• Published on Jun 26, 2020
  • Japanese TV is beloved the world over. But is it really as good as people think it is? I recount my three most awkward experiences on Japanese Television and reveal my reasons for why I avoid watching it.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Year ago +7619

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: For the love of god, don't say this is a pen. In fact, just don't use the letter p from now on.
    This video is 25% rant, 25% critique, 25% story time and 25% diorama. I hope somewhere in between you learn something of value! BUT what do you think of Japanese TV? Am I being too harsh? Or perhaps too kind? Let me know and enjoy the video!
    Also, the video starts at 09:30...

    • The Dougrz
      The Dougrz 17 days ago

      I have to ぴ

    • yamaris morel
      yamaris morel Month ago

      Legend tells once you upload a TheXvid video, a camera will always follow you around-

    • Elisa Caristo
      Elisa Caristo 2 months ago

      Don't know japanese TV, but TV sucks anyway for me. I prefer watching your channel, you made me laugh and are handsome 😁

    • TheRhalf
      TheRhalf 2 months ago

      and a 100% reason to remember the name

    • Ehsan Gharavi
      Ehsan Gharavi 3 months ago

      I think you're being too harsh, I enjoyed the Japanese version of your video 😄. as for your experience in Japanese TV, you agreed to participate right? Or did they force you in front of the camera?

  • DeSinc
    DeSinc Year ago +5029

    a lot of the stuff you see on japanese tv feels like stuff you'd only normally see on those infomercial channels

    • powder soup
      powder soup 2 months ago


    • metal87power
      metal87power 3 months ago

      or maybe Chris couldn't afford cable

    • mayhair
      mayhair 7 months ago

      Probably because of the graphics and text everywhere

    • Shawn ZX
      Shawn ZX 8 months ago

      Let's put it this way: the infomercial of Japanese Politeness

    • SweetBearCub
      SweetBearCub 11 months ago

      Set it and Forget it! or bust.

  • mayhair
    mayhair 10 months ago +2404

    You did a good job editing yourself into the mini-room at the first minute. You really got me there.

    • Danielle Murphy
      Danielle Murphy 5 months ago

      I fell for it too

    • らてちゃん
      らてちゃん 5 months ago +1

      yeah ithought it looked kinda weird and plastic but I thought it was just a new set lololol

    • mayhair
      mayhair 5 months ago +1

      @Gabriel Carlo Bato what?

    • Gabriel Carlo Bato
      Gabriel Carlo Bato 5 months ago +1

      Thank you for this amazing comment through Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Holy Name Amen.

  • JZ
    JZ 11 months ago +907

    As a Japanese person myself, I also do not watch Japanese TV shows. Most Japanese TV programs follow the TV protocols developed in the 70s and 80s, when the vast majority of the people watching TV were jobless housewives with no college education (the gender gap used to be even wider back then). Hence, TV shows are designed to be amusing for the most uneducated people. You may find some high brow programs in NHK's broadcasting satellite channels (which resembles a BBC documentary), but you have to pay for them. Educated people here don't watch TV, but read books.

    • George Nickson
      George Nickson 20 days ago


    • Randy Stevensmom
      Randy Stevensmom Month ago

      Oh yeah I agree they had the same social engineering flaws in the U.S and here in Australia that stayed for decades, they still make it but in semi reality tv themed settings. Like for an example I know I would never be allowed on a reality tv show like "big brother" because they know I'll start trying to pull wires out of the walls etc and making making fun of girls that interact with me that are too annoying to resist just suggesting they gave an intellectual disability that is one of our real pandemics

    • FlamingValley
      FlamingValley Month ago

      @Johnny Nemo He's talking about a japanese context and here you come bringing America and western values for examples? Try not to perpetuate too much the stereotype that americans don't know anything outside of America please, it's embarrassing. He was talking about the unbalance of gender in higher education/office jobs since back then Japan was very akin to old values of gender roles where it was very uncommon to see a woman working as the breadwinner or pursuing a career.

    • BlackTigerAce
      BlackTigerAce Month ago +3

      You know what.. im sorry, but i need to point out
      Housewife isnt jobless, they take care your home, and that isnt easy job
      Also educated people now doesnt read books to much anymore, they look into online documentations to catch up with the world and do their own research to prove if its right or not
      if your wife is "jobless", your house is definitely in ruins and become a forest, because no one take care them

    • TravelerPat
      TravelerPat Month ago

      @Bangkok Zed For me Thai news TV programs where they talk about news instead of "reporting", that's the most annoying.

  • Johnny Socko
    Johnny Socko 10 months ago +321

    Your simulation of being a Japanese TV program was sheer genius - I've shown it to all my Japanese friends. I lived in Japan for 20 years and will probably return in a couple of years to run a hotel in Fukuoka. Maybe we can collaborate on something then.

  • Shun Ono
    Shun Ono Day ago +2

    As a Japanese this is the exact reason I don’t watch TV. I actually watch your videos to decide where to travel to in Japan 😂

  • AP384
    AP384 Year ago +11572

    Now that Chris has the diorama and a green screen we'll never see him outside again

    • Puppy Puppington
      Puppy Puppington 3 months ago

      I hope so. Now I want one !!!!

    • Cassiopeia
      Cassiopeia Year ago

      He 😂😂

    • Happybuddhabear
      Happybuddhabear Year ago

      ... or around other people!

    • DuckyDae X
      DuckyDae X Year ago +1

      Abroad Indoors™️

    • Airzulu
      Airzulu Year ago +2

      Actually chris seems a natural at the documentary stand in front of the camera game. Very amusing and informative. I think he could do well on a tourist tv show thingy in the uk . But not the BBC The BBC are presently not popular with the locals at the moment .

  • Luke
    Luke 7 months ago +40

    Thank you for pointing out the reality that nearly everything on TV here (and pictures IMO) are grossly exaggerated. I have lived in Japan for a year and the “surprised and thrilled face” on all advertising become exhausting to see and hear.

