The Adam Lallana Goal That Silenced Old Trafford - Man Utd vs Liverpool 1-1 - MO LFC TV FanCam

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The Adam Lallana goal that silenced Old Trafford in this 1-1 draw vs Man Utd!
    Up The Mighty Reds! YNWA!❤️
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  • Guilherme Miranda
    Guilherme Miranda 16 days ago

    You guys seem too happy for getting a draw with a poor phase Man. Utd....

  • Efrain Perez
    Efrain Perez 18 days ago

    David de gea is a joke

  • Manuel Zamora
    Manuel Zamora 19 days ago

    How is old Trafford silenced when you can hear the liverpool fans celebrating

  • Jack Harrison
    Jack Harrison 19 days ago +1

    If your a Liverpool fan why the fuck are you in the stretford end and decide to make a video ripping the shit and insulting United when you could’ve of said all those things in front of the camera if you were a true Liverpool fan and generally not a pussy but instead you decided to use subtitles for you ‘safety’ to make jokes that weren’t even relevant. Like yes we are playing bad at the moment but Liverpool of all the teams should beat us and look what happened, we came out the only team to draw against you this season in the premier league and nearly beat you, with you scoring in the last 5 minutes so just please shut your mouth scouse

  • Scott Falconer
    Scott Falconer 22 days ago

    Not a Liverpool fan but always had a soft spot for them since the 80s when i was growing up. I enjoy these videos, especially behind enemy lines! Keep um going!!! Kind regards a thoroughly depressed B'ham City fan.

  • John Walker
    John Walker 23 days ago +1

    It’s offside someone said. How can you tell from there ffs ? 😂⚽️

    RAMOS INCREÍBLES 25 days ago

    Liverpool es worst team fuck you

  • Chandraman Limbu
    Chandraman Limbu 25 days ago

    May be vrr this time😁😁

  • Jonathan Khamis
    Jonathan Khamis 27 days ago +1


  • Mansur Ahmed
    Mansur Ahmed 29 days ago

    They Wish they had fergie time

  • peter
    peter Month ago

    Sound of frustrating😂 LoL

  • JJ Vince
    JJ Vince Month ago

    But have you won the Premier League yet?

  • Meaning What
    Meaning What Month ago

    They don't have security camera in the stand to id troublemakers later?

  • Gunomo bin masidi
    Gunomo bin masidi Month ago +1

    The scumbags really deserve it

  • LethalGuy
    LethalGuy Month ago

    Lol United silenced ur shit club. U dropped points against their subpar squad. Get real

  • Sam Waters
    Sam Waters Month ago

    Couldnt afford a ticket in away section u little scouse rat

  • mokaddem abderrahim

    oooooh fuuuuuck ! i cant believe that !

  • Caddy Ankonga
    Caddy Ankonga Month ago

    Fuck u aswell

  • cheese32
    cheese32 Month ago

    You dropped 2 points against a very mediocre United side... nothing to shout about.

    T.S OTF#DARK Month ago

    That goal was shit he tapped it in DATs what u call a scammy and a flooky goal

  • r_kay
    r_kay Month ago

    That was a great performance from United.They showed that Liverpool ain't that strong as people think them to be.

  • bmp5star
    bmp5star Month ago

    Holy many buses are parked over there lolol

  • Josiah Priyan
    Josiah Priyan Month ago

    Liverpool is the best

  • DisobeyToday
    DisobeyToday Month ago

    30 years

  • Rayzur }{
    Rayzur }{ Month ago

    Liverpool are nothing without Salah and mane

  • Alex C.07
    Alex C.07 Month ago

    Liverpool were very lucky to draw. They were shit.

  • Reaper One
    Reaper One Month ago

    Liverpool got lucky you was shitting yourselves

  • Reaper One
    Reaper One Month ago

    1999 the year that United dominated world football
    A year that will never be repeated by any club EVER !

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago

    This was United’s best trophy win this season well done 👍🏼

    • Jakob Banuchi
      Jakob Banuchi 16 days ago

      Oh Yeah Yeah not celebrating sh*t scouse c*nt, just pointing out a fact.

