 's Studio 7 months ago

    "Insane Volley"

  • Alex Schultz
    Alex Schultz 7 months ago

    www.liveleak.com/view?t=kfkuF_1537005966 england is lost

  • Mrdog
    Mrdog 7 months ago

    Good job England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • tau Maireroa
    tau Maireroa 7 months ago


  • adi yaf
    adi yaf 7 months ago

    england is an african team

  • Blue Meanie
    Blue Meanie 7 months ago +1

    Another pub team beaten in a friendly........Just.

  • Football News
    Football News 7 months ago

    please check out my chanel sub and i will sub back

  • baba lin
    baba lin 7 months ago

    Hit like if you think demble is not better than Rashford

  • Mö/\/\Ø the legend
    Mö/\/\Ø the legend 7 months ago +1

    dream league soccer commentry

  • Muaz Man
    Muaz Man 7 months ago +1

    Rashford the best

  • Van Hanz
    Van Hanz 7 months ago

    Waiting for England winning world cup is like 😪

  • ya00007
    ya00007 7 months ago

    Boring England. No quality as usual. So dissapointing. Dier should ve scored or at least on target. Where's the technique/skill? What do they practice (that is if they do)?

  • pradip kaflay
    pradip kaflay 7 months ago +1

    Thank God Rashford got chance to play , replace Harry Kane with Jamie Vardy and see the chAnges in field .

    PETER LUCKY 7 months ago

    This England coach should be appointed as manager for man utd. He is very good 👍👍👍

  • Fun-two Caine
    Fun-two Caine 7 months ago

    Nope Sterling is too good than Rashford if you really no football

  • Bảo Thạch Trương
    Bảo Thạch Trương 7 months ago

    Tarkowski called up? He is even worse than Smalling...slow as hell

  • Spongebob NoPants
    Spongebob NoPants 7 months ago

    Still good as

    euro 2016

  • Cole Cressun
    Cole Cressun 7 months ago

    Why is Rashford not in starting lineup at man utd, Jose mourinho it make it happen or his potential will be wasted

  • HaSsy MiiA
    HaSsy MiiA 7 months ago

    A black man ended Englands worse draught in ages. Any racist punks still bitter? Or would they still preferred to be losing?
    At the world cup some shocking, idiots came out with such nonsense about how this English side doesnt represents them. I bet those punks have miserable lives...

  • HaSsy MiiA
    HaSsy MiiA 7 months ago


  • Yolo Yolo
    Yolo Yolo 7 months ago

    It's coming home you ginger nutts

  • Vignesh Vijayan
    Vignesh Vijayan 7 months ago

    Friends, someone please tell me, is this a friendly match? It can't be a UEFA Nations League Game as england, Spain and croatia are drawn together, right?

  • Josue Serrano
    Josue Serrano 7 months ago

    Surprised dirty historic subtle official enough library lawsuit hers

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour 7 months ago

    so limited that he is prepared to pick players on the back of Europa League and Carabao Cup appearances, despite reiterating his warning that those who continue to sit on the bench cannot be sure of their international places.
    Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Fabian Delph and Danny Welbeck all started their first game of the season in England’s 1-0 friendly victory over Switzerland on Tuesday night, having been left on the sidelines by their clubs.
    Goalscorer Marcus Rashford has now started more England games than Manchester United matches this season and the issue could cause Southgate GARETH SOUTHGATE OUT EDDIE HOWE IN.

  • Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews

    As a Liverpool supporter in Australia.Im happy with this outcome,good to see England win,but also one of our lads looking sharp ,Shaquri for Switzerland

  • James V
    James V 7 months ago

    That tarkowski is shite!

  • Feysal Feysal
    Feysal Feysal 7 months ago

    Rashford is a damn player but man u need to get play more games

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense 7 months ago

    The problem with the England National Team is that all the players have to be English. Adnan Rashface is a third-tier talent with marginal character and zero leadership. Another English flop in a long long long line of English flops. Nothing in over half a century ! LOSERS !