  • Custo De Sousa
    Custo De Sousa 10 months ago +834

    The sad reality today July 2021 is that Japan is being severely hit by a huge increase in Covid cases. I guess they all suddenly decided to speak English??? 🤷

    • B G
      B G 2 months ago +1

      @Ruby Y. I can barely hear you through the piece if cloth of your face. Kindly come back after your 5th booster

    • Ruby Y.
      Ruby Y. 2 months ago +5

      @B G Covering your ears and screaming won’t make it go away

    • Alle
      Alle 7 months ago +7

      @B G If people die ofc we will care 😐

    • B G
      B G 7 months ago +6

      >imagine still giving a shit about the cough

    • wackyclock
      wackyclock 8 months ago +1

      @Sensei Moko yo mama

  • Ben Whitney
    Ben Whitney 9 months ago +19

    First off I want to say thank you to Abroad in Japan and so many other youtubers who work so hard at creating interesting, thoughtful, positive and enjoyable content for everyone to watch.
    I did the pen tissue paper test....did not move at all unless I exaggerated the P💨
    I have not had American cable television for the past 10 years for similar reasons....but on the opposite end of the spectrum. Our network television is overrun with false BS, negativity, over reaction, drama, hate and literally 10 minutes of content per hour of viewing time.....soooo many commercials! The same ones over and over! No wonder people have gone mad. There is no art, no skill, no joy nor realism in much of television. Producers doing anything they can for ratings and the almighty dollar. Creating these contrived over dramatic scenarios that viewers then emulate in their personal life, which snowballs into this negative mass of people transferring anger and hate to one another during their everyday interactions. Just like a child re-enacts the actions of the parents our society re-enacts this dramatic trash they watch on TV. Unfortunately it is turning us into this same self important inconsiderate tactless miserable trash as seen on TV.
    Garbage in
    Garbage out

  • jxm
    jxm 11 months ago +16

    Very cool - glad to have stumbled over your channel!
    Random anecdote: in late 1995, the military charter carrying my unit back from Korea to Fort Hood developed engine trouble and landed at Yokota for repairs. We were shepherded into a large bleak holding area with a TV. We were watching an episode of SNL (presumably on Armed Forces Network), but by a weird coincidence, the sketch was a spoof of Japanese game shows. Enter one of our supercilious soldiers, who sees a bunch of us cracking up, glances at the TV to what he *thinks* is a Japanese program, and loudly sneers "people will laugh at stuff they don't understand just to seem smart."

    • Roxanne Belcher
      Roxanne Belcher 5 months ago +3

      I almost forgot AFN was a thing. Thank you for sharing that's hilarious. 🤣

  • Joshua Dale
    Joshua Dale Year ago +2689

    Can we just take a moment to sincerely appreciate Chris’ editing skills? Top notch!

    • pedro nunez
      pedro nunez Year ago +1


    • MrDavi2751
      MrDavi2751 Year ago +2

      Seriously dude?!? It's just a chromakey!!

    • Cake Kuy
      Cake Kuy Year ago +2

      he was a former art/movies student in college, I forgot.
      I think it is in his "Why I came to Japan" video

    • Ilkka
      Ilkka Year ago +29

      You can tell he is clearly a Youu-toobah!

    • codname125
      codname125 Year ago +5

      @Jacob Peters that's actually a real TV

  • Aphro
    Aphro 4 months ago +40

    17:39 that's not a japanese thing that's a universal thing. It's not necessarily because young japanese people don't like their shows and the vibe/culture of it. It's just that tv/cable is inconvenient for young people and streaming is a lot more accessible and our taste. This is something happening all across the globe. At least, this is my opinion :) 🤟

  • Tsukasa Hiiragi
    Tsukasa Hiiragi 10 months ago +23

    I've watched a fair bit Japanese TV and was confused by it in the sense it was all eerily similar and now thanks to this, I understand now. And I remember when Channel 4 brought it back to the UK and was dubbed over by Craig Charles and his dry wit made it much better.

  • The1920sChannel
    The1920sChannel 10 months ago +48

    When tuning in to a Japanese variety show, it's like a 90% chance that they're talking about or eating food. I'll never understand why anyone would watch them, especially when some of the people in the reaction boxes are so pointless. It can be very hard to figure out why some people are even there. There can be 7 or 8 people all doing the same, boring thing.

    • Sourrags
      Sourrags Month ago

      This is pretty much tv around the world. British TV morning day time always has cooking too. I think must tv is just bad thr world over

  • Khajiitten
    Khajiitten 11 months ago +20

    from what you have explained, it seems like Japanese TV isn't much different than Western TV. It's just the opposite end of the spectrum. While Western TV can be angry, in your face and shocking, Japanese TV seems happy, polite and upbeat.

  • Felicity Kingsford
    Felicity Kingsford 5 months ago +10

    I remember watching Clive James and he had segments from a Japanese tv show called Endurance where contestants had weights tied to their genitals and where put in glass boxes in the sun and the person who endured the most pain was the winner if they werent hospitalised or passed away

  • RMFX
    RMFX 11 months ago +34

    I want to shout from the rooftops: most of what gets posted as "crazy Japanese game show!" are not game shows. They're segments or maybe new years specials for Japanese variety/talk shows.
    And the "contestants" are just the comedians who are regulars on said shows. One week they're biting candy shoes, next week they're confessing their obsessions with baseball or rail cars.

    • dis0rian
      dis0rian 7 months ago +1

      it's like someone seeing one of those asinine segments on james cordon or something and assuming that all american shows are like that instead of shit like the view

    • The Lonely Proto
      The Lonely Proto 11 months ago +1

      so they are just like bits on talkshows or smth like that?

  • Noi Doi
    Noi Doi 11 months ago +19

    I really do love Japanese culture, and would love to visit someday. What I do hate is the love for appearances and the false politeness, basically the fakeness on the surface instead of the real thing. Life is not different if we pretend it and you end up losing yourself in the lies. Of course, not everyone is like that, but the vast majority fall into that category. At least, this would be my perception as an outsider on the way that people act there. Japan, be you, you do not need to impress anyone, just live the moment and be real.