    • Oh Yeah Yeah
      Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago

      mufcszn only thing you can celebrate now loooool the mighty united celebrating draws at home banter club

    • Jakob Banuchi
      Jakob Banuchi Month ago

      Oh Yeah Yeah hahahahah our worst start in idk how many years and you still can’t win against us away 😂 must hurt knowing you haven’t won there in like what 5 years

  • Testing 123
    Testing 123 Month ago

    Lallanaaaaaaa 😍

  • Nimco Ahmed
    Nimco Ahmed Month ago

    But you were also quite until that goal my bruvv

  • Nimco Ahmed
    Nimco Ahmed Month ago

    Hhhhh that silenced oh hhhhh man you dropped two points against a shit united side

  • Azim Zakri
    Azim Zakri Month ago

    Why Liverpool couldn't when without Mo Salah?

  • Mohamad Yazid
    Mohamad Yazid Month ago

    Silenced? Where's the Pool fan?

  • Gavin Blake
    Gavin Blake Month ago

    Yeah right bruv offside..idiots..I can believe it..we spent 5m less on vvd...Maguire is good but..that cross was we are 6 points clear...on to the next..

  • Oli Cody
    Oli Cody Month ago

    And you also spent £80 million on a defender that couldn’t stop rashford and rashford can’t even perform as well as bendtner

  • Oli Cody
    Oli Cody Month ago

    I like how you upload you scoring and not the rest of the match it’s the same all the time with Liverpool just because you won the champions league.

  • forza juve
    forza juve Month ago +1

    FORZA liverpool for ever

  • im a shrektangle
    im a shrektangle Month ago +2

    Old trafford is always silent

  • Glenn Barry
    Glenn Barry Month ago +1

    United fans are clowns!!

  • Brynjar Ágústsson
    Brynjar Ágústsson Month ago +3

    You went on a suicied mission there, big ups!

  • Astragon R.
    Astragon R. Month ago

    The best Pool Side in Ages cant win vs the worst United side in ages probably you should be the silent ones

  • Ted Bicard
    Ted Bicard Month ago

    Torres, seen something about him dont bring him should scored 180 pool part of bad season,s

    • Ted Bicard
      Ted Bicard Month ago

      Dont even want think time there, got. Certain other player, won 2 C. L & pl gerrard could got 1 got away, could went chelsea like rest of club,s champ,s, he said no, pool i play, grew up, school debs married kids lives there, miss him annoyed see him rangers. But got start somewere, set up stevie

  • Ted Bicard
    Ted Bicard Month ago

    All club thinking lost not1 game, when it has been champion,s Arsene wenger, was only team unbeaten 1 year lot draws. 11 won in 1st 11 games.guiness Record,s been out lots last 3 years,

  • Jp Killer
    Jp Killer Month ago

    U drew against United who lost to Crystal Palace at old Trafford and Liverpool fans celebrated that’s disgraceful

  • Odebala Fejiro
    Odebala Fejiro Month ago +1


  • Ozzi3 Gaming & Music

    Butttt your biggest rivals stopped your win streak 😂 fuck off you scummy scouse cunts

  • Jaidon Ward Barrett
    Jaidon Ward Barrett Month ago +1

    Love the way martial didn't score

  • The Bossdan
    The Bossdan Month ago

    I hope the next time you're there they look out for ya buy a liverfool ticket you fake fan

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny Month ago +1

    HAHAHAHAHA !!! Thanks for sharing ! HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

  • Lord Nelson
    Lord Nelson Month ago +4

    You know you're in trouble when Lallana scores against you jesus christ

  • tanh time
    tanh time Month ago

    Plastic. You only just started to support Liverpool from last season just like every plastic mug.

    • MO LFC TV
      MO LFC TV  Month ago

      42 years you do one

  • Walter White
    Walter White Month ago +2

    *"It's offside"*

  • David Carter
    David Carter Month ago

    AKA the rashford goal that ended Liverpools winning streak....

  • frenk frenky
    frenk frenky Month ago

    It wasn't even a victory.
    We all know at the end of the day it's gonna be another "next year is ours"

  • Nor Azan
    Nor Azan Month ago

    Fuck you liverpork🐷🐷🐷

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    0:50 ....and they say only Londoners support Utd

  • Jayson Salvador
    Jayson Salvador Month ago

    I really love breaking United fans heart.🥳 Deluded, sick fans who got nothing but history.😪😂

  • Marlene Watson
    Marlene Watson Month ago

    Liverpool winning the league.
    Loading....(More 30 years to go...)

  • Eoin Mcquaid
    Eoin Mcquaid Month ago

    Imagine drawing with a team that were 14th at the time lmao

    • isa hasham
      isa hasham Month ago

      Eoin Mcquaid imagine supporting a team that have only won 3 games this season