  • Nicholas DUBkush
    Nicholas DUBkush 7 months ago

    How is Dier a captain lol

  • andrea bonaldo
    andrea bonaldo 7 months ago

    What a load of bollocks... who cares... yawn

  • carmel bugeja
    carmel bugeja 7 months ago

    Rashford makes England breathe.

  • Said Ali
    Said Ali 7 months ago

    That England defensive is not tha

  • Niemi Sylvestre
    Niemi Sylvestre 7 months ago

    they need to play rashford more

  • 0 0
    0 0 7 months ago

    there all crap

  • Ruby Gaming
    Ruby Gaming 7 months ago

    so many free kicks (wink) ;)

  • Elias Masanyiwa
    Elias Masanyiwa 7 months ago

    Rashy the wonderkid

  • ChainSmoker
    ChainSmoker 7 months ago

    Jack butland has saved England many times

  • Adam Dunkley
    Adam Dunkley 7 months ago

    Delph > Dier, for me, but he shouldn't be starting. Delph is an awesome utility player to have, and I have no idea why Dier even starts honestly. Kane, Rashford, Lingard, Maguire & Walker are guaranteed starters, without a doubt, in my opinion. Everyone else needs to play for their place.

  • BLast
    BLast 7 months ago

    Puni debile breeee.

  • Krunker boi
    Krunker boi 7 months ago +5

    3:27 ignored

  • Mohammed Salman
    Mohammed Salman 7 months ago

    England is a team of Underrated players coming together

  • Bang Bokir
    Bang Bokir 7 months ago

    Sterling:100% booty

  • Graham Ross
    Graham Ross 7 months ago

    Its coming home lads

    Luca HAMBLETON 7 months ago

    Butland or Pickford?

  • Aldous Bruno
    Aldous Bruno 7 months ago


  • satish kumar
    satish kumar 7 months ago

    Well the pass was fantastic. rashford just gave the final touch.

  • carefulcliffdriver
    carefulcliffdriver 7 months ago

    where on earth are you from, we from England! #1 country in the world. God save the Queen.

  • Josh Chester
    Josh Chester 7 months ago

    Rashford has earned his place alongside Harry Kane in Attack. Sterling will warm bench now, good.

  • Mason Gilligan
    Mason Gilligan 7 months ago

    Goal at 3:19

  • Caitlinmorrisxx
    Caitlinmorrisxx 7 months ago

    Imagine how much better we would have done in the World Cup if we stared rashford Instead Of Sterling , I mean the man had pace but he’d fall over too easily when would always miss or get too nervy when it came to scoring

  • nimay13
    nimay13 7 months ago

    Volley? That's a tap in.

  • Groovy Jam
    Groovy Jam 7 months ago +2

    What a "volley"

  • Shitty Guy
    Shitty Guy 7 months ago +1

    Butland is better than pickford

  • Football Club David
    Football Club David 7 months ago

    What was with the 3 in the back? Then being very cautious with both Dier and Delph in the starting 11. Attack or hold pick one. Switch Delph with either Lingard, Alli or Gray. But it was a friendly so I guess Southgate can be more experimental.

  • Football Club David
    Football Club David 7 months ago +1

    Rashford in his natural ST position has great potential.

  • Abdul Aahud
    Abdul Aahud 7 months ago +1


  • Nguyen Tien
    Nguyen Tien 7 months ago

    What a volley.

  • Ade Fo
    Ade Fo 7 months ago

    Never call Dier up again he is rubbish. He never does anything productive

  • zoro
    zoro 7 months ago +1

    Viva españa

  • Safey Smith
    Safey Smith 7 months ago

    Dier sucks.

  • Supersmooth007
    Supersmooth007 7 months ago +1

    About time we won a game ! Gone down hill since that Sweden game! Lost To Croatia, Belgium and Spain - 3 defeats in a row for Gareth South Gate!! Finally beat Switz and only just!