    • Marianthe Skiadaresi
      Marianthe Skiadaresi Month ago

      That's actually sad! It's what we call "toxic possitivity".
      The Japanese expect everything to be perfect and everyone to act the part. If they don't ,they are rejected by the society!
      So many young people are facing depression .Suicide is a pandemic in this country! And yet,people just pretending this situation doesn't exist or they considere everyone in those situations a "lost case"....

    • ocudagledam
      ocudagledam Month ago

      From admittedly brief personal experience, the politeness is not false. A lot of polite gestures are ritual, but that does not mean that people aren't genuinely kind. The lady whom we asked for directions and who, after we went our way, decided to catch up with us to see if we needed better directions; the young girl who saw a group of confused looking strangers, so she came out of her house to ask if we needed help, the two Japanese people that we asked for directions who turned out to be tourists themselves and couldn't help us, but insisted to give us their city map... The list goes on, and it all happened in very few days in Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo.
      The only time we got looked at in a funny way was in a small, cheap restaurant that's not used to tourists (the next group of people who walked in were labourers in blue overalls). There, the man behind the counter was far from impolite, but looked at us as if he did not know what to think of us. Then, after we ordered a meal, one of my friends decided to go out for a smoke. Upon seeing him heading outside with a cigarette pack, the man who worked there went after him with an ashtray. Moments later, he came back in with a big and very real smile on his face. You see, as our friend later told the rest of us, not having seen the guy behind him, he pulled out a small bottle with a bit of water at the bottom, which he had been using as an ashtray. And seeing that was what made our host happy: we were obviously some civilized people who behaved properly and didn't litter or throw cigarette ash on the street, which was apparently all that he wanted to know about us and from that moment on he was genuinely happy to have us.
      Now, I have no idea how easy or difficult it is to form a friendship in Japan, but I can say that the kindness is authentic and goes beyond mere politeness, and the only things that a person needs to do is to show good manners themselves, respect the Japanese norms and say "arigato gozaimasu" a lot.

    • gior nikitop
      gior nikitop 9 months ago

      maybe they desperately tried to keep the old traditional ways, the memory of what life once was. but mixed with the modern era, doesn't seem like it's working. but let's not kid our selfs, after ww2 when allied forces stepped their foot in a devastated Japan, society changed forever.

    • Andy Oh
      Andy Oh 10 months ago +1

      @Johnny Rico I wouldn't be surprised if this contributes to depression since it would be difficult to trust if someone is being fake polite or genuinely care about their well-being.

    • Johnny Rico
      Johnny Rico 11 months ago +4

      Yeah first couple weeks in Japan
      "Wow everyone is so polite"
      3 months in you find out it's mostly fake
      "Won't somebody please call me a dickhead!"

  • Jake Beleren
    Jake Beleren 11 months ago +243

    Too much positivity around you when you feel miserable makes you feel more miserable

    • Cat Catterson
      Cat Catterson 8 months ago +7

      Yeah, it feels pretty alienating and like you're the only one who's suffering when it's taboo to show it in front of other people...
      At the same time I think it's easy to kind of dig yourself into a hole of negativity and wallowing in it lol. Maybe we need both negative and uplifting input from out surroundings to help anchor us to reality or something, idk

  • N N
    N N Year ago +830

    I'm Japanese. I'm amazed by how you accurately analyse Japanese TV shows in details. And those are what exactly I've felt for quite a long time. Many of them feel superficial, fake, overacting. It seems people who don't watch TV have been increasing more and more.

    • KajiRider1997
      KajiRider1997 5 months ago

      The only thing i watch on Japanese tv is tokusatsu like Kamen Rider and anime like Digimon

    • メビウス
      メビウス Year ago +1

      @Yatukih001 As a general idea I'd say yes. I live in Brazil and like Iceland, tv is very stressing here.

    • Yatukih001
      Yatukih001 Year ago +1

      Is it true that on Japanese TV the idea is you want to keep the audience sitting comfortably in front of the TV but the mainstream media is used for encouraging relaxation? Because in my country its all about stress. I am asking so my comment on his video does not read like any spam...greetings from Iceland.Ásgeir.

    • メビウス
      メビウス Year ago

      @Excited About Learning You too

    • Excited About Learning
      Excited About Learning Year ago +1

      @メビウス Thank you for understanding. I appreciate you taking your time to reply to my comment and understanding that going on isn't productive. The point you made about Japan not having to appeal to Western audiences is a good one. The exchange left a good taste in my mouth.
      To be honest, I'm surprised you responded with "sure". Often, people will keep going no matter what. Your response felt mature, which is rare on TheXvid. It also made me think about your point again. One of the problems with written text is that you don't hear the other person's tone of voice. I had thought you were agitated, but based on your latest comment, it seems that you were not and I miscalculated. Anyway, have a good day!

  • D
    D 3 months ago +6

    This was educational in both expected and unexpected ways. "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" (MXC) was the US dubbed version of Takeshi's Castle from 2003-2007 and I never realized that it had stopped airing over a decade earlier. Loved the video!

  • Cameron McCaffrey
    Cameron McCaffrey 5 months ago +3

    You earned a subscriber with this one. Fantastic editing, honesty and humor…it’s always great to hear from people who aren’t afraid to deliver the straight-up truth.

  • stoplying
    stoplying 5 months ago +3

    As a westerner who works with video & post-production for a living, I like watching the shows when I visit and see how they use all of the elements you mentioned - and jump cuts! I also really enjoy the magical wand the weather reporters use with the soft sponge on the end to point to the maps.

  • rhynchocephalian
    rhynchocephalian Month ago +1

    I like how they took the real linguistic/phonetic concept of aspiration and tried to tie it to COVID transmission rates-yes, English does aspirate certain consonants, but it's hardly the only one, and likewise Japanese is hardly the only unaspirated language (Spanish is one too, for example)

  • barryconvexx
    barryconvexx Year ago +2808

    Less young people in Japan not watching tv is not a Japan thing, that’s a global thing

    • Troodon
      Troodon 27 days ago

      Indeed, it's a trend in the US too. Heck I'm in my 40's and I rarely watch TV anymore.

    • whatisnotmind?whatisnotuniverse?whatisnotcreator?
    • wyterabitt
      wyterabitt 4 months ago

      @Tegan L I think most people consider Netflix "TV".
      Plenty of shows even get released weekly, it's run in the same way, it uses the same production processes and studios, it uses the same style of company leadership etc etc.

    • Portrait of a Blue Avatar
      Portrait of a Blue Avatar 6 months ago

      I only watch TV because of the news

    • Debbie Henri
      Debbie Henri Year ago

      I got rid of my TV 20 years ago. I don't miss it. More choice and often better quality on TheXvid. I think TheXvidrs are getting more inventive all the time, striving to improve their channels and video content. Also, I like the way that some ask their viewers to suggest topics they want to see covered - you try asking the BBC to do that.

  • Michael Flemming
    Michael Flemming 11 months ago +2

    As someone who has spent nearly 10 years as a part of Japanese society, not a foreigner in Japan, but someone who married into Japan, I think you can find some social principles out of this.

  • Eric Alley
    Eric Alley 11 months ago +468

    "Are you a youtuber?"
    Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

    • Don Monteiro
      Don Monteiro 7 months ago +2

      @Nabo42 she know its a multipass.

    • Don Monteiro
      Don Monteiro 7 months ago +2

      This comment has bomb detectors , right?! lol

    • ilovehouse888
      ilovehouse888 8 months ago +1

      @Steven In hahahaha 😂

    • Eric Alley
      Eric Alley 8 months ago +2

      @Steven In YOU WANT IT?

    • Steven In
      Steven In 8 months ago +2

      That’s a very nice hat.

  • Stephen C.
    Stephen C. 8 months ago +8

    Your parody of Japanese TV is actually perfect, I'd absolutely still watch Abroad in Japan even if all the content was like that.

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 2 months ago +1

    Bloody hilarious and as always, informative. Man, the production values are sky-high and I cannot imagine the work that all this involves. Love your content, and subject-matters, Chris!

  • どみあ
    どみあ Year ago +2173

    I'm Japanese, and I totally agree his argument. I feel like the more I watching Japanese TV, the more my brain degenerated.

    • Eren Yeagerist
      Eren Yeagerist 9 months ago

      @nextlevelcrazy thank you for answering my questions. I would also like to hear your reply regarding the capitalism. If that's ok with you?

    • nextlevelcrazy
      nextlevelcrazy 10 months ago +2

      @Eren Yeagerist Japan does produce a lot of Jidai-geki (historical dramas) though. Taiga-drama annually does Jidai geki's in sengoku eras & a lot of smaller productions with 30+ years of run such as Mito-koumon exist too. Perhaps Japan doesn't make for the international market so its harder to find them if you are from the west?
      Also in answer to your first question, it depends on the drama. But for this, a lot of dramas made in Japan are aimed at domestic audience. K-dramas on the other hand are manufactured specifically to compete in the western market. This is a collective policy of how the country chooses to produce entertainment more than anything. Its the same as with why K-pop is so worldwide competitive while J-pop makes no effort in doing so. I do agree though, a lack of international competition and an excessive amount of domestic focus does systemically lower the production quality of shows. But there are pro's and cons to this and I would have to make a different reply comment to explain the dynamics of Korean and Japanese capitalism. The goals for both are different.

    • Eren Yeagerist
      Eren Yeagerist 10 months ago +1

      @nextlevelcrazy may I ask. Why does Japan cannot produce J-drama with good cinematography, SFX, VFX or CGI same as korea in its k-drama? I believe that Japan was earning much more profits than korea since the 80's so there should be enough budget to produce high quality J-drama. Another, why does Japan doesn't produce J-drama showing the monarchy system or royalty in Japan in the old times whereas korea produce k-drama about historical showing monarchy or royalty in Joseon dynasty? Does Japan forbid Japanese producers to create a J-drama about historical era??? I'm really curious

  • Herb Lison
    Herb Lison 6 months ago +2

    Just discovered your fascinating and rather droll TheXvid videos. I lived in Japan many years ago and loved most of what I experienced there. But I am a bit puzzled by your review of Japanese TV. While what you say is true of many of the programs, it was not true of things like the NHK Taiga drama series and other more serious dramatic programs. Perhaps these are no longer shown, but I know that they were as recently as a few years ago when I last visited Japan. In any event, best wishes for your continued success as a TheXvid presenter.

  • Jo Caballes
    Jo Caballes 9 months ago +3

    I have been living here in Japan for 2 years now and I can totally agree to this video! Hahahah. I would also like to commend your editing! I can totally feel the effort put into it, just wow.

  • biseinen
    biseinen 6 months ago +6

    This episode was awesome. Floored the entire time, specially with "This is a ⚡️💥P-E-N💥⚡️" . Great job Chris. Your humor is exquisite.

  • Tee Jay Are
    Tee Jay Are 9 months ago +19

    "There goes Baba Gahnoush. That mushroom split her legs like hot sand splits a camel toe." That is an example of the American version of Takeshi's Castle on Spike TV. Babagahnoush was a revolving name they always used along with spicy descriptions for what happened. It was great.

  • Anna Nielsen
    Anna Nielsen Year ago +925

    Chris's little potato chip sketch is unrealistically quick. It's supposed to take at least 10-15 minutes from when you first show the food to when you actually taste and react to the food.

    • Ram Railey Alin
      Ram Railey Alin Year ago +2

      @Sven Bischoff I thought he would start episode 1 of the anime Chris' Potato Adventures

    • tako
      tako Year ago +4

      For an authentic experience, important moments such as reactions should be repeated twice.

    • Techmite
      Techmite Year ago +5

      Don't forget to censor it out with a big red blob for the first quarter after introducing it.

    • Sven Bischoff
      Sven Bischoff Year ago +5

      ​@アップルパイ You are of course correct. If you wish to make "you" from scratch, you first have to invent the universe.

    • Lamont Gilkey
      Lamont Gilkey Year ago +21

      And with several commercial breaks before he takes a bite. Not a soft fade to black, but a freaking jarring cut into a beer commercial of people doing the exact same thing with foamy beer on their lips. Because that is how people drink beer of course.

  • Fatema Alam
    Fatema Alam 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for including the Japanese subtitles. As a learner, it helps to read it with the sounds.