  • Hasan Al-Jarrah
    Hasan Al-Jarrah 7 months ago

    if you play pes 2019
    rashford will be 93 rated tomorrow
    well today, it's thursday
    heed my words

  • Don't Worry
    Don't Worry 7 months ago

    Rashford is unbeatable

  • Don't Worry
    Don't Worry 7 months ago

    What games are these ?

  • The Red Baron
    The Red Baron 7 months ago +2

    Brilliant their not playing every England game at that morgue Wembley.

    • The Red Baron
      The Red Baron 7 months ago

      Basil II, The Bulgar Slayer Also you mean Elland Road not Eland road.

    • The Red Baron
      The Red Baron 7 months ago

      Basil II, The Bulgar Slayer Fans in the south are much louder then in the north teams like Burnley, Man City, Sunderland have zero atmosphere to name a few and I’d say Southampton have a better atmosphere then Huddersfield. Palace Portsmouth and QPR are far louder then any northern team.

  • DrP1po
    DrP1po 7 months ago +1

    What is wrong with English football, I just don't get it... underachieving all the time, and the teams always have an aura of self-doubt around them. It's really weird, as though they just can't handle pressure. At WC 2018 it was so blatant that they celebrated and cherished reaching the semis so much that all of the energy and drive and emotions had been released too soon. They were already satisfied with that achievement.

  • Howraar media
    Howraar media 7 months ago +2

    Give me like please

  • Qalid Qays
    Qalid Qays 7 months ago

    Rashford as Manchester United if you agree

  • fiorenzo comini
    fiorenzo comini 7 months ago

    I am Swiss and I was delighted by how supportive and cheerful were English fans also towards Switzerland during this game! Guys, Keep it up like this: smooth and easy! Don't get wasted and destroy everything as you often do hahaha :P

    • fiorenzo comini
      fiorenzo comini 7 months ago

      Basil II, The Bulgar Slayer damn, that’s not good haha

  • andy gogogo
    andy gogogo 7 months ago

    swiss is dirty and they r not pure swiss, they r Muslim,ewwwwww

    • andy gogogo
      andy gogogo 7 months ago

      especially dirty racist Muslim... hate swiss

  • Mo Salah
    Mo Salah 7 months ago +1

    Rashford that's a good goal I think 💭 firmno can't do that goal 🥅

  • Mo Salah
    Mo Salah 7 months ago +1

    Shaqiri I love u your good for liverpool and Kane u are good for spurs 🔥😎😂

  • Ninja Da ledgend
    Ninja Da ledgend 7 months ago

    3:17 is what you came for

    FaTaL II STRIKE 7 months ago

    Isn't Shaqiri Albanian?

    TLOMC YT 7 months ago

    Who supports Leicester City? Like if you do

  • Reeshitah Boolaky
    Reeshitah Boolaky 7 months ago +1

    If Switzerland strikers played better then England would loss by a big difference

    • Who’s This?
      Who’s This? 7 months ago

      Reeshitah Boolaky if England had Messi play for them England would have won by a big difference

  • simon bathe
    simon bathe 7 months ago +4

    Bad result for England, how about the World cup runners-up Croatia being stuffed 6-0 by Spain

  • B
    B 7 months ago +1

    Danny Rose really surprised me on how well he played

  • fallendogking
    fallendogking 7 months ago +2


  • Nathan Hollow
    Nathan Hollow 7 months ago +2

    Rashford should 100% start over Sterling tbh since he's more reliable to hit the back of the net even though he misses some good chances also. Just a shame Sterling thinks too much when the balls goes to his left foot and when he puts on an England shirt because for City he's good.

    • Sassy Ranma
      Sassy Ranma 7 months ago

      Sterling doesn't have a brain. He's like Theodor Walcott. Give them time to think, they'll fluff their lines, but if they don't think, if they just play instinctively, they're decent. That's why they're brainless pace-merchants and why Peppy and Wenger played them on the wings. They're useless with their backs to goal. I wouldn't bother with either of them

  • jaydon ramsay
    jaydon ramsay 7 months ago

    England are the best I also hope they win the rest of there matches