  • MrMaenambeach
    MrMaenambeach 10 months ago +4

    Dear friend, you have done an amazing job of summarizing everything that has driven me crazy about Japanese television vis a via food over the last twenty years. It's like freaking out over a glass of milk, let alone fucking ramen. My wife is Japanese and does the old discrimination between various this and that fucking food. I don't cook the tea the way she expects it to be done and she can't tell the difference. So that's that. I basically hate Japanese TV. Japanese dramas almost always seem to me like they were written by someone on acid. By the way.

  • regular rock
    regular rock 11 months ago +1

    i was always pretty fond of this show called Pitagora Suitchi. idk if it still airs anymore, but they used to have these in between segments ranging anywhere from a couple seconds to multiple minutes of studio made rube goldberg machines doing the craziest shit. its interesting to remember it wasn't presented in the style you're talking about here. there were no voice overs, no sound effects, no text or reaction squares, it was almost like ASMR. just the sound of marbles, magnets, and other items doing they're part in the machine. (and the little theme song they played but it was very simple and quiet)
    it was also really cool because in the mid 2000s there was a huge genre for homemade pitagora suitchi stuff on japanese youtube. funny enough it wasn't anime that got me super into japanese culture in my middle school days, it was this educational show for kids lol. i got so into it i even made my own japanese region'd youtube channel and uploaded my own pitagora stuff while not knowing dick at all about japan or the language. i checked it recently my videos have a lot of views and a lot of dislikes. fun times!!

  • ToniShinobi
    ToniShinobi 4 months ago +1

    So on point with this. I was on a local japanese tv show twice, first time I had to get excited about Gobou.... which is not very exciting. Second time I went on the show it was genuinely something I was interested in, sashimi. The staff could even tell I was much more excited by the glow on my face.

  • Treewizard 648
    Treewizard 648 Year ago +1431

    Western television has stark contrasts as well. Gordon Ramsay is far more reserved on British television while in the US he goes absolutely ballistic.

    • Nidhi Naithani
      Nidhi Naithani Month ago

      Your comment brought all the incels to the comment section even though IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WOMEN.

    • ChromaFox
      ChromaFox 2 months ago +4

      @Dion Aji It's not quite repressed urges, Japanese people have sex, it's just the financial situation in Japan is pretty fucked for a lot of young people that settling down in a nice house and having kids isn't financially viable for a lot of people.

    • Mickey Mickey
      Mickey Mickey 3 months ago

      @Vilena5 half of what you just said is nonsense. There were no laws about walking unattended its not saudi arabia, and the divorce laws effected both.

    • Mickey Mickey
      Mickey Mickey 3 months ago +1

      @Duckie It actually is for once. Deal with it.

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    I love your content I wish id found your channel sooner! It always makes me laugh plus ur contents super interesting and I learn alot from ur vids I loved your skit lol please keep up the amazing work!!

  • pkeod
    pkeod 9 months ago +22

    To be fair, when youtube food people travel they rarely make their episodes negative / rarely are overly critical of the food they eat. Usually they are talking about how delicious and amazing it is.

  • The Potato
    The Potato 10 months ago +7

    I've seen a show where they're pranking a TV show host, when he's in the rest room or when the camera is not rolling, he's super quiet, with the eyes that judges everything you do, staring at people, and have the "dont touch me" attitude (i mean, he's the target of a prank, so i guess it's natural to be defensive). Immediately when the camera starts rolling, he's suddenly your typical bubbly, cheerful, loud and overacting japanese tv show host.

  • Dixie Ten Broeck
    Dixie Ten Broeck 6 months ago +3

    *YOUR VIDEOS are EXCELLENT!* - _PLEASE_ continue to make them, *Chris sensei.* (I hope that's correct, or at least close; I _DID_ Google for it - and was still confused a bit.) (ALSO, I _loved_ the juxtaposition of the classic musical piece *"In The Hall of The Mountain King"* - with the crescendo falling *EXACTLY* _"en pointe"!_ - accompanying your oh-SO - _EMPHATIC_ statement! *ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS!)*
    As an American (Californian) it's GREAT to hear that teen-age Japanese youth are losing their taste for "that which passes for 'television' " these days. *(Here's a * **_VERY OLD_** *adage: "Television" is known as a "medium," because so little of it is either "rare" or "well done"!)* _I_ lost my taste for television DECADES ago; reading and pertinent snippets from TheXvid "do me" just fine, mostly! On my next "annual natal-day celebratory date" *(that's "BIRTHDAY"* for those with limited vocabularies!) I'll hit 71, a good age to be. {{Now, if store tellers could just stop demanding I _PROVE_ I'm old enough to receive the "senior's discounts" - *that are offered to all customers who exceed the age of 50 . . . !}}*
    YOU, Chris sensei, are "my new. crush," but please don't tell my Darling Husband. (After 52 years - *AND STILL ON OUR HONEYMOON!* - I'd really hate to hurt the feelings of this very much-loved, & very much-adored, Precious Man!) 🌻

  • 不是你的菜
    不是你的菜 Year ago +2224

    Plot twist: He came to Japan to become a star in Takeshi’s Castle program, but it was too late, so he became an English teacher.

    • Enkarashaddam
      Enkarashaddam 5 months ago

      To this day I will never forget that guy who failed doing that backflip

    • Fernando D
      Fernando D 10 months ago +2

      Don't. Get. ELIMINATED!

    • Ville Hursti
      Ville Hursti 10 months ago +2

      @Evil never creates, it only corrupts Right you are Ken!

    • Knuckles Skinner
      Knuckles Skinner 11 months ago

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    • 不是你的菜
      不是你的菜 11 months ago +1

      @Thando cai(food,dish), this is chinese

  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 7 months ago +1

    I'm in my early twenties and I haven't been a frequent TV viewer since around the time I started high school. I almost never turn on the TV to watch anything myself. The most common way that I end up watching it is when I'm talking to my mom about something and I just get pulled in to watching some crime drama with her lol. Gotta see if this suspect is really the killer!
    (I do watch way too much TheXvid though, as well as a lot of anime.)

  • stvsueoka1
    stvsueoka1 3 months ago +2

    This was sooooo freakin good. It just popped up on my autoplay and your breakdown at the end was articulated so well .. you pull no punched, and you actually "get it" ... amazing

  • PsychoNikki
    PsychoNikki 10 months ago +8

    THANK YOU for existing. I was one of your students that you never met and probably will never meet who learnt lots of Japanese in the past thanks to you.

  • El Lobo
    El Lobo 8 months ago

    This is amazingly funny as hell keep up the great videos Chris you always make my day better(:

  • Figureight
    Figureight Year ago +566

    I still contend that there are some good things on Japanese TV, but they are rare occurrences. Gaki no Tsukai is still a guilty pleasure of mine.

    • Smita P
      Smita P 5 months ago

      @alex carter same 😌🙏

    • Callmeashy
      Callmeashy 11 months ago

      @ridespirals Maybe because they used blackface

    • MavsWorld
      MavsWorld 11 months ago

      Shoten is amazing and really similar to mock the week and other British panel shows, I dunno if it would be so good if you don't speak Japanese well though.

    • ridespirals
      ridespirals 11 months ago +3

      I don't understand, if it's actually good why is it a "guilty" pleasure?

    • Krispy Nico
      Krispy Nico Year ago +1

      Yeah gaki no tsukai is my guilty pleasure too, I recommend people to watch and the things they do on that shows is just amazing

  • Reiki Maulana
    Reiki Maulana 2 months ago

    9:30 honestly I wouldn't mind if you do this occasionally, it's damn hilarious 😂

  • Ars Moriendi
    Ars Moriendi 5 months ago +2

    I just love actually hearing him speak Japanese!

  • ItsShowtime
    ItsShowtime 10 months ago +50

    "Japan is the most polite culture on earth"
    Chris, are you admitting that Japan is the absolute opposite of England? The Yang of England's Yin?

  • Eslaw D. Soseb
    Eslaw D. Soseb 4 months ago +1

    I keep laughing throughout the entire video. This is great.

  • mintam
    mintam Year ago +497

    Even when Chris's supposed to try and act like he's happy, you can see the suffering in his eyes
    This sounds bad, but I find this hilarious

    • I just don't care anymore !
      I just don't care anymore ! Year ago

      @acgm046 I would hope so. Lol

    • acgm046
      acgm046 Year ago +7

      That's interesting, because it makes you wonder whether Japanese people could get a cue out if his expressions to detect his true reactions or not.

    • Maithili
      Maithili Year ago +1


  • David Valdez
    David Valdez 4 months ago +3

    The takeshi's castle is so true, I had a lot of japanese tutors and told them that I like takeshi's castle and that I grew up watching it but turns out not a single one of them ever of heard it 😅

  • beijingpete
    beijingpete 10 months ago +3

    Could you imagine if we did this comparison in the UK with another language!!!

  • Zactivist Zap
    Zactivist Zap 6 months ago +4

    Have to admit you totally got me with the opening! That was super well done!

  • The Professor
    The Professor 9 months ago +3

    Incredible! I'm sincerely surprised that you really think Japanese shows are all positive and vanilla-like since for me, they are completely the opposite. I kindly suggest you to check out Gaki no Tsukai, "The Silent Library" or those hidden camera shows (don't recall the name, but they are hilarious and super extreme, like the one at a ski resort in which they prop a massage couch into a rocket-powered one, propelling the victims through the mountains, completely naked. Or the one where they enter public chemical bathrooms and once they're doing their business, the toilet raises above the roof, displaying the victims on their full shame). To me, Japanese TV has always been an explosive and weirdly entertaining combination of creativity, incredibly well organized, super sadistic and funny. I love it! You should check them out! Love your videos, Chris!

  • SpcPotshot
    SpcPotshot Year ago +3096

    If anything ever happens to Chris, that picture of him looking like a murderer will be plastered on every screen in Japan.

    • Molly
      Molly Year ago +1

      @Zarathustra I don't have a cause, and it's not an insult as much as it's just a factual label

    • Wonder Traveller
      Wonder Traveller Year ago

      @Zarathustra true.

    • Shubhang Agarwal
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    • Incontrovertible
      Incontrovertible Year ago +3

      Zarathustra is just trolling, stop getting worked up. Just take a step back and just throw him a look of disgust.

  • Lowell Nabong
    Lowell Nabong 11 months ago +1

    I admit it WAS my dream to live in Japan. And then ... Reality hits me!

  • Philip Mangione
    Philip Mangione 11 months ago +2

    You could make subtitles in Japanese for this one maybe? It would be an eye-opener for a lot of Japanese people who think the TV is the real world.

    • Fu Manchu
      Fu Manchu 8 months ago

      Are there really people who think that? No, there can't be! They are brighter than that!

  • Luna Joy
    Luna Joy 10 months ago +1

    omg your impersonation of the tv programs is classic ! ! ! well done :)

  • H 6502
    H 6502 8 months ago

    i remember when i was in a dorm over there trying to do exchange studying back in 2011.
    i was only there for a year and most of the time didn't have a tv.
    then some of the kids who were leaving gave me one of theirs.
    something about not wanting to pay a disposal fee. country was going digital and nobody would accept old style crt tvs anymore.
    well, they asked me to take it to the local river and dump it but decided not to do that.
    then march came and about the only thing on air was news footage of the tsunami and nuclear power plant.
    picture of country's coasts flashing in red and yellow.
    news reporters reading names of lost people and asking them to come in contact.
    i wish that i could have recorded some of it but had no means of doing so.

  • B2theill
    B2theill Year ago +877

    After living in Japan for 5 years, I've come to realize that not a single thing he said about Japanese TV is exaggerated. It's 100% true.

    • Rhaichu
      Rhaichu Year ago +2

      I’m Japanese. I think exaggerating is true. It’s TV. They need lots of viewers and shocking contents for that. I never worked for a broadcaster but it’s natural to guess they script and plan everything, considering our culture of precision, punctuality, careful planning and responsibility to accomplish plans. They also need to make money like other industries. I don’t watch TV though.

    • Casual Weekday - YT shadowbangs U -
      Casual Weekday - YT shadowbangs U - Year ago

      These shows with the same celebrities over and over are very boring to me. The one good about them, when you learn the language: so many "subtitles" in Japanese (sometimes with furigana).
      Sometimes it's just too much. I hated those stupid shows that took priority during the Tsunami and a Nuclear crisis back in 2011, instead of a 24h news coverage on TV.

    • AdmiralBoombox
      AdmiralBoombox Year ago +2

      @KingRanger Everyone likes fried chicken, across the whole world. The thing is is that black people are made fun of over it, hence the "read the air" part of my comment. I'm not saying it's bad to depict a black person eating fried chicken, but to emphasize it is just ... mildly awkward.
      The stereotype largely has to do with the fact that poultry is a very cheap kind of farm animal to keep and the ridicule was over the fact that black people could not afford to eat "higher grade" meats like pork or beef.
      Again I wasn't going for some scathing criticism, but pointing out a bit of a mildly sore circumstance in this case.

    • B2theill
      B2theill Year ago +2

      @Hsin I think you are thinking of Christmas. They don:t celebrate Thanksgiving here. In fact, most Japanese people that I've talked to about it don't even know what Thanksgiving is even though they have a slightly similar holiday here. Everyone and their grandparents eat KFC on Christmas but you don't have to pre-order it but you do have to wait in long lines.

    • B2theill
      B2theill Year ago

      @Rasbougri I see you are also a man of culture

  • (UwU)
    (UwU) 8 months ago

    This is actually true.
    I am 24 years old and live in Japan, but I hardly watch TV on a daily basis.
    I believe that 99.9% of Japanese TV shows are made up of deception and drama.
    TV crews find it easy to incite women and the elderly.
    This is partly due to the fact that fewer people watch TV than before, which makes it cheaper to produce programs.

  • Crash Corrigan FPV
    Crash Corrigan FPV 11 months ago +4

    You hit the mail in the head!
    I’ve been here for more than 20 years and you summed it up perfectly.

  • Sara Seabiscuit
    Sara Seabiscuit 4 months ago

    Oh god.
    I don’t know what to say..
    I’ve watched some of your videos, and despite the disappointment i felt, I’m very grateful. The videos were informative and they opened my eyes on some important issues..
    Of course i love Japan, i still do.. but ☝🏼, obviously it is not what I thought.
    It is like you almost have to fake everything in your life.. pretending you’re ok/happy/ satisfied…. no room for a (heart to heart) conversation, or relation.. I don’t know., that’s how i felt.
    I like to give people space to express how they feel and be themselves.. I do that out of respect of who they are.
    I always wanted to marry a Japanese man.. but.. if he isn’t open minded and easygoing.. well…
    Anyway, I’m only sharing my thoughts.
    Being open, is beneficial.. and it’s healthy to the mind, helps us improve and be better people.
    I ran away from my people because they are closed minded..
    well.. that’s life. Just notice.. respect and move on.
    Love your channel.
    Subscribe 👍🏼

  • Zainab R
    Zainab R 8 months ago

    Absoulute Awesome video !! Everything was on point.. And the clip where you filmed as a Japanese Television host reviewing the potato chips, was just bang-on! it was a good refreshing laugh^-^ ...... keep it up!

  • Wilma Lundberg
    Wilma Lundberg Year ago +694

    Your "abroad in Japan as a Japanese tv show" is actually what a lot of Japanese youtuber's channels look like.

    • Wilma Lundberg
      Wilma Lundberg 6 months ago +4

      @EARTHCHYLD Who said I hated it? I just made a statement. I never said if it was a good or a bad thing.

    • kaikart
      kaikart 11 months ago +70

      It's true, but I see less texts though probably because editing the texts is pain in the ass.

  • Nate Shini
    Nate Shini 6 months ago

    This video was hilarious haha. Laughed out loud many times. Well done sir!!

  • diosyntaxa
    diosyntaxa 10 months ago

    Heh, Japanese TV... I watched some while there but from what I remember (this was back around new years eve in 1997 and 1999, and speaking of Takeshi, he was the host for the 1999 new years eve celebration in Tokyo Bay IIRC), I basically saw some anime, a couple of foreign movies (Eraser with a voiceover for Arnold that sounded like Arnold speaking Japanese with his accent! Fun stuff! And also some romcom that had hilarious subtitles that made me LOL as back then I could still read at least some Japanese... I think it had mellow-mellow ("meroo-meroo"(?) ) as translation for "It works for me") and... a Chisato Moritaka concert :) Never did see any of the wird stuff, but I only watched a little TV, the rest of the time I was out and about looking for anime, manga and music :p

  • Aphro
    Aphro 4 months ago +2

    I genuinely enjoy the positivity in Japanese TV, I wish I saw more of that kind of energy. I'm sick of the constant negativity and the whole "being mean and rude is funny" thing. Sarcasm has a time and place but does it have to be every 2 seconds? No lol. That being said, being on either extreme is tiring and life is better lived in the balanced middle ground (skewed more towards positivity though, in my opinion) 😌🤙

  • Odin🖤
    Odin🖤 8 months ago

    I loved this video, it was really wholesome and accurate from what I’ve discerned! Also the you in the little Japanese room was awesome I hope to see that in more videos!!(:

  • Duddel Dink
    Duddel Dink Year ago +327

    The most insane experience I've ever had like this, was a show where they went to some coastal village where the locals caught some kinda tiny fish.
    Of course the people in the studio are losing their minds seeing the fish come out of the water......but what is this?!
    They are taking some of the fish.....and putting them on a HIBACHI GRILL!!?!?!?!?????!!!
    NANI KORE?!?!?!!
    The old lady, who is now frying the tiny fish and blowing everyone's minds to kingdom come, then goes for the coup de grace and brings out a little box containing something white....and flakey....
    WHAT IS THIS????
    She dips her ancient fingertips into the amazing natural salt, which could ONLY come to exist in Japan's abundant nature and COMPLETELY UNIQUE four seasons, which do not exist anywhere else in the world, picks up some salt and then spreads it over the fish in a manner, which can only be described as excessively umai and jouzu.
    SALT ON FISH???!?!?!?!
    THAT IS SO AMAZING?!?!?!?!?!
    IT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT TO EAT THAT!!!!!!!!

    • Yashi
      Yashi Year ago

      It's so true

    • Yashi
      Yashi Year ago


    • BK201
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      Ralphie Raccoon Year ago

      I'm now imagining this in an episode of Food Wars.

    • Bassem B.
      Bassem B. Year ago

      holy shit lmao XD
      and shots fired with the four seasons thing

  • Stefs Engineering
    Stefs Engineering 11 months ago +35

    Ramsay actually had an episode where he was happy with the food. Kitchen Nightmares UK episode S2E3 "Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack"

  • MT MT
    MT MT 11 months ago

    Man i beg of you please make that tv impression part of your future videos it was hilarious in every way🤣🤣
    i don't know where and in what part it's going to fit in but that talent just can't go to waste🙏🤓

  • Pelvic Strawberry
    Pelvic Strawberry Month ago

    It's crazy how there are so many opportunities for foreigners to be on TV! When I was in Japan for Comiket a woman approached my friend and I to interview us what we were doing there. We ultimately didn't get selected to be on TV, but it was still a wild experience.

  • Timoteo Frascaroli
    Timoteo Frascaroli 10 months ago +1

    Bro, you could ACTUALLY produce a Japanese TV show, mad skills. Or a kids show ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET.

  • Caleb M
    Caleb M Year ago +1836

    "Imagine turning on the TV tomorrow and everyone is...happy"
    The Briton's worst nightmare

    • Matt N
      Matt N 11 months ago

      Japan and Britain are basically complete cultural polar opposites in this regard

    • 314rft
      314rft Year ago

      @Mad Hatters in jeans So basically, everything in the UK NEEDS a powerwash.

    • Miguel Vina
      Miguel Vina Year ago

      Canadian television is pretty Americanish and simple

    • The Gear Knob
      The Gear Knob Year ago

      Happy happy
      joy joy

    • Adi Abdillah
      Adi Abdillah Year ago +2

      they're so used to bad weather, tons of good vibes from tv devastated their own mood

  • Lysiae
    Lysiae 10 days ago

    I remember when I was in japan and we decided to watch some tv and we had exactly zero clue what was going on.

  • Catbjorn, Destroyer of Worlds

    20 seconds of "abroad in japan on tv" and i was thinking damn, i really do get his point

  • rcud1
    rcud1 10 months ago +1

    OMG this killed me, I was rolling on the floor laughing here. That was good!

  • AnonimusQualquer
    AnonimusQualquer 10 months ago +6

    Wait! Wait a minute… are you telling me all those crazy, loud exaggerated Japanese commercials are actual television programs? Man, I get sick with a 5 min video on those, I wouldn’t be able to watch an entire program like that.

  • Ricard Torres
    Ricard Torres Year ago +379

    The post production in this one was great, Chris. Not sure how many hours took you but well worth it!

  • Jezze Antrás
    Jezze Antrás 2 months ago +1

    I stopped watching western TV as a teenager in the 90s, specifically because of the reasons you listed.
    Japanese TV seems equally annoying in the other direction. Maybe I'll just stick with not watching TV. I don't like sitting down anyway.

  • Jan oudman
    Jan oudman Day ago

    I have tried to find a way to watch japanese TV but gave up in the end. I guess I know now why it isn't distributed around the world. I do like NHK World (the only channel available) though because of it's informative nature.

  • Horse Dink $ MoneyGirl Productions

    You speak incredible Japanese like u have always spoken the language. I really love your channel ❤ btw

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    I enjoy your Videos so much. I Never thought I needed a Channel like this that much.

  • NasAfter
    NasAfter Year ago +390

    I'm 90s kid and Takeshi's Castle was huge part of my childhood.. It's weird that some shows have more impact and nostalgia abroad than their native audience

    • Dumb Bear
      Dumb Bear Year ago

      yea... weird but true, and same way to jp anime. So many 80s and 90s Asian kids grew up with jp anime or tokusatsu.

    • Tom S.
      Tom S. Year ago

      In the United States, they made a version of Takeshi's Castle called Wipeout!. It was fun to watch, in the same way it is fun to watch a car wreck live where you know no one gets hurt.

    • Taylor Sterling
      Taylor Sterling Year ago +2

      Monkey magic anyone?!

    • Tom Kelly
      Tom Kelly Year ago +2

      My wife is Japanese and she remembered it. She’s an 80s kid though. I think the point was *younger* Japanese don’t remember it because it came out so long ago. Same for anime like Dragon Ball that took years to be released in English speaking countries.

    • ​
       Year ago

      Yes! That show was the pinnacle of entertainment as a 13-year-old. I want to say it was on either Nickelodeon or Comedy Central? (which used to be the same channel anyway in my country, Nick in the daytime and CC in the evenings)

  • Joshua Henrisson
    Joshua Henrisson 5 months ago +1

    The TV explosion after the pen line.. I was dead laughing

  • Richard Waldron
    Richard Waldron 13 days ago

    I demand you have a japanese tv version of every video from now on

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    I really liked the special effects! Excellent!
    Your content is fun and informative. Totally enjoyable. Cheers, mate!

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    Five star report. Great editing, great articulation, nice camera showing up over your shoulder every now and again!! I wonder if you have a video about the dire state of J-drama. The acting, the lighting (or lack of control of lighting), the music, and so on…. I’m sure I’ve seen a few reasonable dramas over the years but good god, not these days!

  • Nurpus
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    09:30 - *not gonna lie, that was the best minute of content you've ever done on your channel*

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    "imagine a kitchen nightmare episode where gordon likes the food" Momma Cherri wants to speak to you

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    This video is absolutely hilarious, well done.

  • Christopher Osberg
    Christopher Osberg 10 months ago

    Wow, those TV interviews would be a nightmare for me. Also, I think the majority of young people in the West also primarily watch streaming services at this point.

  • Dice Punk
    Dice Punk 9 months ago +1

    I was a huge fan of Takeshi's castle. Watched it weekly. It's a shame they stopped.